Jose Arguelles is the most popular of my growing idiot savant collection  (some of which stood at the birth of nations and transnational corpocracies, some actually have voluntary followers and critics like me, most of them suffer countersocial tendencies and still worse, their wallflowery mathematrixmadness often as not legitimates genocide by way of glorifying distractions).

I started the process of extracting bits of sitebitesize sighting from my surfnotes (logguage) in 2005 and updated that in the spring of 2007; the results so far:
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(the fragments from2003 begin after a few from 98, 99, 2001 and 2002)

 'earthbirth' is: freestone innerprizes, winner of the babies are aware awards (stumbled across because it carries an article on the (Arguelles) dreamspell movement)


A missive about socalled 'psychozoicism': Hello willard with the beautiful dutch name remember meeting me at Dan's?I first saw Arguelles taking up Vernadsky ideas soon after he did, but only now, years later, do half of the objections I felt then dissipate and turn to a half supportive stance, to wit: yes, true, humans have a huge effect upon net metabolism of the biosphere although I wouldn’t call it a climaxing one (not by a long shot and so not any foreseeably soon time and long while yet anyway) and definitely not a balancing one, which is how I understood Arguelles’s use of Vernadsky until now: I thought he or they meant that the biosphere always has an equilibriated grand total of energizations and lifeforms, so, when some disappear in favor of others or even a single other, there is no love lost on the whole. I disagreed with that last bit and besides think that balance is not in possesion of a ‘constant’, the word they used as I recall.
Anyway, I must either have been thickheaded for so long or the formulation of Arguelles and interpreters is rather poor and faulty; I incline to think the latter instance is the closest to true since a statement like: ‘total nature of biosphere whose evolutive principles (meaning us) cause biogeochemical climax’ (found in the biospheric rights piece) contain all sorts untold folds and backfires: quintuple tautologies, reversals and inversions. I have senses early on that Jose’s transition from painting accompanying prose to periodicity accompanying poetry was not a pure progress and equally unmixedly blessed graduation.
  Anyway Yes, Yes, Yes, of course we can, may, should and could be heading heartlong into a pzychozoic era as my site is trying to explain and spell out. But so far mankind has been creation (and woman) unkind. I spy no sign of let up.
Come to think of it you have kept out of the Dan and Stan (Shem and Shaun) controversy haven’t you? Right on! Tenen, by the way, for all the little love lost between him and new age has a most revealing piece on atlantis rising, a site full of vacuous form without content, unpenetrant hollow drumming and dryswimming in my eyes. If it is true that he did never make a secret of nor hold his work back, I must admit that Dan misinformed me on this point, what is your private(?) opinion on the matter? go see my file about plagiarism originarianism, etc

About my efforts to make my private library public: The recent floodings thereabouts have me worried enough; all my books soggy is not a pleasant prospect but with all the still increasing fire fiendishness of humanity worldwide, there will be no imminent reversal of increasing evaporations and precipitations, with Bangla Desh and Holland being likely candidates for increasing damage from such polarizations, alas. This addition went to the David Hudson of Rewired (or was it hotwired threads) a frequent contributor in Berlin Dear Nethead, bitwit or whatever I may get your attention with.
I have little hope it will help but the odds are better than usual so here goes: please look at the file called value standards and weather stability at my site (poetpiet) and please go check  too. (seems to work without the 2 in the adress as well)

This is how I worded the offering of me and my library This batch goes to the following places,
here went a batch of E-adresses gleaned from the new Eurotopia guide, a book in German, listing all of 300+ projects throughout Europe with a degree of openness to that part of the general public willing to comply with their specs while visiting or 'prospecting'. being likely to 1) have (a) room (gypsywagon, dome, treehouse, anything) for, 2) want to accomodate 3) know how to appreciate 4) can make good use of my book collection, preferably as a whole (70 fruitboxes full of 'm; on the topics found at my sit (see below) and including everything referred to there). I am willing to pay a small sum of money as rent/maintenance opportunity/price.
letter from a rainbow brother: the only response from mailing an invitation to all the ones I found an E-mail adress of and for in the Rainbow Guide  really appreciate turning me onto ulrich B. and arnold K. I have yet to really put in the time on their work that I need to. Thanks but if I don't put time into your hobbyhorses you can't find any for mine right? Your absence of commentary on mystery schools and ancient wisdom leads me to believe you gno something...:)Yes a lot but alass I will be brief cause the subjects truly disgust me (sorry, no intention to hurt anyone's hobby horses, just pronounce 'm dead when I think they are even though the american bookstore in town went from 1 shelf to a whole case of books on offer about aliens and far off relatives in the space of a mere few year's time). I know what and that it goes around in 'our' circles but you may know how critical I am of peripatetic and pathetic pyromania (the reason Abo'z are punished with whites I think) I am interested in Law of Lemuria, esp associated with Melkadeziek and mercurial/venusian origins. Did atlantis rise when lemuria sank? How can we know anything of the past (way way back) with any certainty, what do you know of channeled info and its' validity or authenticity. Well this is a lot to consider, I look forward to the light you can shed on these and other mysteries. >All in good time.

You may like to look for a poem about frogs foetuses and aliens (in the auzzie appendix I believe) to learn an indication of how I feel about these things (perhaps the bits about O K Maerth, and read Jack Weatherford as well, he maintains we were cannibals for millions of years, see the link list); in short I see all this fumbling for frontiers as fabulation, a projection of ungranted, backed up and blocked birthrights just like the light catchment failures rather than shade engrav(ell)ing receipts for its reception, welcome and sheddings are encrypted as budget deficits, but I will stop repeating myself here..

Re: Schizophrenia & Alpha-Beta+noia
Key words: Jose Arguelles, Metanoia, alphabets, apple cores, letter shapes, planet tracers and speed racers (remembers the X? I found a T-shirt of his in the freebebin of Evergreen college which has made the dutch papers yesterday; didn't see a specimen of the real cartoon till a year or so later)

Hi, what you may be about to read would be the second (but so far failed) guest book entry (matter of fact it disappeared entirely ((probably temp.)) but today's treat is an internal search engine; if you were to look for alphabet you may find hundreds of citations I'm sure) at (yes the man on and over whom the litigation concerning a yea or nay plagiarism of the one and only all letter producing spiral shape descended). (By the way: ....descend on someone.....?; this formulation is inspired by the Dutch expression: "iets op je dak krijgen" = get something on your roof usually something authoritative). (I first wrote authorotative which I think is a recommendable improvement).
The man is so productive (though often repetitive; about as avid a rehearser as say B Fuller with whom he has plenty of other affinities too) that I wonder why he has nary a linklist (though a very large and diverse bibliography slanted slightly on the sleigh of glandslide...I mean fabulation finctionality flung far and wide) and I thought this would be a way to finally get myself a mention onto his side.
Besides, the encounter or lecture attendance of which it (the attempted guest book entry) speaks was conducted in A'dam recently by a close inspirer of his: Jose Arguelles, a man diagnosed early on by William Irwin Thompson as being metanoid.

It deals very much with the tides between stringing out linearly and unmeterable complexity.

If you were looking for a way back to some rigorously vigorous not to mention colourful form of pictography and geomintricate faultline tsjoggling you ought to try a look at your nearest dreamspell diagram/boardgame.
Kod gnows what would happen if the scientific american graphics department attempted to tame these sort of codon prophets.

For Dan Winter's guestbook:
Gee wizz, this guestbook ought to be the closest thing to a linklist you are liable to have at the rate you are trying to implode  and suck, suck succor us all along. Guess I ought to plug my site a bit now then. First I'll tell you what happed in A'dam's largest squat last weekend: Jose Arguelles saw fit to give his local congregation (nevertheless including belgians and germans)  a treat of same old same old. He received little crossfertilization I am afraid and I didn't pose the question  nor placed the following remarks out loud then and there either.
He brought some of his paintings along and they were the best part of the show for me (remember I saw the ones he did while going to school at Evergreen College where I 'staid' on the roof admiring his 4 story stairwellspiral painting at least a couple times a day).
 His wife held the boringly babying intro aimed at newbies who weren't really there though only 4 hands went up  when we were asked if the Harmonic Convergence had been parts of our past.
I happened to be in Glastonbury (not on purpose) and dealt with indigestion from frustrated gluttony at the time feeling an even worse failure and fuck up due to all the lofty prayer and religious extasy around me.
Here are my observations (less explicit version was tucked on- and into my page somewhere before):
your system shows strong resemblance with the adolescent role play gameworld; more than with say the astro-aspect books. The characterizations are so cryptic, poetic and brief that the latters (at least potentially orientational) relation (realtion) to practice seems quite lost in archaic wishy washy yet polarizing fairy tale imagery.
Metanoia dictates one simplify in order to rigidify and discipline perhaps. Potentiation sounds good until you realize it also polarizes and one makes huge swings from one extreme to another while passing the point of balance faster and faster (all too swiftly).

I can see the charm in leading the way back from the elaborate and verbosely "verbalinear" thicketry via those 'essentializing' definitions to where we get back where writing started: pictography with all the added twists of DNA and other combinatoric geometry included but for me at least (my present state of probably mis- though fascinated understanding) it seems still a long way from the core that c's the ore (something I do understand better than most people I feel).

Timing remains everything; who can deny it? and if your metanoic functionality lead to
a psychozoic (Vernadsky's term) practice stooled on the realization  that big things have small beginnings (in a sense I will illustrate below) I am all for it.

You say only humble prayer is effective and paradoxically can claim and express an ambitious desire for the greatest good. Where in this hovering formula is the fact that the humility (potential 'humus') residing in specks of dust (are they not a form of your much maligned and unintegrated little t(ease)'s?) so their promise can put and bear out and on the flesh of pragmatism.
My council (similar to that expressed to Dan earlier): put your most potent tool, your paint brushes to good photosynthetic and limb-pleaching use and depiction tasks starting from the size reduction and pulverization of reducible minerals.

so, you be pam perry then is that right? (dunno why I wrote him no more)
Dan is an old friend of mine and if I count up all the good advice I have presented to him and which he consistently ignores you could say he is a bad patient of mine and I his no doubt.

I admire him for doing stuff like the syllabus (see below) but this modern conspiracy conjuring, cult conniving and plain old warmongering which is even worse than Nostradamus crossed and fortified with the bible code in times like these (serbs beating Nazi inflation rates) is just too goofy. Sorry. I am nevertheless interested in those chapters you promise to send upon request.

Now, ladies and gents, may I have your attention for a schizoid and effeminate but extremely sharpwitted entertainer: Dan Winter. He bored me with war mongering posts and Nostradamus bullshit (just as bad as the bible code) but now he came up with another cosmic manual:
Beginner syllabus:
1. In a unified field everything is waves moving about in a universal jello of  article/waves.
2. In that universal jello or "ether" the only self-organizing shape is the donut or smoke rings or torus.
3. Those donuts or vortex pairs arrange themselves like trumpets into
the faces of the platonic solids, and this is called the atomic table (matter).
(1, 3cube, 5dodec, 7icos donut vortex pair make 2, 6, 10, 14 electron-s, p, d, f
subshells: all matter)
4. When a wave in this jello or ether moves in a line it is called energy, when the same wave is "sucked" into a circle, the slight gyroscopic resistance to change of position, is called "matter". In physics, INERTIA stored is the ONLY definition of mass. The wave
moving in a circle creates matter (as opposed to "doesn't matter"). This is called quantum mechanics, because elements of the wave spin can only stand still when meeting themselves from opposing directions. This separates the jello or ether into packets or envelopes of waves, storing spin inertia. So "the creator" (fractal  attraction) is the principle of self-reference (self/awareness) which steered the wave into the circle, from the line. I am that I am.
5. Something has to provide "centering force" to hold the wave going in a circle in the same place (widening gyre with a center that will not hold?).
6. This "centering force" is what happens when waves "collapse",
"implosively" toward a center. IMPORTANTLY: this collapse inward function is called many names:
a. implosion is to burst inward and inward flow only.
b. gravity is the attraction between two massive bodies. The name of the
attracting force.
c. magnetic monopole,,
d. scalar is a quantity such as it's length wave that is completely
specified by its magnitude and has no direction. From the
latin ladder
e. Recursion is to happen, to come up or show up again, repeatedly.
f. self reference
7. Waves get this permission to CONcresce (gather all crests to one point) when they all arrange their distance from that point by PHI or Golden Mean ratio. This is because this allows "recursive" or repeated adding AND multiplying of their interference. This perfects constructive interference from many directions at once.
8. Therefore gravity occurs BECAUSE the outer waves nest (electron for example on an atomic scale, or long wave ley lines on a planetary one)
BECOMES SELF SIMILAR or recursive to the inner waves nest (neutrons in an atom.) This pattern on the outside repeated in the pattern on the inside is the definition of FRACTALITY. THIS MEANS LITERALLY THAT FRACTALITY (charge arranged into
self-embedding) CREATES GRAVITY. (And this will be born out in a revolution as physics proves gravity and atmosphere can be stabilized by perfecting the geometry of embedding, see )
9. When waves are drawn to a focus, they automatically sort out those, which cannot pass the laws of symmetry to let them pass the vortex which focus creates. This means that WHATEVER CREATES FOCUS CREATES SORTING. This also means that THE TEST OF PERFECT SYMMETRY, IS THE SAME AS THE TEST FOR WHAT IS PERFECTLY SHAREABLE (AS A WAVE OR IDEA OR EMOTION OR INTENT OR PERSON OR FEELING OR...).
10. Perfect fractal or recursive or nestable or "embedable" symmetry is
thus literally a test for pure intention.
11. When waves can agree to meet sustainably this is called "sacred".
12. The Golden Mean or PHI ratio perfects recursion/ embedding/ intention/ gravity/ awareness/ responseability/ implosion/ mass/sorting..
13. The role of MIND among waves, is to align the still points, which guides them into the PHI ratio of recursion permitting them to stay still. They get permission to stand as wave (called "eck" -or charge- in "stasis" / ecstacy). This creates the tingle in your body in the place you have chosen to place your attention, you have aligned field effects to "concrescence" or centering. This compression of the ethers is the principle by which matter is created out of light.

14. When the harmonics of a brain (eeg) or heart (ekg) or planet (schuman series), enter into nesting by powers of PHI, then that (or any) biological oscillator becomes:
a. self organizing       b. self aware       c. eck-static           examples include the sustainable elimination of addiction and attention deficit in brainwave neurofeedback work using this principle.
15. The power of placing a limit ("power of limits" by doczi) on any oscillator is that in order to emerge from chaos, IT MUST TAKE THE PATH OF PHI-LO taxis. (Perfect branching based on PHI.) examples include stock market becomes predictable when volume harmonics become PHI / and heart waves become sustainable (all chronic diseases end) when the harmonics arrange themselves into Phi embedability.
16. EKG harmonics only Heartlink/ ASCEND into this perfect fractal or "heart rate variability" when you feel wonder/compassion/truth because this exactly corresponds to what is electrically distributable or shareable.
17. The reason "only love bends the light, so therefore only love creates" is because this feeling of compassion permits compression, which permits centering which draws in the linear light into the circle. The same electrical centering force/literal gravity of glandular emotion creates steerage among wormholes and dimensions.

Advanced syllabus
Unified Field Precis..
1) Mind Aligns (Permits Compression) among Waves.
3.Matter is created from Aether by Compression.
4.Non linearity of the vortex, is the origin of matter.
5.Energy in the aether, IS the Centripetal Origin, (Creation),
Counter-thrust to Entropy.
6.The path out of chaos for any oscillator is ability of the principle
of embedability.
7.Feelings have shape.
8.Feeling is made of magnetic lines, folding "nondestructively"
9.Emotion is magnetism, energy in motion BETWEEN frequencies. This is
the scalar wave we have called gravity.
10.Where gravity is most dense capacitive power spectra is power of phi.
11.When magnetic lines braid by ratio phi, waves accelerate thru light speed, making soul force & ability to lucid dream...(reason to learn hygiene of ecstatic process).
12.That this braid can be influenced by sonic waves from glands (loving ekg) right in the DNA. Carrier wave in DNA is UV thread, braid to string to rope to fat rope, envelope to carrier ratio phi until the inertia of envelope implodes its own carriers making soul. psychologically this requires sorting more and more ringing in your ears the DNA of your ancestors yearning.
12) What you see when you close your eyes depends on this penetration of
biology's magnetism thru light-speed.
13) Genepools survive directly into embedding into planets & stars by
this principle, of waves inhabiting or embedding larger
14) Surviving the solar storm requires this achieving of "scale
15) To Inhabit is to Embed (Incarnate)
16) Embedability is Phi-Lo Tactic (Recursion Perfected)

All right sorry, I take that back; DW is the best and most divine detector in this oddball barrell of a universe; how's about a well weird encore (just remember, Hubbard began to rake in the dough once he switched from writing fiction to taking himself seriously):
Human's were susceptible to believing that lo-grade spooks were GOD
whenever they could not believe in themselves (self-love). From the first time Reptile gene splicing technicians like Yalweh/Ea/Niburu called themselves Hiburu priests, this has been the ADAMic story.

 THEN the adding becomes multiplying in the wave crests. Wave lengths AND velocities recursively ADD and this becomes faster than light in properly braided DNA. THIS RESULTS IN "GETTING A SOUL". When the light speed barrier can be sustainably penetrated in PHI harmonics, lucid dreaming, time travel, shamanic star and bardo navigating become possible. This is the head of the worm of squirt gun BECOMING SELF STEERING!

It is like an emerging worm (Amygdala means tower as Djed Raising..
Atlatal Rising.. Mich-A-EL line). Now the HEAD of the normal emergent worm is exactly like what spits from the human reptile brain stem out the Amygdala at the brain base. Very little ability to steer itself with long wave range intent here/Eagle eye bird brain perception NOT built in. If this worm spine reptilian reflex stem juice is spit directly out the mouth of the snake
it is poison venom. Testasterone poisoning is urge to touch frustrated which always turns into ANGER (see the Sentic wave for maximum destructive interference in the Jungian definition of football (err rather the pigskin poison pellet function in the Balinese Cockfight-same thing.) (We can make the details of this ANALysis available to the NFL for PR purposes as a trade for equal
salaries with TEACHERS).

Now on the other hand, if some great Eagle were to grasp the head of the
snake and hold it absolute fixed or RAPT, then the
Raptor would pressurize the snake juice into the bird brain= RAPTure.
The plumbing 101 for Eck-stasis/Kundalini/Tantra
launches body MAGnetic juices thru the speed of light in the PINING
PINEAL.. taking wing.
( and ). This is fine for individuals like Buddha,

but how do you do it for whole cultures? This was the problem for
Saraphim angelics (hi reptilian brain stem genesis) meeting
with their Aku Ophanic counterparts (bird/dog wiolawa brain).

Hey, I am lucky to have escaped the lioness lair unscathed.
Got close enough to burn my hide up and away.
Not potent enough to cure my ills and make me stay.
Wound rise attouchement we need not know to go
chased by stale desires, running into previous round pile ups and giving the lie to a chance..

: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 02:59:20 -0800 To:, a native american running a west coast college radio program: hi there, you don't know me yet but if this my initial response to your challenge which reached me via KOLA is good enough for you that may change rapidly; the sig at the bottom could keep you busy. I don't know if I have already recorded the following curiosity somewhere so far but now is the perfect time to start (especially something you have forgotten). I travelled the states up, down and across for half of the eighties and found very few radio programs I really liked; Kaos was one of them. It was a fatefull location where karma was woven for/by me: I helped a hefty feminist conceive a child and stroked her the wrong so much (though never struck her or even had yelling sessions) that I have yet to see the child for the first time.
              I slept on the roof of the Evergreen College library for weeks and left my bedding sitting there too.     It's a place after my own heart; perhaps cause the 4 story stairwell is painted by Jose Arguelles. Do you know him? He is one of those chinese plate stalk spinners in a way. Definitely too many of those around. Man kills forms of nature like dwarfs, goblins, trolls elves and replaces them with abusive emaciated projections of his own sad future I feel.
               Another big reason for writing you is to ask if you know yarrow the daughter of Deena and Talbot the candle makers who used to (and probably still) live on O'leary past the bakery on the inlet where I won the mudraces once. I would appreciate it if you could say hello for me.
              PS: if nothing else, check out the warriornetlist
participation files at my site: I looked again and saw you are not looking for white brothers at all,

pqwall.comthis guy is well hilarious; a whole lot more funny than say Jose Arguelles but just as creative with stuff; lemme give you an example: true faith table task and turf stand for alarm feast nest territory    OK, hows about a triplicity as well: frenzy normality and solitude is his way of naming  the up and down then back around triplicities possible.   <<  PQWall appears to be Charlie Walters's favorite ((curious fact about the latter ((((besided that he is editor of paper extracts from which follow below))) is that he testified in the 80ties to try bring parity back along with vince rossiter of and . . .. . Lyndon Larouche!!!!!!>>   Here is a self descrip by PQWall:  "All my forecasting is based on the fact that there are hidden causes in nature that make the emotions of humanity rise and fall in patterns." The market, according to Wall, moves in broad cycles which piggyback on continually smaller cycles.  Time, price and pattern (cycles, Dynamic Web, and chart patterns) are given most weight in the Estimation Pyramid which incorporates all ten methods used by Wall in attempting a reconciliation of probabilities. Extensive new work has goneinto these methods in the last three years      here is a second opinion on the man: third: Part 16: Food, anyone?... as early as the 1950's; Charles Walters, Jr., issued a convincing warning ... A. Gary Shilling, Robert Prechter, PQ Wall, the Grace Commission, etc., etc ... - 101k -

 june 2002
SOURCES OF INFORMATION THAT SPRING TO MIND "daniel skipp" wrote: >Dear Poet, > >Have you checked the Reichian James Demeo's "Saharasia" theory book? >Obviously there WAS war before the 4000BC date but i reckon his thrust is >trueish. > >BTW Even deeper in complexity as far as explainations go, the linking >personage of James Scott Kimball's "Orange Space" containing his "Thirteen >Field Harmonics" theory is really interesting to me. >He seems to be addicted to roadtesting his correspondences by analysing and >criticising Hollywood films, the Qabballah of the High Masons being >incorporated for subliminal programming purposes [what else!? those bastards >would like to externalise the the whole dungpile so their queenship is >recognised and respected by all. sad little ones]. > >What do you think of their correspondences if you would like to resonate >with me awhile? > > >Love > >Daniel Peter Skipp ------------  Love the little webnetpatternthingy; nice colours too but I . . . . am yet to look at some parts to make me an informed opinion; intriguing alrite, I can add this person to my fire horses on the net collection. got anymore tips? Ps: haven't looked at the field harmonics theory yet. >------------- Yes, mate, I have loads more tips for a scientifically >mystical viewstatement of reality. Don't let his presentation fool you. >Conrado is a good egg who hopefully will be flexible enoughto avoid Humpty >Dumpty's fate. Except of course that egg worked for and not against the >government. Resistance is futile... > >Ha! It occurs to me that you are well placed to opine on Mr.Winter's >intentions and centre of control... The geometrical dna talk could be viewed >as obsessionally fixated and thus distractive from truepath [that is the >sustainable evolutionary ascension to higher dimensions than that of a >dog's]. Dubious MorningSky tales of Draco Overlords...? >He admitted Sinclair blood to me and certainly seems to overintellectualise >[it takes one to know one]!! Guardian Alliance? --------------  I tend to find most of Dan's ref material distasteful; the stuff I enjoyed most while perusing through his backlogged and stashed paperpiles, bookshelves etc (hospitable if he wants and is called to be, I'll say that for him . .. though he hasn't taken troubles to see me while he lived in Holland) have been the sacred geometry artsy stuff mixed with fantastically complicated number schemes (quite a few unpublished manu's ended up in his house); guardian alliance don't ring a bell. I think Daniel was shown the path he stumbles down by Jose Arguelles, the bird tribe man etc, but he has always dabbled with the weird and wounded. I tend to look closer to home, mothers and daughters doing tongue stuck out sensing games in reptilian mode is evidence enough for (earthest of earthlt) ancestral taint to me; you know brainstem section theory and all that. Rather inalienable if you ask me; cut the limb you live on and it's the abyss for ya ain tit? >What is your take on the whole Draco myth? Stargate Conspiracy or real >threat? Does it really matter if "the bad guys at the top" are broadly human >[inbred and mad but still recognisable as one of us] or are hybridised by >reptilian predators? Social revolution toward one mind is the solution >either way, is it not? Though Beyond That solar analogy is irrelevant of >course. > >Help me navigate a little here, friend. > >PS THANKS FOR THE PROMPT REPLY. APPRECIATED BUT NOT EXPECTED. ;-) > >Yours Faithfully, > >Daniel Peter Skipp >[can you see the tendencies from my names? arrogant git, ain't i?!! ;-)] ------------  didn't he help eat her scape? Just one more question; you in oz I take it? Say hello to Dan for me. Tell him I been missin him all these years. I can't be on any portion of conrado's wavelenght spectrum I'm afraid. he 'pines for peace' and sends me to a course list in the mt holyoke area (cycling to which occasionally has left me with fond enough memories of the view from there, etc). But how would you pine for some college course? IS HE THE NON COMMITAL KNOW IT ALL TYPE. sorry about the caps, unintentional. gimme some better link; deal me a better card. I just printed the tarot rant by your last linkee; should be fun reading; do you know ------------ Cheers Piet,  No, I am a Brit. I suspect Dan would piss me off real quick once he cannot answer directly my probings of eg.those dodgy sources of his. BTW What is your take on Enochian angel/stargate theory? I find thse things interesting but not so immediately pragmatic. Enter Jose. His harmonic resonance theory is plausible and coherent but so what!?  What do you mean by the below question, mate? Sorry. ----------- didn't he help eat her scape? Just one more question; you in oz I take it? Say hello to Dan for me. Tell him I been missin him all these years. --------  I will finish writing in abit as i change libraries! -----------I can't be on any portion of conrado's wavelenght spectrum I'm afraid. he 'pines for peace' and sends me to a course list in the mt holyoke area (cycling to which occasionally has left me with fond enough memories of the view from there, etc). But how would you pine for some college course? IS HE THE NON COMMITAL KNOW IT ALL TYPE. sorry about the caps, unintentional. gimme some better link; deal me a better card. I just printed the tarot rant by your last linkee; should be fun reading; do you know ---------- Ah! He's alright for a young un brainwashed by academia. Science. Just believe! Atleast he appreciates we are all in the same sinking boat. I think I shall inform him of my latest intention to retreat to the swamps and either do a Luke or a Yoda [btw fyi Jedi and Yoda mean warrior/s] depending on how much hate i feel! :-)   just glanced at 7thunders. looks ok. more later. must go now.  -- ps he ain't non-commital he is just confused and impotent like most of us. i think.



312582Is "7-Eleven" Simply the Name of a Convenience Store? Or is it Something More? -------- WHAT? (english) MelloYello 10:22am Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312601 this is the stupidest conspiracy ever. Why not put your work into something more constuctive and stop filling up space with useless coincidence of #'s. --------- Your name is Mello Yello quite wrongly (english) Mark Seely 10:47am Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312607 . --------- here's some medicine for your assailents Mark (english) piet 11:31am Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312609 As soon as men abandoned the life of wandering, tribal hunters to till the soil they needed to predict the seasons. Such knowledge was required in order to know when to plant, when to expect floods in fertile valleys, when to expect rainy seasons, and so on. Months of backbreaking work were wasted by the unavailability of the calendar, a convenience we take for granted. The men who first studied and grasped the regularities of sun, moon, and stars that presage the seasons had a valuable commodity to sell and they milked it to the fullest at the expense of their credulous fellowmen. The occult priesthoods of early astronomers and mathematicians such as the designers of Stonehenge, convinced their subjects that they alone had contact with the gods, and thus, they alone could assure the return of planting seasons and weather favorable to bountiful harvests. The staging (predicting) of solar and lunar eclipses was particularly effective in awing the community. The general success resulting from following the priesthood's tilling, planting, nurturing, and harvesting timetables insured the priesthood's power. Today's Christmas holiday season continues the tradition set by ancient priesthoods, who conducted rituals on the winter solstice to reverse the retreat of the sun from the sky. Their invariable success was followed by wild celebrations. Popular knowledge of seasonal regularities was discouraged by every manner of mysticism and outlandish ritual imaginable. Failures in prediction were blamed on sins of the people and used to justify intensified oppression. For centuries people who had literally no idea of the number of days between seasons and couldn't count anyway, cheerfully gave up a portion of their harvests, as well as their most beautiful daughters, to their "faithful servants" in the priesthoods. Umm..... (english) Avery 4:00pm Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312669 Now, you were warned about drinking Slurpees too quickly, right? ---------- OK, assuming you are correct... (english) crossbar 4:36pm Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312675 What's your point? Jews are bad? Kubrik is evil? Islamic people drink slushies? Is timmy in a well? I don't know what you are trying to tell me lassie. ------- Yes to all of the above (english) Mark Seely 9:30pm Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312725 I'm trying to say that September 11 and the World Trade Center thang was witchcraft, all around the numbers 711 and 666. That's all. And the media and Bush don't want to say it. So that tells us something--they are liars by omission, at the very least. And they are far, far worse than than, I believe. Does that clear it up? My new website's here: ------------ Me: Murkymark calls Kubrick's death premature - I on the other hand am of the opinion it was WAAAAAYY OVERDUE!!!!!!! - I just don't believe that he was a useful man - he may have been compensating for his utter subjection and jubjugation to as or even more than usual bloody minded females but who wants to know that it works out no better than the reverse, the arab way: repress women and act out violently and split perfectly at the same time (nice example on trial yesterday the 16th here in Holland)

Idiot savant department:

314119 is a Mark Seeley post (again, see last issue for preceding spate) - I go (in 15th c position): Hey Mark See Ley piet 12:08am Thu Apr 24 '03 comment#314338 how do you like the lay of the land's geyedlines for reasoning: Robert Graves suggested that the number 666 left by Revelation was the code of Armageddon - the crucifixion cryptogram - DCXLVI - Domitus (Nero) Caesar Legatos Xti Violenter Interfecit. I will however explain to you the mystery of the number and mark of the beast: In 1 Kings 10:13 it is noted "And King Solomon gave unto the Queen of Sheba all her desire, whatsoever she asked, beside that which Solomon gave her of his royal bounty. So she turned and went to her own country, she and her servants. Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold." The number 666 is the bounty that comes from the wisdom or Sophia of Solomon in "giving unto the queen of Sheba all her desire" - that is in accepting the divine complementation of female and male, Garden and Kingdom, body and mind.. Recall that in Matthew 12:41, Jesus says "The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation." The reality of history is that the mark of the human beast, "Homo", for all its apocalyptic folly and violence, is "sapiens" - wisdom. Sophia, Sapientia of the Greeks, the shekina of wisdom of the gnostics, has already made her prophetic mark in human destiny. We are named after the shekina, and will stand and fall both by her wisdom and by the heritage of her existence. The number 666 is the number of wisdom and the name of the beast is sapiens. Amen. ------ from a source I trust. -- ps (not posted): the author Chris King Poetic Irony of Prophecy (first googoyle) - 57k (if you aint ever been to his place, go now!) ----- the 7th googuile offers a different flavour, a flavious yosaveus flavour:

314399 I can't leave Mark left out bereft and stuck on 'evil'  piet 10:16am Thu Apr 24 '03 comment#314406 live a little murkymark; here's something to bend your mind away from your fixfocus and hopefully thence on to better brighter dealings: 314119 repeat of my response there which I have after that had and taken an opportunity to read -turns out my faith in old Chrissie was a little too blind, he is on a cravenly raving rampage in that one of his many many, mostly eco-scientific files, is it to couch the accurate and ouch facts about Graves I wonder????? -- the second link provided was better but I failed to hyper it. ------ Now we got that cleared up maybe you could look into the calculus of auspice and figure this into the mixxage --- thanks for trying 'bij voorbaat' (in advance). 

314450 Mark Seeley post too + good little mark's murky slopslap:seed of satan doesn't help insect beast 6:50pm Thu Apr 24 '03 comment#314533 The seed of satan, Mark Seely, doesn't want to help. The seed of satan is here to confuse, divide and destroy. The seed of satan hates most of the people of earth. The seed of satan prefers inbreeding to outcrossing. Perhaps the seed of satan is the product of inbreeding. 

314734 +9 Please help the Pope by MS  --  9th is me: BeastlyMark and animal's lord cernunnos BeastlyMark and animal's lord cernunnos  piet 2:19am Sat Apr 26 '03 ---on the first page of 'goo gullies' for "robert graves" 666   The Mark of the Beast Belt buckle  14.99 surrounded by the names of god (masculine and feminine, from the circle of Magick) A stylized erect phallus is encircled by the seven rayed star of Babalon--<snip> --   this next one is fun too (except it hits you with porn spam):updated January 29, 2002  An Observation on Possible Numerics in the Gospel of the Egyptians by P.R. van Pottelberg, 2001   When I read 'The Gospel of the Egyptians'* in the early 1980s, and came to the following passage, my first thought was that the strange strings of vowels must represent something other than vowels, probably numbers.  (43:13.) The Father of the great light who came forth from the silence, he is the great Doxomedon-aeon, in which the thrice- male child rests. And the throne of his glory was established in it, this one on which his unrevealable name is inscribed, on the tablet [...] one is the word, the Father of the light of everything, he who came forth from the silence, while he rests in the silence, he whose (44) name is in an invisible symbol. A hidden, invisible mystery came forth: 

And in this way, the three powers gave praise to the great, invisible, unnameable, virginal, uncallable Spirit, and his male virgin.*   To identify the numbers represented by the seven vowels, I picked the most obvious possibility, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 --   i = 1 - E = 2 - o = 3 - u = 4 etc - Since each vowel is repeated 22 times it is not unreasonable to construe the 'hidden, invisible mystery' spoken of in the text as a simple set of sums,  thus --  1 x 22 = 22   2 x 22 = 44  3 x 22 = 66 etc These sums, added together, are 616.  This number would not have meant much to me except that a few weeks earlier I had been reading Robert Graves' White Goddess'  where he remarks off-handedly [Chap. 19] that in some old manuscripts of 'TheApocalypse of  John' (Revelations), the infamous 'number of the beast' is 616 rather than 666, something I had not known until then. Therefore I was surprised to see  this same number generated by these calculations from a Gnostic text. 

314845+15 BOYCOTT OF MARK SEELY ARTICLES! --  Gas and burn the nazi shit.Seely. 

11th comment @ 14888:  pr 2:06am Sat Apr 26 '03 The nazi deadshits don't believe in gas chambers and crematoriums so this should be easy.I will send 10 $ US for news that he has gone up in smoke.Saddam futures today...Seely futures tomorrow. --- ----------me: pr, you don't know what you are up against  piet 2:57am Sat Apr 26 '03 comment#314894 time keepstresses and such  time is a quirky and from vastly infinite to disapparantly compressable; that is, a stretch no amount of 'nazi's' could hope to span and/or appropriate completely (the witch prevails and it is better to please her, she is more imaginitive than you bloodlust and pyromania accusers are capable of conceiving; come to think of it, you are all male all unable to conceive the celebration and embeddedness of humans in a profusion of wellmarked bordered world); they just don't use methods for which right timings exist; don't be fooled by emotinally unstable and austistic pilot driving race cars, supposedly tuned to perfection; wheels went a long way towards helping cultures get a grip on time and all the idiotsavanthood that went into pitting reckonings and calenderingts against each other grapple with remnants of that; what is it now? 19 solar years to return the moon to the same spot in relation to it again. Each generation run risks of miscalculation. Studying knit-netnode fabrics fold, knot, pull tight, unravel and spin itself into such warpy weaves as to fill out a sphere of selfreflective live that reaches well over and under eaves was well developed in woman run societies but alas their very success (and ((reach beyond their own, thus out of place)) thirst for it) started rubbings frictions and robberies so long ago we hardly know any better. Some folk think a better way of timing stuff will help, like Jose Arguelles; but local time (no matter how exemplary it minds its own business) gets abused by the big time bullies and frequently infected to pay back in (not so selfgenerated) kind since unable to hold out on and it off. -----  voila, a reversion of Daniel Winter's argument that only the most symmetric, golden-mean proportionate frequency and morphology following feelings (love in one word) are sharable, penetrant and decisive. Maybe one day, when enough people abdicate and guard against justifying the taint that is violence. Till then it seems sterile, wishfull and overboard hopefull optimism I can't share (accept) and better not 'share' (dole out), since that would to spoil such utopian's chances.  by the way, entertaining stuff found when I googild "robert graves" 666 ---------- Hey, That's not a pic. of Mark Seely outside the whale 10:27am Sat Apr 26 '03 comment#314942 That's Pizza the Hut. From the movie Spaceballs, by Mel Brooks. ---------2 pesos crowrat dumplings 3:25pm Sat Apr 26 '03 comment#314997 nix boycots of any kind. -------- Note Jaggi Singh 5:24pm Sun Apr 27 '03comment#315231  And what about that fucking Kike Kermit D. Frog?

(back to): 314734 (additions): this guy absolutely fits my idiot savant collection: Jim A Cornwell TenSefirothAndGeometryOfHeaven.htm  From The Alpha and the Omega ------  Others in the category: Diane Vera - ----   ----- slightly more mainstream: The Goddess in the Gospels: Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine  by Margaret Starbird ----------- less monomanic than Mark's beastliness (seems like a tougher grade of numbergrunching to me anyways):  222 Divine  ... numerals, 666 represents all the numbers from 500 in descending order, namely D  (500) + C (100) + L (50) + X (10) + V (5) + I (1), or DCLXVI. Robert Graves ...  Beschrijving: Some interesting facts associated with 111, the second repunit, and its multiples (including 222 and 666).  Categorie: Science > Math > Recreations > Specific Numbers scimaths/divine.htm - 34k  ----------- I'll leave it at this 19K metafilter thread for now:  April 2, 2002 (21 comments) ----------- 315603 and 317199 (skipping quite a few) Mark Seeley ------------- 

317319 Mark Seeley is onto bigger and better symbolism: the cross (dimensions thereof):Yes and no (english) karlof1  Certainly, some Judaic "priests" retooled the then current, and very popular, sun god mythos to start a new cult. Yet many did not follow this cult and still don't to this day. I think a better question would be: "Are Christians Judaic?" The answer would be, yes, all except for the truly Gnostic. The biggest of all big lies is the "New Testament" and its star that never existed. ---------- 6 planets configure david star piet  according to john ??? (johnboy at or something? He's in my blogs somewheres so a poetpiet david star planet search should get you there). The man claim this particular constellation don't happen but once in 40 mil. years. Wish I could verify that; my guess is much more often if you can allow planets to swap places. Can't imagine any degree of 'perfection' (symmetry = perfection of life or death, not sure; it' a dangerous concept; quite as potent as 'pure') occuring though. 

312582 Is "7-Eleven" Simply the Name of a Convenience Store? Or is it Something More? -------- WHAT? (english) MelloYello 10:22am Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312601 this is the stupidest conspiracy ever. Why not put your work into something more constuctive and stop filling up space with useless coincidence of #'s. --------- Your name is Mello Yello quite wrongly (english) Mark Seely 10:47am Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312607 . --------- here's some medicine for your assailents Mark (english) piet 11:31am Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312609 As soon as men abandoned the life of wandering, tribal hunters to till the soil they needed to predict the seasons. Such knowledge was required in order to know when to plant, when to expect floods in fertile valleys, when to expect rainy seasons, and so on. Months of backbreaking work were wasted by the unavailability of the calendar, a convenience we take for granted. The men who first studied and grasped the regularities of sun, moon, and stars that presage the seasons had a valuable commodity to sell and they milked it to the fullest at the expense of their credulous fellowmen. The occult priesthoods of early astronomers and mathematicians such as the designers of Stonehenge, convinced their subjects that they alone had contact with the gods, and thus, they alone could assure the return of planting seasons and weather favorable to bountiful harvests. The staging (predicting) of solar and lunar eclipses was particularly effective in awing the community. The general success resulting from following the priesthood's tilling, planting, nurturing, and harvesting timetables insured the priesthood's power. Today's Christmas holiday season continues the tradition set by ancient priesthoods, who conducted rituals on the winter solstice to reverse the retreat of the sun from the sky. Their invariable success was followed by wild celebrations. Popular knowledge of seasonal regularities was discouraged by every manner of mysticism and outlandish ritual imaginable. Failures in prediction were blamed on sins of the people and used to justify intensified oppression. For centuries people who had literally no idea of the number of days between seasons and couldn't count anyway, cheerfully gave up a portion of their harvests, as well as their most beautiful daughters, to their "faithful servants" in the priesthoods. Umm..... (english) Avery 4:00pm Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312669 Now, you were warned about drinking Slurpees too quickly, right? ---------- OK, assuming you are correct... (english) crossbar 4:36pm Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312675 What's your point? Jews are bad? Kubrik is evil? Islamic people drink slushies? Is timmy in a well? I don't know what you are trying to tell me lassie. ------- Yes to all of the above (english) Mark Seely 9:30pm Wed Apr 16 '03 comment#312725 I'm trying to say that September 11 and the World Trade Center thang was witchcraft, all around the numbers 711 and 666. That's all. And the media and Bush don't want to say it. So that tells us something--they are liars by omission, at the very least. And they are far, far worse than than, I believe. Does that clear it up? My new website's here: ------------ Me: Murkymark calls Kubrick's death premature - I on the other hand am of the opinion it was WAAAAAYY OVERDUE!!!!!!! - I just don't believe that he was a useful man - he may have been compensating for his utter subjection and jubjugation to as or even more than usual bloody minded females but who wants to know that it works out no better than the reverse, the arab way: repress women and act out violently and split perfectly at the same time (nice example on trial yesterday the 16th here in Holland)

324369 Sevenber 11 Volunteering to kill for Kryste Busta: New flesh Mass immigration helps the Democrats and the Republicans, because immigrants replace Americans who aren't happy. There's no place in America for people who aren't happy with the way things are going. That's just not jewish. (this is only one of nine lines, I find 'm hilarious) Not To Feed The Trolls, but... Rowan Berkeley 11:06pm Wed Jun 4 '03 comment#324425 People who persistently post racial obscenities on here will end up getting their IPs blocked. Like what happened to you at Rumor Mill,Seely, remember? ------ I go:hey mark piet 12:03am Thu Jun 5 '03 comment#324441 I am reading the latest from jose arguelles a man who agrees with you that numbers and timing are/is important. Since you are so up on them too I permit myself to quiz you a little if you don't mind; the importance of vigecimal counts (as in most american cultures, including traces in french and native europe I was just told (unverified) leads Arguelles to take 19 very seriously and . . .. suprisingly enough, so did an egyptian named Khalifa (martyred 1990 according to Arguelles 'for saying the Koran is the only thing that matters for muslims', go figure??????) who found 19 to play a dominant role (seems as arbitrary as that stupid bible code hullabaloo was too, so much was written about that yet to me at least, didn't escape jugglery orbit, much less became attraction centering) -------It pleases me to speak about 19 Mark Seely 12:48am Thu Jun 5 '03 comment#324449 The earth, moon, and sun return to the same relative positions every 19 years. That is, at time "A" and at time "A plus 19 tropical years," the earth's orbital position relative to the sun, the moon's orbital position relative to the earth, and the moon's phase (shadow) will all be almost precisely the same. You can prove it yourself, with the following numbers: earth tropical year: 365.24219 days ------ moon sidereal orbit: 27.32166053 days ------- moon phase period: 29.5305889 days  -----The proof is that the number of moon orbits and the number of moon phases in a 19 year period are both whole numbers (fraction is very nearly zero). And of course the number of years in a 19 year period is a whole number: 19. Some say that the number 19 is encoded into the Koran in many ways. Islam is a moon worshipping religion, which would explain this. Other moon worshipping religions are Judaism (both the Torah and Talmud varieties) and freemasonry. ---------------- hey ma(la)rkey, don't forget the chinks - postpillory-pleachrep airpiet - they count on the moon too I have for years carried one of their divination books with me to quickly tell which of the year and day animals were associated with such and such a birthday (just to speed up the 'gottoknowyou' process you know); i found it applies interracially in principle though the raakvlakken (close emotional packing may or may not be aided by their rhetoric (I mentioned disliking the Arguelles prosetry didn't I). he endorses this (out of hundreds of) 'dreamspell' sites:  ---- that's in 9 languages by the way and leads here (among other places):
A WORD FROM MY SPONSORS: corestore clearance; pleaching repair for sighting guide pillars in stock now (secretly trained in evian and now dispersing in to all corners of this mysterious world) ------- TwentyTablets/Finals/ 041Book_Front.jpg(nice rainbow, caution, very rigorous, one of many)---------- (on water morphology under the influence of 'mere' emotion by a japanese man called Emoto)------ ------ --- -- --- --- -------khalifa criticism: code_19_deceit.htm - How would you reply to Rashad Khalifa's number 19 theory, where he removed 2 Noble Verses from the Noble Quran because their references were not multiples of the number 19? -- this obviously contradicts Khalifa's claim (which I mentioned) -- further reading: ------------- Argh by Seeker  Why does everybody have to take it out on Mark Seely? His posting may be out of the mainstream news, but isn't that what IMC is about? News that corporate media fails to see - news that we, watchers of corporate media fails to recognise as truths. Not that it have to mean something all this numerology, but this society is run on the mathematical model of numerology - so do your own math. Numbers control you - your money, your vote, your town, your country, your army budget, your deathtoll and so on. Mathematics control society, so why not at least try to listen to the numerologists. They may be wrong, but that's just because the rest of us is wrong. ------------------- na na na na na nainteen, all those who . . by piet  - - 24k  no mention of the moon in a relevant way; just tying it to ivan panin's superficial observation --------- Rashad Khalifa-Purifier or Pretender? ... Dr Rashad Khalifa’s discovery of the number 19 pattern in the Quran was a momentous step for Muslims all over the world. However ... -------- you want real crazy? try somebody please explain????? -  /khalifa.html- miracle/--- This site links to peter is a prime number buff and touts a book about gas made from sand - sueddeutsche zeitung makes it into a headline 'future built on sand' and he is published in the rag run by the cook and crook crowd who, as usual, offer the brilliants refuge in their midst) but not to Arguelles who seems to be in an entirely different class / dimension / whirled / etc. -------- (in 6 languages) had nearly 40.000 hits in 2 years, has a disfunctional 'rainbow' link which sorta works from (a turk, the maker or who first of all apologizes for not adding colour yet but he does offer a pile of zeros including10 to the 120th power and in the guest article category a list of american military interventions plus an interview of Stuart Kaufmann by Ken Howard 'forget in vitro, now it's 'in silico')----- Khalifa seems to have been deemed a heretic by the black Muslim faction Al-fuqra and killed in his native tucson (according to a counter-terrorism resource - the only one on this murder I could find) ---- the folks don't like the man either ----- seems to be by his 'clan' too; it uses arabic alphabet and puts a pretty unveiled female face on it's front page. it links to (offers 16 languages) - see perhaps miracle/bible_code.html (contrasted with quran code which dates from 1974) -- Khalifa's translation of the Quran is available from amazon - at the end of the most frustrating thursday (due to the curiously unsuccesful attempt to reproduce search results (324163 up) of the previous evening ((probably due to a switch in algorythm or a tweak in response to RW's bait and my bite or)) perhaps it was just my sloppy memory plus of course the fact I still work on 'clean'(ed) machines which usually jives quite well with my conception of generic impersonal improprietable socialinfrastrat and clean slate solutions) I run into a palestinian novel at my staple 'last stop for books' 1 euro each store by Khalifa ??

from june2

next two thirds of this file presents more
OO::} Arguelles material {::OO
input - store - process - output - matrix a rainbow bro into communities, music, art and such.  A great introduction to Jose Arguelles (and a better reminder of the days he was, in my opinion, one of the greatest painters, than he evinces himself during the last few decades) and a very easy one for those who like mine to such matters -----------------
= colorstar - 325647 WMD - I go (after Seeley and RW): site found hides WMReduction a little too well; definitely defeats own purposes since hi exposure and fractanimation of hidden time (another way to express the weathering of rock ((oxide reduction)) into fertile soil) is written in, throughout and all over it ----- I give you visions (more consciously) since I (found out I)am an 'electric eagle' (in dreamspellspeak) ---- mainpage check out this jaydreaming bro's dreamspell pages (3 and 4 didn't work yesterday but they do now; I stuck all this in his guest book)

Jay's posthumously added pic gives the account of 325647 some flourish, it serves as the link to the mainpage, so does the one you just passed. -- it is here by the way, I find (the only search page I know with a black background!!!!!!) through which I find a few new places that list me: -- (conspiracy) --- ---- xxxx ---- the log that 'menus' me (unique in that respect too, links to who does 'plurps' while he lets his readers 'blab' - this blogger is my neighbour in mentioned menu. ------ Back to jaydreaming: I like to present a sample of his to me appealing playfulness with the arguelles schematology:

Time Unit
# of Days
Harmonic Run

1 Tzolkin
4 Galactic Seasons
5 Castles
13 Harmonic Runs
20 Wavespells
52 Chromatics
65 Harmonics


I am liking Arguelles work better (than last time I tried to struggle through it some years ago) and can see more rigour in his cryptic poetry now; the jpg/pdf posters at (tools) are helpful and I am reading his latest book which nevertheless does make an ambiguous impression on me in points of his humble pose vs sympathy or at least understanding for terrorists  (I lean to even believe that his calling them aspects of the inevitable practically evokes them)  --- his continued ignorance about vitalizing vs deadly timing worries me even more. I mean, how can you possibly believe such a hare brained assertion that biospheric (living) mass before the technosphere ed it up, was and remained constant if you have any incling about the eb and flow of climates influenced by mineral spectra (Hamaker), suncycles, etc? I compare rigid/wrong time to rock outcrops where once stood forests and take it from there but these concepts fail to get throught to our recluse world shaker though god knows I tried (including handing him a scrap of paper personally when he was in a now flattened squat in A'dam some years ago). ---- found via jay's webrings

// I would say this about Arguelles: one must gobble quite a bit of bland prose before the tidbits that make more pithy sense add up enough; don't be too discouraged with the dryness of it or it being too repetitive and allow for plenty of professional bias and you'll be fine. This count is as tight as they get and if 911 was any warning to the world, Arguelles' lining it up with event of '45 and '73 (inauguration of the technospere's crown: WTC) and the cracking end of the whip a little further down the line might merit taking seriously (even if he ties the 19 muslim hi-jackers to a very short but according to him pivotal Quran text). ---------- other really fine sites are (extremely bright hippy art) --- // (imc-like links here) ---------- ---------- (the dreamspell based community)

= 28meditations - Things I'll soon look at more closely all at /ur/19=260.pdf (islam related) ------------
/college/galacticculture/index.html master plan new time economics -13 chapters, 4.html (kin credits vs money) ------------ archives/festival/rainbow1.html ---------- foundation/altai/index.html (bioregionalism; lots in spanish) ------------ science/dna/1.html through 9 short pages; the last one is ART!!!!! ---- and so are these: bios2.htm  (through 5 real fast loadin')-------- tablets/tablets_index.html (probably the richest single source or rigorous art; 20 large posters in jpg or pdf) ------------- archives/library/index.html (where the glyphgif comes from) ------------ college/7777/7777.pdf (another rather lavish source of artful bepuzzlement disguised as a boardgame)

I find out my birthdayglyph is the same as the harmonic convergence one (16 aug '87) and hiroshima day (aug 6 '45)

uh oh, I just find out my CC-content.htm (content tables for 2.5 Mb mostly .txt files on conscious currencies) had the l added to the htm automatically when I made that file some weeks ago (not the first time I discover this sorta thing late, even more embarrasing nobody warned me. One finds these 'notify me' calls posted to all lonely websites under some illusion of interaction, yesterday's criticisms from an expatriate dutchperson, RW and Csfinfoslop was an absolute record of feedback for me, this state of affairs strenghtens me in my resolve to kick this addiction hard enough soon); I posted it as an indy item in html format so who ever went to the files it points at (on constitutions by Zube and employment by Beckerath) would have gone ok but not from my record of it in this series (1 or 2 or even 3 issues back?) (permaculture) ------- (permaculture) ------- (dutch effort)

the 500 : 1 ratio in dollar earnings of treefeller/sellers vs the folk living under their dying product I mentioned last issue concerns the amowaka and ashinka

325679 The Left's hypocritical support of the Palestinians             ------ Rowan Berkeley: The article linked to here is by Amiel Ungar, a contributing editor of The Jerusalem Report, who teaches political science at Judea and Samaria College in Ariel (actually, at Bar-Ilan University's extension in Ariel.)  In 1995, he wrote:-  "We are one" has been the traditional slogan of Jewish fund-raising campaigns. Those who patently discriminate against the 150,000 Jews over the Green Line effectively undermine the credibility of their own message."  --- It's 250,000 now.

325647+7 - here's the last 5: shut up about "WMD" this and that Mark Seely 11:30pm Tue Jun 10 '03  comment#325652  What a bunch of manufactured crap that all is. -------------------- Seely, welcome to the Real World  Rowan Berkeley 12:10am Wed Jun 11 '03 comment#325659 How refreshing to see you turn your attention to something other than Freemasonry, the Twin Towers. Human Sacrifice, the number 666, the Rothschilds, and the Cycles of the Moon. If you want to make your criticism even more trenchant, you should indicate whether it is the claims that Iraq has or had WMDs, or the protests that these claims are bogus, that you regard as "manufactured crap".  ------------------ hey mark  kyix 4:43am Wed Jun 11 '03  comment#325699 I have a job for you  Predict something BEFORE it happens... then maybe people would listen to you.  Pulling numbers out of your ass in hindsight doesn't mean anything. Lets pretend a 19 year old rolls a dice. He guesses it will come up 5. It comes up 6. Well hot damn, obviously it was going to come up 6 because pi*6 is 18.8 or  ~19! What a dumb kid! These type of arguments get old very fast. ---------- 19? prediction? I'll give you 19 prediction -- warning hi-jackasses prayabraying and higher harmonics of math ahead; you may not choose; they are inextricable, hopelessly so; don't let the linear moments, pinpoints, impacts and punctuation, no matter how razorsharp, nor the mandalic overview, inclusive serenity and detachment fool you otherwise and away from the principles, often so poorly embodied, should you succeed, you'll find you have found and followed the wizard halfway already. I do believe there's a choice between him and me (-- since he never takes time in the sense of rocklike, iow, very ing flexible if you treat it right, and in contrast to his touted but flouted professed but betrayed humility ((what with all his UN ((where the highly protected make a spectacle of 'mselves)) soliciting etc)) I CAN HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TRY THIS AT HOME AND NOWHERE BUT AT HOME --) . . ., but then again I find myself implicated. I attended the 'harmonic convergence' (made the wall street journal front page) at glastonbury (and was awfully preoccupied with food at the time and sick from it) the day sig of which is the same as that of hiroshima day and me own birthday for cryz ache. Other days sharing this signature somehow (partial, since real repeats occur every 52 rather than the chinese 60 year cycle) are the inauguration and the collapsing of the WTC which brings us back where we started .. . .. ---------- all those who remember the war .. . .na na na nananan nnan nana na nineteen (average age of all those who died in vietnam) .. . .rite let's go threaten some war mongers:  .. . . .. but first a warning: this is probably not the simplest to start with and you're missing the best part, the beautiful posters / schemes / schematics / diagrams, the perfect combo between wildly sensual and yet rigorously anal art ------------- -  it just ceased my poor 'technosfiersomely' 'diabolicachine' up I am afraid, thadda be due to size: 29.425Kb (geez for folks condemning the technosphere's combustion of biosphere and looking to replace it with telepathic noosphere, these guys aren't exactly spary with the bites but real art has always bin a big gun sorta thin I guess; on that score I found these: /tablets/tablets_index.htm  the prettiest set ((20)) so far); I managed to save a copy as flat txt which don't amount to more than 290K (22 instead of 90 printed pages; how's that for a bit of numerological harmonics???) of which the first part here:To write a book about the Holy Quran, a mathematical exegesis, no less, is nothing I ever dreamed that I would do. But then, as I have discovered, it is not we who do, but God Who does. From my many years of study and practice of Tibetan (Vajrayana) Buddhism, I had learned that the ego is indeed an illusion, the most pernicious of all illusions. Despite this truth, I saw how the Tibetans divided themselves into schools which engaged in sectarian strife, and that through its long history, how the whole of Buddhism gradually divided itself into many different schools and sects. I also witnessed that despite the fact that many lay Buddhists took the Bodhisattva vow to help lead all beings into ultimate supreme enlightenment, that rather than go out into the vast world of untamed beings, for the most part, these people remained in their own little communities, shoring themselves up with the language peculiar to their sect or tradition. This is human nature, of course, but why must it be so? Having completed more than fifteen years of formal Buddhist study and practice, and surveying the panorama of human history, I had become increasingly aware of the existence of Islam, of the profound role Muhammad played in the shaping of human history, and of the ineffable and mysterious text known as the Holy Quran. At first glance it seemed that Buddhism and Islam have nothing in common. Yet I knew that both religions proclaimed a vision of Unity, all is One, the One Mind, the Unity of God. As a historian, I was also aware that while Buddha appeared at one end of the historical spectrum, Muhammad appeared at the other. As such, it would also appear that Muhammad’s global role was to be the reformer par excellence, and the means of reform, the text that was given him by God to reveal to the world, the Holy Quran. To the modern Westerner, the Quran is a formidable text, something difficult to perceive with an unbiased lens. It is difficult for many secularized people, for instance, to accept that the Quran is the Word of God, unaltered and unalterable, as the Muslims claim it to be. And yet, the Quran insists itself upon the Western imagination. Even at this point of saturated materialism, the cover story of the January, 1999, issue of the mainstream American magazine, The Atlantic Monthly is entitled, “What is the Koran?” And there we read a stunning statement, “The Koran, after all, is currently the world’s most ideologically influential text.” (p.44). The author of this article, Toby Lester (who is not a Quranic scholar, but a journalist), probes many facets of the contemporary “effort to reinterpret the Koran,” which he asserts, though “thus far confined to scholarly argument, could lead to major social change.” (Ibid.) To his credit, Toby Lester advocates the introduction of the study of the Quran into the American education system. Of course at the crux of the effort to reinterpret the Quran is its legitimacy as the absolute Word of God. If the Quran is truly the unaltered Word of God as committed to text and wholly compiled and arranged by Muhammad, then the implications are absolutely staggering. The Quran would then be the “final testament of God,” delivered to an erring humanity, the basis of an unprecedented global spiritual reform and renaissance. Why then has the Quran been confined solely to the historical form of Islam? --------------- to complete my comment piet 1:44pm Wed Jun 11 '03  comment#325829 I realize this strays from the yellowtimes thing a little much but since I broached some twistily tangential subject matter I might as well round it out and bring it into balancing action some (more): --- I tried to post this last link at 325711a seeley number (I kid you not) but it didn't stick I guess for some reason - I said something like: if you would like to flex your brain away from your hobby horse lest it tire and tucker out on you, lemme recommend etc ------ oaah, hang on, I found it (retrieved it rather), at another seeley thing /hidden.php -- 235827 good graphics by Seeley mangled in between 'm I go: I''m not to worried you'll run out of 'stof' piet 1:49pm Wed Jun 11 '03 comment#325830 but should you like to flex your brain away from riding that old hobby horse of yours lest it gets too tired on you, go here - last link - (and check out 325647 again if you please) . .. . gumpurz what happed to bobbyboy by the way; guess I'm off to ithaca for a spellspill ------ didn't find any trace of bobby there by the way ----------- post script: I am about half way through Arguelles on the Quran thing and don't know what to think of it; he may identify with a long gone maya king with impunity since there ain't hardly any maya left but if he claims to perfect, embed conclude, carry on and close cycles that got started by people who were assasinated cause of their supposed blasphemism he enters more dangerous waters, not to mention the fact that americans just about hate muslim guts and/or with gusto; your average US citizen is not waiting to hear someone say that Islam will conquer America ---- One more postscript about the numerics link: took some trouble to retrieve it since it must have moved recently from the gatech server; Jochen Katz has a german email adress now; stations along the way: (theomatics) -- -- --- (a WiKi site of the humanities) -----
326028+1 (same as -030+0)  inspirational communitarianism vs inflammatory fascism piet 7:55am Thu Jun 12 '03 (Modified on 11:42am Thu Jun 12 '03)   typical example of a thousands of years old trend (some say about to end) -- there is definitely a choice there - I quote from an eulogy for steven brick by Arguelles) I just read: The New York Stock Market was in and out of a record high of 10.000 points the day that Star Sparks' blood gathered in a pool on a prison floor
/Portal_Messenger/sparks.html(first relevant hit searching with Arg. and Kha. I come in third already - wish I went that well in other searches, 'common sense' say  .. . .sigh)Dreamspell College Founder and Spokeperson for Native American Wisdom Commits Suicide in Roanoke City jail (where he was (put by the FBI - also see further down) for (psychedelic) drug charge bail jumping; link includes links to the last paintings and poems he made before his death by razor in 15 march 99) -- the roanoke (local) paper: His friends and family are united in their criticism of the system that put a peace-loving man behind bars. "Steven is being lionized all over the world," said his father, a military veteran, former school teacher and businessman, "because his death is like a symbol of the unfairness of our civilization, the unfairness of our judicial system." Said Lowe, "Yes, he violated the law. I just think we need more religious liberty for someone like Starsparks.Arguelles: He left behind two children, Zack, who is fifteen years old, and India who is 22. And I feel a responsibility to these children, especially to Zack who is still in the late formative stage of his childhood. But let us not obscure the message that Star Sparks communicated to us through his death: Get it together people! Unify the only way you can: In time, through time, as time. ------- yeah rite. You should add: " . .. but don't count on me no more, wizard or otherwise" ----- this is what happens when folks are taught to take death personally (and/or too impersonally as the case may be) instead of impersonating the inversion of it on stuff already/still dead:
ROCK - Steven Brick AKA Star Sparks
 this giant bear of a rainbowbro
could have done my timeless movement for improvement through timely moves a hellwholing lot of good barehandedly -- too narrow views regarding death will stop people from dealing with the thus ever more opppressingly ubiquitous death at hand, bare rock and deserts, in ways that further goals they themselves are claiming to want to further!!!! click the last link on that tablet page link I provided(7 page ups at present window size) ------ Final remark: -- for those who would like to track back along my personal tack up to this point I suggest googling with dan winter ( and stan tenen ( no updates since 2000???? selling lots of stuff meanwhile though, including mugs, etc.) - Bottom line: this is a perfect illustration of how Arguelles is leading what I have liked to think of as my family, astray -- it's only good to be sharp if your aim is rite --- anyhow, I have yet to read the rest of his eulogy and maybe I'll add to this tomorrow; for now, I am in shock, specially since the has nothing, zip on steven/star, nor on ( community (assuming that's the one he founded) and their site is out right now - here is a news one: /foundation/GnomicileCommunityUpdate.cfm  - I'll say this already though: Arguelles associative powers are so seemingly limitless that he'll find justification for anything he cares to impart, and whatzat? Well, mumbo jumbo (of the admittedly most intriguing sort .. .but if it weren't for the divine art to go along with it I for one wouldn't grant it all a second glance) about a martyrdom oracle (besides the visitation and birth ones) and 'the 'power of death' in 'Mars lines' and all that ancient brick wall stuff --- oooooohoooo scare myself with my own associations now --- Arguelles on the upside is of course our prototypical DNA reader - there really is no better way to tackle the stagnant parts of our mind for some housecleaning the way he goes about it and folk like Kamagurka maybe, he is a belgian who draws cartoons (full of sex and gore, some of which end up in the spectator an english conservative weekly believe it or not and lots of other places), paints (I love his taste in colourcomb(in)ing too) and performs (sample: he sits on stage ing a fastened to a bumbag worn in front; the conductor comes by and ask for his trainticket; after some hemming and hawing during which the stroking doesn't let up he asks 'do you realize who I am?' -- 'no' says the conductor, 'who might you be?' -- 'I am the traindriver' ---- 'oh' replies the c, 'and here comes a tunnel' --- stage lights go out and when they flip on again the conductor is covered in a bucket worth of dripping come). Cartoon description: cowboy henk is on the waves in a rowboat nothing in sight except a leaf or two in the air, 'autumn' says Henk, and in the next frame throws up a bucket full of the stuff; 'somebody 's got to do it' he says.  ----  = WK.jpg - back to Jose's eulogy: therein an account of a dream with a wall and 'The Wall' on the radio that fateful day --- since that day in 99 when 23% of folks in prison are there for non-violent drugs charges more people rot there than run farms in the land of hopes and dreams; the only people with the leisure to be fully dedicated to the latter are of course, jail inmates. - the gif comes up every time I post at the dutch right wing forum by the way. ---- oehwh, this gets ugly here, the FBI did what it did to confiscate the dreamspell land - a pre-emptive strike at a nevertheless (but more dispersedly I am sure) growing brainthrust that I am despite my suspicions proud to know. --------------- woowie, the dutch weekly on xtc biz (english)  piet 11:42am Thu Jun 12 '03 comment#326069 harrowing tale of a common nondrugusing truckdriver who got taken to jail by the english secret police; their dutch equivalent had set the whole deal up (to catch bigger fish) and bought off the (double)dealer with a couple of million (for his silence, within view of their offices) while keeping mouse quiet to their english colleagues AND the dealer's 'messenger' . and not helping the poor driver at all.!!!!! (talk about betrayal of 'kin') FOR WHAT???? Looking bad? ---  all drug trade is and looks bad; the waaayy too highly refined substances are always accompanied by explosives and guns. ---- The truck driver is now out to tell his tale of deceptions, confusions and misreadings. -- He discovered a suicide (who's blood seeped under his do after using the same methods as steven for not being able to face a sentence while innocent; his young nephew, an ira man had hidden semtex at his home unbeknownst to him. --  Well, that's the story within this already too short fleeting story and don't sound too realistic upon recounting but there you have and I go back to it (Vrij Nederland - hasn't a site) -- in other weekly news (from Soros is a but his open publishing site maybe ok; to be sure go for the other one: = public library of sciences (they got a 9 miljun injection in 2002

326472+12 Seely - last comments taking it from the 10th mark knows it all; so nobody touch anything piet 5:01am Sat Jun 14 '03 comment#326494 gosh mark don't become too human, stay mathemathically incorrect man - you run out of fuel or something? ---xx--- if you have go to rob grace's place where numeracy and dynamic geometry are the thing - his latest is on the ancient anu (easily reproduced by giving water in a bottle the right twist but I'm not sure he woul mention something simpletonic like that. I just went looking to see if I could find a pic of the evergreen college stairwell to cheer up Rachel's graduation, that would be fitting and so would figuring her into one of the painter thereof's martyrdom spreads to see if she can't hold her own with him and his conjurement f pacal votan mohammed aron and abraham time-line-crossings -- put the waste and ass in as required (by Zappa song) those big numbers gettin you down too much? ---- 666 = same as negative sinus of pi twice (x2) by the way. How's that for proof we live on a penitentiary planet where we all perform our time to brick walls of habit and backslides you bet your ass you should be grateful for a humane response. --------------- whoops (what else is new) (english) piet 9:59am Sat Jun 14 '03 comment#326529 /MetPhys/comindex.htmlthis is one entry to Robert's site, not as pretty as the one I stumbled upon earlier listing his massive amount of list contributions (where the anu thing was at the top rather than the bottom but hey that's only apprope in this case haha)

more Seely and Rowan Berkeley too, in june2

326621Seeley with fun comments: Get the Gun  The Voice in Mark Seely's Head 9:08pm Sat Jun 14 '03 comment#326623 They laugh at you behind your back. -------------- Don't let them get away with it. It's time for you to go  Mark Seely  . ---------------- Whoa!  Whoa! 10:09pm Sat Jun 14 '03 comment#326628 Whoa! This is going to sounds strange but I think my butthole is apart of the conspiracy. Just go with me here for a second, consider the ramifications from a numerological perspective- there are exactly twenty two anal hairs surrounding my butthole, eleven on each side. Don't you see the 11:11 split (no ass pun intended) of the masonic religion to the moon god! You know what this means Mark don't you? My butthole is the gateway to the moon god's realm like at the end of 2001. My butthole is the 666th reel of the film!!! Do you know the implications of all this! Well judging from the gas I've had all night, I'd say The Pope, and Bush are playing poker with the moon god snickering over the damned souls of their human sacrifices so I wouldnt go into the bathroom after I get out unless you've brought holy water and lit a match- smells like the apocalypse in there when all the alien jews and nonwhites will gasp there last choking on the stench of my farts. O to be cursed with 22 ass hairs! Almost as bad as wasting space on indymedia with inane irrationalist racist conspiracy theories rather then contributing something insightful and- oh shit, wait, hold on I gotta take a double pillar size dump! While I use the can hows about taking the meds like the nice men in white recomended you, huh? -----------------  I know that you are a devil Mark Seely  And I know that it's time for you to go. ----------------- A New Solution To The Seely Syndrome (english) Rowan Berkeley Owing to my peculiar area of research (the politics of religion and the religion of politics, sort of), I run into a lot of really nutty conspiracy theories. What I propose doing is in future, each time I see one of these Seely things, appending a completely ludicrous conspiracy construct by an obvious lunatic. So that he can see how far he has to go before he becomes funny. For starters, an old favorite of mine: "Bar coding, cable and satellite communications, computer networking, international monetary control, and endless other innovations of our times have put almost complete control at the disposal of the future head of the Dajjal system. Scientists still try to master the art of thought reading and mind control, but even without those techniques the word freedom has a more and more hollow sound. The fiction of Orwell's 1984 has long since been outdone by the facts. Soon this new Messiah will draw people around the globe into a mass hypnosis for his latest fashion new age cult." ------------------- sounds pretty accurate Mark Seely He's talking about your people, Rowan. ---------------- But, Mark, I'm Not Jewish  Rowan Berkeley "Dajjal, ad- (Arabic: 'The Deceiver'), in Islamic es ology, the Antichrist who will come forth before the end of time; after a reign of 40 days or 40 years, he will be destroyed by Christ or the mahdi ('rightly guided one') or both, and the world will submit to God. Ad-Dajjal first appears in pseudo apocalyptic Christian literature and is reworked in hadith (sayings) ascribed to the Prophet Muhammad. There he is described as a plump, one-eyed man with a ruddy face and curling hair and the Arabic letters k-f-r ('unbelief') on his forehead. Ad-Dajjal will appear during a period of great tribulation; he will be followed by the Jews and will claim to be God in Jerusalem. He will work false miracles, and most people will be deceived. At this moment will occur the Second Coming of Christ." Â(c) 2003 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. ---------------- Rowan the Kike The revealer 12:08am Sun Jun 15 '03 comment#326648 You say you are not a Jew - then explain this you animal - no such page  piet 2:49am Sun Jun 15 '03 comment#326668 and to assume false identity to attribute one to another is less than useless ---------- now about that djallah or whatever: he is mentioned on a pro military/masonry page with the following section (not the bottom line):Theses on the Histories of Western Religions ====1. The narratives of the supposed origins of the Jewish people (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua) are basically fictitious but are the natural product of centuries of mythopoea. They were probably codified by the Priest Ezra. The kingdom of Solomon was never large enough to be noticed by adjacent empires..... =====2. Jesus would appear to have been a fairly typical radical of the Pharisaic school. His attacks on the Sadducees (associated with the Temple priesthood and the royal house of the Edomite Herod which collaborated with the Roman occupiers) have been edited to give the impression that they are attacks on the Pharisaic school (which was critical of the Sadducee establishment and had its roots among the common people in the nascent synagogue movement, somewhat analogous to today's Christian "house churches"). ======3. John "The Baptist", on the other hand, would have been equally contemptuous of both Pharisees and Sadducees since he was representative of the Essene sectarians, who rejected the entire actually existing Jewish State and predicted its destruction by the Romans well before it happened. ======4. Paul may not have been of Jewish origin but may have been a recent and dissatisfied convert to Judaism. His story of having studied with the prestigious Pharisaic teacher Gamaliel is uncorroborated and unconvincing, and his knowledge of Judaism is extremely skimpy. However, his knowledge of Hellenistic paganism is extensive, and the cult of Jesus as sacrificial demigod which he created is closely based on the existing beliefs, in particular, of the Roman legionaries (Mithras, Sol Invictus, and not impossibly Odin, since the legionaries were recruited from Northern Europe also) =========5. Muhammed, schooled by surviving proto-Christian sectaries who rejected Paul's teaching and saw Jesus as the last Jewish prophet before the catastrophe, correctly rejected the divinisation of Jesus but erroneously bought into the Gospel version of Jesus' death, which was designed to whitewash the Romans and fix all blame on "The Jews".========6. Judaism (i.e. the Jewish religion since the destruction of Jerusalem and the beginning of the second exile) has built on the synagogue movement to become what it could not have been in Jesus's time, i.e. a cult of extravagant ritual observances without any purpose or meaning than to distinguish the Jewish ethnic stock from all surrounding peoples and to maintain in employment a hereditary caste of rabbinical casuists with fantasies of millenial world domination. ========7. The modern critique of Christianity, up to and including Nietzsche and even the theoreticians of Nazism, has repeated Muhammed's mistake at the level of theory, by implicitly or explicitly assuming that Jesus conducted a global critique of Jewish religion in all its forms and was killed by "The Jews" for doing so. .. from Rowan Berkeley's page with his permission --------------  what happed THAT page pray tell Rowan? ps: don't expect an answer since I asked before. ----------------  guess what? whoopsie once more  piet 2:57am Sun Jun 15 '03 comment#326670 iow spoke to soon, 2 hits further down, the 20th with the exact phrase search shows this: Name: Rowan Berkeley E-mail address: Homepage URL: Comments: Even such hard boiled characters (in the nicest possible way) as the late Grady McMurty,aka Kymenaeus I Caliph O.T.O., have maintained that simply TOUCHING well crafted Enochian telesmata will unleash unimaginable thingys. However, I have to report that in the 1980s I copied the entire "Book of Enoch" MS in the British Library and used the squares for an Austin Osman Spare type operation. (Need I elaborate?) And I'm still here! Woo hoo! Saturday, March 1st 2003 - 01:17:43 AM ------------so, they're all into Eknock I guess - can't knock what you don't know you know see yazzzzz ----------------  from the same guest book  piet giddyup mark; give'm hell and get out of hair for a while ---------------  nuggin crunching game  piet  cards/boards/grids you can count on; they want to replace money counting with it - naive perhaps but at least they keep it short and concern themselves with permaculture/bioregional identity = getting natives their say over and ownership of own back yard back. They like to make it official that the economic is not only personal but political (and if you ask me even religious, being the most out of date aspect of the haloing/hollowing 'device' ((deviezen = monies, correlating nicely with demograviezen = big family promotion, a slave trade trait)) but got started as receipt/token/voucher given in exchange for mass society founding crops grown and hauled to the store/temple admin (hey josef; how's it piling?), which the pretty girls there, taken out of their element to make place for crop space (iow deprived and luring into deprivation = work to come up with the price for their own abducted pretty mainstay pivots), would take along with a generous wallop of sticky spoutspittle. -------------Today: June 15, 2003 Crystal Moon Day 17 Harmonic 29 : Crystal Output Express Intelligence of Cooperation Kin 113 : Red Solar Skywalker I Pulse in order to Explore Realizing Wakefullness I seal the Output of Space With the Solar tone of Intention I am guided by the power of Universal Water I am a galactic activation portal enter me. ---------- W h a t ' s N e w ?\ Its here! The booklet of 7:7::7:7 Practical Time Magick! The downloadable manual is available now. If you have the 7:7::7:7 boxed kit you can use this manual with the cards provided. however, all's not well with this ambitious lot either Recognition of José Argüelles as Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle. The indigenous elders representing the ancient tradition of Mexico recognized José Argüelles as Valum Votan, the closer of the cycle in a ceremony at Teotihuacan, Mexico. quetzal/harmonicconvergence.html page not found ------------  I read in a little criticism on his stuff that he is forbidden to use the name maya by the maya so this can have something to do with that (the not found page; for now this remains in the bulging doubtful benefit deep artment). ---------------  about that evil, turn it inside out and you will live I just happened to reply to a terrasoluna member while you wrote your poppy mummy gimmebore offer, this: wrote: Message: 1 Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 11:55:20 -0500 From: Linda >Doing a bunch of web surfing today and somehow ended up here, a site about >Gothic Paganism: >  piet: ain't been there yet An interesting site, and I can strongly identify with much of what it says. Except, I think they are making wrong assumptions, especially referring to "modern" Neo-Pagans as:  "Their `rainbow' approach to life carries over, creating a pagan path that focuses on the summer side of the year and the light side of the Wheel." and differentiates Gothic Paganism as: (complete quote -- all words in parenthesis theirs) "Gothic Paganism holds different set of archetypes.. an acceptance and celebration of the darker aspects of human existence and the universe in general. (It) embraces the darkness as a normal and natural balance to the light.. a celebration of the full Wheel, rather than (just) the growth/creation cycle and "tolerance" or grudging "acceptance" of the decay/destruction parts of things. >Darkness is The Shadow within. Dark implies hidden, ancient; possibly terrifying and cruel. It doesn't however equate with evil. Darkness and light are complementary. Change, wildness, the unknown; sorrow, anger, and culturally unacceptable emotions; the setting of limits; the responsibility of the individual to speak the truth even if it's uncharitable - these "dark" aspects, the "housecleaning" functions of the magical world, are the focus of Gothic Paganism." To me, this is one of the distinctions between exoteric and esoteric Wicca -- which I often refer to in my posts. ---------------------piet: dark to me is not some realm where passions stir that if unreflected upon and nonfiltered will burst out, any more frightening than volcanos are. most rock is pretty damn inert and that can be evil when a partner applies the stirnot as fillinfleshout to promises for instance but the real rock is most promising and most restrainedly potent; what we do with it is far from cruel when instead of standing under falling specimen we understand 'm, let'm go to our head, then let'm come to a head volcanolike to constitute health wealth and happiness enough to go crazy on/with um .. .. via/as indicated here: on the virtues of dust in/for a green environment vs the humans focused and obsessed mode of 'living' (truely evil shortcircuit, ESPECIALLY WHEN LEFT TO AUTOMATIC, UNREFLECTED INERT DRIVE) which leaves nothing but dust. ---------------- quoting the quota man again: "Do you expect to enter Paradise without being tested like those before you? They were tested with hardship and adversity, and were shaken up, until the messenger and those who believed with him said, 'Where is God's victory?' God's victory is near." Holy Quran, 2:214 ---- "Do the people think that they will be left to say. 'We believe,' without being put to the test? We have tested those before them for God must distinguish those who are truthful and He must expose the liars." Holy Quran, 29:2-3quotes are right under a beautiful graphic on a page about 24 runes captioned: "the psi bank showing the four quadrents (spelled wrong for some valid reason?), eight seasonal memory plates, twenty-four psionic nimboid membranes and twenty-four runes of the elder futhark" ------------------ I suppose this quartered sphere is some sort of "inevitable" (a word he uses in connection to the 19 terrorists a lot) progression (away from the dreamspell octahedron with the 20 tribes which upon seeing, was the first telltale clue to me that something about all this might be true since sacred geometry is an essential part of math and proportion as far as I am ((and my understand of celestial ineluctables is)) concerned) to his whirlwide cryptic daily instructions at a whole new set of cryptic keywords to learn juggling (concepts) with - Is this guy going for the prize awarded the achiever of effects opposite those of a 'mass worderer' or what? A dutch fan of his established ps: of the picture series I posted a specimen of This guy is an anally procrastinative version of Tolkien in a way don't you think?  ---------- >>>WHEW<<<   Rowan Berkeley 7:00am Sun Jun 15 '03  comment#326712The "Theses on the Histories of Western Religions " are indeed by me. As long as you haven't tinkered with them, Piet, you are welcome to quote them. They were on my web page, but I got fed up with the page and junked it. You may have found them on the cached version that Google have. No problem: they express my views well enough.  However, I am VERY glad to confirm that there is no such page as:

326617 Same old shit, different pile! Constipated by govt's. 8:23pm Sat Jun 14 '03 (Modified on 11:19pm Sat Jun 14 '03)  Bizzness as usual in Israel ------------ The Word "Extremist" Invites This Response Rowan Berkeley 11:19pm Sat Jun 14 '03 comment#326638 By adopting this rhetoric of pseudo-centrist status-quo-ism ("it's the extremists, stupid!"), you invite the racist (or more exactly, clerical-fascist) response: "every worshipper of allah is an extremist". Wanting to exterminate all the followers of a religion isn't racist, and it isn't exactly fascism either. "Clerical-fascism" is the closest I can get. Definitions are a real problem. I really object to the Jewish use of the term "anti-Semite" to describe anti-Judaism, since it borrows the biologistic term of a nineteenth-century German journalist to try to imply that all anti-Judaism is biologistic. Which it isn't. Muslims in general base their anti-Judaism on the argument that "the Jews" are not even a nation, let alone a "race", but merely a religious sect, and hence no more deserving of a state than, say, methodists or unitarians. This argument annoys Jews much more than racism proper would.

Jose Arguelles related google hits:
JoyceHoen/mayaind.htm (ook Joyce Hoen)
September 2002, Een verslag van het 'Little Sister house', door Joyce Hoen, Eerst een heerlijke wandeling maken door het, natuurgebied... ... - 19k ----- Ik denk dat het de dikke dame is -- ze vind het kennelijk niet zo gezellig bij lycos want postuurt zichzelf ook hier (op haar 'non-astro' site):

326814 Short seeley item on '50' (which he hates/loves nearly as much as 666 -- didn't jubilee used to come around evry 50 y? Seeley's post comment scores are high to reflect a healthy revolt regarding the triumph of dry abstractions and uselessly divisive generalizations, in short, of symbol over substance ---- his topic nevertheless holds scores and hordes and hordes and scores in thrall (worse than that cause most of 'm do it in a nonprofit fashion and see it as a smart and sensitive hobby); all sorts of (newagey) flavors in (ac)counting goin' round options open to man according to Arguelles:destruction, maya mud pies or mystic/organic revolution ------I sure like his later: input, store, process, output, matrix sequence a lot better --  but now know he took a wrong turn when starting to study the damn shapes/symbols rather than the substance (MUD! = FRESH AND 'LIVE AS TIME WILL EVER GET!!!!!!!! artful redirect
(iow moved to):
the godserver directory (don't know it yet) (new heaven, new earth) (blevinsj@ gonnna ask about Jose's 4 story mural I WAS A TWENTY SOMETHING ADMIRER OF A NEW AGE WEIRDO -- he is still a fringe hinged weirdo hiss self though (over 200 links and his own obsession with timing, all symbolic zip organic is really the bigges out there that I know of; i don't feel exactly priviledged and particularly lucky to however, even though his page making method is oddly familiar. He seems to pay attention to just about every sort of time reckoning imaginable, some samples: to nearly 3000 messages - one of the few yahoo groups that give the message a background tint too yoohoo!!!!) (a mix of Arguelles, Icke, Braden, Drunvalo and others according to him)


Here's the uncorroborated unverified (but perhaps not unreasonable and unjustified) criticism of Arguelles I mentioned in the indy post: Saq' Be': Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies   26 members, 15 posts forum, 15.000 visitors to the site; they do have a good linklist too) has some denouncements by the administrator on the 17th of november - first a look at what all they want to talk about:
Saq' Be' is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed in the United States.  The organization's current focus is working with the highland Maya of Guatemala who's traditional ways are being threatened.  Saq' Be' is working closely with Ajq'ij (Mayan Priest) in Guatemala to develop and implement programs for the Mayan tradition. ------- Teachings from Ancient Traditions Discussion of Ancient traditions shared with the Modern World; including Prophecies, Spirituality and issues of exploitation ------------- Mayan Calendars & Prophecies - Clearing the confusion A discussion of Mayan prophecies as discussed by the Mayan peoples and a demystification of misrepresentations of Mayan knowledge as told by Jose Arguelles, Dreamspell, 13 Moon and others. -------------- Native Lives, Homes, Culture and Traditions under threat!!! A discussion regarding current threats posed to The world's remaining Native populations including Cultural Genocide, Petroleum and Globalization and what we can do about it 2 1 You won't beleive wha... ------------- Decolonization, exploitation, and the path to the recovery of Ancient Traditions in the Modern World Let's discuss the way latent aspect of Colonialism manifest within ourselves; how this forms a barrier to our spiritual growth; and how we can address this to be able to learn from exisiting Indigenous traditions to restore our spiritual interconnect 2 1 Decolonization as part... ------------- The world will not end in 2012 Here are some perhaps little known facts: The Maya were not a race of people. That's right. The term Maya was used to refer to the class of scientists, priests and architects that developed and worked with the sacred knowledge in the region of Central America. When the archaeologists arrived and they asked the people who built this, they said the Maya - so they named the people the Maya. There do exist, however, many different peoples that share the same cosmovision to this day. In Guatemala alone, there are some 23 Indigenous "Mayan" tribes, each with their own language. These people, however, share the same calendar, cosmology and other traits. When the Conquistadors arrived to the Americas, they came with the sole intention of conquering and exploiting the people and resources of the 'new' world. The Catholic Church was brought in as an aid to this process. A Franciscan Friar named Diego deLanda boasted of burning thousands of Mayan Codecies (writings), figures and other objects. When he returned to Spain, the king repremanded him and ordered him to return to Guatemala to record as much of the ancient knowledge as possible. He did so & sent his scribes out to copy glyphs and conduct interviews. Now, lets take a step back and look at this situation from the vantage of the Mayan peoples: These people come and destroy your land, rape the women, steal what you have, force you to convert to Christianity at the edge of a sword - and know they want to know what your people are about and ask you to reveal your sacred knowledge and wisdom. So, often they made up stories and intentionally mislead the invadors. When one scribe asked someone 'which day the calendar begins', he thought he was asked 'what day is today' and replied with Imox. In reality, the Cholq'ij (Tzolkin) calendar begins on the day Bat'z (number 8 to be exact) - always has, alway will. Yet this information was incorporated into deLanda's writings and has become the basis for all research into the Mayan claendars. Yet, guaranteed if you travel to any of the Indigenous villages where the people still follow the ancient ways, you will see the new year being celebrated on the day of 8 Bat'z - guaranteed. And, they are in agreement as to when 8 Bat's occurs - there is not a confusion as to the knowledge their ancestors passed down. Life for the Mayan peoples has been hard - very hard since the conquest. Most recently in Guatemala, a brutal 36 year civil war that took the lives of more than 200,000 mostly Indigenous peoples ended. The elders, the Mayan priests, the keepers of the tradition were particuilarily targeted. The Protestant church arrived and again forced people to choose between conversion and death. Only in 1991 were the people allowed to once again openly practice their traditions. For 500 years the knowledge was kept underground, in remote villages, in caves. But the knowledge and wisdom has been preserved - in its entirety to this day. What has not happened is that the totality of this knowledge has not been shared with the entirety of humanity. Now, the elders have said it is time for some of the Mayan priest to share some of the knowledge with humanity in order to re-direct the course we are to take upon this planet. I tis the elders and the Mayan people that are the real keepers and they are the ones that have the real knowledge and wisdom. Recently, there have been others that have proclaimed themselves to be authorities on the Mayan calendars and Mayan prophecies, most notably Jose Arguelles. His research was done entirely without consulting any of the elders or wisdom keepers of the Mayan tradition. When he finally arrived to Guatemala in the 1990's and met with the elders, he was met with contempt and a warning. The elders had a prophecy that in the late 1980's and early 90's, there would be two people that would turn the world's attention to the Mayan people. The first was Rigoberta Menchu, nobel peace prize winner; Indigenous activist from Guatemala who spoke out on the attrocities being committed against her peoples. the other was Arguelles. When the elders met with Arguelles, they had this understanding. They informed him, however, that what he was proclaiming was not the Mayan knowledge, that he was profiting using the name of the Mayan peoples (thus continuing the cycle of exploitation), and that he can no longer use the Mayan name for his calendars or other work. It was shortly after this that his work was renamed the 'Dreamspell' calendar. A trip to the bookstore, however, reveals many are now using the Mayan name professing to have knowledge or be experts. We can say with certainty that most, if not all of these works are not based on the knowledge or wisdom of the Mayan elders. We must remember that these are the ones that have inherited and maintained this knowledge and wisdom through the most difficult of times - and they have preserved it in tact. Those that profess to 'crack' the Mayan code or offer complicated explanations or invent their own system and label it as Mayan are creating confusion and are not doing justice to either the Mayan peoples or their brothers and sisters in the modern world. This forum is to help us work through some of the confusion that has been created so we can be clear and open in learning about the true knowledge of the Mayan peoples. 17-11-02 15:08:25

Fuck that, let's complete the shortfall:
'members' like me
g(r)o(w) for a died in darkest dead reviving rite

to -- Subject: Solar year and mundane spread (with ordinary card deck) yields diagonal constant also --- I just sent this to to ask an opinion on his in relation to the 7x4x13 thing  -----Subject: regarding your work in relation to that of Jose Arguelles Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 5:33 EST From: pensievepiet To: who's work can be viewed via hi, I am interested in trying to harmonize/find common ground between your system (which i have tested extensively and intensily during years of travelling) on the one hand and the 13:20 grid Jose Arguelles explains everything including hiroshima, the inauguration and downfall of the WTC towers, even the code encrypted in the quran unbeknownst to the receiver Mohammed. his work has generated quite a following some of which I have recently mapped (my first acquaintance dates from Glastonbury during his grand harmonic convergence). All mentioned dates have a signature/stamp ruling my birthglyph (2nd of june 1858, some kind of a blue eagle) curious enough. Here's your change to see what I'm on about (if you haven't caught onto it already . . actually I meant to ask you why you think the diagonal in his grid is so important and constant .. .which 'yours' happens to be also . .. questions questions. .. .) /june2.htm ------  (check halfway down this file for the response).

author/manager of (see top of this file) answers my query:  Robert Lee Camp wrote: Hi Piet, I do not pretend to know anything about the Mayan calendar but I have heard there are many connections between it and the cards. Some of my friends have studied it and shared some of their revelations with me. As for Jose Arguelles, I met him a while back and find that even though he is a genius, he smokes too much marijuana and practices his own version intellectual superiorism. --------------- thanks for responding; my turn again: I have been looking at sections for nearly a week now and couldn't pinpoint the one thing that stands out the most for me but I tend to agree with you in some cases like the last work on the quran; how he can keep on calling the quran the last 'revealed' or 'divinely inspired' text just bycause its weird (totally inconsistent) letter codes and text numbers and/or lenghts add up to some or other correlate from halfway round the world (no matter how perfectly ideal and yinyangy it sounds), is beyond me and I am sure most people. I just posted an excerpt here: Not to mention the fact that the history of the quran is as fraught with . . .well mutation. . as the bible. The ages of those books are enough to obscure the true meanings, witness the use playing cards are put to mostly for another example. Degenerated from a purpose you so elegantly hold up to us (though I would like more explanation as to why and how the sequenced on relates to the jumbled mundane one .. .hint hint). Arguelles work is inconsistent if anything, some would defend it as creative of course and it is rarely boring if you find your level in his oevre (too difficult or easy will be boring to those who haven't of course). I hit upon a curious and quirky explanation yesterday: he puts all sorts of vistas and perspective, scenery and situations inside one big dragon mounting 4 stories (at his school, Evergreen, where I have it seen) and that might have invited the stamp: fantastic unreal. If Arguelles is unable to take this as praise, since he yearns for being rigorous and logical(as one tends to feel the opposite of one's inclination missing), he will try to lend his work the appearance of rigour. Often I think he is brilliant, like in his works called 13 moons in motion and Pacal Votan and the Judgement day but just as often I am irritated and annoyed he can't seem to see rock as lumps in time that need a tweak, a truely, not just acclaimed (hardly anyway) act of humility that restores, prestores and balances, setting organized time in motion, so between a calender and a rock collender (probably spelled wrong but I mean a sieve/strain/spray apparatus) is the thing if you 'd like to handle, hug squeeze and set it runnin' right (that's my site in a nutshell by the way). ------------ How that affects his works I do not know. But I suspect that it does. It certainly makes his material hostile to the casual reader. ----------- I can only confirm that thoroughly. ---------- I checked out your site and am not sure what you are doing. I do appreciate your writing to me and if I can be of any specific help, be sure to let me know. Best regards, Robert ---------------- Criticism -- Mark Seely 5:58am Fri Jun 20 '03 How can you say that the 12:60 standard of timekeeping (12 hours per diurnal half cycle, 60 minutes per hour) is not real, when it does harmonize with the cycle of the moon, in base ten (the number of digits on every vertebrate hand and foot, times two), in the following way, for example:  The period of 1.11 moon orbits is greater than a whole number of six-hour periods by 111 minutes. Both sides of the equation have three 1's.  The same holds for 2.22 moon orbits, which is greater than a whole number of six-hour periods by 222 minutes; 3.33 moon orbits, which is greater than a whole number of six-hour periods by 333 minutes; and similarly for 4.44, 5.55, 6.66, etc., and on up, with some diminishing accuracy.  You act like "12:60" was picked at random, and does not coincide with the moon, but this is obviously not the case.   I have other news for you  Mark Seely 6:14am Fri Jun 20 '03 The years 1992-2000 sucked. And the years since then have sucked even worse. ------- And - Mark Seely 6:29am Fri Jun 20 '03  To hell with hispanics and middle easterners.  everybody in a man made desert  is in hell already and that includes you ------  Arguelles is driving at the on again off again (supposed) irregularity of lunar cycle duration as reflected in the lenghts of the calender months, 13 months of days times weeks plus a day out of time approximates the true cycle more naturally he seems to say if I understand correctly, at first site is is ONE BIG waste of time but/and so is your killcallution   excerpt from a 420K pdf (which I condensed into no format 90K .htm file here: vadercats/PacalVotanJudgementDay.htm

another such file I reformated: /13moonsinmotion.htm 73K from 506K pdf ----------  errrr (english) - rel. theory basics --comment#327905--  sometimes i find this numerology stuff interesting, but...according to the orig. post: 'time is absolute'  ___time is relative to "c"---..just ask Al.   ya i know--YOU IMpertinent INsect!!
327758 planetarian app salute to make one speechless(ly) - with a liddul math rather - Arguelles: "The mathematics of the 0-19 code was implemented by the Maya of the day time New World in all of their calendrics at the same time that Muhammad in the Old World was reciting and compiling the Qur’an. And just as the crescent moon and star of Islam represent the night people of the Old World, the sun, "Kinich Ahau," is the key symbol of the Mayan calendar of the day people of the New World. While the night people of the Old World operated with lunar calendars, the day people of the New World, developed the only genuinely solar calendars." ime/5.cfm ------------------- excerpts from 13 moons in motion According to the planetary service wavespell, each of the thirteen Moons has a function coordinated by the pulsars and the overtone pulsars. These thirteen functions are associated with a Totem Animal (based on traditional Mayan astrology), as follows:
Magnetic Moon One: Purpose -- Bat unifies purpose
Lunar Moon Two: Challenge -- Scorpion polarizes challenge
Electric Moon Three: Service -- Deer activates service
Self-Existing Moon Four: Form -- Owl defines form
Overtone Moon Five: Command -- Peacock empowers command
Rhythmic Moon Six: Equality -- Lizard balances equality
Resonant Moon Seven: Attunement -- Monkey inspires attunement
Galactic Moon Eight: Integrity -- Falcon models integrity
Solar Moon Nine: Intention -- Jaguar realizes intention
Planetary Moon Ten: Manifestation -- Dog perfects manifestation
Spectral Moon Eleven: Liberation - Serpent releases liberation
Crystal Moon Twelve: Cooperation -- Rabbit dedicates cooperation
Cosmic Moon Thirteen: Presence -- Turtle endures presence
............ If all this work was that simple but though he strives for a nonvarying unit of measure, it measures up to the measurable so much better there is no end of complexification. -------
5. The Harmonic Perfection of the 13-Moon Calendar Wavespell The wavespell perfection of the 13-moon calendar is a reflection of the profoundly harmonic order of galactic culture • There are 13, 28-day moons to one solar-lunar year, or 364 days. • There are 28, 13-day wavespells to one solar-lunar year, or 364 kin. • There are 52, 7-day weeks to one solar-lunar year, or 364 days. • Green day [Day-Out-Of-Time], galactic freedom day, (July 25), a day not counted on the 7-day week, is the 365th day. • There are 365 days to one solar-lunar year. • There are 260 kin to one galactic spin • There are 52 years to one galactic-solar cycle, or 18,980 days. • There are 73 galactic spins to one galactic solar cycle, or 18,980 kin. • There are 13 accumulated days every 52 years (now counted as extra days every four years), which creates a galactic jubilee wavespell, like green day, celebrated outside of the calendar every 52 years. Green day is the plus one factor. The plus one factor allows the fourth-dimensional sprocket of time to slip into a new chromatic every 365 days. Through chromatic shifts, g-force (interdimensional ‘fluid’) continues to circulate unimpeded through the 13-moon wavespell body of Earth-in-time. The wavespell body of Earth-in-time is a fourth-dimensional event. By adopting the 13- moon wavespell calendar, humanity also becomes a fourth-dimensional event, a moving wavespell. It is by operating as thirteen moons in motion that the human organism becomes a unified collective being. Acting as a 13-moon wavespell in motion, humanity generates g-force on its behalf. Without g-force, human life entropizes, becomes stale and past-bound. With g-force, life syntropizes, releases into the now, and aggregates telepathically The time to pass from third-dimensional entropic materialism to fourth-dimensional syntropic telepathy is the eight solar-lunar years, AD 1992-2000. 8 solar-lunar years (x 365 days) = 5 synodic Venus cycles (x 584 days) = 100 lunations (x 29.20 days) = 104 moons (x 28 days) = 2920 days = .. ......
Well, this does it, fabulously caseclosing assertions found in Arguelles work (only opened cause I forgot his arcturus fantasy ((alienated me in manusc form via Dan during the eighties)) for convenience): he believes noah was a martian!!!! --- 'his' message boards have over 1200 registrees and this is my entry: promoting the production and dispersion of ground rock as a fertilizer turning us into dispensatory integraduaters of death and its replenishing blessings.


328676 The Code of Creation of Carl Munck - henk 5:30am Wed Jun 25 '03 ------ I go: more meta fewer numb(er)ings -------- more meta fewer numb(er)ings 2  piet 6:14am Wed Jun 25 '03   comment#328688 how's that for a few mouthfilling sentences???????  look ma no 'namebare gnomepurz . .. . .I think this fella is a blast as for the previous moot MetaMorphing idiot savant I studied to some depth (arguelles), he is not to be found among the yahoo groups sacredlandscapelist (taken over by gematrioso as we speak/nevertheless) and the query on comparing him to the mason Olney's followupper R Camp at the timewavezero2012 (messages into the thousands also) hasn't produced/evoked a response (yet).