Jose Arguelles is the most popular of my growing idiot savant collection  (some of which stood at the birth of nations and transnational corpocracies, some actually have voluntary followers and critics like me, most of them suffer countersocial tendencies and still worse, their wallflowery mathematrixmadness often as not legitimates genocide by way of glorifying distractions).

I started the process of extracting bits of sitebitesize sighting from my surfnotes (logguage) in 2005 and updated that in the spring of 2007; the results so far:
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july 2003

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Found some really fresh Arguelles (at least I thought so at first but it looks like it just sorta adds the date when a new you happen to google a new addition to whatnot they index) on this (just mentioned) site too (find more on him in the final block before last of this file): /hier.htm (short file) and /1.htm(a liddul longer ((not date stamped (((sorta curious in itself for folk with such obsession about modernizing the hermeticism of time))) but I've seen it 2 weeks ago)), lists 40 twisted roads purportedly leading to the timewarp) ------------ look at this predictably inevitable squabble - I could have told them that nobody keeps nor needs to keep, account (a, and one same count) the same way:


A search for sacred geometry images got me to renew earlier acquaintances and make new ones best mainstream and accesible page I found this time around A site linking the platonic solids and more complicated less known spikier, socalled stellated versions with many more much narrower (tangleprone )angles (should be a feast for the holistic/abstract numerate numbskull) to kaballah is one of the most popular (second place in fact - this material is already familiar but they have renamed it meanwhile): -- care to compare???? geometry_main.htm ---

next is the physiology of bubbly froth animated and all -- stunning vistas cobbled together by a prof in Richmond Va (am I repeating myself yet when I say he links to Tenen but not to Dan??? If that's the case so be it but he is not the only one and again, this not the first time I notice) Henry lives here too: a GIGANTIC load of art(ists) /sacred_anman1.htm animated mandalas --- created from organic sources /organic.htm -- the colour artistry is grand on these things but I'm missing the cutting edge contrasts as in Arguellesian appsalutisms -- this place is a real gusher though and all for free too!!!!!! -- this man's scope is not only kaleidic but highly integruadual and wiiiiide in the dreamspellian sense - matter of fact I don't see why this guy should not have quite such a large following or why I hadn't ever seen his work before now -- well, that goes to prove that niches are niches cause most folk don't know about 'm. he says: "I entered into the New Age movement at the age of 39 and discovered the best source of information was the "real reality" teachings by Jane Robertson's Seth Material." - this man picks up stones and divines their past; he has a preference for ancient monuments - /picture2.htm in the Hurtakian 'Dove' line - VAST SITE!!! See the second encore further down for a sample by this shamelessly planetarian prole - I wonder why Dan never mentioned this Billy Dayholos before .. . .---- this is basically a David Yarrow like dowser who hasn't involved into spilling a gab on my pet topic just yet . .. .this man is a Druvalo friend and quite as boring with his prose as cute with his pics -- I am starting to feel the 'flower of life is my sorta flour of life's abductor and no help toward the necessary findfoundfoundforall of a proper exstractor (dust from stone is what I mean newbies, you may found refs sprinkled throughout this site as its main theme  ------- they won a 'visionary art' award from funny enough one can see a short doc on the legal hassles put upon Dan Winter (who's site is not listed here (( but sports a 14Mb pfd just so you don't miss any of his most important work) by the maker of this site rank 10th on a search for sacred geometry a list of fringe folks at a popular site (where Dan is conspicuously lacking since some close associates ARE listed)

this site is always good for a perkup and laugh or two: like: merciless pages, I hope they stay up and hard -- so, ellie is clearly not afraid to links that go against her usual 'grain's train' (probably why she makes it to a half a miljon 'succesful' hits a day, those have to be file hits right??? She's got plenny -- I don't like her gold infatuation) ----- 329096 Henk posts a cropcircle and I go: hahaha piet 2:02pm Fri Jun 27 '03  explosion of folk who feel they are really handling time .. .. without even bothering nor understanding this takes the savvy to pick up a rock and treat it right. If something simple like that fails how can we hope to get anywhere with the more complicated matters?????????? --a real hanky shoestring pan key site some sort of vast data base with a predilection for yet another uniquely conjectured figuration of the same old tired 'discipline'/'category' faultline terms; I get to see a picture of emmet fox here (suprise!!!) geometry1.htm mostly candy coloured art for sale not ready yet; a site focusing on some indian gurus like a sai baba who is not the fat afroheaded one tweakable mandalas for sale ('10 days of playing time')

perelandra-ltd.comrevisited thanks to one of the Phil Callahan promotress down under Martin Gray - PLACES OF PEACE AND POWER - The Sacred Site Pilgrimage (aesthetics oriented) Collection of articles about fakes and frauds, intended to help feng shui shed the snake-oil-and-incense image. This place with a humourous edge found via jmichell.htm a classic spearhead in the art of remembering

that's enough art for now .. wait, I'll throw 'snake woman' into the bargain as en encore:

second encore:sample text snippet from where the maker purports to know a thing or two about vortexes and I must say he has the most remarkable picture to date I have ever seen showing a whole swath of territory in a lake region to have seemingly been caught up  in some a really hot sorta swirling device and subsequently cooled and congealed with its print on it (forgotten which file exactly): Long ago the ancient ones knew what we have forgotten. Their trips through out-of-body (OBE) experiences led them to the truth. The figure to the right is a North American native shaman leaving his body via the silver cord that extends from his head. This figure is a pictograph from Annie Island on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada. Robert Bruce's book is a good source for more understanding on the silver cord. When a person has an OBE some see themselves attached consciously to the physical body via an invisible energetic linkage called the silver cord. The physical location is usually consistent with where they perceive themselves to be in the real world. I believe that a lot of the pictographs are road maps into the dimensions.

A revisit: pageone.htm although john boy never answered my query (over a year ago) directly he put up the following indirect answer/addition since then (he added a picture too and bears an uncanny resemblence to a dutch celebrity of the hour, the historian/novelist Geert Mak) - " .. ..  .. and represents a phenomenon that occurs once in over 40,000,000 years*." ----  * mathematical probability analysis of 9 planets - rotating within 360 degrees - allowing an orb of 6 degrees The chart is one of 1.478314266 to the 10th power and occurs once in 40,501,760 years. --------------- The Pi Factor The "Pi Factor" states that the precise difference between the solar day/year and the sidereal day/year is a factor of " Pi " (actually Pi + or - a "factor of pi"). In other words no astronomical measurement is a constant, there will ALWAYS be a variation that is related to Pi and any variation within the variation will also be related to PI. It is Pi which provides the perfect ultimate reconciliation between the solar and sidereal systems. Additionally, Pi, is an infinite progression and any calculation that includes pi will be either excessive (3.1416) or insufficient (3.14159). The "excess" or "insufficiency" is a part of "The Pi Factor" and it invariably creates an inaccuracy. --------------- 

How does the Pi Factor affect our present calendar? Once every four years we add one day (leap year) to our calendar. Four times .2422 days is 0.9688 days which means that we are adding an extra 0.0312 days (notice the Pi approximation) every four years. Now that we are past February 2000 (leap year) and all of the intermediate Gregorian adjustments have been made, the calendar will now continue to creep (by a Pi Factor) 0.0312 days every four years and amount to a calendar creep of 18 hours 43 minutes 12 seconds per century. We compensate, somewhat, for this situation by not (usually) including the turn of the century as a leap year (2000 was an exception to this rule). And, according to Pope Gregory's calendar reform we will skip over three leap days every four hundred years. So, presently we will accumulate a "negative or backwards" calendar creep (relative to precession) of 2.88 hours every 400 years. This results in only an extremely slight inaccuracy of our tropical calendar being just 3 days in a 10,000 year period (pretty darn close! and the actual variation approximates Pi or 3.14 days in 10,000 years). There is presently no convenient way to compensate for this microscopic difference. Nevertheless, the present calendar affords no clues as to where it is that we are within the present age of Pisces and the irreconcilable 3 day per 10,000 year difference amounts to an average of 25.92 seconds of time each year, which is 6 minutes 28.48 arc seconds of the Earth's rotation. Every 10 years the 6 minutes and 28.48 seconds of arc accumulates to 1 degree 4 minutes 44.8 seconds of arc. This difference, if left unaccounted for in our precessional computations, extends the perceived length of the Age of Pisces by 77.696 years every 10 years!!! -----In other words, we will never enter the Aquarian Age according to the present scheme of The Gregorian Calendar.The Pi Factor is inconsequential in our day to day calculations, however, in calculations of enormous proportions (outer space - astronomical ages) the Pi Factor becomes significant. Significant enough to produce Ice Ages! see, Orbital Variance Theory The present length of the mean solar day is 24 hours. The apparent solar day varies from the mean solar day by as much as "almost" 32 minutes (pi approximation) which is averaged out to a difference of + or - "almost" 16 minutes on either side of the mean (more Pi factor stuff). The time difference between the mean solar day and "precession"(sidereal time) is 3.141592654 (Pi) seconds (of time) per day. Pi seconds per day accumulates to 22.94884425 hours in 72 years or approximately 1 degree (day) of arc. (Precession is approximately 1 degree in 72 years.) Click here for " Orbital Variance " as one of the contributing causes of precession. ======== In "otherworldly" transcendental terms, the "Pi factor" is the key to the most precise reconciliation between Man and the Cosmos, it is the key to the portal between two "realities". ======== ( For more on Pi click here ). -- The "Star" which is introduced in this presentation appeared between two "Great Months" (The Ages of Aries and Pisces) and between two "Great Years" (25920 years) all within a "Pi Factor". The timing of the star's appearance gives us more precise information which we can utilize to adjust our "macro-cosmic" time keeping system. The "Star" is an astronomical "landmark" and is the only one that history shall ever reveal. You can set your clocks and the astrological wheel by the timing of its appearance. It allows us to know, for the first time in history, precisely where it is that we are within the present "Age". 

Well, after ploughing through all this stuff I find out the lass who meanwhile occupies the seat next to me studies the sorta material orderly heaped into the biblitheca philosophistin hermeticum or whatever, that library -- dedicated to hermeticism (the ancient type, not the modern update I have just summated my most recent review of, earlier on/up in this file)  and started by Joost Ritman (who made his fortune with disposable cutlery used on flights (verwerpelijk produkten die tijdens de hoge vuilnis vluchtvoort in mum van manouvre tijd tot afval gewegwerkt worden)  in Amsterdam's Rozenstraat -- is called again, she pores over a book by Jocelyn Godwin about Athanasius Kircher who col(lect)ated some wild idiot savants from the Middle Ages ----- My attention is drawn by/to a less heady more organic forerunner of the 260 Tzolkin (dutch version):Ars Magna Lucis (7 jan 1647) for example (showing the entire known world in an olive tree (a man with open book at at base of it ((the region called Rome)) and a 2 headed eagle ((in one called called austria)) topping it) with indications for what sort of time they might be having there by number seguence from 1 through 12 starting at the appropriate number on the left side of a band across the top half of a circle and ending with that same number but on the right side, suggesting (besides a simplistic and crude sundial) a longing for the long since destroyed extatic (pagan) process characteristic of simultaneity, union, rite and coherence; this emotion drives the uniforming 'technosphere' (to speak Teilhardian/Arguellian tongue) infect, project and pervert of the once whole yet separate world), and a Jesuit Universal Horoscope .. . . . It sits in here but I can't get 'm open (x.djvu extensions????) ----- here's a very similar version: --- The Angel and the Compass: Athanasius Kircher’s Geographical Project ----------- a giant version (everything legible 2Mb) explicatio horoscopij catholici horoscopium catholicum societ iesu  which is almost the same as in the book except that in this case the word 'prouin' plus a locality name (not exclusively roman empire) are situated in the top half of a circle instead of some sort of lateral elipse inside of which we see a kind of double vortex traced by 2 horizontal wires in the oval progressively constrained toward the middle by vertical ones with, at the end of which we see the same number arrangements put into that band I mentioned (going across the top of the half circles in the online version) in an oval which is lying down

First of the five google hits for Arguelles and hermeticism (fifth be me suprisingly): 15K This site is called Ethnogenesis ------------- Utopian American Communities: in the U.S. from the 1700s to the Space Age

will be continued with a quest to search out the best hits from among the results for 'geodesia' or 'tensgrity' (perhaps in combination with geodesic architecture or some such terms) - here's Bucky himself: ---- Tensegrity_Puzzle.html  ------- constructions.html good ol' george


330129 (undergroundnews) on slavery 


(again, I add a snippet from lbo, putting white and black on a par when it comes to slavery) . . - Post script:. .this place turns out to be rastafari from florida, they say the DC sniper 'the great warrior' as they call him"had a home in Arizona, this gives us the Hopi connection" and has a 'metaphys. conn. with the mothership niburu' --- a fine example of muddle heads egging each other on with bible code spawned bunkum borrowed in this case from Arguelles with his sura verse number additions and such; here's them on PAN: hexagram.html(49 = revolution - with Tynetta Muhammed showin' again referenced to where she does columns --- Failed prophecies. Afrocentric ET-ogler Tynetta Muhammed has been putting up with the let-down of her spaceborn pals' no-show. Oracle/9941/more.html--- this fella don't think much of either -- )----- anyway, I shall have to read Ital Iman a little closer but I don't expect my firm intuition that no militants on earth nor beyond have their hearts in the right place anymore, no matter how real their grievances (or bycause of them rather!) and however little the chances to get legal redress, to be shaken. In order not to have things happen again scrapping is necessary, one must consider the damage permanent and a lost cause; better off dead than a siamese twin and that's the truth or else you see them advertised right???? . ... . ------ I have devoted a message (in the general discussion 19=260) at the message boards to this site and made a few more comments there concerning my worries over indiginous approval of Arguelles documented in june2.htm ( --- which funny enough I couldn't retrieve at first since I remembered it as sacredpath.--- or (the latter gets you to a 'bush knew' sort of site; lots of conspiracy which defiles the gracenotes by the likes of Roy and green activism a bit much to my taste. This site links to hiddenmeanings.comoff the wall opening page WAAAAAY TOOOO BIIIIIG!!!!! -- Lots of laughs there though; "King James was gay" see the books to prove it by William McElwee and Antonia Frazier --- beats me how these guys get a quarter of a million visitors)

333594 Standing Elk Brings Star Knowledge to Illinois (english) Tracy Pitts 4:04pm Sun Jul 20 '03 (Modified on 11:41pm Sun Jul 20 '03) phone: 708.484.5861 article#333594 Native American Chief Standing Elk teaches "Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creator." Free and opent to public. Holiday Inn Rolling Meadows, IL. 11:11 AM, August 2nd. ---- a3m scolds Seeley -- I go: wrong a3m, this has nothing to do with mark anymore .. . .after the old 4 pillarposts morphed ahead for generations . .. . sad to see so many stars and so little dust this guy has a lot of titles and sips tea around the worldwide new age circuit floating his fabulous froths - a well known ailments anthropologists suffer from to compensate for the awful straits and narrows ethnicities have gotten themselves up against. --- Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., MSW, M.S. Ed. Adm., B.A. Researcher, Behavioral Scientist, Exo-Anthropologist, emeritus University Associate Professor of Psychology, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist --- this is a new age circuit runner/star with frequent native contact but not to make up for the more ephemeral ufoic kind -- to his credit he links to places that have nothing to do with aliens: is Standing Elk's site out of Fort Collins; he is trying to do a rudimentary type of Arguelles of sorts on his fans (quarter of a million counted) --- click the stars for artful doodles and if you want to take it and expose yourself on my acount and 'authority', don't take 'm any more seriously or in any way sirius --- more art: 

?????? posts on liberia (very good) - I go: drumming is like asking 'won't you .. (english) piet 4:37am Sun Jul 20 '03 comment#333518 ... come out to play'? so, who or what's in the drum that a polite knock would bring out? choose'm carefully, pick a full one. I was disrespectful to one according to the owner and he gave me a full hand, startling slap for it. I never found out if that meant he had no patience for any of the humdrum 'magic muses nine, music mine' at implies/anticipates, he didn't seem very receptive. Care for some odd music? Tzolkin in C Major FINALIST IN TORU TAKEMITSU COMPOSITION AWARD 2002 message boards (my sig there: did noah come from mars? Or is he just a metaphor for man and his forest denuding, boat building ways causing floods? ---):

ok, so than, what about, kucinich for prez and impeachment of the current one site) ------, another conspiracy style site with lots of such content too of course, cute the way they do the headers for the leads and summaries .. .. reminds me of someone) unavailable) ------- (domain for sale) I'll go dig in my files .. . ..alridy, it's in of my logfiles, near the end ---".. .misrepresentations of mayan knowledge as represented by Jose Arguelles, Dreamspell, 13 Moon and others." -- I admit this gives the impression that they don't know what, let alone who they are talking about but the site seems a valiant effort to support indiginous struggles. -------------

ixchel's sig says: carve your name on your heart and not on marble you may need to do some carving on the latter in order to via roundabout ways (soil organisms and thus in-formed produce) take influence on/to ({y}our) heart 

Topic: 19=260, The Holy Qur'an and the Law of Time ------- you may note that obliquely refers to the PAN network (and to just about everything else islamic and black in a similarly obscure way). I wonder if Arguelles and you lot (we?) can approve of this . . .. in the light of the fact they seem to for instance consider the sniper a 'great warrior' ?? This is just a first impression and I will look closer but thought Y'all should know. Is this muddle heads egging each other on with bible code spawned bunkum (or did Khalifa's work antecede it)? --  NO. We're taking a lot off of tortuga because it was very misunderstood. It will be made available in another form. If Germanic people could read old texts of the Vikings they would probably find many spiritual truths inside... yet we can't live like Vikings any more, can we? --- If I felt that way I'd put no site up at all would I?????

more idiot safantasts found with the search word combo arguelles and = christian weirdness - pretty damn all inclusive though - ecumenical almost, they make reference to UR.htm United religions for instance; a veritable prophecies avalanche their page counter shows 83.000 which seems few for such a large size site but their menu's framed version doesn't show the counter so perhaps they don't count hits to it ----- has a very weird rainbowed cross and wild word art -- they link to the /notes.htm at the watch unto prayer site yet have chalked up nearly 7 million  visitors ---- that's only the levelest of most levelheaded inconsistencies, all others are just plain crazy speculations about timelines etc. 

All of which confirms my vey dickshunkinviction that . . .as soon as abstractions hits and interferes with our love of rocks time is born deformed and misfigured and any real worthwile forms of it plain not at all; scarcity, bookkeeping and yes insurance appears (Dan and Jose hate the stuff but all that is only gonna be superfluous and phased out once we get to see the parallels, analogies and substances behind their metaphors)

331945 continued hey can I join ya???? (english) piet 7:27am Sat Jul 12 '03 comment#331962 I've just posted to a message board where one particular word I used 3 times was replaced with ####s That's no more than the decent thing to do I guess, as long it's the only word they don't tolerate. Here's the whole thing, these guys already live a system change; the good thing about their cryptic styles and numeracy levels is they don't waste a lotta words but I feel their code is on a runaway track The state of my understanding as regards prophecies, plans of action, pinpointers of culprits, calenders and the bottom line for all 'time' concepts and rhythms (best taken to stand, tick and pass for/as rock if you ask me).   ----------- Can't juggle numbers cause I know better (than most what countless really means). ----------- Divinatory and calender work (recently saw a cute but popular and trendily gendergap focused account of the meaning and possible purpose of Stonehenge (Lionel Sims thinks it was to harmonize outdated matri moon/mama hunting related nomadism with patri modern settled poppies with (solar) orientation and with brood 'rewarded' for their hard work 'mongst the annuals  by making sun and moon to be seen travelling through adjacent windows ((and so semi-cooperatively)) at ceremonial times)which reminds me of the mumbo jumbo, sleighs of hand and chemistry tricks shamen have gained power over their subjects with since mankinds bonding went far beyond mating interests, the latter subjected to the former rather). -------------- It seems to me all preachy people suffer that universal obsession of (and despotic desire for) universality. A worldwide weepademic if you ask me. I have a question that weighs heavy on my mind, and not just since reading about Star Sparks suicide in jail pending a trial over his trafficking in narcotics (why is there no discussion of drugs here much? Is that all delegated to the 2012 McKenna crowd???) and much more burdensome by things like RINRI PROJECT NEWSLETTER PHASE II THE PHOENIX EDITION (at a japanese site; google only started indexing it recently but it is 2 years old) since seeing that sort of thing, a rant with completely inconsistent theme switches, extreme crypticisms and helluva range in style mixtures remind me of the mumbo jumbo shamen have gained power over their subjects with since mankinds bonding went far beyond mating interests (the latter subjected to the former rather), a mixed blessing at best. Incoherent prophecies are a dime a dozen, check and (talk about rainbow art here!) for examples I found recently; the excentrically eclectic extent to which speculations of all makes get jumbled hoppered and thrown together is appaling; all are after that universal obsession of universality. A worldwide weepademic if you ask me. So, what about drugs? How come it is taboo? Shamen owe not little to their influence. And in turn, demography up fucking (or fuck upping) fear of god is never far behind from which militance is born. This army building, responsible (but not accountable) for female selection gone haywire (slipped into selection of as opposed to by females)and you have the bulk of internet activity vs (lil ol homeopathically pervasion, high dilution stretched out far and little in between) me ('mijn persoontje' as my dad used to say, the bill of a feed for all who borrowed some colour cooler concepts over the last few years is not one very many people can pay or am I delusional too? Oprah's mag maker uppers were at it and Kamagurka painted before I installed myself in the A'dam spiderweb well hung or should I say weighed down and ineffective since it is laden and coated) with the dusts from ages and regions like few others, dusts from white supremacy of keeping a civil semi-social face - no less make believe than the bulk of priestly mis(a)chief(ments). But hell, even the few other rockdust as only/best/timelies means of respect payment sites seem to feel I sully the cause and keep me out of linklists etc. Quite per-plep-xing (plep is the most eclectic blog I know and only one where I grace the linklost, so big you get list in it). So, y2k didn't kill artificial time but you will. Well, guess what, it would amount to suicide for you, youâ??d be nowhere without modern transportation and communication, and besides, if you did win I bet the proliferation of intricately closeknot rhythms that sprout yet more of them would be the sort of runaway inflation we know well already. Just what we always wanted, more complex and less viable code; junk dna does exist you know but you are after the equivalent in 100 Rolls Royces in Artwork. Emotional hysterics in cleverness disguise for appearances sake, thatâ??s what you wanna leave and count on my focus, to 'leave' rock, relieve manmade barenness, releaf rock to just sorta happen as a side effect, a subjunct .. . . well I'd be happy if that were the case but .. .. . . The physics at/of the decisive and/or (and or or divide) should be left out of collectivities, sentient cleavages and policies, to make 'em personal is to sully the social with fanaticism. Most searches for fallacies and flaws leave 'most windows of invitation' slip into the cracks of the overlooked/discarded (cornerstone overtone) faultline . .. .no wrong the are those and that's where invitation/decision lies, in the decidedly oblivious wait/for us there, us their treasonous delegates and/or prodigal offspring. Why do I compare Arguelles to a string a slew a stereo- and archetypical range of peculiar performers??? Well, he tours for one thing(not even Kantian humility in that). Another telltale is his compulsion to work the for or(, not the for and) against valve no less than GWBush and Jesus in his sadder and more maddening moments. In the exterritorial fields of universals this is not allowed but outlawed and with good reason. Working the schizo switch has become a very refined and heavily invested (and infested) area of human attention/endeavour (I am not going to quite say achievement yet). I feel Arguelles hasn't got his tuned rite and aimed good enough to work it overtime (or should I say overtone? Where do time and tone harmonize? In the opening of rock which in my book is the incredibly urgent harrowing of hollow hell) like he does. He does save the best for last don't he? The seven years of mysterious stone (or mystery stones I forget). - gave me a whiff of how Jose's attempts to complete and keep pace with his own schedule seems to compel him to duely choose and adress (not just the squatting crowd amongst whom I sat as his audience some years ago) those sufficiently high rating ones up the old pecking order, to 'save time' I guess, haahaahaha. That this comes across as imposition to those skeptical or competing for co-optation is no surprise and seems to have been the case over a concert in Chiapas, were the blacks displeased (blaaskakerig verbolgen) over not being alloted/assigned to man the cockpiet instrewments? No they aint in hurry to start harrowing the hollowness from their homemade humdrum hell but I am you escape artists, you fucks!! So, change rock and you change time, give an outcrop near you a chance and a change. ------------Nice post (says Galactic Wind!) It prompted deep thought . . .--------------- SACRED NUMBERS ~ 666 ~ 6 = 6 2 x 6 = 12 3 x 6 = 18 4 x 6 = 24 (Elder Futhark) 5 x 6 = 30 6 squared = 36 (Fractal of the Tun) 2 x 6 squared = 72 (Names of God in Hebrew) 3 x 6 squared = 108 (Buddha Buddha Buddha) 8 x 6 squared = 288 (Light Harmonic of Earth) 13 x 6 squared = 468 6 to the power of 3 = 216 (2x 108 , 6x6x6) 2 x 6 to the power of 3= 432 3 x 6 to the power of 3 = 648 6 to the power of 4 = 1,296 2 x 6 to the power of 4 = 2,592 In my search to understand the vast sprials of time in ancient culture I have realised the above . . . it is interesting to concider that the Kali Yuga core number of 432,000 is part of this series and also the number 108 Yuga (Great Age) (4th) Kali Yuga = 432,000 years (3rd) Dvapara Yuga 2 x 432,000 = 864,000 years (2nd) Treta Yuga 3 x 432,000 = 1,296,000 years (1st) Satya or Krita Yuga 4 x 432,000 = 1,728,000 years 4 Yuga = 1 Maha-yuga = 10 Kali-yuga = 4,320,000 Years 432 + 234 = 666 Greenfire? Lucifer? Still deep in the Timeship Manitou . . . how are your time vector potentialities over there? Found here;a ct=ST;f=1;t=241;st=140 If you care for numbers like these go to: earthmatrix.comThis essay posted in a thread under the title 'RAINBOW' in the message boards of, haven for fabulators and escapissed artists: ffe340415ffff;act=ST;f=10;t=216;st=0 Discussion that isn't related directly to the calendar change, but is still of interest. ------- postscript: christ!!! I find out the earthmatrix guy actually believes the very same Pakal image Arguelles touts and who's very being he lays claim to, is taken to be the diagram of . . .you guessed it .. .an astronaut!!! How can someone who makes so much levelheaded sense on their calender go so crazy with a bloated ruler's supposed mobility???? -- proof positive mathematics x imagination is a seriously explosive cocktail --------------------- /maya/maya-3.html choose from 5 background colours 'for accesibility readers'!?!?!? --------------- 

Next in the thread called 'RAINBOW': (only previous part of which ((above)) crossposted to indy)- 'envy'? '258'? Could you be a little more cryptic please??? I ain't got time nor tools to divine (whatever you put/read into) all that. 'mystified'? No I don't mystify people on purpose. On the contrary, I try to (mentally) show 'm that mistification of rock and water is the action all the dreamspell poetry and crypticity shouldawouldacould lead up to if they ever stop being addicted to the fabulous cargo cultoid 'probing'. It's a telltale symptom to find that THE most busy threads around here. Not so far from the diagnosis crowd after all are ya?? I'll look at your site too and get back to you. Thanks for trying but do it a little harder, go ahead, I promise not to let you hurt me more than you have done. So, are the one with the partner that referred to her dutch language skills on this board before? Are you protective of her mayhap? Frankly, I don' see any use for the formal rigidity of prescribed poetry and very cryptic at that; I agree that brevity is a virtue and that it suffices but what if it goes horrible wrong and fail their purpose/target yet again to remains stuck in symbol signpost and what have you in other flavors abstractions; sure, fine tuned i ching is great at all this but the gif you link to makes me nervous (and the linked flash don't work by the way) - I much prefer the last page in a series on the i-ching at tortuga (the 260 worked into a yin yang i-ching, very elegant). Rock is formal enough and the purpose is to see/find/make merits of it set aflow and up to intricate come true in practice rather than or close behind in words. Numberlessness is the real thing math is only flexing for and pining after. That clear enough for ya? Ps: Heybore is a crazy old man who likes painting like a toddler would, he is just proud it pays his bills. Oh, by the way, here's directions for the European edition of this year's Rainbow Gathering -- in the pyrenees (southern france) Welcome to the 21st European Rainbow gathering in France 22 july - 22 august in the pyrénnées - orientales ***** please bring : Peace; blankets, tents, bowl, spoon, cup warm clothes, creativity, mosquitos net, tarps, spices, kitchen pots, children support, tools, music, visions dreams, love and light .. do not bring: alcohol, drugs, dogs, violence, electric-equipment, meat products, plastics ******* A COMPLETELY NON COMMERCIAL HAPPENING **** location : west of Perpignan ->(dir.) Foix -> Axat -> (dir.)mont -Louis ->escouloubres -> (dir.) querigut -> LE PLA -> small road to : refuge de Laurenti -> signs to the parking -> camp 30mns easy walk, from Foix take ->Ax les thermes ->mijanes -> le Pla... ********* we need 4x4 or donkies or horses to bring food supply beautiful Nature take care of wild life, flowers, and trees rainbow family from France see you soon in harmony tel possible: akim 06 23 74 39 70 gerard 04 66 85 12 55

enki of devotes his first post for the boards to a new thread as reply for my 6th one at 19=260 in general questions, I in turn go: Thanks for your interest (in defending your cause which nevertheless remains obscure since I have as yet to use paypal for the first time, haven't the means (credit card) to pay my server, etc and so can't find out why or how you would defend cowardly snipers of any stripe or colour let alone calling them great warriors; zulu's used all sorts of potions and if the redcoats hadn't had the gunjams they 'suffered' things would have been different and even less fair fighting). --------- My question is simply: When did the 'bible code' get popularized and was this Rashad's inspiration or was it vica versa (not that it matters much to me, I consider this line of 'enquiry' gratuitous, a forced and all too willful way of finding synchronicities, a lowering of the validity threshold, a poor and too wide setting of criteria specs allowing associtations to be made too fast and furious, too loose, comprende?????) -------- Ps: in your next turn of conversation with me could you supply the url of where you found this comment of mine - I am unable to retrieve it since the search engine can't even find the word bunkum (ps: my mistake)------- Here's what I wrote since -(snipped; here pageups away)- and there is a fresh load of pondering all this in a thread called rainbow for those of you not despairing of being able to get what i mean:  ----- this was also posted as 4th comment on a main indy thread which starts out thusly: Regime no 1, Regime no 2 , Regime no 3 , Regime no 4.....and so it goes on.... (english) Anti-Pokemon 6:14am Sat Jul 12 '03 (Modified on 7:27am Sat Jul 12 '03) article#331945 Why? Why replace one regime with another one. If George W Bush leaves the office, another criminal will take his place. Its the system you have to change. ----------- 3rd commenter is a black buddy of mine ---------- a few comments later:  your one before last paragraph belies and almost negates whatever you said elsewhere (to me mothers and motherships are really a function fabulatrice apart) which makes me wonder what you mean when you say: "You will find the craft of the true poet comes not over night." ------- Are you referring to the space- variety thereof? In that case I can say I care not for such craft. ---------- In hopes we can get (and cooperate on getting) all whites (and whitey ways) out of africa and all blacks back into it 

TO A TORTUGAN AT EVERGREEN COLLEGE:  hullo podner; how's that University Library holding up there? I wish to specifically know the paintquality on the 4 story high peripheral staircase coming out onto the roof (on which I camped a few weeks in the eighties). When was the most recent mural put on and can you refer me to or send any pics of it??? ------------------- Poetpiet, The library clocktower staircase? I don't have pics for you but Be more specific and I'll check it out. Do you mean the stairwell mural of Quetzecoatl done by Jose's class in !972? PlanetarySeed ------------------ yeah that it!!!! Sigh (of relief); good thing it is still there. I'd love to know if it already lives around the net somewhere or if it could be made to do so. Thanks for getting back to me. Ps: you wouldn't happen to know deena, talbot and yarrow (their daughter, they made candles for a while, live in Olympia (O leary road or something, right on a tidewater close to the bakery where evergreen organizes races through them which I won one of) and I lost touch widdem sadly).  ------------ HIS NEXT ANSWER IS UNCANNY, LOOK FOR IT HERE LATER --1 New Time Economics Comprehensive Strategy -- 2 Home Market Values, Before and After History -- 3 Thirteen 13:20 -12:60 Value Contrasts --4 From Money to Kin Credits: Making the Transition to Post-History --5 Mobilizing Your Place in the Divine Plan -- 6 Universalizing the Knowledge: What More Do You Need to Know? -- 7 Seed Model to Comprehensive Program: Galactic Culture Funding Conversion System and Outline of Time Conversion Processess -- 8 Initial Seed Funding Allocations -- 9 Seed Conversion Model: Micro Earth Conversion Trust --10 Seed Conversion Model: Program Description --11 Planting the Seeds, Converting to Trust --12 Seed Conversion Model and Microconversion Earth Trust for the Establishment of the Earth Conversion Trust Fund --13 Galactic Culture Master Plan Moral Emergency Call

Planet Art Network message board - 4 commenters before me on the thread called 'caught in infinity' mention mars and noah and so I decide to spill my beans in answer to what I decide might be curiosity toward me: So far the only to my tastes (at going rates .. .didn't wanna say 'any rate' since I don't want to sound as cheap as I am and that's the truth) plausible theory I have come across (or which came to cross me) on wether or not man or something preceding him might have walked and wandered off mars (a lot close to infinity than this place, rite?) is penned by a man called Hardy (Genesis Continuous. Origin Solar System GENESIS CONTINUOUS. © - Search all the ... this theory). GENESIS CONTINUOUS or SUN THE MOTHER. Solar System Origins; - 101k) about some sort of one way and regularized musical chairs (his concept in a nuts-hell: mars once circulated where we are now ((ideal distance to sun)) and venus will, one fine day), but I prefer to stand by my sigs alternative view of time’s murky depths (including the in- and perversions they suffer once folks try plumb it and/or stake out claims to chunks of it accepting space as substitute) if only cause it is the more timely one and remedial to the most typical and long lasting of the human parts of the world's woes. I know, I know, you would have our species sorta bleed and weave through space and time in properly psychedelic fashion but the binaries boundary and boundless do not bond all that well except in make believeland; however since I am king thereof I command you to find the happy medium and take your place as such between the singular impervious rock and the infinite amount of particals you may help sprout therefrom; play cosmology the william blakean way (did he use fresh dust in his garden? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? To illustrate how much harder interhuman reality is (overshadowing the simple interspecies message just hinted at) I will recount a tv program called the black sheep aired yesterday in Holland for you; a stiff thin lipped prim sorta dame with sharp features and some legal convictions for disseminating hate speech ---(she is convinced the jews brought the holocaust upon themselves for refusing jesus – I have seen Schusslburner convincingly argue that holocaust means ‘zoenoffer’, penance, payment by jews to make up .. . . for what they did to Germanic Russians – but this lives at a site that likes to deny the holocaust altogether, I’d prefer to see the role of Zionism to become clearer, I am trying to find time to start the big volumes by Solzhenitsyn on this topic which I expect to try soften and perhaps even refute Schuesslburner’s conclusions)--- on her record was defending herself against a colourful (turkey)shooting squad made up of: a female theologian a gay columnist her own daughter the second most controversial imam in Holland (runner up to the guy who said gayness is a disease etc, charges against whom ((because of this hate speech)) were dropped) Holland's most media friendly rabbi and a proffesor in I forgot what--(Smalhout --- wait, google to the rescue ((research clue)): has a good little characterization of this prof in anaesthetics ((they should get him to ‘fix’ junkies)) writes for the biggest daily tabloid) who wrote plenty of books on the bible  (Dutch: - 12k ----- - 10k)--- and who had the best arguments to counter Goree with: jesus was hailed (upon donkeybacked entry – never mind the pagan implications of the burdenbeast) by a sizewise more representative mass/mob than the little elite one which in front of the Roman magistrate, bright and early in the morn, clamored for his death. Ps the next day: Surfin around I just find a little something on the Xtian right that scares plenny: ...Which brings us to our next link between the Jesus Revolution and Latin America -- Gospel Outreach, a California-based sect that originated in the Jesus Movement. Gospel Outreach planted so many 'El Verbo' churches [Church of the Word] in Latin America that a website devoted to Remembering the Jesus Movement classifies Gospel Outreach as a denomination, along with Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard. With 100 affiliated churches worldwide the Gospel Outreach network is one of three denominational legacies of the Jesus People Movement. 27. Gospel Outreach gained notoriety when one of its elders, Gen. Rios Montt, became president of Guatemala during the 1982 military coup. By 1982, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency was well-entrenched in Guatemala. In 1954, the CIA had joined with the United Fruit Company, wealthy plantation owners and the military to overthrow the freely-elected president of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz. Xtian Right and Guatemalan genocide [Richard Paradise of Gospel Outreach] says he works under the auspices of the World Zionist Organization as a liaison with U.S. evangelicals, with the assigned role of working against anti-Semitism within the U.S. . . ---- According to a special report entitled 'Sectas y Religiosidad en American Latina' published in October 1984 by the Chile-based Instituto Latinoamericano de Estudios Transnacionales, during Rios Montt's rule, members of Gospel Outreach's Verbo church took jobs in espionage and torture and accompanied Israeli and Argentinean experts during interrogation sessions." 33 posted by Michael Pugliese on LBO --------  I just ran into these very guys I think, at in a search for arguelles and martyrdom - findings of which I believe I posted somewhere around here. - #### dangerous word that, it will taint even the uppermost best intentioned. Yesterday I watched the account of Hitler's seccy about his last days; he killed/martyred (oh wait, a plain suicide don't count right? Gotta drag a bunch widya? ? ? ?) himself and left her feeling very betrayed and angry. Most startling detail: he/they travelled throught germany in trains with the blinders down to all the more easily remain lost in irreality. Bible covers work just as well, war in wore out -------------- 

Icosahedron - This place could do with more levelheaded discussion of the stages/layers/gradualizations between the supposed octahedron at the center of the earth and the icosahedronic (and/or -al?) arrangement of root races or ethnoflavors rather than the to me evermore much too cargo cultish galacticonfederacy fabulnation. Ps: why no more pics of the icosa in any of the pdf's (as far as I checked .. . quite a few)?? Ps: the site you linked has mathematechnical jargon to criticize hoagland bearden and Val Valerian with and under 'other polyhedra we find: /papers/qfract/node16.html I have made excursions through 'sacred geometry' featuring sites ever since starting to record my findings but haven't gathered them anywhere really so use a scatterbrain (like google) to find them. ------- a next commenter points out this link: papers/qfract/images/index.htm

essential corrections: Glastonbury, UK: Earth Ascendence. 3 days of Natural living in Natural Time. Live music, poetry and performance will provide the main entertainment. Workshops include Sacred Geometry, Herbalism, Clay House Building, Yoga, Reiki, Introduction To Natural Time, Raw Food, Ethnobotany and Shamanism, Alternative Technology. Also provided will be Hot Tub and Sauna spaces, Body Painting, healing, interactive art displays and visuals, lots of bubbles, solar powered cinema, storytelling, fancy dress costumes, sacred ceremonies and treats for everybody!!!! This text is the apetizer for a javalink close to the top of the front page (iching71 something or other) but the link don't work; the second one to Glastonbury (the caravan) a little further down under the heading 'caravans' does work and probably reaches the document the first link tries to target. Please fix. I advertized it thusly at 7271 : A free grass-roots type festi for the extremely sensitive and extremely endangered (in danger of falling off the earth into spacious speculations) calender reformers of this day and age. Oh, almost forgot, in Glastonbury. --------- still no luck on finding the RAINBOW thread by the way, though the search engine is starting to work for me now (too??), it finds two other small threads in one of which 'rainbow' don't even occur once! (?) don't work yet neither ------------------ the link in the library to the document interweaving Quran, Buddhist and Maya verses ditto - (must be the one that has been recalled to await further ripening and pearldigesting powers of us dumb swine)

RAINBOW (check the first fifth of this file for the preceding in this thread)--- I am glad this thread has been allowed on and/or decided to return after going missing a while yesterday. a fresh indymedia(.org) item 333300 points to (cultural survival -- Weekly Indigenous News - 1:52pm Fri Jul 18 '03 ----The Weekly Indigenous News is an online service provided by Cultural Survival to those who want to keep up-to-date on the latest news from and about the indigenous world. Each week we compile a diverse collection of original reports, feature articles, organization profiles, press releases, links to stories from other press outlets, and more. The News is intended to be a tool and resource for indigenous people, advocates, scholars, students and interested members of the general public, to help keep you abreast of current issues and events from and affecting indigenous communities around the globe.) and I decided to post a plug of sorts thusly: the single most universal/harmonic and yet, diverse, bottom on up conglomorate umbrella movement with the old sixties inspirations of flower power, bioregionalism, native autonomy, etc are swarming here: I find it more and more worth my time to struggle with the nasty side effects of their psychonauthood: ungrounded fabulation swallowing more time than good for us/them or anything else. I don't know what's worse, all these bullets, this blood poison and gore or the methodical structuring/realization of imaginations from fancies to chimerae about life off the earth ------- Ps: the number of that item has to be code for an octahedron don't you agree? (I have a nice one at index3.htm .. . . . . . . .See, that's what I mean, there is no end to the analogs, symmetries and synchronicities once you believe they exist, it becomes all the more fruitless absurd and counterproductive to hunt for them when there is the countless ways resulting from the simple freeing up (fr)action ((systemicizingly 'distributed' rock)) rite waiting to get started) OK, I'll try to dive into one the all too numerous numberless numerations around here again. Ps: they're charging a fee for the 26th of july festivities in Holland, offer commercial accomodations AND DO FIREWALKS!!!! - YUK!-- I've devoted plenny of my time and word rigging skill to the utter insult this sort of 'empowerments' costs the earth and us elsewhere. see this all you dutchspeakers: Bilingual (E and D): -------------- did noah come from mars? Or is he just a metaphor for man and his forest denuding, boat building ways causing floods? ----------- 

Day Out of Time Planning. Plan your bioregional Be in, July 25, 2003 or find the event closest to you. ---------  I added an article to the glastonbury thread: english/html/events/0-1.htmIndigenous Festival and Conference (IFC) 2003 An Exciting New Free Festival & Conference Comes to Bristol! Create Centre - Smeaton Road, Bristol, Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th July 2003 An event in Bristol coinciding with the tortuga Glasto one  --   with a little note added: Perhaps a good idea to get an excursion caravan trial run going there??  ----------- ps: the dutch dayoutoftimers on the other hand plan to do the diabolic thing: firewalking -- I have posted criticisms (derived from John Ray deceased founder of body electronics) on it throughout the years, see below for a compilation. I fail to see how folks who put nice Apple-style bleu-translucently toned icons on the net come up with this age old poor man's power trick/tool/weapon: fire's flame, glow and subjection/absorption. It comes across as extremist to me. Perhaps there is a danger one locks oneself into the seals/icons in the same way the subtler emotions get scorched by the firewalk .. . .?? Any thoughts? posted the relevant passage from: vadercats/miscs-n-logs/indymedia2.htm - 93k - along with other googlies -------------- 

I posted something similar in dutch in the events thread called 'Pan Belgium is rising , together' (with french contributions as well), asking again about the relationship between firewalking and fixed price charging (as announced to take place on the 25th near Apeldoorn) on the one hand and the pretty icons at the last link on the other

Tortuga search .. My (7th) comment: There we go again; create a system/infrastructure and the compliant majority crowds throng together to make the drudge drone and pawn parts of its chores as cosy and quizzy and squeezy as possibe and just OK. I am more the scout kind of guy who stays on the edge and looks out over/for nomanslands at edges and borders; I found a few sites via - that illustrate partly what I mean: most level headed look at Mayan tracking and I don't see any refs to the amount of bloodpints all these numbers add up and/or correlate to, but maybe the Mayans weren't so bloody as the Nat Geog. Soc. is fond of showing us. --- pleasantly light touch diverse list in keeping with previously mentioned page. another broad approach with a very elegant last link: "If the Mayan calendar doesn't work for you, try one of these!" ------------- and now for something completely different: reality bites!!!  ---- ------------------------- Out here in scoop skip crossover kintry one sees how colours and contentious cons bleed into each other and one can take note of the frayz, the frazzles, the frays the strays the straddles, the phrases, phases, arbitrary disputes and just plainly plumcrazy pursuits . .. . . ... little document (by A. Idris Palmer Executive Director The Society for Adherence to the Sunnah) an examplary simple piece of proof that Farrakhan and Tynetta Muhammad are religious loonies (clinging to some very far out theories indeed; black man came from the moon and created white ones 6600 years ago) Little wonder Arguelles, a man with a Messiah complex himself would slither close and see how he holds and measures up with the competition --- there seems no better way to bloat ego than with big numbers and the less one has to keep tabs on real stuff they should decently stand for the fewer the restraints and the bigger they 'grow' ------------- TESTIMONYFILES/marswars.htm ------------- The summary of Code 19 presented below is en excerpt from "The Prime Argument," a two-round argument between Edip Yuksel and astronomer Carl Sagan. . .. . .. .. . in order to arrive at a no nonsense (yet all nonsense) rock solid bottom line (. . .yet with the resolve necessary to have impact there and make it fruitfull): down with crowds and pecking orders, up with pleaching and permaculture 


  -hes. ---- Woin - ive (fr.h ng) tzi d it), .om (1e) ge" wit3e.T.s(s

Some more  Jose Arguelles related tidbits:
334641 today you have awoken to the day out of time; good marrow -- at least that's what a steadily growing worldwide calendar reform (once spearheaded by folks at the UN) movement calls it. Here is a sample from the kinder part of their spectrum encompassment campaign/taskforce/ displayreport.cfm?ID=45 Proposal for a Garden for Humanity Open dialogue submitted to the Foundation on behalf of the Garden community in the Patagonia Posted By: Karavana Educativa para el Nuevo Tiempo Email : Translators Note: This was written in Spanish in a very poetic style. In translating the thoughts and ideas to the best of my ability it must be admitted that there were parts that would not translate literally. piet: ps to properly primed humilitants: showtaskdiplomatic.cfm A NUMBER OF DOCUMENTS AND as usual, more nad more spectacular POSTERS SHOWING, NOT exactly COMPLICITY OR COMPLIANCE with (BUT certainly, and no less than NON EFFACING ENCOMPASSMENT, IN OTHER WORDS the SIMPLE courage to FACE THE PHENOM KNOWN AS) VIOLENCE - . .. and yet .. . i feel it is tragically misguided for lack of awareness concering the endless possibilities to approach/dress up/present and commit to the only truely humilitant process: rock grinding and raw dust moistening and spreading, the only thing that deserves to be called accumulatively momentous on a scale out accumulating all hoards piles and supposed positions of wealth (and that ain't my fault, cause I slipped him the info personally years ago). --------- see for instance: Letter to Minister Louis Farrakhan. Second Quranic Dispensation Posted By: Foundation for the Law of Time The Second Quranic Dispensation, Part II My dear brother, Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, As-salaam Alaikum! Last Sunday, June 3, 2001 on the Gregorian Calendar, Crystal Moon 5 on the Thirteen Moon 28-day Count, I had the great privilege and honor of attending the Mosque Maryam where you gave your first in a series of talks on 'Muhammad and the Quran.' I was deeply moved by everything you said, but especially because I felt that you were bringing to pass something I had long dreamed of: the second Quranic dispensation. This phrase was used as the subtitle to a booklet I wrote in 1996, and published as 'Pacal Votan and Judgment Day, the Second Quranic Dispensation.' In that text I envisioned one of the tasks of the Nation of Islam as spearheading this dispensation. ------- piet: 'that text' has been retracted for revision apparently; and well it should cause the nation of islam believes to have come from the moon and genetically manipulated the white race into being if I am not mistaken. --------- addition: ... the white race 6600 years ago . -- for more see: -------- addition II; first of 7 posters Subjective- Objective View: The Nature of Time, Vertical Time Horizontal Space 
334641 Arguelles item (above) follow up at 3055 timewavezero2012 yahoo group (the tortuga message board has given up the ghost since new maya years without warning or comment) I realize Arguelles seems to be either impopular or even borderline taboo here (the Sac be folk seem to be critical of him too) and I have my own 'apples to peel' (dutch expression) with him but 'his' message boards have been down all day and I would like to follow up on what I posted there and here: .indy..334641 similarly titled This is a follow up that item (where I was blessed with direct response thusly): great stuff, piet --- by dorkgreen 4:25pm Fri Jul 25 '03 comment#334784 no time to peruse the links, maybe later. A lot shld be said about "minerals"/rocks and the primacy of them in gardening but little is...?-->any wonder rockgardens do SOoooo..Weeellll! Synchronicity ,,...push, charge, chew, plunder, sweat,drilll, engage, Shove, toil, earlyup....and those few brief minutes---Oh Ya!!!,,,can't say i quite understand a continuous synchronicity ---------- to blagspittle bout polysync or to humilitantly unleash it that's the squeezetone ------- Dear Jose Arguelles, sure your spells and boards are more realistic, lifelike and true to nature in a harmony inspiring sorta way but that still don't get it beyond being the best of the blasted role play and name that number and/or numb that namer games and I don't settle for being the best of the worst, this tendency to filter life through a binary code, beamshiftasift it through a screen, tap it into a board and automatize some characterization rifs is diabolic even if your number don't stand and/or get put in mechanistic relation to each other they are inescapably and inherently such, they remain numbers no matter how many polysychronous other ones they evoke or rather bycause of that even! I think I can more succesfully argue we need to and can turn mechanistic genius and ingenuity to worthier purposes than you can keep people interested in numbers. The fact that lots of arabs and arabists take pleasure in searching for code is only a recoil from the extreme emotional abuse the all too sentimental Quran texts lend themselves for even more perfectly and popularly. Although I sound skeptical I must admit that upon reading the law of time part of the way through for the second my dreams were outrageously packed with new views into old cobwebbed closets. ---------------- Familiarity breeds contempt - you get to know more and more numbers too intimately; they want to be mentioned in the great scheme of things and you are setting yourself up for a more and more occult priesthood, that is, exactly the sorta thingk you claim to wanna eradicate with your hairsuitebrained tools and regulations. ------------- Your preference are set(ting) up to excess, namely in favor of cleavages in/of the immaterial end of the spectrum; I think their is no real hyrarchy there but polysync, the very thing you claim to champion, applies here too, and to the more volatile and mental aspects of time is all well and good but not to the exclusion of working with literally harder to split, hopper, jostle jiggle and feed into the revolutioary life you all the more hotly desire for not realizing this --------- closer look at the (Quran related) links offered in that indy item: most sober and levelheaded link out of about 40 of 'm concerning the occurence of 19 and other numbers in the quran here:  -- mathematical-miracle.html put this up wrong (a double u too many) -- has the same list of stupid number juggling links like the last one ------ Apparantly Rashad has many many detractors making it less and less suprising he lost his life to zealots; here is just one of many: The Rashad Khalifa Cult Exposed -- features news of Rashad's conviction over fondling a 16 y. o. in a scientific experiment. ------------ here is a defense --------------- 3 days and 19 messages later there is still no response to this .. . ---------------- on a related note, I went to search for arguelles at portland indy given he is based near there and found only one ref made by E Salla of (item 266667, june 19th and the ( counter of that man's site stood at 1666 as I took a peek)

336319 In the Interest of National Security Ital Iman -- I go: hey bud, what happed to the planet artwork .. piet 2:53am Sun Aug 3 '03 comment#336413 network message boards? planet_art_network___foundation_.htma long account for the day out of time celebration by Dreamspell head honshowcthiefs 2001 in Altai living at an eclectic site that (unless I just didn't pay better attention till now) steamed up the charts in the evermore, up till now futile search for planet art network messages (still down, gone, traceless without warning, comment or explanation) --------- Aaaahh! Finally!!! This is better, I am obliged by the man who's google tweak I use faithfully and upon who's latest update I asked him: very nice but what happened to the planet art network message boards??? > > isn't Arguelles one of the main inspirators for you all's hobby horse 2012????? > > why so little news on/around him?????? ------- he goes: My own interest in 2012 started 6 years before I heard about Arguelles or the Mayan calendar, when I read the Invisible Landscape by Terence & Denis McKenna. Admittedly, he did contribute to the debate, and spread the awareness of the Maya calendar, but since then, he has confused matters by inventing his own count and making people think Dreamspell is the Maya calendar when it isn't. See Jenkins' article for clarification: That is why I only cover him briefly - his main contribution, apart from spreading awareness was to point out that the Tzolkin of 13 x 20 = 260 days is a harmonic of the 13 x 20 = 260 katuns of the 13-baktun cycle, and that the former relates to individual gestation, while the latter relates to planetary gestation. All the best ----- related: Following Dreamspell John Major Jenkins. Nov 22, 2002 1 Etznab ----- (similar but shorter, it triggered the first Jenkins link) --- My book 7 Wind: A Quiché Maya Calendar for 1993 - /7wnd.htm -- explains the various esoteric and exoteric aspects of the surviving initiatory day-keeper tradition in highland Guatemala. It is posted online as a basis for understanding my comparison between this traditional day-count system and the new Dreamspell system. -- /tripreport.htm on a trip to Glastonbury and meeting Jose --- fine, but I've had enough for a while. computer generated platonic solids, most methodically complete set I have found so far - amongst the other interests of the maker is stockcar racing?!?!

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     planet art network message boards??? > > isn't Arguelles one of the main
     inspirators for you all's hobby horse 2012????? > > why so little news on/around
     him?????? -------------- Dear Piet, I suggest you email the webmaster at ; My own interest in 2012 started 6 years before I heard about Arguelles or the Mayan calendar, when I read the Invisible Landscape by Terence & Denis McKenna. Admittedly, he did contribute to the debate, and spread the awareness of the Maya calendar, but since then, he has confused matters by inventing his own count and making people think Dreamspell is the Maya calendar when it isn't. See Jenkins' article for clarification: That is why I only cover him briefly - his main contribution, apart from spreading awareness was to point out that the Tzolkin of 13 x 20 = 260 days is a harmonic of the 13 x 20 = 260 katuns of the 13-baktun cycle, and that the former relates to individual gestation, while the latter relates to planetary gestation.
     All the best Geoff Stray 




Arguelles' site has nifty new stuff; the days of the week are: target, flow, pacify, establish, release; purify; discharge --- sounds alrite for a basic steady beat don't it? -- And oh, they finally posted a note about the board, it's under repair. --------------- Here's the beginning of a 13 MOON - SELF STUDY PILOT PROGRAM Preparing for the Great Calendar Change of 2004 

Ecomail Email Network growing sustainably Attahed is a handbill for 10 elements of sustainability and info about non-commercial free email service Posted By: Reb Hand Email : Ecomail is functioning well as a free email alternative to . People like it, it never times out, etc. We've been displaying news in the navigation menu, and people have been able to add links themselves. An oversight organization was formed to help maintain that ecomail remains unaffected by corporate interests and other commercial agendas. - also known as The Institute for Planetary Consciousness Hope you are well. If anyone has ideas to share with a network of programmers, sustainability, and community based spirituality advocates, please post at the forum on site. There is an attached handbill (ready for printing) attached to this letter. It has been used to distribute at concerts & festivals. Please let people know that free signups for ecomail are at Keepin' i & i real! pax mundi G.Willson ------------- found at a different tortuga leg, Quetza Sha: One of the indigenous leaders of the ancianos, keepers of Mesoamerican tradition who recognized Jose Arguelles as Valum Votan, the closer of the cycle. ----------White Land Institute: A group of scientists and engineers from a number of countries have posed a question: is it possible to create a global energy system which would produce enough energy to satisfy all human needs and, at the same time, provide for a normal coexistence between humankind and Nature? This international group has analyzed the existing world energy system and its future development scenarios from the perspective of isotopic and energy balance. ---- they seem on drugs to me but oh well. ------------ More weirdness, same source ( Ag dept): Terra-zyme Safe soil-stabilizing enzymes for road construction wherein the enzyme-treated soil road typically and easily outlasts a much more expensive and problematic asphalt road - at dramatically lower cost. --------- More sensible; a letter by Hazel Henderson:

Arguelles stuff poster David Crockett Williams 661-822-3309 Chartered Life Underwriter Bachelor of Science, Chemistry Silk Road Peace March Co-Coordinator /group/silk-road-to-peace August 24, 2003 - October 31, 2004 La Paz, California, Japan, Korea, China, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jerusalem, Europe, USA, La Paz, October 2nd Gandhi birthday "One person can make a difference" Dennis Kucinich for USA President -----Pardon USA Peltier --------- Spirituality is The Highest Form of Politics ----------- For a Culture of Peace & Community --- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- /group/new-energy-solutions still down -- bunch a cowards. some 2002 material 


the tortuga board is back and I have a 'colleague' student show up early and prepare a grant proposal to innocuously, undistortingly and nonmanipulatively study the young woman of the rainbow 'pursewayshine' and who is conversant on her coloured in calendar carried ----- Topic: essential corrections, vital but broken links so, 's been a long time ye olde mayaniacs!!! you made the right decision. don't ever do anything like that again without a few weeks warning. IT'S RUDE!!!!!!! And I don't trust the reason given either. I ain't ever seen it busy here. Ps: lord almighty I get a private reply to this within a minute!!! I am still pissed off we were left to guess why the forum went down for so long. Not that I love the design or anything but doesn't just a little extra horsepower do the trick of accomodating traffic?

Topic: winnowin time, separate wheat from chaff; post da favs What are your favorite threads/entries from the past??? Why? Did you 'learn' from them, or did they make you feel good, or both; do your feeling good synapses rev when afforded a view at/to what can be shared in a personal, pointed and focused sort of way or do you like me get moved by folk like David Attenborough whom we have to all share and who takes care to weave a widerworl one? -- I propose the thread that  goes off about/on 666  (as best of general discussion for starters) if only cause  spectralwizard, one of 'm whities (good with numbers it seems) (in answer to kernl's:Alright! Galactic Moon Kali 25 (Sacral Chakra) kin 9: Red Solar Moon Seal Code # 9 Tone 9 Kin 9 March(3rd Month) day 3 Year 3 so we now have 999/333 I pulse in order to purify Realizing Flow Anyone have anything else to share about this amazingly powerful day!?)a popular if loony one (also points thisaway: --- check the second (moving yet/CAUSE!) still image on this section of his page: ------------ same fella also does a long post on the linguistics of jjrtolkien in general discussion on calendar change ------ another close contender is: Do Grassroots Gatherings Effect the Stock Market?  ---------- a longer thread comparing dreamspell counts to astrology (well it starts off to anyway; I'm out of time today though).



over 1600 registered members at tortuga message board:

Another bout of joustin' at the folk not satisfied with birthdays and I agree, such terms are uninformative; the dutch 'verjaardag' = annual day allows one to slip down the galactifractal scale slope and celebrate more:  vermaanduur, verweekkwartier, verdagminuut en veruurseconde

Topic: How was your day out of time?, Celbrating our celebrations -- I was gonna go to the dutch edition but found out they were going to do one of those mind numbing biology offending fire walk deals (more at my site). Did meet a nice gnome later at the dutch rainbow who was in the precess of making 7 giant tipis in rainbow colours. Ps: the locked thread in this category called 'who is the closer of the cycle is nevertheless in need of reply/com- and supplementation, namely the answer to who is the opener of the all too angular, meaning the all too hard stuff in therebu a lot less promising places (rocks and sands were trees once were and photosynthesis should make a come back as soon as possible). So, let's hear it for the amorphous innumerable, etc. No more heavy heavy name dropping and clutching at a fabric so thin threadbare and yet hotly contested. That's just same old saymold bullshit. 

Tesla the blackout and the stars 

longest (17 page) thread = arcturus probe (involves science fiction like distances) THE  (THE WHOLE 17 PAGE THREAD COMING UP AFTER THE INTRO (ON 666) 

music taskforce: keep count, carry currency and kid your self about kith, kin and control .. ... or .. . . magic music nine, music mine --  Ps: the locked thread in this category called 'who is the closer of the cycle is nevertheless in need of reply/com- and supplementation, namely the answer to who is the opener of the all too angular, meaning the all too hard stuff in therebu a lot less promising places (rocks and sands were trees once were and photosynthesis should make a come back as soon as possible). So, let's hear it for the amorphous innumerable, etc. No more heavy heavy name dropping and clutching at a fabric so thin threadbare and yet hotly contested. That's just same old saymold bullshit. All them different rhythms of time are going anyways one way or another; there are very few we can actually influence at all but those quite greatly and it's our proper place (rather than fantasizing ourselves out into way off space) to do so. Failing to is just jerking off and missing the pot pissing. When we do do it rite however, make influence that is (literally pouring rock into water during the quite 'sounding' fluffup stage - ideas on the musical fun to be had there/then at link above), there is no end to the rhythmic complexity (as above so below) resulting from a wide range of shapes and sizes, crushing arm speeds and water pumping pressures, but it's the result and the action that count . .. more than counting on catching rides the purely abstract (paralytic druginduced) way. Get it? Got it. Good, go to it wimme. My point is that without such humilitatian flailing big names about is destructive and dangerous. 

essential corrections (a thread I started) -- so, 's been a long time ye olde mayaniacs!!! you made the right decision. don't ever do anything like that again without a few weeks warning. IT'S RUDE!!!!!!! And I don't trust the reason given either. I ain't ever seen it busy here. Ps: lord almighty I get a private reply to this within a minute!!! I am still pissed off we were left to guess why the forum went down for so long. Not that I love the design or anything but doesn't just a little extra horsepower do the trick of accomodating traffic?? ---- my sig (inspired by some idiot assertions thereabouts): did noah come from mars? Or is he just a metaphor for man and his forest denuding, boat building ways causing floods? -------------- Uac Imix your sour comments of mistrust as to the reasons for the message boards spectralization and re-crystalization which were clearly stated with integrity by kin58 as "creating a more focused and streamlined" message board left me curious.... are you applying 13x28 into your life? how about 13x20? these frequencies are specific and can be felt when applied. for one this kin feels now has "zen" focus and streamline. More to develop 164 trusts! --------- --- hey poetpiet, another thought, your comment posted on Cosmic 21 of last year (greg 7/17/03).... "So far I considered, and will for a while longer I expect, rock and minerals in other aggregate conditions and states of sentience (crystal moon and structurally crystalline molecules, etc) identical and identity carrying in/of/with, in other words, the same as time. That insight might in turn take you lot a little while to grasp (slightly too down to earth for the more nosey than to grindstone given?)" --------- poetpiet have you read....or even seen 'The Mayan Factor'? the cover of this book shows Pacal Votan time travelling in a crystal!!!! Page after page of 'The Mayan Factor' one sees images of crystals CRYSTAL TIME ATOMS various visionary notebooks of JAVV 'the closer of the cycle' such as: 'The Crystal Earth Papers', 'Pacal Votan's Book of Universal Recollection', and 'Earth Wizard's Book of Practical Conduct' all demonstrate CRYSTAL TIME ATOMS.... daily 7:7::7:7 and Rinri meditations are based on building cubes (CRYSTAL TIME ATOMS).... The Law of Time refers to the cube of the Law "From Below, House of Earth May the heartbeat of her crystal core Bless us with harmonies to end all war!" -from the prayer the the seven galactic directions Let us all do more homework (especially before posting hostile messages based on a lack of insight and understanding into topics at hand....poetpiet) STUDY, STUDY, STUDY Patience, tolerance, love Yellow Galactic Seed ---------- hey bull to you too! I love you, you idiots!!! No hostility on me, honestly. travelling in a crystal? you're in deep drugged hippy dipshit if you must refer to similes that have folks caught in crystals, ice cubes or what ever other paralyzed way overcompensating such cramp and cramped space with large and fantastically fictitious helpings of time. Lay off the drugs and wake up. sure 20:13 works, but a good pie tastes great any way you slice, carve and serve it after yar cookycut and sculpt yarsolves tired. 

 Topic: mayan elder news (message via, lessee what the competition is up to --  From: "Samantha Synder" Date: Sun Sep 21, 2003 9:25 pm Subject: New Message From Mayan Elders New Message From Mayan Elders...09/21/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) ----------------- I gets a thank you from uac imix: Another very important point Carlos pointed out is: "It's a moment to say to humanity that we need to change the consciousness of the people, because the people who are in the dark side are clear about what they need to do. The people who work for the light are not together. For the elders the message for this moment is to call everybody to unity." Pretty incredible stuff. The arrival of the invisible armies. There's definately a lot more stuff in the interview, it isn't really that long and is pretty informative. Thanks and Praises be to the Omnipotent Source. --------------------------- I have had time to look at the astrosite now and the resemblance to this one is (almost) immediately obvious (after a few clicks at the latest). . .. except that the latter argues this constellation is a once in 40 miljun years thing and happened on christ's birthday (I expect a lot of the slew of people sticking with the former site's anal-isis to attempt conception around november when the david star config happens. I never could pursuade johnboy to explain if his version was tied to a particular sequency for the planets or if the same config didn't reoccur with them in the same houses or what (he just added a bunch of astonomical calculations since then which have nothing to do with the technique of astrology). If you ask me, to compare charts like this is faking it (forcible forgery, not to say flakily flawed) simply bycause the planets don't all run in one rim but in each their own and not circular at that. It's ludicrous to try turn that into an exact science, draw the line, insist, defend or whatever with any measure of emphasis. To approximate roughly is good enough for me. Ps: allow me to present some text from the beginning stages of the multiple page 'jupiter project' :"Noting that the Star of Bethlehem and the capstone of The Great Pyramid are both ancient astrological configurations, this site attempts to document discoveries that may provide solutions for mysteries that have puzzled humanity for eons". "Astroarchaeologist John Charles Webb, Jr., has done extensive mathematical and astronomical research in order to identify the Star of Bethlehem and discover the birth date of Christ." From The Cover Story, "In Pursuit of the Birth-Chart of Jesus", December 2000, Dell Horoscope Magazine,The World's Leading Astrology Magazine. Templeton Prize Nominee for two consecutive years (2002 - 2003) for progress towards research or discoveries about spiritual realities. Francais - Espanol - Deutsch - Italiano - Portugues from the view source section: An ancient mystery solved - an illuminating journey into the roots of the present Age, Christ's birth and the discovery of the lost capstone of The Great Pyramid. from the keyword section: Christmas, Star of Bethlehem, quantum, physics, mechanics, Pi, great pyramid, zep tepi, sacred geometry, christmas, magi, David, seal, solomon, sphinx, astrology, astronomy, bible, wise men, Giza Plateau, equinox, precession, wisdom, Matthew, great pyramid, solar system, pi, jesus christ, teachings, solstice, testament, judea, egypt, prophesy, capstone, calendar, gospel, *.*, catholic, encyclopedia, royal, society, puzzle, newton, einstein, hawking -------------- guess what?????? Not suprisingly, this guy thinks there's something wrong with our time wreckowning too!!!!!!!!!!!!----------- Papyrus Dear Reader, These materials have continually evolved since the "first edition" over three years ago. The essays connect dots that have never been connected before: ..The Christ.. the great pyramid.. time.. astronomy.. astrology.. metaphysics.. elementary mathematics.. global warming.. The Bible..the quantum physics of light..The Emerald Tablet..and most recently, some "mathematical evidence" regarding otherworldly visitors! -- etcetera, text from

in General Discussion on Calendar Change -- they want a 13 month system too --- ps: I need to tell about this 

Topic: 'True Count'?, Dreamspell: revelation, or imperialism? 13th of november 2002 --- mine is the 10th in thread: it seems there are fresh addition for this thread:The Key to Dreamspell - 33k - 26 Sep 2003 The original "Key to the Dreamspell Agenda" piece has now been revised. The main analysis remains unchanged, regarding the effects of skipping February 29th (leap day), but I have edited out the science-fiction style that directly implied that Dreamspell's creator was responsible for the effects of skipping February 29th. The interpretation that such day-skipping is objectionable because it violates a fundamental principle of time resonance (namely, that the same day-sign and number—say, 8 Imix—must always be separated by 260 days) remains my own. Yet, is such an interpretation unreasonable? On the contrary, it seems common sense. The science-fiction style referred to above was an intentional strategy to alert people to the seriousness of ignoring the existence of the True Count (the authentic surviving calendar tradition in Guatemala). It should go on record that the original "Agenda" piece was instrumental in triggering the Dreamspell movement's acknowledgment that such a True Count exists, and therefore was a force for positive change and manifesting truth. Now, some seven years later, the piece has been revised to reflect only my critique of the spiritual/philosophical system called Dreamspell, and should not be construed as being a negative attack on Mr. Arguelles. All philosophical models and religious/spiritual movements should undergo scrutiny and assessment, in the interest of clarity and truth. —JMJ, March 2, 2003 ------------- ps: leave this board up till the new is ready OK?!!?!?!?!? ---- psII: this document was written in march this year; this forum is not really on the ball is it? Just obscure and a hair short of certifiably loony connection stringery of a kind that puts a strain on the good functionality reputation of the average idiot savant. -- Narcissism of small difference anybody? ----- Just check this out to see what I mean: bingo!!! indiot savant number umpteen - savantery at it's finest and most individual paradoxically and always concerned with tieing the longest lightest and weakest threads together. One can break rock with water quickly but ice ages have been the rule on that front, cause the ones humans do break don't do shit for their on any being's chi, no matter how impressive the 'castles' magic or otherwise. If the above doesn't convince you ,try next and last mentioned guy to talk and team up with a seemingly identical selfset task known as 'the sodomite . .. .' something or other by Dolf Boek (an accomplished architect by the way) -- here are some mentions of him around the net:Full Canvas Jacket Award 5 November 2002 - 24k - ----------- - 35k ----------- Anti-Discrimination List - 35k .. --------- - 86k - ---------- RainbowSDA On Human Sexuality. - 23k -- ----------- From: queerlaw-digest-owner--------------- The Perfectionist - November 1994 - 10k - ---------- GayLawNet --------------- and a final ps (all found with the search phrase "comparison of astrology and dreamspell" -- I would warmly recommend this page (from index.html through 11): for beginners teenagers (any dreamspeller children that age yet?) - here's the heart of that (chessloving) crowd (link to Dan too) hey, this I saw mentioned on that long arcturus thread (wasn't too impressed with that despite the 4000 views and this website really didn't take off either)

  (take 'too' for this file)
/cgi-bin/ (a few to go before being taken down)


 DNA music Geneome : DNA ---------------------- ----- ------------------- ------ --------------- ------------------- ---------------- -------------- ---------------- ----------------- ------------------ I-ching! -------- !! ------------------------- Millenium Twain my old axquaintance is back; some nice colour combining here and there; he has also started a slew of yahoo groups for some reason. 

http://harmoniesproject.tripod.comwent to meet Tony Smith -- site seems to be dead or Mark (White Galactic Wind): responsible for
ocertainly worth a visit; pictures of people puzzling out some catchy coherence substitutes ----- (pan london; slow site with little on it) 

spotted by the spellers too (I blogged it a long time ago): cabbalistic/astrological 'field harmonics'page has Orgone biophysics as the category heading this fairly rich page (even links to 

'onespirit' in general discussion posts 'harmony of the spheres, be amazed' --here is riddle oh riddle me how a cat and a fiddle acquainted a cow a light and another a mirror of light throw day into dark and a shadow through night answer this riddle and riddle me why these eyes from this middle unite in the sky _ Hi! thus begins The Harmony of The Spheres by Ofmil C Haynes Published in 1997 by Wooden Books. Well this thing is copyright so i hope ofmil won't mind because i am about to download a big chunk of it. it is amazzzzzzing!!!"The moon has three colours... and four quarters of seven days each. Twenty-nine and a half days lie between full moonsbut twenty eight is more often used - four sevens, or 1+2+3+4+5+6+7. Four is halfway between one and seven, seven is halfway between one and thirteen and thirteen twenty-eights make 364. Divide thirteen moonths into four quarters each (call them suits) - to make a pack of cards. Add up the pack (Jack as 11, Queen as 12, King as 13) to make 364. Don't forget to add the Joker! Add one - a year and a day." p18 The moon takes 27 and a half days to spin once on her axis to face the stars. The Sun takes the same number of days to spin once on its axis to face the Earth. p18 The combined radii of the Earth and the Moon (3960+1080) make 5040 miles which is 1x2x3x4x5x6x7. The diameter of the Earth, (7920 miles) is 8x9x10x11. p6 "The sizes of the Earth and the Moon thus make an exact 11:3 ratio" John Mitchell. p6 drummer offering lots of music links and 6 macro timekeep systems (Maya Long Count -- Maya Classic -- Maya Dreamspell -- Aztec -- 13 Moon -- Pope Gregory XIII) - links to a local (austin) board a 19 post thread (a handful of those) as best result --- he has some interesting gifs here: and links too: and keeps a music log does a camelot page with wonderful don quixotte art and a dormant message board. /drug addled stupendicity adulation -- rainbow kind, but unfortunately of the regrettable kind; the stage so few escape. some short bits and pieces a monthly new  age mag of long standing and odd format, in dutch and called Bres,  has a maya calendar explanation by this wavecatcher (opportunists are reluctant to reveal sources ((lest it should be found out they were free)) and usually equally unwilling to part with their work  in non-commercial channells). this is where the art of the (dutch english) site came from -- links to a musicienne (all too typical of dutch entertainer talent I'm afraid) and to a page with sharing gallery lots of manipulative shiny sparkly make believe known as digital art 

some guy who calls himself satan (and demonstrably refuses to adopt 'his' icon) has been trying to burst a few bubbles, here's him on the photon belt:It is very pleasing to think of our planet coming out of the darkness and into the light, although I do not think our nocturnal fauna would agree. It is much better for each of us to seek enlightenment within ourselves. This enlightenment cannot be imposed by external forces. A deluge of photons from the Pleiades will not save the planet, nor will it transform its inhabitants into enlightened Atmosphereans. We will have to solve our problems ourselves. shrooms and aliens fiend

planet art network associates:  a forum for those who care to carry on about the calendar. Members there are: ----- ------- - ----- ----and another group:



360861+10 on evolution -- I go: innocence turnin an alligator trick hihihi (from some rusy crotchican page) found via google images for sri ashish (found a cheap book with a colour diagram in it that is modeled on snail/sea shells; he can be found on the net regarding criticism of Gurdjeff at a Blavatsky site)

360993 23 points of liberality 

------------ I sent my post to the tortuga board (included in the item below to the man at the sept: 987 -- oct: 2369 nov: 490 -- posts at the 


361053thoughts on tonite's configurelimbentality nine hours from now -- by straitupithypiet -- the david's star 'dots' to turns such pointset into a veritably 3 D octahedron, a nice stable idea if ever i built one. ------- tonite's eclipse/concordance from Giuliana Conforto Harmonic Concordance and... systemquake In a dream of mine, a few days ago, I saw the Earth jump to a higher level of energy. "She", our beautiful planet Earth, appeared as a translucent, magnificent ball of Light which was falling down, at a slightly lower level, and, soon after rebounding at a higher energy level than "Her" present one. My dream was a clear message, explaining why we are now involved in a lot of urgent "duties" to be prepared for the incoming cosmic event that may coincide with the Harmonic Concordance on November 8, 2003. At 15:13 PM (Roma (Italy) Time) on November 8, 2003, a geometrically perfect six sided (Star of David) configuration will appear in the sky, linking and balancing the energies of six astrological bodies: the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and the Moon. In addition, there will be an eclipse of the full moon at this time. The interaction of this significant planetary alignment at the moment of the eclipse combines to produce a powerful alchemical transformation offering the opportunity for both personal and planetary shifts in consciousness. The name that has been given to this particular energetic window of time is the Harmonic Concordance. It goes from November 5th through the 11th with the peak at 8:13 PM on November 8th! ( According to James Gilliland, ACETI Director( there are "Earth changes in the next 4 months ... There will be a shift... Another renaissance period in the next four months. This is to assist the consciousness to catch up. What is called the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th is the peak of this event. We are preparing to join the rest of the universe. The end of war, disease, and restoration of the environment are what is waiting for those who have the courage to stand up for it. The help is here, we have to initiate it, welcome it, pray for it and do our part to bring this to fruition... " The harmonic concordance is a new extra-energy of the Force all sages have spoken about, throughout history, scientists discovered, in the 70's, christened Electroweak and... "forgot". This Force is eternal Life, which makes every body alive; It beats the rhythms of the nuclear matter, which composes any terrestrial or celestial body, the human one included. This is not a brilliant, but vague hypothesis. The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is a diagnosis, which actually shows the effects of the Force on the nuclear matter composing the human body. There are actually many other clues that might confirm the intelligent and living nature of the Force. According to my view, the Force is also the Cause of all the hundreds of hormones our endocrine glands produce daily, particularly in the early morning. And hormones are what we feel as humors, attitudes, emotions, consciousness, inner truth; they compose the daily bread, which actually nourishes our human body (see my book, LUH, Man's Cosmic Game) Thus the harmonic concordance might be the extraordinary opportunity to let humans download a "new" extra-energy that is mainly a new upgraded hormonal information. .. . . ... .. carry on reading via the link at the bottom ----------- ?s=3facb5cd04b4ffff;act =ST;f=3;t=242 yellow galactic star Group: Planetary Kin Posts: 105 Joined: June 2002 Posted: Nov. 07 2003,16:36 Self-Existing Moon of form,Silio 21 White Spectral Mirror day,kin 258 White Spectral Wizard year In Lak'ech kin, ---------------------- Here is a bit of information of where in the world the Eclipse can be experienced and what parts of the . . . --------- Beginning Self-Existing Moon of form,Dali 22,Blue Crystal Storm day through First watch of Seli 23-Yellow Cosmic Sun day,day/night/morning it is viewable. gregorian dating november 8–9 A total lunar eclipse, centered on mechanical reference 01:18 UT on the gregorian 9th,Self-Existing moon-day 23, is visible from Europe and Africa on the morning of the gregorian 9th (local mechanical time), and the Americas on the evening of the gregorian 8th (Self-Existing Moon,day 22. In North America, the eastern regions are favored. For observers on the west coast, the Moon will already be almost totally eclipsed when it rises in the east at sunset of the Self-Exisitng Moon,day 22. ------ Here is a very informing website with graphics and information about the stages of the moon before,during and after the eclipsing. Check,if you feel to, the chart on this webpage for other regions on the planet. ----------- Lunar Eclipse information. -------- This is about the eclipse in relation to the Harmonic Concordance. A total lunar eclipse nested within a six-pointed solar system configuration, heralded by extraordinary solar flare activity and resulting geomagnetic storms on earth – occurring together gregorian dating,November 8 –9 (Self-Existing Moon,days 22-23), these celestial developments are being called the Harmonic Concordance. Even considering only the lunar eclipse and its paired solar eclipse later in November, these events have astrological significance for a period of months to years. --------- What is the nature and significance of the Harmonic Concordance? What distinguishes it from past newsworthy formations, like the 1987 Harmonic Convergence and the 2000 Taurus Alignment? There is a wealth of information and perspectives on the Harmonic Concordance with which to learn and perhaps align. Here, I’ll briefly describe the Concordance, offer my view on its significance, and suggest a few choice resources for additional information. ------------ Basics of the Harmonic Concordance The Harmonic Concordance is defined by the positions in our sky of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the planetoid Chiron on November 8 – 9(Self-Existing Moon of form,days 22-23). Together these bodies form a Grand Sextile pattern – a hexagon or six-pointed star formation around earth. Coincident with the formation of this Grand Sextile pattern are these celestial events: A total lunar eclipse occurring within the Grand Sextile Jupiter, part of the Grand Sextile, in stressful square aspect to Pluto (90 degrees separation in celestial longitude) Extraordinary solar flare activity with resulting geomagnetic storms on earth. Bee with peaceful adventures in time, kin 8 --------------- ------------------ heads will roll, charts will tumble (source of the higherscope posted here) ------ --------- My post to the tortuga board topic 'humility': humility (HUMUS) is the answer rock is the question/challenge/hoard, a clock wound up too tight. ------ I once read a book by that great native american author (Vine Deloria) about the cultural emphases the (judeo-)west vs the rest placed on time and space respectively. Guess which one always was preoccupied with finalities, linearities, prediction, speculation, tossing wild numbers about, imagining growth of some doctrine/blood/clan at the same time they assumed space was not an issue, subsumed rather, no problem and entirely subordinate. You all are just the latest and, since you side with the oppressed by way of window dressdross, most sympathetic of all those movements/religions/sensibilities and what have you. Being up to speed on/about roots is not most youngsters' wont and I am not demanding you change yourself but you might as well (change rock) while you feel strong about expressing 'your'solves. ------ Oh yeah, about this 'concordance' conceit. Planets run on/their course, I don't deny it but does anyone that they don't run on one course, let alone in a circular one??? How will they ever make a grand sextile/salomon seal/david star (IN PLAIN OL' HARD REALITY) tonite??????????????????? Mind you I very much believe in vibes from afar that can be felt but don't believe you can pin a system on it and certainly not a very exact one about the deeper things that matter most; if you stick to simplistically regular mooncycles tribal life is indeed the uncomplicated best for you. But the long term fraction fiddlery gets even fairly like minded folk like Dan Winter and Arguelles into squables over next to nothing i guess. Look at Winter's analysis of Peruvian july 21st. 


361053 thoughts on tonite's configurelimbentality nine hours from now (english) straitupithypiet 3:31am Sat Nov 8 '03 article#361053 hey, it's not for nothing that one can connect the david's star 'dots' to turns such pointset into a veritably 3 D octahedron, a nice stable idea if ever i built one. ----- quotes ommited ---- My post to the tortuga board topic 'humility': humility (HUMUS) is the answer rock is the question/challenge/hoard, a clock wound up too tight. I once read a book by that great native american author (Vine Deloria) about the cultural emphases the (judeo-)west vs the rest placed on time and space respectively. Guess which one always was preoccupied with finalities, linearities, prediction, speculation, tossing wild numbers about, imagining growth of some doctrine/blood/clan at the same time they assumed space was not an issue, subsumed rather, no problem and entirely subordinate. You all are just the latest and, since you side with the oppressed by way of window dressdross, most sympathetic of all those movements/religions/sensibilities and what have you. Being up to speed on/about roots is not most youngsters' wont and I am not demanding you change yourself but you might as well (change rock) while you feel strong about expressing 'your'solves. Oh yeah, about this 'concordance' conceit. Planets run on/their course, I don't deny it but does anyone that they don't run on one course, let alone in a circular one??? How will they ever make a grand sextile/salomon seal/david star (IN PLAIN OL' HARD REALITY) tonite??????????????????? Mind you I very much believe in vibes from afar that can be felt but don't believe you can pin a system on it and certainly not a very exact one about the deeper things that matter most; if you stick to simplistically regular mooncycles tribal life is indeed the uncomplicated best for you. But the long term fraction fiddlery gets even fairly like minded folk like Dan Winter and Arguelles into squables over next to nothing i guess. Look at Winter's analysis of Peruvian july 21st. ------- that italian fallowshopper (english) piet 3:56am Sat Nov 8 '03 Hebrew Law (english) I do not support the occupation of Iraq. 8:05am Sat Nov 8 '03 comment#361093 Lev. 19:26 Ye shall not eat (anything) with the blood: neither shall ye use enchantment, nor observe times.



ps: anybody deft with fractions? how do 367040 and 149700 relate ---------------- and i am uninvitative to the likes of . .. .  piet 6:57am Fri Nov 28 '03 comment#367074 -- guys like 'malkuth2700, haughty and huffy offteller, who in answer to a comment (on ((in his own eyes brilliant)) Torah exegesis ((tieing it to astronomy by means of heaps of line numbers and whot nat)), an innocent and enthusiastic one really, it reminds her ((Anne Webb)) of Daniel Winter to wit which sets of another forum member in turn: comment suspects 'commmercial motives'. Anne tells him (and all in the timewavezero2012 group) that she has been unemployed for over a year wherein this pompous idiot sees confirmation of alterior motives and censors any similar replies in advance!!!!! HHHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!! That's just priceless, coming from this puffed up fella so ultraprotective of crowning concepts (in german and japanese) underscored with (links to) pics of Torah crowns (the like of which remind me of the skull with segments missing as perches on top of the much besheepled (to the point of round the corner line up) anne frank house neighbouring 'westerkerk' in A'dam). Someone sends anne the link (for which she, again, shows gratitude and through which she no doubt will sooner or later find out that there is nothing like a split personality to cause the spitting image). refs: // links to (page on kabbalah, nice enough really) - this is probably a very young kid (1975 named Andreas Szabo), here he is replying to Anna's Einstein (on compasion) quote:  Exactly what i meant. Your post not so much by content but by the fact that you post it as a reply on my work, from which your post content is completely differnt, signaled me, that you are out of money in some form. take this hint as a joke but take it and i meant it really. To prevent further post of that kind of yours or from anyone who reads this message, I make it clear: I AM NOT INTERESTED. No excuses please. Andreas Szabo  Decipherer of the Torah Cosmos --- . .. did I say too much? Nothing short of pathetic no? He's young, if he ever stops playing the loose knit 'numeraphoric' magician long enough to grow a garden there is hope yet but I fear this  fella is prime typical candidate of the sort that ends up outdoing/updating the 'sadducee printout' man (despite the many jobs he held down hopelessly tangled up in outrageous and hyper partial myth) or the 'sodomite prophet' Dolf Boek (also got blogged about here many a time)

galacticwind.blogspot.comsorta dissapointing so far, just starting out; a new poster at the boards claims to have been offered a house right after a Mayan reading and opened it to the vibes and waves after which he got a job with a man owning 4 castles; the desperates measures these newly converted resort to in order to claim a state of being on the ball is pathetic; having spaced out the departure of his busline on the way to France (so much for tuning in) he lucks out on the back of a new friend's bike who runs him to Paris at 190k an hour (he mentions that in order for us to note his being carried at a rate reminiscent of their faved fetishes all sorts of 19 fractals I am sure) with a helmet that reads sychrotec or something

EXCURSION TO FAIRY TALE LAND I get a few hours worth of entertainment out of Geoff Stray's news section; lemme just start with the best: simple, visual and basic about the physics of astrology - the internet sure sees to a proliferation of Merlins stuck/freezing 'mselves into a glas cage with idiosyncratic furniture arrangements --- once one filters too fine the cocoon spinning starts in earnest and another beautifully busy and untouchable soul is born -- a dutch weekly has an article about this public figure/attraction personality obliviously at play; cannot even be disturbed by an army of recording devices the shutters of which he outshoots every time --- at the end of it he jumps into the pinpointing fray with differences not of mere hours, a day or even a week, nay!! he not only mentions the whopping 10 days ploughed under (the famous 10 days during 1582 at the transition from julian to gregorian) but says there is discussion over a 10 YEAR period even! -- Listen to this incoherent spacecase: So, saying that 2003 is really 2012 is a bit like a movement that suddenly announced that today is really the week before last. -- He slams the Concordance fella as a would be cult status man like Arguelles ---- TIME GATE Ananda wouldn't want to get to know a hairline fracture, nor a crack nor a crevice in rock even if I told him our life depends on it (I did a while ago) ------ here's a poetic page found there: a Cherokee on about venus cycles and Troyan history ------ best find is Will Hart, prompting me to open the following thread at gregorian and tzolkin: fetish fractions in common, Will Hart shows us in a new book A lot of his work sits here: namely these articles: Egyptologists: It is Time to Prove Your Claims Something is Wrong with this Picture! Great Pyramid Shocker Perspective - Settling an Old Controversy Archaeological Cover-ups: A Plot to Control History? The Ancient Enigma - Moving the Megaliths About the Author ---------- I am not sure if he argues in the vein of Tom Pawlicki (provocative reading to say the least) therein or not and it is not what the title of this topic refers to but this here does: 2012: End of the 5th Sun by Will Hart -- If we use 13 as the root of the Mayan calendar system we find the following sequence: 13, 26, 39, 52, 65, 78, 91 and 104, which are achieved by simply adding 13 to each succeeding sum. These are the key numbers in the Mayan calendrics and they have a solid scientific footing. Venus was the central component of the Mayan cosmology. It is for good reason that our nearest planetary neighbor is called earth’s sister planet. They have a phase-locked orbital cycle that is based on a 13:8 ratio. That is derived from the fact that Venus revolves around the sun 1.6 times faster than Earth so that 13 Venus revolutions is equal to 8 years. ---- for the second half go here: ps: curious as to what yall very loose associate®s think ------ /group/SalviaD_Alliance/ the magazine (a bulletin board format really which has password only format but this group doesn't require sign-in) -- oh by the way this is a haunt for Geoff Stray and like mind(warp)ed pharmapsychedealicks (Ananda and such, who holds DMT classes in Switserland). At the risk of sounding haughty or huffy or something I'd say that all the striving for enlightenment, insight, molecular spiritguidance, harmony, coherence, love and what have you . . .. . . by means of certain substances or other is the UNDERstandTAKING I have (pointed to rather than actually ventured) achieved (with the aid and mere use of no more than 1 part marihuana ((discontinued over a decade ago)) and at least 9 parts lectleis ((leisure for (((intel)))lecture))simpler, less dangerously and what's more without running the risk of incredibly severe and soulbreaking punishment for messing with illegal substances) - I wish I could just join the group, leave my url and gain all resident hearts and minds as groupies/recruits for my bold and all ARMIES RADICALLY TRANSFORMING plots/plans/ scripts/ projections . .. . .. . . scape goads . .. . . .. . as it is arguably the quickest way to get from here to substantial rout of the supposed need for most drugs and 'pharmasleighoftesttubularvitro' --- by the way, salvia is a (probably legal, possibly illegal , seeing there's a defence fund for it . .  salvia_divinorum_action_center.htm . .. disbanded due to success, so legal it is) herb.


Comment on the tortuga board to the same page: thanks, that has some funny not to mention lighningboltlike passages, such as the one modeling time on a pyramid; I posted it at indymedia and caused a rash of crazy imitations just now (turns out to be Seeley's work; he seems to have gotten obsessed with my use of a question mark and the next 10 or so items are his using pseudos; Arena ferreted him out); owwhhwell .. . Those two swedes(?) have some perspective on JA/PV here and there, here they are: and ../art037.html -- ---------- bottom line: frictionless fractions and fractionation are cleverly and rhythmically complex .. . but . .. they are beats without breaks, warmups without work outs, 'hirnwix', at the most emptily, conventionally and hollowly musical; in the lights of ways to end all fights they are perfectly useless and puzzling at best; cause of autism and the idiot savant who comes up with a bigger bomb sooner or later. ---------- later in the thread: correction: you are not quoting me but the person I quote (big difference most of the time unfortunately); also, you say: I don't look at any of this stuff about who is right or wrong.  This is not the thing to do with mythology. ---- Wrong nevertheless (as in refusing to signal wrong where it is due). Mixing metaphors is art alrite. The mistake is projecting fireside fabulation and the story type yarn your loose attitude does apply to, onto the present, which don't make 'm any less mythological but adds the devaluation of pretence, hypocrisy, make belief, would be sanctifications,  other wilful ego games and command lines. Fully in line with holy book absolutisms we have too much trouble with as is; ask yourself why Arguelles has ended up sidling and sliding toward Islam? The math of 19, sure, and I don't ask cause I do not agree the magic of gematrical calendar node identification (places where nut meets needy) can be alluring, pursuasive, comforting and all that, nor do I think the blood, gore and extremism filled holy books don't benefit from taking them in a dry and sober sense numerology could offer but in the end, after fraction fetishization, it will only be fuel to the fire; look at the awful end Rashid's life came to.  ----- After saying all that, I think the view of each succeeding era being one twentieth of it's predecessors lenght, very worthy of criticism and art inspired by it, so go to already!!!!!!!!! ---------------------------------I'm changing colour to black now ---- --I'll start with rephrasing the most obscure section in my last post: . . . . .nor do I think the blood, gore and extremism filled holy books don't benefit from taking them in a dry and sober sense numerology could offer but in the .. .. -------- of course, it's us benefitting(or taking harm) from books more than the other way around although just how we make 'm counts too .. .. . ------- You ask: What is your intent behind these posts? What brought you to What is your Galactic Signature? Your Long count Mayan glyph? I know both of mine, as well as my chinese astrology and western astrology. -----------me: so where in dungeons and dragons now are we, check, match engage is it? are we gonna measure dicks too? mean anything to you? Q's right back at you if you are too lazy to push my homepage buttons and find out about a host of arguelles like 'art' and milkywaysmart (arnold keyserling ought to be right up your speed). ------I am waiting for someone to make something of the 28 day animals chinese astrology juggles with, was it kermadec who showed the calculations? Too long ago for me. ------- -------- Doesn't make any of it 'the absolute truth' more or less than anything else in life. -------definite dates and judgement days are not a form of 'insistery'? ---------- What 'teachers' teach in college is speculation and opinion too. Collective reality. There is empowerment in diversity and comparing things. ----------- yes, absolutely, in order to find fault and bias, bridge gap, leapfrog and rescue; complement, learn and unlearn but if you get stuck in/at that, virtually (second gaming ref) addicted to vertuality, you grow up to be one hell of an unhealthy kido, no? --------- I bet you have never studied Joseph Cambell and the power of myth? --------- I like his shorter finn's wake, will robert graves do instead on the myth front? he wrote the white goddess, a poetic grammar of poetic myth. -------- I can tell because you didn't seem to understand what I meant by the word mythology. I am not talking about faerie tales. Sometimes explaining something in the literal takes away from the mystery of a story. ------1------and too much mysthery takes one away from simple sober down to earth common sense if you overdo it: ----2--- If it gives me the truth instead I'll have more of it -- look at Oskar Kiss Maerth's discovery that cannibalism (pineal gland in particular) was practiced a looong loooong time and metaphorized as 'fruit from the tree of knowledge' for instance. ------- There is power in symbology and numerology. --------I'd go for powder, forget power, that's getting waaaaay to personal. -------- What's your beef? ---------What's your preference, Stan Tenen's clever apple peel/section or Johnny Appleseed's way with them? ---- better question would be to ask: what's your dust? ------------ dac Group: Planetary Kin Posts: 13 Joined: Oct. 2003 Posted: Dec. 15 2003,13:38 This is an interesting topic, so I bought the book by Dr. Calleman, Solving the Greatest Mysteries of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar. -- snip -- Initially, reading this book discouraged me. Its very opinionated, and at times judgemental. The discoveries Dr. Calleman made, if true, are to be commended. I just wish he wasn't so opinionated. For it felt as if Dr. Calleman thought that he was reaching a destination with his discovery. And that if everyone wasn't using his method, they would end up at the wrong destination. The plain truth, as I see it, is there are many paths to God. All are leading in the same direction, not destination. -- snip --- Everybody wins, as long as devisive attitudes of I'm right and you're wrong stay out of the picture. -------------- You are God also. Namaste, dac ----------- Self-Existing Storm Group: Planetary Kin Posts: 22 Joined: Oct. 2003 Posted: Dec. 15 2003,14:20 I need to address the claim that Jose has cast aside the whole leap year idea. I read that it was culminated at the end of 52 years into a "holiday" period of 13 days. The Wavespell Out Of Time! P.S. Poetpiet can you tell me what you mean by "powder" and what is the "power" or lack thereof that relates to/reflects with it? -------------- self-e storm --------------- poetpiet Group: Planetary Kin Posts: 47 Joined: June 2003 Posted: Dec. 15 2003,14:57 ------ makes perfect sense don't it? the dispute is between two ways of measuring the year's length, the results differ due to a tiny lag (and cause a fractionationalism .. . banking anybody ? let's just call it a rift) a quarter day per year, adding up to 1 every 4 OR 13 every 52 if you take venus and the one that takes 12 years .. .(jupiter I believe) you create cycles where no 2 days have the same 'stamp' (regarding the sprocket that brings those 2 round only) until 60 years pass; however if you include more factors (since you got a hold of a bigger calculator, axles, chains and or paint and brushes, lessay) your 'sieve' starts to sift finer and finer progressively and soon slip into numberlessness; countlessness (counting started with property, expropriation needs rather than for fair distribution, be sure of that); why not go for the smartest (way of the heart) before going throught the neck and browbreaking numeracy? Just be numerous as the specks of dust; yes that's more than grains of sand but as long as this doesn't tempt you to take it too personally and apply it projectorily (yeah, I know that's not in the dickshineairy yet but just you wait .. I suppose I should say projectionwise but it aint wise so . .. ) to offspring you ought to be able to not sink in the semitic sands of demographilthy desertification, alrite? --------- 'poetpiet powder' 61 hits ------ 'poetpiet power' 359 hits ------ 359::61 a nice decimatory fraction don't you think? should really cut some bloat down to size and possibly even start feeding some tiny portion of all seas that set our clouds afloat + powder as in mineral dusts - power as in the unhealthy heaps of hoards foldholds whateva .. .. -----------  you don't wanna know how many people have some scheme, net, key, and think you don't need a good joke and/or prospect to laugh; I'm sure they all have their 'moments' but as long as it doesn't set rockclocks a tickin I aint buyin'. ------- ps: googled 'poetpiet' and 'pow(d)er' = 49 hits  --------- a fresh comment on the sadducee printouts (some sort of colleague of sunwolf) at (by me): this man is split; bent on deforestation (seeing he formated his work very narrowly and we all know just how dumb most printouters are) yet thinks he defends some sort of 'monatheistic' matriarchal value set (off against 'inorganic intelligence' = physics + penis driven death drive); nevertheless, some of his anecdotes (enlivened, embedded and surrounded by a battallion of quotes) are true to life and make one think and give a taste of the absurd, such as when reading his projections of pink swastikas as replacement of the israeli flag and fashion going all out for drag. ----- if you care for more lunacy like this go find Dolf Boek's sodomite prophecy page or Andreas Szabo etcetera etcetera --- find the pattern and . .. ..? -------------- did noah come from mars? Or is he just a metaphor for man and his forest denuding, boat building ways causing floods? 

Topic: poetpiet?, Who r u? < Next Oldest | Next Newest > Self-Existing Storm Group: Planetary Kin Posts: 22 Joined: Oct. 2003 Posted: Dec. 16 2003,14:13 I felt the need to start a new thread and hope not to unravel you at all. My concern is meerly understanding. Apparently, I'm not alone in my difficulty with this subject. I think Sunwolf tried to learn about you with a few simple questions that you've taken very personaly. Consequently, you evaded the questions in favor of the usual poetic disertation. I fail to see the direct, sober and valuable relations you seem to seek, being manifested with this medium. The allusion to role-playing (D&D) seems to show a certain isolation of identity. Be here now. As far as the specific "power" problem and it being too personal I can only hope that that is for our protection. If you or anyone asked me anything, I would share whatever I could, without causing pain or sadness. But that's me. I hope only to flatter you by singling you out like this and of course to pursue knowledge, not power. Specifically in this case: can you elaborate on what holy books and absolutions, specifically, you addressed in the previous forum? And what do you base Jose's "sliding into Islam" on? Didn't you just get on this site in June? I know his love for God stretches back further than that. Can you be any more specific? (chronologically, maybe) I love you man! In La Kech! --- self-e storm ------------- poetpiet Group: Planetary Kin Posts: 47 Joined: June 2003 Posted: Dec. 17 2003,05:45 ------ whotdafakeISwrongwidyouall?? Can't you use that bleu button at the bottom of my page that reads HOMEPAGE or go++ogle AT 'arguelles + poetpiet' to find out most of what you'd have me repeat herenow to please you? -------- sure, I would like the time, space and opportunity to have my work (re)arranged so it can be accessed by category, date and whathaveyou, but like you, I like to think I deserve things and have' m offered to me on a silver platter in token of gratitude (for not taking out patents on pagemake ups and colour combozz), acknowledgement and recognition (for the time I put into it). I'm sure you know how that works out in reality .. . . . . if you' re not anal and demanding (insistent and repetitive) about it enough these desires smolder in the realm of wild dreams just as and while my book collection sits and rots in an attic of a nephew's dilapidated farmbarn at the same time cause I have, as you put it, a self-inflicted 'isolation' syndrome (I think that HOMEPAGE button referred to before is the perfect antidote but that's up to you guys and I'm not sure who lets who down here); hey, it takes two to tango and the people who could benefit most from my collection (although I used to think that of the rainbow family too) don't invite me to become their librarian do they? Or is you topic title choice a set up and veiled way to do so?? ??? -------- Rainbow family just invite 'everybody' (just like you folks think your little abacus scheme is just the thing for anybody with plenny of evidence a good painter turned not exactly bad but certainly down a notch or 19 when he tried his hand at prohpecy, on the other hand I just don't think much of prophecy except for the kind that says we should use all airplanes to spread dust and avert disastrous climate; it's diffuse and eternally true enough to pass with me) and that's impersonal enough for me to appreciate it as a good start (which is ok as long as you 'hide' but downtown in the hustle and bustle of religion ((and make no mistake, dreamspellers are religious)) you need other selection criteria). but the integration process where one receives instruction during quarantined trial period to see how well you do what I figure is step 2, the impersonal goolowgo(no there is not a file full of my collected neologisms yet; I hope someone feels challenged), lacks benefactor and discipline; all the psychedelic golden mean and math of 19 number numb(((skull))cull)ingly crippling crypticism notwithstanding, the tone is set by the everything goes as long as it's simplistic and can be hauled by hand, etcetra, crowd. ---------- You wrote: : .. . . you evaded the questions in favor of the usual poetic disertation. -------- we are all but fleeting and mere shadows of our true self; I don't care for purposeful pinning and penning unless it's the real thing and to repeat, that definitely aint personal; why don't you try the rainbow chapter amongst my older tiptoptappery ---- my date of birth is 2nd of june '58 ------ I wasn't the one evoking D&D, I merely noted its presence. Using relevatory criteria as a coarse way of getting to know people quickly and roughly like I used to do when I was on the run, 'personal' and hopeful much more than now, carrying a book with material one can now see at sure is tempting but if you try to be too precise it gets all the more precarious and errorprone. ------- you wrote: If you or anyone asked me anything, I would share whatever I could, without causing pain or sadness. -------- dream on youngster; almost nothing is received the way it was intended. look at us here. -------- you wrote: And what do you base Jose's "sliding into Islam" on? Didn't you just get on this site in June? -------- he's been known to me since 85 and now jumpin a bandwagon (go see the library here mister) that's gaining ground and seems to have mysterious aspects. Who knows, he may at the same time help redeem/ameliorate a slew of monotheistic desert faiths(goddesses know I try share the burden); it's admirable and I respect it but if you read Snorri G Bergsson's take on Muhammed's sexual politics:  (a recent discovery of mine, a februari printout I didn't get to read till now to be exact and by the way, contrasting sharply with the National Geographic program on Islam which portrays Muhammed as very female friendly .. . ps: just found out he is male from iceland and biased towards zionism) and compare with Robert Graves's views of Jesus (known to me since 81) you could be forgiven, in my eyes at any rate, for considering them to be just ordinary people like most others with agenda's to push and it ain't heirloom seed they are famous for looking to 'time' (as in 'place in motion' like someone said here the other day). -------- you wrote: I love you man ------- yeah yeah, love you to man . . . . hoop jump hump joop and all those obligations (has the connotation of government bonds and in these days none of that in principle feminine paperwork delivers what it promises either but you'd have to understand Knapp and Beckerath to get any sense of those proportions; a hell of a lot more in- and pervasive ones than there are 52 timed periodicities in the universe I bet). ------- OK, your turn to teach me how to pray without a rockgrinder and laugh without a joke, onwards to the heart of the spirit and the sky of rock .. . meanwhile go see the pics at the kaaba article by dago at in German there but similar material in English sits here: or what I consider a cute take on islam; trying for common ground is all us good guys are doing once we have our lures laid and claims well staked, stacked and stashed. --- I think there was a little more to this thread but kernel decided to scrap it, strike me from the member list and hold a sermon on the virtues of challengers --- you are all heartily welcome to bitch at him for it. -

related interest: = mayan horoscope by bruce scofield -------------- has a Robert Gover who keeps talking astrology (including mayan) and economics via (same owner operator: sunwolf1; queer fellow) a nice grid pic is found at page 141; the dreamspell spiel is at 97, 103 has pics of a bunch of scot 'spelloutsellers' and 84 shows rune lore (used to be, noted earlier; a very broad interest page including Schauberger, Russell, Winter, Arugelles, etcetra) many maya links

Rabidly pro israel sites:  sadducee printouts (see comment in yellow, 6 to 8 pag ups) - he has entered himself at too; ivry, by the way, gets categorized as a holocaust denier at, which he is not, crank yes but holocaust denier no -- here's a compilation of his work involving 'Muhammad': IvryDovOnMuhammad.doc  273K IvryDovOnMuhammad2.doc  203K  (get ready for severe shock of the kind only the sitesight of 'pathologicated' brilliance can offer)

another snorri site: -- the rest of the links are broken: 2. Jews and the North --- 3. Emancipation and Counter-Emancipation ----- 4. The First Jews in Iceland ----- and this one looks to be in operation: -- I have collected the women in islam from partisan and some pieces from the last mentioned url here: SnoggiBergssonOnIslam.doc (174K)

timewavezero2012 group 4560 hosts another Andreas effort; he has made an intriguing looking links page in the meanwhile: -- he needs to meet/chat and/or be locked away with Dolf, Ivry and Sunwolf for a while don't yall agree? found these there: alternative banking --------- (lotsa swiss links) Rainbow Project CH-3433 Schwanden i.E. Tel +41-(0)34-461 39 75 Fax +41-(0)34-461 31 01 permaculture, rainbow art and links to tortuga Februar 2004 Permakultur Design Session Veranstalter: Sualmana Permakultur Gärten Wo: Kerkebroekweg 46 NL- 6071 GL Swalmen bzw. Landgoed Groenewoud, Swalmen Von: Freitag 20.2.04; 19oo Uhr Bis: Montag 23.2.04; 13oo Uhr Gebühren: 60,- Euro alles incl. Übernachtung auf Landgoed Groenewoud. = Gesell software and associates of the tortuga crowd Das Profil des Unternehmens: 1. Hagebutte Konfitüre rohr verarbeitet, ohne Zucker und Konservierungstoffe. 2. Undornige Hagebuttenpflanzen Züchtung und Verarbeitung. 3. Bodenverbessernde, mineralreiche Stoffe- Alginit, Bazaltmehl Verpackung und Verwertung.