This is POET*PIET's eight miscellany
containing:   quoting and questioning Dan Winter      missives to and fro the initiator of a Michael Topper (capable of a flowery and longwindedly Hegelian style 'aliens' treatment) fanclub            Some quotes from and comments on Topper

subject: order bridge, boat and border;           adressees: Dan:   Dear Dan, this contains a quote and  a question in blue for you look for NEW java 3D navigator there soon.. thanks to   from   Imagine you were in a line of friends yanking in pulses on a string going into a blind hole. There might be friends feeling those pulses on the other side of the blind hole, but you cannot see them. As a result the only way you have of getting information into and out of the blind hole, is the pulses of pulling pressure you send and receive. Now it might well be that a row of little ants is also pulling and putting pressures on the same rope. They however are doing so in wavelengths so much shorter than the ones you pull and heave, that you are not even aware that a family of ants is also swapping information with another family of ants, on the other side of the blind hole... ALL THROUGH THE SAME STRING.                  Now if the ant family does its pulling on the string in phase or dance time, to your longer waves of pulling motions, then there is no interference between the two signals. Eventually all the families, little to big, that wanted to share the same umbilical cord phone line to connectedness(God), learn that they need to arrange their pulses on the phone wire, so that they all perfectly nest embed (or braid) inside one another. This way an infinite number of families can share one phone line very econonmically. This describes the wave sharing that gets set up going into and out of every synapse in the brain. Phase disciplined, context or laminar coherent fractality=compressibility=shareability.   question for Dan: How does this rhyme with hard, seperate and drily adamic making forces Dan? Is information and coherence the true tightness of rigid royalty compared to which common rock is but jello???  Anyway, good calls lately. You are juggling your balls ever more deftly there (where's there anyway, NC?)       I wish you would use my not so new anymore mailing adress The only reason I use microsoft's hotmail with its flood of junkmail anymore is bycause your gems still end up among them.             If the pressures radiating symmetrically in all directions remain nested so that a responsive pulse returns for every one going out, then the flame (or charge envelope or spin) doesn't die. Only recursion or self-similarity accomplishes this. Recursion as self-awareness is the logical limit of super string theory.     Now let's apply this to magnetism on the land or magnetism beneath the skin. Electromagnetics is the wind on which love and recursion travel. A few well placed paramagnetic stones, and long waves implode on the land making a flower of order in the landscape. Tears well up, rain falls, flowers flower. A few well placed touches in network chiropractic or acupuncture or moxibustion or geomancy... soon the spin finds itself. Arthur and the land are the one whom this grail serves.
sent to nicci and Dan:    Hey Nicci, here's an exam from your Dutch prof (back in A'dam now): find the relations (sort of an average) between my and the works below; after that I quote you with a question contained.  The first quote is by a technocrat called Agassi:      In 'The Frontiers People-Matcher' , you suggest on one of your pages that matched people (or their Avatars, online) should be given fun or serious group activity by which to get acquatinted. And so I am also forwarding to you another project proposal of mine, for just such an activity, the online collaborative scriptwriting contest and workshop. (For the sake of promotional tie in, script concepts will also be solicited to help propagandize the agendas of the other projects.) Here, people matching is crucial. I allude to my experience with the online collaborative scriptwriting contest promotion upon which I base this proposal, and which I seek to make needed improvement upon. Incompatibility proved disastrous!                 Lastly, there is a sensitive and even taboo aspect of incompatibility, that is most detrimental of all: Enmity! And cliques of bullies and trixters close ranks as well as you could ever wish that everyone else could. And they actively disrupt the sort of connection you seek to foster. This brings me to my most controversial Social Technology proposal, a Paranoid counter-conspiracy for covert Guerilla Transactional Analysis action in social life, to restore civility and courage in the face of Peer Pressure and worse, that I have dubbed: The Clique Busters TM.                But I don't have The Clique Busters TM all together the way I want it. I want to forward a selection of my past correspondences to you, Douglas P. Wilson, and to your Social Technology list, in the hopes of getting in hashed out into a presentable shape, however unacceptable and unpalatable the content. Then I can forward it to the others in the C:c: field.  On a lighter note, I'm also forwarding email on my fetish fashion promotion in the works for the Cannes Film Festival, because it demonstrates the good that may yet come from compatible personalities and agendas. We have now moved on to begin discussing the logistical details.           If you are interested I will also compile for you my own modest software proposals. But they are not Social Technology oriented, only communications technology.

This is an extract from a file at Dan Winter's (a man desperately trying not to have sex) site (a visit there would be worthwhile since quite against his rules he points to a sympathetic site right from the start up front in plain view lately (well ... from a dec99 addition ( that is) instead of hiding his associates here and there; keeping them under cover and 'embedded' (another of his fav terms). . . notexposing them calm and collected in one of those frigidly eery linklists beautiful: animated, colourful and . . . succesful exposition on one of Dan's fav topics (folding) like it was a flying waving flapping female repro-organ; all mathematically answerable for and caught/restrained with the most rigidly rigorous of 'netted' formulas and equations). In Dan's words: Laurence Edwards "Vortex of Life" projective geometry (beautiful graphics and article link above) has long been the cornerstone of our understanding of the spiralic electrical space in the heart. How is the charge you check for with a spark to your tongue to see if your egg is fresh, get stored?
See Men PoliSee and is part of conversation with fellow kundalinoids (he calls 'm kundalites): "to a scorpio apology for sting is spelled apologia and it means reason for... as in creates awareness..  which is what comes and goes from the male stinger" "weren't any such structures as spinal vas deferens"....?- Tailbone horsehair microtubule waveguides harvesting UV blue fire at the blue dish... The stinger becomes a straw at the Kundabuffer moment see Gurdjieff... Spinal excipients pump out calcific block first... kunda lingum - green stone -  Why must bliss BEGIN with tears? )  from dan winter , 11/20/99 url: other articles: A postlude to the Heavy Sai... Baba Addiction, Gurus & Sex Juice vs PRINCIPLE of Ecstatic Communion, ...stimulating conversation..
In order to see how men politic, see how semen makes a body polis. (Something more than a tongue in cheek...) To have the pole or vertical blind spring, djed, mygalic tower...             DNA uses its haploid half double helix... which is on the one hand biology's most desperate arrow squirting thru the superluminal...  and on the other, biology's greatest departure from pure fractal embedding (of which eggness is the opposite..). As such it is definitely MOST at risk of being a very unsustainable wave. (Ever see a seed NOT desperate for a THE stairway into biologic immortal sustainability... EGG.).  It is one thing to use the inertia of this arrow as a lever into time (see the role of tantra at Montauk and Incunabula ( Incunabula, Tantric wormholes and the bardo bridge, the antenna cocoon for human eros to produce shaamanic time tunnels -
It is another, to make that sustainable. The real tantric romance is that sustained penetrance requires access to an egg fractal enough (mothers mother embedding) to non-destructively ground the voltage. Maleness folds in. Make red / make hard / make dry / make separate. (See DESERTIFICATION, Patriarchy and "Hard-Making Power" See by same author: "Saharasia". The new James Demeo book, 10 years in the making, which argues The Sahara was not man made but made man grow into the child-abusing misogynist, fanatic, monopolizing, monotheistic prick he has become when coming from those parts and that they will; all the faster when white slicks go and help spread desert some more. What a muddle.34 Bucks at Amazon; only 2 reviews so far. It would be months before getting hold of it here in Holland through even the best bookstore (Atheneum, Spui). , physics tells us why laws against hugging prevent rain: nothing seeds the columnation of magnetism.. the precipitator - )
Versus Ieve : to Make word / make wet / make blue / make unfold.
The seed making urge is centripedal, yang, and was called ADAMIC which meant both HARD MAKING POWER , and RED MAKING POWER. ('Hebraic Tongue Restored..Roots of the ADAMic Race' by Fabre D'Olivet). Spin is segregated unto spin density (mass) when spin gets phi-cycle. The photon donut's converging side tilt is calibrated by the phase angle measuring cone, which physics naively labels RED. Sometimes I see RED I am so angry that they refuse to teach the kids that what they are naming is the CONverging PRINCIPLE itself. (Try tilting the phi flame letter on the 7 color moebius photon donut - to adom: hiburu for red, and check your spin path.) The ADAMic race became Adomic with the atomic race. How much can we make separate: shall we live in apart meants. Let's build an adom smasher.                 I too am happy we drop the trite anal-ysis of Sai Baba personality and consider only pure principle. I am glad others have measured the quantity of their semen which enters the spine tailings and pumps during kundalini... soon we shall refine how to taste good QUALITY hygiene when you do. (Belly up to the bar for your Ozone enema... only kidding/optional .. see Twinking Eyes Lifestyle at Nourished by Spin Hygiene for Ecstatic Lifestyle link below...).                Lesson in adiabatic process (chemistry's definition of energy conserving  which they the chemists conserved from the energies of magic..).. 1. Semen, like urge to touch, when stopped is the definition of anger (see the function of the poison pellet -other wise known as football - in the balinese cockfight...).. If there were ecstatic means for the urge to touch to be expressed among men, football would not need to exist, and the 'bonfire of those vanities" would not collapse from the inside out. What is Testasterone poisoning at one end of the tail bone is the snake venom of bliss at the Amygdalic snakes mouth. (Sanchidaan & The Legend of Billy Jack.)
my addendum: I leave it for you to decide: ain't we all on either side of many, so many a divide?       I try span past and future with this missive to handpicked people I had and/or would like to have further dealings with. I realize my site is a jungle in full bloom with some heady perfinishins but give it a about here: keywords_proper_names_and_brief_descriptions.htm

 May I present an integration of a three fold volley (darker colours are earlier (re)turns) between me (in various shades of blue) and  a fellow fan of Michael Topper who is the initiator of a veritable fanclub (his parts are in various shades of green):       The subject himself disappeared leaving a legendary legacy and he may be trying on a new suit of arms as we speak. Some of the singularly unmistakable pluralect (inimitably stylish vswerve topped off by punfilled headings) writs he distributed for free are already online at:    The following was my initial approach: This may be just a spoof (it does not function at the moment anyway), so far I couldn't get the following message delivered: I realize this is probably a wild goosechase after a practical joke (like with your xxx adress removal and empty subdirectory) but I would like to know if there was ever any information in said (home/mtopper) subdirectory (The link I found was 404 so I lopped adressparts off and searching in the home directory the plot thickened,  authorization was required and so I wrote the pagemaker: who forwarded my missive). You have here at least one person who would like a serious and at least truthfull answer to that. I speak German so don't hesitateto use it if it helps you be as fluent as possible. In Wien hab i schon einiges gelernt von einen Herrn namens Arnold Keyserling(, wenn ihr seine uebersetzte sachen mal anschauen moechtet), ich war da manchmal Monate lang; jetzt schon wieder lange in A'dam aber als ich in St Monica Californienwar, gab's da im Bioladen ein gratis heftel mit Michael Topper's schriften d'rin. Inhalt zumeist Unsinn meiner Ansicht nach aber der STIL!!!!!! jungs, der Stil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! war so einzigartig,davon 'kwijl' i jetzt noch und dass er verschwunden sein soll gefaellt mich nun daher einmal nit.  Ein Witz aus so 'ne Sache machen a nituebrigens          Hello!               the fanclub initiator Alex ( wrote back promptly:  One admin forwarded me a mail from you concerning the Michael Topper fanclub. Indeed, I'm the one guy running the fanclub and the fanclub's homepage still can be reached at:            you might wanna email the eagle site (forget the full name; found it using metacrawler phrase search for MT) to which I owe finding you, so they don't keep referring everybody on to the semi closed site. was the (disfuntional) link (// you found to my site.      If you haven't figured, you can email me at:     If you use the other fanclub's URL, you are required to login,      login: thunder      pass: bird           >Yes, I love Mr.Topper's writing style too, very, very much. However, I cannot exactly claim that most of Topper's writings are supposed to be "nonsense". They are very unusual, but they are not nonsense, at least not to me.            ok granted but I take them with a grain of fabulously tasty salt  nevertheless. Somewhat like I do the work of whom I  know personally and who has started branching out into the universe right about the time Jose arguelles, a pal of his did and I came along  showing him some of the NTC rags I found in the St Monica co-op.         I know dan winter's site. I think Dan might be onto something, but he lacks the talent to explain is worldview in a coherent, teachable manner. Michael Topper, on the other hand, not only writes witty, but teaches perfectly ! (Matrix 4, part 2, may be viewed as such an example of next to perfect Teaching.)      If you can share photocopies, or scanned articles from Mr. Topper that I don't have already, please do the fanclub a favour, scan them in, and e-mail them to me, or send them via snail mail.          I will send you a list of what i have but it will take a while   since I don't have access to my library right now, it is something  like what was in the matrixes 3 and 4 plus NTC issues 4, 5 and 6 maybe but I am not sure exactly. If and when I find more I will let you know.     Complete fotocopies of TNTC issues would be much appreciated. By the way, do you know where to get any of M.T's tapes ? He did more than 90 tapes full of information....          Our fanclub would also be most pleased, if you can share with us, where you got the Topper writings from.                I did so in my initial mail; if it hasn't been forwarded completely  I will send it again. Meanwhile see a few remarks back again for a hint which is also about all I know anyhow. There were piles and piles of them then.....                        I got your initial mail fine; but it did not contain any name, address or company name where I could order any material that is related to MT. Please inlcude any company name, adress, or phone number where to get MT-stuff from.          They are extraordinarily rare and we have difficulties to find and buy them anywhere.             that is understandable but we should get a complete set pieced together soon between all of us I hope anyway.   Well, chiao for now....      I hope so! However my current communication with other MT enthusiasts is a bit slow (not to say nonexistant). Are you still around in the Santa Monica adress? If so, you might feel to drop Mr.Topper a little visit.        From what I know, his only existing adress, "TNTC, 15237 Sunset Boulevard   suite 29, Pacific Paliasades CA 90272" is probably not so far away from Santa Monica whatsoever. Let me know how good old MT is doing !            Funny you should mention that adress; by the time my appetite went beyond what I already had I was far from LA but I sent a friend to look for it. He found no trace and that was somewhere in 1990 or there around. The people at whatsjamacallit: Val Valerian the Matrix(t?)er for instance should have news from after that period. Is he not helpful???                  I asked Val Valerian quite a while ago, and he also stated that he does not know where Michael Topper is now, or what he is doing. I even asked relatives of MT, but they were unable to comment.             Hope to hear from you soon, feel free to either use English or German, whatever you prefer.  Yours very faithfully, MT fanclub
ich hab jetzt meine NTC sachen dabei und uebersehe dass was ich hab (4 mal ein exemplar aus 91 und 92 plus seine Beitraege in was ich vermute war die dritte Matrix Buendel (sonst leider nicht an- sondern ueberfuellt mit Zeug vom allerduemmsten, das heisst eine fonction fabulatoire pervertierung der maerchen und Natur-elementairen Welt unter einfluss von der Gadget love (wie Lawrence Rickels dass nennt) angekurbelt in diesem Loch der Verderbung LA mit seine "hits" wie zB die gewiss allerverderblichste von solche serien: Startrek; eine extrem sterile projection unserer Isoliertheits- und Isolierungstendenzen), nichtdestoweniger will ich dir dieses material ueberlassen, vielleicht sogar helfen es zu scannen obwohl ich nicht genau weiss wie gut der scanner is den ich jetzt eventuell zu verfuegung hab (ich wuerde sogar eine Grazer Reise unternehmen wenn diese Arbeitchen sich da gemuetlicher als in meine Buurtwerkplaatsen" machen lassen). Ich werde jetzt erst mal kopien machen naechste Woche.                 I think your german is a bit confusing, so I decided to switch back to English, allright ? OK, but your English is almost as bad as my German Good.... First and foremost, I'll be happy to get a copy of whatever of MT's writings you have to offer. I myself have got the books "Matrix 3" and "Matrix 4" already, but I certainly do lack some of the "TNTC" issues. (Oh yes, and I also have "Matrix 1" and "Matrix 2".) As I have stated before, I have the definite feeling that MT's writings are a valuable reflection of truth, intended to help us get out of the mess, rather than an ego-projection of some nebulous tendencies. If you should prefer to photocopy whatever "TNTC" issues you have, please send them to: Alex P.O.Box 22 A-8052 Graz Austria, Europe I'll scan them in and post them whenever I'll find enough time. If you really travel so much, I'd be pleased to meet you in Graz. Just inform me when you drop by and we'll arrange some meeting. Hope to hear from you soon again, Yours Alex            Besides the excellent intro to matrix 3 and the pages 488-538 (channeling, ufo's, etc); p538A-F (what is christ consc.) therein, I have p12-18 of a NTC with the title: "what is physics" and on top(per) of that . .. I can top(per) it with: tNTC's of ap-may91, jun-jul91, oct-nov91 and aug-sep92. Geeze, that's something I could use.  Lemme try to make a little inventory what I've got... * Matrix 1,2,3,4....okay.... * T-Bird vs The Flying Saucers, complete,  104 pages (part of it is the  same material that appeared in Matrix 3) * A few pages of TNTC feb/March 91 * some TNTC pages of December 89 * 2 pages feb/march 90 (sniff) * oct-nov-dec 92 * mar-apr 92 complete (WOW!) * jan-feb-march-apr 93 complete (WOWZERZ! eleet! )                you have a lot of work ahead of you.    I am in the middle of rereading some of it  (a hell of a lot faster than the first time I struggled through  constantly under the impression that such phantomasm and boiled  brain babulation was due to workshirk: and i underlined a few words  doubling as terms straight out of a pragmatic approach to problems  Topper seemed to care about.               [*gleeful chuckle*:] Seems you adapted Topper's style fast: Neither "phantomasm" nor "babulation" nor "workshirk" was in my dictionary!!! Well done! [*gleeful chuckle end*]            I am working on further comment and retract my offer to help you scan this....               [*grumble!*] Wait a minute dude. You RETRACT your offer? What the fuck ??? I mean like do we care if it's true or not unless it's written that well ?             I don't care much for the content and subject matter but rate it high on the skewered intent scale and yes don't care for the bulk of such material unless it is written well. Topper's is.       And I provided you with an adress too! All you have to do is go to your next office and xerox it, and send it to me! This can't be all bad !!!          No problem I offered that very action but still retract helping you scan, correct and upload it            Listen dude, you're not going to RETRACT anything, for it's x-mas, ok?   I want my x-mas presents! Or I'll see to it that I can shake these Topper writings out of your brain personally ! *heheee* *just kidding*           Ok, Ok relax, happy chrystalmush         ... Tolkienesque theologer who blends his hype surfdom with a tecno-tactician's  savvy wherewith he lost half of his audience. The MT's and Dan Winter's  are rare enough to make me curious yet they manage to fill more and more  bookshelves full of of predictions and extrapolations of tendencies which  will threaten to become true (self-fullfilling prophecies) if left alone.  But meanwhile they take their fabulations in such a deadly serious  fashion that they never fail an audience. What to make of a man who warns  us to stay away from things he takes on so  heavily (not to say seems addicted to) himself.             [Real rambling mode ON:] Okay! Okay! I'll take part of them lightly! I eat em for lunch y'know ?! Yea, the world is going to end, and we know it! So fucking what! When it will be too late, it will be too late! Not my business!! And not in my calendar either! I'm glad we have the H-bomb, it's gonna make it so much faster and so much more effortless anyhow!! I'm not the one sitting at the trigger, damn it !!!!!!!!! So keep your fucken pulse down maaan!!!!! Get your heart attack somewhere else !!!!!!         I will always admire him as a stylist few can come close to (at least in my present range of reading) but Tolkien himself was a lot more honest about his work, which apart from the (hardware) technologies discussed, it differs little from that of present day psychotronicians.    Face it dude, techno is in, and Tolkien is a bit outta fashion.... geeze, you do need to change your clothes someday !        Remains to say i am mighty curious about how many issues you manage attract. The NTC's have an ads page on the back and if 10% of the adresses are still valid you may trace a few more tracks. Hope you do anyway.       Sure will do, and this DOES include me still nagging and rambling at you for a copy of your old issues. Get off the wheelchair and hurry to the post office, will you, Santa Claus? (hehehe)       i travel not nearly as much as i used to but invitations cause  quite a pull  :o)         I'll be careful with my invitation. You sound too much like some NSA/illuminati dude in disguise. Yea, they're most likely as crazy !!! Kind regards, and merry x-mas :-) MT fanclub !

My next negotiation: Lemme ax you: how about promising to give me credits for the stuff I will send you (if nobody and till somebody else sends these selections (from the surely soon enough humongous collection) to you who doesn't claim such acknowledgements; a question of honesty since I can't possibly check; either way I am working on picking quotes and becommenting them in such a way that the remoteness, the personifications and inversion become blatantly obviously, even to the painful point of pre- and exclamation: "I could have figured myself") in the form of a link to my comments maybe?  By the way: your english is as good as my German. Just needs a little correction here and there too. For instance, I do not understand how your switch to english is gonna help you understand my German :o)

A next missive: Credits in the form of a live link like so:  Such and such material was first handed to me on the condition that I present this riper-gripper critical commentary hyperlink towards that source, poetpiet, alongside it.
Use your own words if you must but say no less.

Poetpiet on Michael Topper
All of Topper's work contains extremely profuse, idiosyncratic and admirably rich phraeseology yet involves eery rather than tangible possesions. I quote: "But one can't kill two birds with one stone, when all that's in one's slingshot is a clump of loose dirt". A prime example of how MT's vigorous and flowery prose falls far short, not to say betrays 'rigorous and floury prose' in the sense of feed fit for birds and all creatures alike starting with the littlest. I would juxtapose his 'power-elite' to my powder castabouts anyday. His 'aggregate uniformity .... consistent grain' is a description of dust? No he kidnaps such terms to perversely project them upon astral identities.  He discusses the very wackyest of toxic Hollywood. The biggest sterility virus from that place called fallen angels was perpetrated by low budget actors who staged the ascent of sinners. These netknitknot wits nevertheless took unprecendented yet furthest from and everything but literal flight. The mobility fetish gives the illusion of power gain yet results in pow(d)erloss of Antaeus lifted off his feet and made to speed through stale, stuffy, unhealthy, artificial and smoggy spaces. He admirably scraps the auto but also the bio graphically praps cause he wants his hands free for reading shit (sorry, I mean impeccablly startrek like sterile tec) he can then expertly warn us against and about (Communion). Page 523 of the third Matrix is the apex of dust ( inert reactionary victim/subject, his terms: "wouldbe consciousness ... yawning dawn" springing eternal innocence upon us lurking perking in "compressed corporeal existence of locked ins" ... momma rocks) personification. The greys are held captive till stood up to and for. His 'potable patterns' are nothing but mudsprays in my understanding but their 'friction and abrasion' is too "light eating Luciferian" too stoop to.                    I mean all I can say for the guy that he shows parallels across planes and dimensions; using solid earth terminology to point away to much more causative yet as good as ungraspable realms. He seems to come close, psych up for, work and warm up to the real pressures necessary to power pow(d)ering:     '... . . continue description onto Taboo Ground, imprudently passing beyond the proprietary and traditional silence. ...  break millenial Seal ...         only to slide into metaphoric muddling, he backs of to continue dry as dust theorizing like: the creative borrows from the absolute but never the other way around. They are not antithetical. Attempts to strike one out or off would result in a "rigor-mortis of extreme paralytic tetany in the withdrawal of consciousness from its gross "food-sheath"".  I'll tell you why I read through the piles of confused shit between such horse ass truths as cited above. Every now and then he comes up with a P-volley, check this six shooter:Nonetheless because the shifting vital geometries arise through and at the same time serve to establish the situational presence of the point-unit within the frame work of the presiding Pattern, they comprise terms of provisional identification for that unit.  Its homogenous self-identity is contingently invested in the differential patterns and stylized modulations of light enabled by, and organized through the flat interruptive field of identity-recognition even in units that would be conventionally considered insensate or "inorganic".  Wonder what he means by flat? Clay flakes?        Take note of sentence length and Hegelian segmentation. Grammarwise and astrologically speaking that gets out there.              He often (as in: A conative Will-o'-the-Wisp; a segment title reminding me of kneading clay around the tips of Willow wisps to swoosh 'em at opponents across the dike, ditch and field; early lessons in ballistics) muddles beautiful terms like so: The undifferentiated/total value of Limit is abstractly represented by a proposition within Being, unlocalizable in itself. What the hell he is on about? You guessed it, the "Akashic record, a dark internal disruption in the continuity of consciousness". All this makes me remember what I was taught about spirits of rocks which apparantly  part ways...   "Its subdivided units of soul-being arise as potential specifications of limit; undiferentiated in themselves, they nonethelss "appear" as magical holes or opaque disruptions of Being, that carry specific value potentials, as the abstract proposition of limit continues to suggest ideoform types of resolution (wonder if he means yet?) between particular problematic existents and the infinite self-congruity of Absolute. I blackened some terms I wanna associate with the mother rock in my schemes but Topper suggests transpositions involve inside out versions somehow. Like in a later segment where will, intent, idea, intelligence  crashcrescendo's through such wishful thoughts as: "By abstracting a unitive undifferentiated Means, a Single Soluble Way or Self-contained Idea, the value of Identity at the same time succeeds in "seperating" or distancing Itself from the particulate plenary of possible beings and selves", (4 P's in half a sentence too) and further on gets concentrated as "abstract Means (presenting itself as Ideoform homogeneity of Infinite Light) ... Desert of undifferentiated Self-luminence without internal riches of divisible parts ... but ....  willfull enough to draw" (funny how he uses the word "draw" in conjunction with "fertile" for instance), ... Limit ...  Line  .... Vertical ... Axis ...  Abstraction, Idea, Identity, Self-brooding light, none indentical but aspects and phases, etc.                  Part 2 of Christ consciousness culminates in a few beauts: "Such pointillist profusion furnishes the requisite "extensiveness"  of Akashic Space from its single, opaque and undifferentiated postulate. The "center" (later on explained as "only a theoretical "concentrate" with "borrowed being") of Limitation (and thus of interruptive, self-negating unconsciousness) seems to spread everywhere as an homogenous darkness, any phase of which denies admittence to the boundless Light". Is he saying one needs a seperateness for love to dash itself to pieces on?             By the way as often as I think he is about to eek ash, eek recordable dust out of rock (but doesn't), just as frequently does he  seem to find synonyms for the Golden Mean ("resolving Mean of Axis ... Common Denominator in the Median Point of that Axis ..  "Probable ... and splayed ... patterning processes take their specific (organizational) being from the filtrate grid-network of compound, polarized perceptual keys organized through the variable coordinate loci distributed along the central Axis of Being, the Heart established in the middle by Logoic fiat of line". ) as if he has a phobia about mentioning it, like Stan Tenen great antagonist of Dan Winter the great champion/wielder of that ratio has too.  PS next day: No, I take that back, the article called "What is physics is one of the finest expositions I read when it comes to geometry, consciousnes, body and soul). I must say a lot has become clearer already after rereading some Topper (3rd sweep in 9 years). Don't expect Theosophists ever to grind rock in church nor in baitrags like the free TBirds for that matter. Anyway those three first alinea's of said segment end in a grand lifelike crescendo:   (This colour becomes another for change by the way) "They(ideotype logoi soul-unit characters I guess)'re dense immersions of a cosmic "surplus" upon which consciousness can draw (without subjective obligation toward them as defining "contents" of Itself). Those last parantheses are a bit ominous and suspicious don't you agree? Like it suggests: I am knocking but your have no right to ask who I am). Or is the word 'as' replacable with: 'since they are', or is 'such as' or 'in the role of' meant here?               My bottom line remains: only apodictically light paths clearing pens take a point of making way and roads into rock for it seriously enough to be justified saying they make one and made it (theirs).  It is bloody hard enough to realize Jesus was a greenie, but this guy isn't making it easy neither though oxygen level drop seems to concern him. To close for now I will quote a line with 11 P's in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The central, transdimesional Line is the operative determinant in the polarizatin of a particular, functional network of patternsand processes through the perceptual plane out of stationary global assemblages of creative potential; all potential patterns are integrated most coherently throuhg, and with respect to, that Line.  Conclusion: waste of time.