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Jose Arguelles is the most popular of my growing idiot savant collection  (some of which stood at the birth of nations and transnational corpocracies, some actually have voluntary followers and critics like me, most of them suffer countersocial tendencies and still worse, their wallflowery mathematrixmadness often as not legitimates genocide by way of glorifying distractions).

I started the process of extracting bits of sitebitesize sighting from my surfnotes (logguage) in 2005 and updated that in the spring of 2007; the results so far:
Arguelles-in-het-hollands.html - 182k

Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2003-A.html - 170k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2003-B.html - 178k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2004-A.html - 192k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2004-B.html - 102k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2005-A.html - 185k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2005-B.html - 188k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2006.html - 166k -
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2007.html - 72k
Arguelles-Topper-Winter.html - nov99 - 53k
symbol-n-symbiosis.html - nov99 - 50k

jan 05
          the word month occurs 12 times in the Quran .. ..there goes all of Arguelles fancy verse and sura juggling, his radializing and other distractive bullshit, period. -----

"Examples of Amazing facts
           (click on links to see how): ??? (day, yawm) occurs 365 times , ??? (month, shahr) occurs 12 times , ???? (days, ayam)  occurs 27 times +  ????? (days,  yawmein) occurs 3 times yielding 30 total, ???? (World, dunya) occurs 115 times + ????(AfterWorld, akhira) occurs 115 times both occuring equal number of times"

           that concludes the first three pages worth of looking for A C (latest first) in  google groups

jan 05

Arguelles put something new up again too; he hopes to publish thousands of surely  yet more moronically complicated minimal phrase interactions and prefaces it with an opportunity for downtown live food kitchens, before launching into his habitual admonishments and guidelines purportedly adding up to mindblowingly galactic cryptography .. . or key conceival retrieval . .. .whatever the fuck serves to keep folks busily distracted from the good ideas posed as the goal and inevitable result eh Jose? .. .  that reminds me of someone .. . Hitler, the worst possible person to supposedly stand for some smart and timely ideas. Fuck you Jose and your Quran idolatry even more, fuck the hot air of ‘divine origin’ you rode in on too. I mean, how’s this for a boast: “For the Yellow Cosmic Seed Year the Foundation plans to produce an “UR Synchronometer.” Created by Jonathan Gutstadt (Yellow Resonant Sun), this calendar demonstrates the universal vision we are promoting, for it unifies in one synchronometer: the Thirteen Moon calendar, the Dreamspell count, the Quiche Tzolkin and long count correlates, the Druid Tree calendar, the Gregorian calendar, the Indian and Ethiopian civil calendars and the Chinese, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim lunar calendars. This will be more costly to produce, but it will demonstrate our belief in universal tolerance and forgiveness, no boundaries, all one time synchronized on one Earth for one people - the human family. “

Stephanie South -- Jonathan Gutstadt

febr 05
"therefore the 'differend' (=assumed-irreducible difference of position between two parties) is
 (schematically) philosophical/pragmatic"

Have you ever tried organizing a debate between idiot savants? Say, between Bill Meegan and Dolf
Boek (I did and failed, but Szabo and the torah science fella fell out with each other). Try and you'll find your formula don't apply unless of course you shine (diffmakin) light across the pragmatic end of the stick -- -- some walls are made of doubt, keeping in and keeping out . .and if there is any
hope for our love at all, some walls must fall -- Maura O'Connell ----- I suppose that severely
contaminated rubble is indeed rather irreducible and even if not, will only support the thinnest of slowly toxicity diluting populations full of incommensurable venom neighbour learn to be wary of. The most extensive form of differend: after aeons and aeons of physical versions, now even tiniest (mental) space stuffed up defined as/with 'terra nullius' "wanting to build a theory that will endure" -- I have heard of penis envy but now propose to rename it rockhard-envy or rocksoliditeitneid if you wanny be nitwitty about it.

          uc - "It's not really mystical to say that there are things to which we have no access, is it?"

after reading about differend, i agree.
      I should probably 'clarify'the poetpietistic resolution for myst = mist = mix = mud = dry (heavy dark) + wet (clear and readily alighting) oxides = spray = sproutable =spoutenabled = accesoraised = after all, how would we find the time to read and come up with the gems after a dig and be down with the presumptiating fuel and fun ingene operating dept

When the human is harmonized in the supermental order of the Law of Time, and the Gregorian calendar is no longer known or recognized, we will be able to telepathically stabilize the Earth’s rotation at a perfect 365 days and the leap day will be eliminated. --- 3 guesses who wrote this, people who have followed me last year can't enter.


march 2005
 march 05

Arguelles: It is interesting that the same year (1997) that this critical psychoatmospheric endeavor, the AC Planetary Manitou, was initiated in the auroral field of planet Earth, that the top-secret HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) was also established in Gokona, Alaska. If the Rainbow Bridge project could be described as anything, it is most certainly a "High Frequency
 Psychoactive Auroral Research Project." We have often felt in this interplanetary memory rescue mission that we are running neck and neck with the Atlantean forces whose unconscious death wish impels them to a repeat planetary destruction. We are both on the same track, but ours is to positively transform the planet, while the dark force is aimed in just the opposite direction. 2012 is our mutual target date. We are all playing for keeps, and it is a matter of life and death.  . . . . .  .As with the 13:20 communities of Puglia, Italy and Epuyen, Argentina, let us create World Peace Gardens that will establish a new concept and ideal of community, where the mind and the garden  are woven into the 13 Moon Way of Peace on Earth, the Temple of Joy, the great Red Road to 2012..  looks appetizing (will probably get back TO and maybe even ABOUT it) -- found via in- and conspiracy site:  (NEWS COMING FAST THICK FURIOUS AND VARIED - don't miss as the briefly revived and halted again robotwisdommy says --- in turn via the indymainwire - is a sibling of and found here: 

 .. .after clicking at least 10 dead ones I found a densely linkpacked page:  pointing to places their music is found/presented/sold ---- here is their 'go forth and sample the big bad world out there' linklist that is presented in much the same fashion I did my own .. .well, colour sequencewise anyways, not so much in choice or assignation of and (fill) for categories:  lots of dead links here to, such as -- anyway, once
 more betrayed what fight might be left lurking in me some(yet to be found hiding)place with renunciatory and resigned inaction behind a screen; didn't get an inch closer to the place that will host receive sprout and support my blackwalnuts, slowly dehydrating to a permanent dormancy ... .. .HELP!!!!! (only informal types accepted, I am not THAT desperate yet)
 .. . .next opp to waste time on Arguelles/rainbow flavored flipflupfloopery


IntBankersSecretKabbalahCarnivalePage/messages One of the outlyers in the Carnivale fanfanout .. . .people post 1934 sermons of the never dying Coughlin amidst chat announcements; the whole next box is devoted to Carnivale!!!!

`hey that (national geographic) maya link  got me thinking how arguelles is faring with his islam inspired prayer sessions these days .. . . His latest communiques don't mention it anymore, he's sunk back into a Buddhist stage again and stuck only one measly little quran quote in .. . anyway, .. .. . his ingeniously cosmic cube slicing (which has much to do with magic fair yet squareness) by way of full work out prayer session brought me to

The gematrians following Blavatsky's making much of the 144 'circle of tone' 'circle of sound' 'circle of stone' each deliver .. . .well it's just 3 lines in a giant big number filled file really .. . . which is why all these CALCIFICULATIONS strike me as sterile and abstract (not to speak of obsessional; they can't even get a break in/during dreamtime!!!!!!). My aims oppose theirs; I'm looking for ways to deliver people from screen/calculoss/time bondage into filtering (tangible tidbits of time) with multifunctional net sieve type kintriptions (raglike wring wrappable steel powerful enough to squeeze and crunch rock to powder) but i am like a king of hearts getting more desperate as the just relatively local, but nevertheless (perhaps merely private but for that all the more inevitably) final hour strike approaches .. . ..
Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 09:50 AM 


hey double weird!!! google offers a cite from my site which is very old but don't carry the archive name (and note the size)
... Tzolkin in C Major FINALIST IN TORU TAKEMITSU COMPOSITION AWARD 2002 ... at in a search for arguelles and martyrdom - findings of which I ... - 144k
Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 09:55 AM 


lets just call it autism at the rainbow nation
As such, the Galactic Broadcasting Network - GBN - is the means for dialing up, receiving and transmitting telepathically. But you have to know how to use it.

 Yikes!!!! spook me with a spoon!!!!

Everything occurs at precisely the right time. The Closing of the Cycle is the time of the disintegration of old structures and the radiative integration of new structures. But the new structures cannot be "incorporated" until the old ones have been dissolved. The twin circuits of the planetary manitou represent the new etheric energy circuits of the noospheric human. The AC actually represents the fourth-dimensional double, the CA the fourth-dimensionally activated third-dimensional body. That is why the Way of Conduct is actually the training of our higher AC 4-D self (soul, or holon) to take command of the lower CA 3-D self. During the 13 baktun historical cycle, this lower CA self was disconnected from the higher AC 4-D self, so instead of Cosmic Awareness it was CA, Civilizational Advance - the gross materialism that exponentially dominates the historical cycle. Now all of that is being corrected, and we are ready, at least in principle, to move into the stage of Cosmic Awareness.

By placing the higher archetypal collective self of the AC-CA Planetary Manitou in its own correct relationship, we are reorganizing ourselves according to the Law of Time and the synchronic order, reintegrating our 3-D into our 4-D self and vice versa. The higher self must be ready because the subtle vibrations of the higher, less dense universes and world systems are pressing into the noosphere and the whole self must be able to receive these impulses in order to further its evolution. By purifying the senses (abstaining from all intoxicants), attaining to a clear light, materially detached mind, and adopting to a simplified meatless diet in which all killing has been abandoned, we are preparing ourselves for the "divine descent." By learning and practicing the codes of time which illuminate the circuits of the Planetary Manitou we are actually evolving a new etheric body for ourselves.

In this regard, it is very helpful to study the twin circuits of the Planetary Manitou in their eight strand sequences, four per Manitou. Remember to think of the CA as having been folded out from the AC so that it is actually a mirror replica of the AC:

The 1st red (Way of the Tree AC) and the 4th light green (Way of the Transcendent Fourth CA) are perfect mirror pairs;
The 2nd light blue (Way of Conduct AC) and 3rd orange (Way of Wielding Power CA),are perfect mirror pairs.
The violet 8th (Way of the Galactic Octave AC) and the dark green 5th (Way of the Irresistible Fifth CA) are perfect mirror pairs.
The purple 7th (Way of the Telepath AC) and dark blue 6th (Way of the Galactic Octave CA) are perfect mirror pairs.

Think of the AC strand as "sponsoring" the corresponding CA strand. There is an interesting numerology to this pairing of the first and last codon numbers of the strands:

AC Red Way of Tree 1-8 = CA Light Green Transcendent Fourth 25 -32,
AC Light Blue Way of Conduct 9 -16 = CA Orange Way of Wielding power 17 -24
where first codon numbers 1 + 25 = 26, first set = 9 + 17 = 26, second set, while last codon numbers 8 + 32 = 40 of first set = 16 + 24 = 40 of second set
minimum number pairs = AC 26 + CA 26 = 52 (13 x 4)
maximum numbers , AC 40 + CA 40 = 80 (20 x 4) Note the two factors, 13, 20 = 13:20.
Now look at the next two sets and see the same kind of complementarity:

AC Violet Way of Galactic Octave 57-64 = CA Dark Green Way of Irresistible Fifth 33-40
AC Purple Way of the Telepath 49-56 = Indigo Way of Dynamic Construction 41-48
Where first codon numbers 57 + 33 = 90 of first set = 49 + 41 = 90 of second set, while last codon numbers 64 + 40 = 104 of first set = 56 + 48 = 104 of second set
minimum number pairs AC 90 + CA 90 = 180 (20 x 9)
maximum number pairs, AC 104 + CA 104 = 208 (13 x16) 13, 20 factors again = 13:20

Sum of both sets of minimum number pairs = 52 (4 x 13) + 180 = 232 (29 x 8)
Sum of both sets of maximum number pairs 80 + 208 (13 x16) = 288 = 144 x 2
Total sum numbers 232 + 288 = 520 = 260 x 2

"On that day, we will fold the heaven, just like the folding of a book. Just as we initiated the first creation, we will repeat it. This is our promise; we will certainly carry it out." Quran 21:104

Of interest are the numbers and their relation to the synchronic order. According to the Sixteen year Cube of the Law of the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time, the Dreamspell Genesis is coded one kin per Moon. This is the eighth year, so we are completing the eighth or Human Wavespell, Kin 92-104. This means that the thirteenth or Cosmic Moon of this year will be Moon Code Kin 104, Yellow Cosmic Seed. This will be the last Moon of the AC Planetary Manitou. Following the Day out of Time, 12 Night, will be the first day of the new year, also Kin 104, the opening day of the Yellow Cosmic Seed year, and the beginning of the CA Planetary Manitou. The AC will be folded like one part of a book, and the CA will be folded out, like the next part of the book. 104 repeated is a sign that the first creation is being concluded and the Second creation is being initiated.

That means this Day out of Time, 12 Night, 2005, will be a day of most profound significance, one in which the opportunity for a telepathic regeneration of the spirit and of our creative potential will be fully available. On the Day Out of Time the completion of the first Bolontiku, Single Luminous White "A", Guardian of the Original 144,000, in synchronization with the completion of the AC Planetary Manitou, means that the etheric structure of the Bolontiku also participates in that of the Planetary Manitou.
Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 10:09 AM

scare me with a PANscan too

"I know this is the 'path beyond technology', but the paradox is that sometimes to get beyond technology, we have to use it."

.. . .my thoughts exactly
. .. even though it's that execrable proselyte Mark in Avalon saying so.

------ posted to an northanger journal post which revives responses from some time back picture mindblowshow .. . . a poor surrogate for constituting being/having better times and places: at play with appropriate types of dust and water
-------- rainbow scheme with some colours reversed (fringe/end ones moved to the middle but in a different way from the (7 year period) period on my dutch front page) where infantilisms of beginning and end touch

At the Ring's mid point, you hit the Oracle trip switch. On the morning of Resonant Moon 15, your crown has become your root and your root has become your crown - the three root chakras have traded places with the three crown chakras. But your heart chakra remains constant. You are being transformed into your True Self. The Ring oracle which codes the Day out of Time takes the crown. The last shall be first, the lowest shall be raised to the highest. That which crowned the affair of the Ring when the orbit was initiated now becomes the root. The high mountains are made level. The water drains back into the Earth. The Bolontiku, Lord of the Ring, becomes equalized in itself. Heaven descends to Earth, Earth ascends to Heaven. The crystal core of Earth is the crown upon the noosphere by which the Bolontiku-Lord of the Ring becomes a living Fifth Force guardian of V.24.3. Seven Lords of the Ring, Seven Fifth Force Guardians of the Earth. To awaken one Lord of the Ring, is to awaken its circuit within yourself. Time recycles your soul, as your mind is recycled by the Lords of the Ring.
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 10:24 AM
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 10:29 AM 


"I know this is the 'path beyond technology', but the paradox is that sometimes to get beyond technology, we have to use it."

where did that come from?
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 10:32 AM, yeah (seen this before - - shades of jacobs wheel
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 10:37 AM 


people are seeing the same patterns. (reminds me of close encounter of the third kind) ((we're infected!!))
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 10:40 AM 


where did that come from? -- you forgot to read the next line, . .. best forgotten really; unpleasant experience in belgium, at least as far as Mark the calendar pusher had a hand in it. He was projecting huuuuuuuuuge distribution numbers. but they would have overshot the required 144.000 and we have to get it rite don't we?
Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 10:53 AM 


your lord of the rings table has the colours right (can't say that for the likes of siblings of yours like Dolf leendert boek though he actively and openly gay apparantly) but it don't go for any tolkien at all!!!!! Reason???

Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 11:02 AM 


HAAAH that google .. .eh turbulence has disappeared again ..

instead (and I mean replacing altogether) we have this (at the top even): Dread, Walking.: quranumerics, randomness and hazard ... to take very kindly to the 19 quran code and proceeded to ... Arguelles put something new up again too (he is trying ... Fuck you Jose and your Quran idolatry even more ...  - 

.which reminds me, a post of mine here was bouncing due to 'questionable content' (google cited) a while ago, so I had to tweak the word a bit . .. then, a little later I saw Nick mentioning google and figured the ban had been lifted the veil raised the dust reduced the sun had been shining .. .. .
Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 11:11 AM 



Reason??? - ??? why i did it?
(ok on the colors. lol, thanku)

144 = 72 Goëtia + 72 ShemhaMephoresh
(dna. cns. better get that right. or else you create a monster. double-zodiac means 6 signs in / 6 sign out. connectors at: RED TRIANGLE LEO 15°-20°, SAG 15°-20°, ARI 15°-20° + BLUE TRIANGLE GEM 15°-20°, AQU 15°-20°, LIB 15°-20°)
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 11:11 AM 




GON1 144 = The Field of Operation in which the Universe Can Manifest

AQ 960 = The Field of Operation in which the Universe Can Manifest
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 11:16 AM 


oops, that hit (for 'arguelles quran code tzolkin') is no improvement at all when it comes to my part in it: all told, one mother of a scalding scold, only 2 months ago but reading it back makes me feel old
Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 11:20 AM - whoa
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 11:24 AM
Think about these things. In the Dreamspell Book of Kin who is the speaker? Who is the “I” that speaks? “I perfect in order to equalize/producing opportunity/ I seal the store of death with the planetary tone of manifestation/ I am guided by the power of timelessness” Who is this “I”?It is the fourth dimensional “I” of the autonomous anonymous universal collective mind of the galactic brain, and not the “I“ presumed upon by the egoic individual being.
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 11:27 AM 

imho, the calendar is not an "outie" - it is an "innie" -- lol, hehe
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 11:34 AM 

doesn't "IMHO" fail e-prime?
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 11:34 AM 

only those who haven't evolved beyond the painterly 'alltogether' crayon boxic, perfectly fantastic compile ups and crosscultural panorama like perspective (as hopefully propounded by Arguelles - quote at the dread link just mentioned) suffer the illusion of being realistic rather than from monolithimania

contrast with a good quote from the (nevertheless equally unsuccesful) community intended group:

"Well, I guess I'm a bit more radical than that. As with any seed, it starts out as a protective bubble. But when conditions are favorable it germinates.
Given time and proper inputs, a Redwood forest can begin to change first the microclimate and eventually, the climate of an entire region. We've got to be thinking long term, not just about what might make our lives better. How can we explain what we're doing to the middle-class suburbanites on whose land the food will need to be grown when the oil runs out?"
Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 11:36 AM 

you didn't know robert grace yet??????
I almost told you about him yesterday
Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 11:37 AM

I am expecting a long silence now .. .and I'll go eat something .. . if only I was a cyberaxis ringlord, I wouldn't need to .. . I'd be fed current constantly and steadily .. . or be printed to hang on a wall prettily with all my buddies for a while . . .all to gather father and lather .. .bother the mother no more.
Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 11:48 AM
My idea of speeding this up is for each person to take a square noteslips with sticky edge and put it on the centrally suspended icosaface carrying his seal; of course, since Kernel chucked me from the board and I am not about to join the msn group PAN-Europeweb yall have to come and read this here. 
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 11:54 AM
keyword calls and cues can kindle consensus?
This disregard for grammar often leads to more confusion than it tries to avoid. The reinvention of divination tools to count and account for now as ever ubiquitous and relentless change such as ccm is such a case in question. Their categorical compartmentalization cuts conversation short alright, presumably to leave more time for action (the selfsufficient, native culture like community founding, permaculture practise, etcetera type) but if it is true that hundreds of thousands of folks take this calendar seriously they must still be getting their minds around it to such a timeswallowing extent that little is left for working on such recommendations, even though they come from the highest and highly apocalyptic levels of cultish movement authorities. -- Besides, what's the point if as always, meaning erodes, distinction swims, definition sways and boundaries crumble and blur? No lense stays static, take heart, no beginning is final, our task remains, eternally. Of the three small and strongly urging but stagnant movements I have made close study in the last 20 years the first remains my favorite; lemme do a rough inventory:

1) local/body/will ------------ replenish trace mineral content and interactivity worldwide since it is vital to all parts of the biosphere, beginning with foodstuffs. You just won't be gripping in a thrillingly healthy sense before you've gotten grip to this fact of life. Hint: equate time-rock-emit let splendidate piet demonstrate that splinter and fract acts allows information to enter formerly compact and that all blessing flows from there in fact.

2) regional/mind ----------- employ community currencies where appropriate (to execute provision of and cover of basic needs; Hint: equate time-emit - subject); a region with balanced gender relations will surely show them to be competitive with private ones and hold the latter in check).

3)global/spirit ----------- a synthesis of these two may well lead to sightsetting beyond our solar system but that won't be any easier than pulling of the frontforming with islam and hippydom as components such as Arguelles seems to be shooting for (he says: GOD = number (and particularly fond of the Quranic code's fetish fraction: 19); GOD = Galactic Ordering Dynamic - Tzolkin = it's all kin) 
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 11:55 AM
HOUSE OF CARDS .. . . . . .. . . . . . 7. Bhille wanted to read about his cards so he learned how to read. One day he saw a newspaper headline that said: Plan, House of Cards. Bhille could not understand the plan for it was too complex for him. He was happy that the wise leaders based their work on the cards. He was inspired to record his own thoughts in a notebook. He wrote: Diamonds represent wealth. Spades, labor. Hearts, health. Clubs, freedom of assembly and speech. Diamonds are useless without spades, worthless without hearts, vulnerable without clubs. Defend property. Spades are enslaved without clubs, idled without diamonds, enfeebled without hearts. Protect wages. Clubs are powerless without hearts, immobilized without spades, hobbled without diamonds. Hold elections. Hearts are broken without diamonds, exposed without clubs, flabby without spades. Train doctors. Respect all cards regardless of size or color. Each one can bring victory. And this, I believe, is most important. Always play with a full deck. 

Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 11:57 AM 

i'm going to bed then.
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 11:57 AM 

"you didn't know robert grace yet??????"
nope, good link.
Posted by: northanger at March 11, 2005 11:58 AM 

time for an on topic remark during the break in the storm .. . godda feed the hand that bits the bites;

the freedom to math is the freedom to contract (postulate, speculate but also to commit); see relation to compression earlier in thread.

the speed and excitement of rapids feeding the slow and slowly ballooning bulge of airbalgs (dutch word)

air in the downward travelling central(ly combined) closed compartments fanning out and open into outlier upward track ones fills them.

I already did an analogy between hanging a pivot / rope anchor up in the sky to replace a parachute at a time I was trying to figure out how to get ships upstreams a little faster than most manage in many stages of such legs of the journey.

It seems to ramify to the vertical/upward air in water circulation energy harvesting devices I fantasize about here and there.

Anchor on deeplake or ocean floor to stabilize bubble wagon trains might be unnecessary to prevent the whole thing from drifting into horizontal position cause the lower part has to be sturdiest/heaviest.
Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 12:19 PM 

you are one hell of a brilliant gall, you hammer the diamonds out of my rubble pile in no time, no calendar needed, just your hoppering mind; I ask you to send me a picture of yourself, yes?

goodnight prelude to overturned and restarted ouverture I'm sure
Posted by: peacepostulatorpiet at March 11, 2005 12:22 PM 


more galactokins --- =----- ps:  is putting on one of those stupendously boring bass beat shows tonite in sf
Posted by: piet at March 11, 2005 10:05 PM 


but I want you to bother and for motherings ache come up with the reasons why
1) idiot savants (Arguelles, Boek, Mulcahy, Szabo, etcetera) go for the type of carpet/rug knottage / couting / matrix / calendarizing / timing that seems completely derailed, unhinged and deranged (an amusing distraction at best) to (the majority of) ordinary (encrustedly gregorian grind and beatkeepery committed) folks

2) why 'secret symbols of the ancients' digitizing pioneers like man charm and strike me as providing valuable service and why the diagonal in his spread reminds me of the earth's tilt and the 19 diagonal in the Tzolkin but I can't quite get it all in focus.

3) why everybody is so glitched if not clinched when it comes to reconciling the share of stuff we do indeed have in common (looking up and out related) with terrestrial ones that divide us.

Trace minerals are myriadly multiple forms of macro in/as micro (in/down) that everybody, by contrast to planets and asteroids CAN actually get a grip on and not only navigate amongst but with the aid of (better than one does automatically already anyway .. . I miss the spirit of abundance that emanated from the green/organic movement, partly cause I stopped travelling but it is also defeated, completely snowed under (intimated and made irrelevant, or at least and at best, less urgent in times of unfriendly types of trouble, falling debris and toxic dust clouds).

descendant of boulders, you reference boulder properly and do not plagiarize 'm (the assault on Ward has watered down to that ((they see, through my assist, his dust potential)) his attackers are just carrying water like good little previvalinjuns) this makes u bolder.

still on #1. assuming you include me in this list of idiot savants: i see it as an "end of the world" activity (whatever that means). have to admit, on the 911 reaction spectrum i'm close to churchill. only saw 10 seconds of tv & immediately "knew" what was occurring. next day i started working on the grid (calendar).

hmmm. give me a link on the 19 diagonal so i can look at it (and your response is probably correct - exactly what part of it can't you get into focus?).

you remember that "play with a full deck" quote of yours"? some of us in the deck do calendars. just guessing: each calendar is for a specific group of people ??

"idiot savants: i see it as an "end of the world" activity (whatever that means)." ----- yeah, that's just it innit? they have it all ass backward or, if you will, halfway right (just occured to me): end of macro world is time freed up for freeing up micro/world/time; the old and indeed ancient Wendell Berry type thought, except that for a man in his position (a white in a rightfully red one's) sounds sanctimonious; he had a personal conversion but not a more collectively lineage one ... .yet.

"Laugh. Laughter is immeasurable. Be joyous though you have considered all the facts." -- Wendell Berry

"end of macro world is time freed up for freeing up micro/world/time" - totally agree. WB is described as a meditating walker (like Whitman; solvitur ambulando (solved by walking)). what i'm experiencing is the sense of walking in the dark, no road. where each micro-brick shows up just in time to step on. hodology is the study of pathways. i have to trust that stepping off the known road leads me to a pathway. very funny way to live.
Posted by: northanger at March 13, 2005 12:24 PM
I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him; or the old laws be expanded, and interpreted in his favor in a more liberal sense, and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings. In proportion as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex, and solitude will not be solitude, nor poverty poverty, nor weakness weakness. If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him; or the old laws be expanded, and interpreted in his favor in a more liberal sense, and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings. In proportion as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex, and solitude will not be solitude, nor poverty poverty, nor weakness weakness. If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
Posted by: northanger at March 13, 2005 12:27 PM

7p. you're just another thoreau, another johnny appleseed. walking across the country telling people to break up rocks & not disturb the swans.
you're part of the pack. and i have ... learned this, at least, by my experiment: play with a full deck.
Posted by: northanger at March 13, 2005 12:31 PM

can't remember if I found it and the postfall 'mundane spread' (the jumbled version; hence displacement complications not only involved in BSE but the heavens themselves GOOD GRIEF) when looking for it on the net or not (but esoteric book stores sometimes have this big bleu books with the ace of spades on front 'ssota'); my question about it's relation to tzolkin diagonal (still looking; this link at bottom is close) posed in both directions didn't yield anything but my description should be googleable.
Posted by: pART (purposeful art) at March 13, 2005 12:36 PM

trust only god's own signposts . . ..ever see that movie 'the sorceress'???
Set in france, about inquisition bothering herbologizers
Posted by: pART (purposeful art) at March 13, 2005 12:39 PM.

can't remember if I found it and the postfall 'mundane spread' (the jumbled version; hence displacement complications not only involved in BSE but the heavens themselves GOOD GRIEF) when looking for it on the net or not (but esoteric book stores sometimes have this big bleu books with the ace of spades on front 'ssota'); my question about it's relation to tzolkin diagonal (still looking; this link at bottom is close) posed in both directions didn't yield anything but my description should be googleable.

By the way, the thoreau you posted is perfect relicrappy criptoe for breaking rocks and powdering composts and more short order droppings in order to leafer leave for latur leverage (take that mister cohen!!!).

Significance of the Number Nineteen
"Nineteen squared equals 361, one degree more than a full circle."
that sounds familiar. my last working "gate" was 361. when i tried to fix it, got it wrong - gate was 361 AGAIN when i realized i got the fix wrong. still trying to find that diagonal.
((beginning to think of this as the Close Encounters of the Third Kind syndrome))
no, haven't seen the sorceress. but i think reza talks about it here:
and then i moved the start date on the calendar & i got totally confused about what to do next. that made me realize: something's about to happen.
Posted by: northanger at March 13, 2005 12:48 PM 

can't find that pic anymore
but this is sortof a jackpot (membership quantity bonanza) if you consider folks who are, other than kids, most likely to understand the rockdust issue yet do zip about it such.
a quick description will have to do for now (ain't it bedtime yet)
vertical rows of 20 starting at the top and repeated 13 times is tzolkin
going diagonally from bottom to next number up and left leaves a difference of 19 for every possible step; of course during all the sacred stepping things go in spirals and jump to harmonically resonant points all around the globe but there is a linear live through also.

the regular playing deck spread on a grid of 12 x 31 making sure each diagonal (parallel ones, only one way too) gets only one kind of card (thus one occurence in the corner 2 in the next line down, etcetera allows you to cover 365 days with 52 cards easy.,ViewPhoto.vm/context/tribe?..447  RNA I-Ching and Arguelles specific symbols woven into a single mandala
about the diagonal:  has an answer from Robert Camp but the timewavezero (Mckenna) folk didn't think this was worth answering; I hope someone here can.

I make mention of pirateballerina site owner comparing me to the Unabomber

piet, what do seek to gain by this type of online interaction?
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does hakim bey have a clue? do we all need to turn off our pcs?
Posted by: northanger at March 13, 2005 02:13 PM 

rotflmao."ran into chris lofting, backed off and took a pass" - yes,  = very densely packed stuff (look who's talking)
Posted by: northanger at March 13, 2005 02:14 PM

lookin for gardenin mates is all


 A rock can never become too powderfull, its powderfullness is always perfect. And now, a change of plan; 6 standard euro time 9 pacific standard time we (me, and whoever else, we ((me, and whoever else, we (((me, and whoever else, we will see))) will see)) will see) won't stand for being stood up; be here: if you want a chance at being held dear even if you hate chatting go thereit's the prettiest, smartest, most easy to read, one of the most informative and suprising pages
have come across in a long time. ----- this is what it says now: 

Hi from Lesley: I am looking for a diagram of the pleasure patheway for class
Aron: hope that is helpful for you Lesley
Hoo: don't mug yourself
Hoo: feek proud
M: "Abandon your research or you will be regret. You have been warned."
[Pleiadian]Guest127: be regret? what?
Aron: happy tuesday!
Aron: Main Entry: Tues·day
Aron: Etymology: Middle English tiwesday, from Old English tIwesdæg (akin to Old High German zIostag Tuesday), from Old English TIw Tiu + dæg day -- more at DEITY
: Tiw is wit
Hooray: glortadsi.all  stuff about darfur, etcetera

more history:
Posted by: piet at March 14, 2005 04:44 PM 

oh by the way, that beautiful page that I praised so bootifooly needs an above average monitor quality to really bring it out.
. . ..and nick, .. . .
to make up for a hands and feet full of off topic blabber (I'll grant myself, save you the trouble, it had a bubble of blubber here and there) I present one speseeally for u

piet. specifically, don't know how i'm supposed to take this:
"The sheer diversity of asteroids leads to chronic
overload in datastreams ... "
Posted by: northanger at March 16, 2005 09:36 AM

Well, take arguelles et all, he starts with the noble intention of keeping it simple and (numbers) 'whole' but pretty soon the fetish (4 is to 7 as 7 to 13, etcetera) fractionates and it gets grey matter contortionizingly complicated; headaches loom.

asteroid orbits, rotations etcetera simply to diverse to try specify and have hopes of time left over to actually achieve confessed aims.

Attempts to determine/place/pick out the role of individual trace minerals, supposedly redundant dna run into similar problems ; I prefer to 'make do' with a simple, coarse perhaps, trial and error mixage (magic) mimic.

Posted by: p at March 16, 2005 09:44 AM
[15:10] <piet> are you familiar with 'genesis
      [15:10] <axis> falling = floating?
      [15:10] <axis> no
      [15:13] <piet> Ward's former wife seems to have had an
      unhappy time with him
      [15:13] <piet> but she's better now
      [15:14] <axis> Genesis Continuous says that 2.5 billion years ago Mercury did not exist
      and that Venus occupied that orbital position, Earth occupied the orbit where Venus is
      now and Mars occupied the orbit
      that earth now occupies. The asteroid belt occupied the position that Mars now
      occupies. [15:14] <axis> you do like to shift the conversation
      [15:14] <piet> do you think that theory has merit?
      [15:15] <piet> I think it's elegant and blows all that meticulous calculation Arguelles and
      Szabo and Boek do right out of the water
piet: pakal was a guy they dug up in 1952 from a large pyramid
      piet: the background here is tzolkin by the way, maya too
      piet: arguelles thinks he IS pakal
      axis: ah
      piet: pakal = maya king
      axis: Pacal or Pakal (meaning "Shield") was the name of two kings of the Maya state of
      piet: I had a really really good astrologer tell me I had been her son 160 years earlier
      piet: I only know one
      axis: that's interesting. where did you live?
      piet: A meteor, an outage, a quake, all in a night ----- a headline to our right from
      piet: the time I saw arguelles and his now split wife in amsterdam squat he had a see
      through fabric lightly coloured as ornament/ seal / dignification device, . ..whatever
      piet: there's a webpage claiming this picture shows him in a cockpit, probably through
      associating with motorcycling
      piet: ah
      piet: careful
      piet: with
      piet: long
      piet: urls
      axis: oops. sorry
      piet: adf
      piet: adsf
      piet: adf
      piet: d
      piet: d
      piet: d
      piet: d
      axis: now. i'm getting bored.
      axis: ah. i see what you were doing. smart move.
      piet: accept and respect
      piet: all for who they are
      piet: with no control to infect
      piet: . .. this is part 3 by the way, called the heart
      piet: and destroy the heart
      piet: then we can start
      piet: to heal the earth
      piet: etcetera .. . it steadily gets worse
      piet: they next stanza probably by a black man: "the want slaves but I prefer graves"
      piet: rappididoodaa
      axis: i thought so too
      axis: did u read the last bit yet?
      piet: after having gone through all the chackras, after 'higher self' ensues 'terrestrial' and
      it goes in part: "but there are a few .. . the masters adn the loners .. ..who don't need
      to suck on the big green boner" ......
      piet: shades of shakespeare
      piet: I'm at 'universal' where it goes: "i say fight the battle in the mind/soul .. .and 
      the rest"
      piet: oops, blush, that was before universal,
      axis: f.uck the rest.
      piet: still terrestrial; next stop: epilog; we'll be done soon ... . . got a next topic for me
      and your other  fans
      axis: gosh. u do read slow.
      axis: i was done hours ago.
      axis: you're a shame to other geminis.
      axis: oopsie. not accepting or respecting
      axis: sorree
      axis: but u called me gwendyloon
      axis: i found an asteroid Piethut
      piet: ok, done now, sorry I'm a little slow
      axis: last bit was interesting
      piet: you mean you found one in a particular angle to another, you found one deciding it
      was time to join the meteor race??????? who's piethut?
      axis: astronomer, Piet Hut
      piet: epilog was blandest of all
      axis: well, why did u have me read it then.
      piet: author: az arány boci -- Ok I was hiking this evening through Tryon Creek Park
      when all of a sudden the forest lit up in green light.
      piet: By the way in many cultures meteorites are the embodiment of the Divine
      specifically Eastern Mediterranean Goddesses (Cybele, Ishtar, Aphrodite and so forth)
      and of course Kalapuya and their descendants the Grand Ronde honored the
      piet: from a portland indy item 12th of march
      axis: read that too
      axis: hmm. do i have asteroid cybele up yet
      axis: ::checking::
      piet: "well, why did u have me read it then." --- I thought you'd be able to join me in an
      act of spontaneous discovery, exploring our hosts, little did I know, we were going to
      cross wasteland and swamp .. . .. .forgive me; next time I
      piet: 'll post stuff off me own site
      piet: if your grace will indulge a next time
      axis: oh hush.
      axis: u make phun of me worse of all
      axis: but i forgive ya
      axis: the epilog
      axis: twelve survived
      axis: the deadly night
      piet: you mean this guy is confusing meteorites with asteroids right? Wild cards with
      predictable and dependable civility.
      axis: with the return of light
      axis: whose confusing what?
      : portland item author calls cybele a meteorite
      axis: no. asteroids orbit the sun.
      axis: meteoroids are debris
      axis: smaller than asteroids (tho, asteroids can be lots smaller than planets)
      axis: they're usually in a resonating orbit with something larger
      axis: an asteroid, that is
      axis: some of the asteroid / centaur orbits can be chaotic
      piet: so are meteorites right?
      axis: then you have your earth ers
      piet: earthr.ockers????
      axis: well, i don't think meteorites have an orbit really
      axis: have to check
      axis: Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) are space rocks larger than approximately
      100m that can come closer to Earth than 0.05 AU. None of the known PHAs are on a
      collision course with our planet, although astronomers are finding n
      axis: astronomers are finding new ones all the time.
      piet: you don't do that type of finding right?
      axis: nope. don't have a telescope.
      axis: ok. Asteroids that are on a collision course with Earth are called meteoroids.
      axis: A meteoroid is matter revolving around the sun or any object in interplanetary
      space that is too small to be called an asteroid or a comet. Even smaller particles are
      called micrometeoroids or cosmic dust grains,
      piet: what do you know about ka'ba?
      axis: which includes any interstellar material that should happen to enter our solar
      system. A meteorite is a meteoroid that reaches the surface of the Earth without being
      completely vaporized.
      piet: Aditi Chaturvedi makes fun of it
      piet: .. ..and takes a grimdim view of islam for sure
      axis: the sacred stone at mecca?
      piet:  .. .. do you have to click your mouse back into the typing line for every entry
      axis: never heard of him
      piet: he claims mecca was hindu
      axis: yup. u picked this most excellent chat room. so i'm working the line here.
      axis: say u, say me
      piet: and muhammed was a band of robbers; he sympathizes with zionists or at least his
      admirers do
      piet: what line?????
      axis: the chat line
      piet: ah you mean this page with plenty scroll delay
      axis: why r we talking about a pro-zionist?
      axis: oops. forgot. talking to a fellow gemini.
      axis: we do like to bounce around mentally.
      piet: cause he goes into the manipulation of the actual Ka'ba and has a picture of an odd
      looking bunch of fragments laced, or cobbled rather, with silver
      axis: ah. is it a meteorite?
      piet: yup
      axis: Upon the completion of the shrine, Gabriel brought a magic stone for the
      sanctuary. Different sources speculate that this stone was a meteorite or a great white
      sapphire from the Garden of Eden...
      axis: that it had been concealed on the nearby sacred mountain of Abu Qubays during
      the period of the flood, and that it was later restored to Abraham for inclusion in his
    version of the Ka’ba.
      axis: Deities of other cultures known to have been associated with stones include
      Aphrodite at Paphos, Cybele at Pessinus and later Rome, Astarte at Byblos and the
      famous Artemis/Diana of Ephesus.
      axis: The earliest form of Cybele's name may have been Kubaba or Kumbaba which
      suggests Humbaba, who was the guardian of the forest in the Epic of Gilgamesh
      axis: The origin of Kubaba may have been kube or kuba meaning 'cube'.
      axis: khabs is in the khu?
      axis: i should get that right and not be pestilent
      axis: Liber I:8. The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs.
      axis: hmmmmmm.
      axis: interesting
      axis: there's asteroid Khufu
      piet: sounds like cows and calfs to me
      axis: the calf is in the cow, not the cow in the calf?
      axis: mao
      piet: I just had a vision about how some asteroid fallen in just the right spot and right
      way up and left alone long enough could have made the surroundings, a la stone circle
      vortex attractor, quite beatiful and then have beeen taken..
     piet: in tow as a temple ornament, or perhaps the temple was built right around it, all
      beauty gradually trampled .. .. .hahaaha
      axis: i think that's how sacred spaces are created
      axis: some sacred places
      piet: problem is not leaving it in time so it stays that way
      axis: leaving it alone by itself w/o disturbing it?
      piet: well, doing some sort of 'stay on the path' approach protocol does extend lifetime
      piet: one of the earliest pictures of mine (red coat, white cap) I pick narcissus out of
      the church perch/approach .. . . .haahahahaha!!!!!!!
      axis: yup. but, human life has transformed so much that we don't have the time,
      energy, etc., to  these spaces.
      axis: hey! a knight!
      piet: are you going dutch on me??? bring your own????
      axis: huh?
      piet: queenbee, where's your army?
      axis: no!
      axis: pro.tect = knight
      piet: wonder what guard will be
      axis: u picked this place
      piet: or devil
      axis: couldn't u have um, debugged first, 
      axis: i like it though!
      piet: this background makes up for a lot of the harm done to us
      piet: the sacred 260 day gestation count/ sowing harvesting cycle honoured in
      green/blackred/ shining through the white letters is
      axis: u mean the background image for this page? that's what it is?
      piet: YES
      piet: you gave me a link to it yourself the other day
      axis: )
      piet: whatzzat?
      axis: a weird smiley
      axis: did u ever get a link for that tzolkin diagonal
      axis: i'm going to post up some more asteroids, then call it a night.
      piet: not yet, but diff between each number and it's northeasterly neighbour always 19
      ---- talk about 9 month green magic; the last comment to that meteor portland item has
      a link to a new zealand one.
      piet: It was first visible at an altitude of about 80km in the north and at about 20km
      when last seen in the south.
      piet: Meteors, which are left-over debris from the solar system, travel at 17km a
      axis: is there a thesis stament here.
      axis: statement
      piet: iron smeltery waste spread over the soil does wonders too
      piet: no thesis, just a small newspaper article
      piet: or do you mean the 19 thing?
      axis: you were making a point, it seemed, about 17m and 20m
      axis: and , the 19 thing
      axis: i'll put cybele and khufu up
      piet: if you like calculations; look up vaugh's defense of astrology via and
      her look at fibonacci in mesoamerica ---- I was quoting from the nz article (north to
      south in how many seconds????? Beats me)
      axis: ah! there's an asteroid named Pest!
      axis: been there before - nice site
      piet: as to the 19 thing; try a range of things
      piet: only peripherally related
      piet: having trouble finding stuff; those arguelles people are highly unstable and so are
      their websites; for people so worried about changing the calendar for instance, they are
      notoriously oblivious of dating the stuff they post .. .
      piet: and retract as often as not
      axis: respect & accept
      piet: what worries me most though is Arguelles on Muhammad: "He lived in a much .. .
      axis: problem with adding one asteroid is i want to add this one, and then this one, and
      then i get this big list.
      axis: why are you concerned / critical about Arguelles
      piet: more primitive situation than we do in Picarquin. No indoor plumbing. He was
      piet: After receiving the recitations of the Qur'an for thirteen years, he was driven out
      piet: Mecca. He had to go to Medina. He didn´t want to fight, but he had no choice. He
      piet: attacked from all sides - and in the middle of all that, he continued to write the
      Qur'an. I
      piet: think that is the most admirable point of Muhammad. ---- end quote
      axis: what bothers you about that quote?
      axis: isn't it mostly factual?
      piet: contrast to Aditi Chaturvedi's account of Muhammad's early violence and you MUST
      conclude that one of the two is plainly delusional
      axis: are u muslim?
      piet: no he wrote nothing; oral traditions remember
      axis: if you're not a Muslim, then why do these errors concern you?
      piet: they read a bunch of elite stuff or heard it being read to them more likely, then
      went and competed in order to trump it; sucked in by the binary/polarization game that
      builds pyramids, kabaas, wtc's
      piet: cause all error concerns me, cause error has a way of not leaving the rest of us
      axis: i disagree.
      axis: there's error all over the place.
      axis: mother nature's great at that
      axis: apparently
      piet: local errors are ok
      piet: love 'm
      axis: mao
      piet: in fact
      axis: newsflash: local errors ok
      axis: look, there are errors & there are errors
      axis: Aditi Chaturvedi & Argulles (sp) making errors about the Quran?
     axis: like, what they say matters?
      piet: I quoted from a pdf without pictures by the way
      axis: have no idea what you're talking about.
      piet: it leads folks astray, into empty and symbolic but nonetheless, pretty strenuous
      piet: same trouble will make big heaps of dust
      axis: how do you know that?
      piet: and I don't mean desertification
      piet: .. .cause one/ we can be as religious about rock as about Muhammed, jesus,
      piet: it's the same thing minus personification
      axis: you mean, can we personify and revere asteroids?
      axis: or whatever. not a good idea, you're saying.
      piet: newsflash: piet and axis filled haf the history show page so far
      piet: we haven't understood the effects of magnetism, let alone the causes, properly,
      just yet
      axis: the problem as i see it isn't that we worship rocks, divine ones, pieces of chewed
      up bubble gum ... it's that all these beliefs compete with one another. they become
      axis: free speech = opinion
      axis: libel, slander = these need ions
      axis: we need to give each other more slack
      axis: it's not the faith or what's believed in. human beings are incapable of liking one
      another as brothers.
      piet: well, I know what you mean but one must add that agression lies in tone more than
      in substance of utterances
      axis: or perceiving each other as brothers
      axis: agreed. everything we say, do, think, etc., humans are incapable of treating each
      other and this planet with respect
      axis: maybe we're not built that way
      piet: that's why one must keep it local and leave travelling up to individuals ---- 'masters
      and loners' as the reviewed poem said
      axis: no
      piet: Arguelles on Muhammad (short page)
      axis: i don't want to read Arguelles
      piet: the link at the bottom leads to a pic of the diagonal
      axis: YOU STINKER
      piet: we'r giving the site owners a heart attack if we keep going
      piet: beetle juice perfume time?????
      axis: betelguese
      piet: no, tom robbins novel
      axis: i found that the first time
      axis: ok. we're calling it a night?
      axis: gonna go post more asteroids
      piet: see ya
      piet: just to round off: = chaturvedi on early islamic violence
      axis: hmm. totally get the diagonal. there's a 51 and a 15 diagonal in the hex table.
      piet: allah's iron has been delivered
      axis: okay. i'll look at that.
      axis: geesh. another cup of .
      piet: hey!!!! no stop!!!!! you went to bed late terday already!!!!!
      piet: go to bed
      axis: no. now i can't
      axis: 7 looks like the other diagonal
      piet: Manos callosas y contrapoder
      piet: indy argentine headline
      piet: i LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!
      axis: translation please
      piet: calloused hands and contrapow(d)er; grinding rock with sweat equity and nipping
      buds by hands; kept up a thousand years = paradise
      axis: okay. 133 is the connector
      axis: 19 x 7 = 133
      axis: see the opposite diagonal?
      axis: starting with 7 in the first column?
      axis: divisible by 7: 7, 28, 49, 70, 91, 112, 133, 154, 175, 196, 217, 238, 259
      piet: so, is that gonna help us see how there is connection between the 2 spreads of my
      favorite (birth)card game (one jumbled, one 'straight') and the chronologically speaking,
      jumbled sura sequence; Arguelles thinks the latter is .. .
      piet: somehow prophetic
      piet: he proves it by means of strewing numbers about; I'll have to find his work on 19
      and quran again
      piet: actually he borrowed it from a texan ian
      piet: hey
      piet: .. ... who was killed in his own tuscon mosque
      axis: i don't know
      piet: killed by fellow muslims who thought they were the genuine article (more
      orthodox, closer to the truth, whatever)
      axis: why are you interested in this?
      piet: i appreciate 7thunders very much but distrust lawoftime(.org) just as greatly
      axis: still don't understand why, if you're not Muslim, you're interested in this.
      piet: and then I'm fascinated by how easily both systems are 'off' so easily, like the
      onereed lady proves so elegantly
      axis: still don't understand
      piet: well, the muslims are 'seeding' rite now; they convert by violence and the threat
      of violence on the one hand and by trying to appeal to peaceful puzzlers at the same
      time; same battle different front
      axis: are you saying all muslims convert by violence?
      axis: my understanding, true Islam does not convert.
      piet: teaboil break; don't get impatient
      axis: arrgh
      axis: i'm rebooting then
      piet: you are blind if you keep saying that after examining what happened in holland
      since nov 2004
      piet: many dutch became awe struck and 'submissive'
      piet: the low budget supermissile kind of conversion machine works like no other
      sporing device in the world
      piet: ghee, . ... . .that's typically internet
      piet: close juxtasy; I go look for Aditi, find adit (pointing to another part of
      swordoftruth (used as searchterm) apparantly, cause it appreciates and praises a quran
      verse very much, even appropriates it as fulfilled prophecy; .... .
      piet: I don't see chaturvedi do that with any of the quran
      axis: ok. i concede. Islam converts.
      piet: internet is a juxtapository (12 hits so far)
      piet: so that's funny, though adishakti proports to unite hindu, islam and christianity (a
      heady mix they brew on that long since stopped being attractive asian crossroads
      piet: ) he nevertheless thinks his meteor will trigger the biggest war; who with I
      wonder .. ..
      axis: hmm
      piet: challenge to all guardians of religious regimes — priests, pastors, reverends,
      bishops, popes, rabbis, clerics, imams, mullahs, shaikhs, ulema, ayatollahs, gurus,
      swamis, pandits, brahmins, acaryas, bhagwans, granthis, gianis, lam

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apologies for confusion. asteroid #522 HELGA based on Piet's Tzolkin Diagonal discovery
only one diagonal defined; however, 3 more diagonals (beginning at 2, 7 & 14) create "inner diamond" with numbers: 110+111+129+130+131+132+150+151 = 1044 (TEUTONIA); 129+130+131+132 = 522 (HELGA).
asteroid #153 HILDA refers to totals in first two columns of ABJAD table (81 + 72).
Posted by: northanger at March 16, 2005 10:00 PM 

and now .. . .to your utte befuddlement and may it a b muse and c on fuse you yeah, even unto murmurationing: google's only (no images doesn't do whacks and you can't even claim the other one yet cause the google spiders have, despite my presence, not taken a liking to you all just yet ((and I can see why quite frankly)); it takes one single hit for word combination so I can't write it here again), a
Posted by: picture of mundane spread at March 17, 2005 06:40 AM 

Posted by: picture of mundane spread at March 17, 2005 06:42 AM 

YO. ..ahahahahahhaha, . .. .this page tells me my birthcard is the same as .. . .. George Bush's environment card for the period between june 03 and 04!!!!!!! Wow, glad you noticed, georgie!!!!!!!! Come again anytime.
Your Environment Card
Your Environment Card represents someone or something that will act in a
beneficial manner for you throughout the year. It is an area where things will
come easily to you, something or someone to be grateful for. It is always a good
thing regardless of what card it is. You will collect good things from this card all
year long.
Posted by: picture of mundane spread at March 17, 2005 07:01 AM 

looking for these 'spreads' one runs into Robert Camp every which where you end up; I approached him once about the diagonal phenomena but he wasn't interested due to low opinion of Arguelles which I thought a shame(fully washed ((away)) baby)
Posted by: picture of mundane spread at March 17, 2005 07:11 AM 

picture of mundane spread = PMS
what are u on tonight?
Posted by: northanger at March 17, 2005 07:16 AM 

what's pms? - early morn here; have to leave in 10 minutes 
Posted by: picture of mundane spread at March 17, 2005 07:27 AM 

have a good day!
Posted by: northanger at March 17, 2005 07:41 AM 

I get it, pms is an abbreviation; how clever; we'll get through the war this way won't we?
Posted by: picture of mundane spread at March 17, 2005 07:45 AM 

see ya in a few weeks
Posted by: p at March 17, 2005 07:47 AM 

have a safe trip.
Posted by: northanger at March 17, 2005 08:06 AM 

::what war?::
Posted by: northanger at March 17, 2005 09:47 AM 


------- on topic: 

 Tachi: That seems like a reliable method. 
Seriously though, think this brings us to an important issue - is prophesizing hyperstitional? Guess that would depend on whether prophesizing can bring about the reality of what is prophesized.
This topic is so Arguelles on the one hand and so not on the other since he wouldn't try to ridicule the Koran like zionist jpost does but just to get even I would suggest a look at the lots wilder correlation calc the zionist Ivry Dov shakes out of his sleeves collar and pantlegs (he'll probably call it inspired arbitration seeing he judges his impact to be on a par with that of Madonna), hell maybe he has stuff up his fly too though I don't recall him mentioning having any children though.
I'll go see if I still got the Arg. on Quran stuff someplace quick.
by the way I am sick of natural truth being abused and kidnapped to serve 'relistatostutional' purposes:
"In his lengthy study, which is being circulated in many Muslim countries, Silwadi noted that the US has often been compared to a tree that grows very quickly and bears fruit, but has no roots."
Semitic success applied in concentrated fashion, to north africa has left nary a root in place; the HEbrow kind is the more diffuse creepily slow acting one but still crap in permacultural terms .. . .. is permaculture hyperstitional? It must be cause folks like Arguelles idealize it and proclaim it their aim and reward yet get hung up in calculations and proselytization efforts of the most trivial kind. Damn those recovering artists.
Posted by: pithyfullpaaiety at March 30, 2005 07:49 AM 
Tachi - great questions, definitely worth sustained attention. 
My latest on this (should be implexed into a carrier of course): The crux of hyperstitional consistency, when reached, will address ('resolve'?) the basic problem of the philosophy of mathematics -- why do mathematical patterns prove so applicable to empirical reality? (OK, sure I've phrased that totally craply, but carry on ...) Hyperstition thus achieved would forestall the continuous relapse into atavistic Platonism that typically bedevils the issue (without obviously subsiding into some kind of Humean fuzz on the other side). That's to say, hyperstition postulates an as-yet uncondensed materialist response to the intrinsic 'realism' of numbers without sacrificing either mathematical exactitude (/infinitude) or the resilient non-ideality (empiricity) of nature. 
It is from this 'crux' (= time disturbance) that your question about self-fulfilling prophecy and its limits could be adequately addressed, since these q.s concern the efficient interlinkage of mathematical intelligence (or at least pop-nomic culture) and natural causality - hence their proximity to (and the necessity of an adamant refusal of) speculative religious ideas. 
The D&Gon War Machine is one postulated interchange mechanism situated in this hyperstitional space, for instance, converting its numbering pragmatics into vortical 'physics'. On my extremely tenuous understanding of Laruelle, his 'science' (= 'man') satisfies the same function.
Can Numbers (not 'quantities') cause an earthquake? Hoping the H. jury still out on this ...
The nature and purpose of Pacal Votan's Judgement Day mission is summed up in theHoly Qur'an, Sura 78, "The Great News:" "The Day That the Spirit and the angels Will stand forth in ranks, None shall speak Except any who is Permitted by The Most Gracious, And he will say what is right." The Holy Qur'an, Sura 78, Verse 38
first Quran verse quoted in a document written by Jose Arguelles formerly posted on (been rigor mortis a while) and mirrored at my site plus /PacalVotanJudgmentDay.htm excerpt below

by the way, the 'castles' he's on about look like swastikas to add to the pile of the 'confusional confoundelusiosity'
sorry, should have posted that slab in the tangents; I'll get the hang of it .. ... 

by the way, futher down into that file he says Noah was a martian

what about a discussion of mathonumberacy as an aid/catalyst for delusiostion? 
a ref about multiple calendars (by old familiar treefrog):
Reza posts a link and introduces thus: Right now, the most favorite format for mass-inspiration of terrorists, intellectuals and even people is using numbers and extensive geopolitical information stripped of the conventional Quranic Apocalypticism that is well-known in the West.
http://globalguerrillas...gangs  + 10 comments - gangs, cults, nations (big cults), religions; it's all the same kinaction connection knacksheen impersonation; lemme be your misguide, you dear prospectively true convert, lemme divert you from that dust spreading bud tweaking branchweaving seed shipping, glasblowing raiser of bubbles blown way below earth's most expansive surface somplace. I need some help spreading pretty uncontrollably symbol sprouting killenders, hardware, contraband, software, whateva. .. .
"Gang Lords want to drive around town in Ferrari’s. Silicone Valley high-tech entrepreneurs want to drive around town in Ferrari’s. The source of the money may be different, but the MOTIVES are the same."
Guess what, even that money is the same and that to me is the crux of the matter; indeed we need calendar reform but not one size fits all together now with each at their own station sorta thing.

What it 'll take is sticking the timer devices to earthy shit but only for a while ...just like you need the sidewheels on a beginning bicycle only so long; make this kind of specificity the validity qualifier for money if you want conscience and history to return to this zombified planet (yes even africans handled indexed standards back when the sahara was greener).
Keep heaps, piles and chunks of it before the public eye (don't allow a mere person to embody and suck attention away from unnumberificacious interest absorbers and thus allow those o so clean and superior yet stinky sockpuppetlike symbols remind to once more us what we don't yet but may soon ((again)) have in common).
Once monies (and their handlers) are once more made to 'stoop' and live down the burden of datestamp (origin / expiry info to aid accountability) they will become lifelike and real ...... .. . exit interstices of hype, hope and all too holy hideaways
don't want to be snarky but Piet are you sure is this on-topic and doesn't belong to the other thread? ... you don't want to disappear mysteriously (check my comments at the other thread), do you? ;)
Posted by: Reza at March 30, 2005 01:01 PM 
always Reza, everywhere dismissed eerily appearing ---- this mist airily ape hearing .. . oh and let me biscuitlike take a moment and maintenance an on-topic topic earlier up this very topic; a pic of that jade deathmask is here:  .. .now, I'll let you get back to your monkey magic
Posted by: pithyfullpaaiety at March 30, 2005 03:04 PM 

------ tangential: 

Much has been said about the animals, of all species, who fled in advance of the catastrophic tsunami. Almost no dead animals were found. No definitive explanation has been given -- the general stab is that their senses are more attuned to small environmental changes imperceptible to homo sapiens. But it now appears that some of the most primitive tribes on earth living on the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands which belong to India and were hit hard, also survived, apparently moving to safety before the waves hit. At first it was feared that they were wiped out or decimated. We can't interview the animals but I hope someone when things calm down takes the time to talk to these tribesmen. I think they could teach us a few things about staying in touch with nature.

Meanwhile Meir Gitlis, an Israeli inventor with a proven track record, has come up with a shoebox-sized home earthquake early warning device. Of course you can't outrun an earthquake, but it might help in some cases.
p | 03.30.05 - 8:23 am | # 
Rainbow Miracle at the Windmill Inn
The White Spectral Wizard year (July 26, 2003-July 25, 2004) was the last year leading up to the Great Calendar Change of 2004! Magic and Miracles closed out this year in the form of a profound rainbow doorway opening to the Seven Years Mystery of the Stone (July 26, 2004-July 25, 2011). See live footage of something truly miraculous as hundreds of people are taken out of the technosphere and thrust directly into the essence of true magic! Continuing on to the next day as the Rainbow Bridge Meditation and Ceremony of Universal Forgiveness the magic lived on! (Two DVD's, 100 min.)

from the bookstore of the (arguelles) site; I was trying to listen in on this event but the stream that was routed/processed at went down; apparantly the 'miracle' is an atmospheric discharge / weathermaking type feat that shorted power out of the whole town (Ashland Oregon). Southern Oregon is quite remarkable in that it concentrates weather(ing) wizards since James Demeo (cloudbuster) has long since settled there also (and I myself considered very hard to do just that rightaround there twenty years ago too)
p | 03.30.05 - 8:48 am | # 
Know i'm muddying the water with this topic - but Noah-as-a-Martian wanders off 'it' fairly conclusively. Your two above - in contrast - kind of on the edge (relevant to Tachi's question). As you say, will probably take some training ...
Nick | 03.30.05 - 9:48 am | # 
"Training"? Think we need to send Piet to 'the camp'. Or better still, send him off to interview some animals that survived the tsunami.
Tachi | 03.30.05 - 10:08 am | # 
Isn't this 'the camp'?
Nick | 03.30.05 - 10:47 am | # 
Tachi, you're the last person i expected to meet HERE
Nick | 03.30.05 - 10:47 am | # 
me too!!!!!! what feels like reconciliatory annaeherung always a gesture I appreciate; .. .so. .. now that you're here, try tune into this twingent:

could we go solicit funds at rich arab locales that swallowed divination crap in order to raise giant dykes along selected sites on the coast here and there, made with freshly crushed and tratiotractially speaking tracessential rock so that nature's neatest trick; sedimentation that holds a (paramagnetic) promise --- conscious version termed 'remineralization' (also used in dentistry) by a former employer of mine (editor of rolling stone the pious version) --- will be achieved in one fell swoop as it were????
p | 03.30.05 - 11:29 am | # 
scandinavian rainbow family alert/rumour: 
beware and be aware
evil little antroposophic siddhi pseudo master identified and exposed.
probably located in jarna, sweden.
extremely cunning, intent on total destruction of spiritual potential in any reluctant victim. 
particular feature:
known especially for entering uninvited in peoples dreamstate and causing havoc. ---- likes to manipulate peoples chakras, wether they like it or not. ----- known for occult penetration of root chakra (mooladhar), fucking up karma and kundalini, permanetly blocking all possibility for real spiritual growth. 
this guy should be stopped by all means, at all costs. he's lethal, 
completely ruthless, breaking all codes of ethics. on the other hand he's accumulated a vast debt by now...there is indeed an ongoing war....   more to follow...

seamynow same anew
HCE (here comes e(very)bony)
the sexcapades of Muhammed before he had a following are legendary .. . did Pakal, his telepathic visitor, presently incarnated as the great Jose Arguelles have any? Well, judging by the latter who does feature facial structure similar to the great pacal's jade deathmask  I must say (but that don't stop me from mocking the fuck out of it .. . .

Hyperstitionoids don't just keep tabs on colloquackative tabloidal treekillers; they don't just want to know, though they want you too to know too much beyond relevance and provision, they are a pox el lip taxmen  pagan community in wisconsin
p | 03.30.05 - 12:11 pm | # 
Yes, Nick, I actually surprised myself for ending up in here - might end up hanging out here more often; I like the schizoid separation of focus these comment boxes actually urge. 'Tangents' only mean off the topic of the thread, but could mean on topic for something quite different of equal value ... though that doesn't mean I can relate to Piet merely by being in the same camp. What the f*** is he on about - eyes still hurt even skimming thise posts. It ain't enuff to be associated by a tangent or two; at least not yet ;) 
And still looking forward to those 'interviews' with animals.
Tachi | 03.30.05 - 3:41 pm | # 
regarding March 30, 2005 12:48 PM 
where I mention the interstices of townsKapesKipKapital --------- here are the stoopendus numbings: "The numbers are mind-boggling: 15 years ago, hedge funds managed less than $40 billion. Today, the figure is approaching $1 trillion. By contrast, assets in mutual funds grew at an impressive but much slower rate, to $8.1 trillion from $1 trillion, during the same period. The number of hedge fund firms has also grown - to 3,307 last year, up 74 percent from 1,903 in 1999. During the same period, the number of funds created - a manager can start more than one fund at a time - has surged 209 percent, with 1,406 funds introduced in 2004, according to Hedge Fund Research, based in Chicago." 
p | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 5:25 pm | # 



april 2005  89K
By his preparation and mastery of higher spiritual practices, meditation, telepathy, and profound displacement, Pacal Votan was able to gather the information he needed concerning the spiritual progress, or lack of it, and level of cultural universality among the human species in order to make the final determination for his tomb and prophecy, Telektonon. The evaluation of Pacal's mission is the prophecy, Telektonon. As Pacal Votan's evaluation of the progress and development of Universal Religion on the Earth, the Telektonon cannot be separated from the Mission of the Prophet Muhammad and the rehearsing and compilation of the Holy Qur'an, the Earthly Judgement Day Book. The Qur'an was completed just before the death of the Prophet, AD 632, one year after Pacal Votan had entered his time of power at the age of 28, in AD 631. The Holy Qur'an or Judgement Day Book is, of necessity, about humanity’s trial on Earth and its relation to its own end time. The time science of the Maya, administered by Pacal Votan, is the calibration of the final human cycle of judgement, leading to the Day of Judgement. The Telektonon, revealed at the beginning of the Day of Judgement, AD 1993- 94, confirms the Holy Qur'an as the last word on Judgement Day.

The Holy Qur’an: The Judgement Day Book Just as the Maya mathematic and time science is unique among and superior to all other known mathematical and calendric systems, so is the Holy Qur'an unique among and even superior to all other known books or revealed texts. So distinctive is the Qur'an and so blind is the Judeao-Christian prejudice against historic Islam, that it may also be said that the Qur'an, by reputation, is perhaps the least understood and most intentionally ignored of sacred texts. This circumstance is also intended to be corrected by the Judgement Day Plan of Pacal Votan. The Qur'an is the direct word of Allah, the One Divine Creative Source, recited and rehearsed by His appointed Messenger, Muhammad, between the years AD 610-632. Not only is every single word in the Qur'an exactly as Muhammad received it, but Muhammad himself arranged the Qur'an in its final form. This form has not changed throughout the last 1300 years, and there is only one version or edition of the Qur'an. It is the quality of unchanging perfection of form that distinguishes the Qur'an as an indispensable and indisputable teaching on the qualities and nature of Universal Religion. At the same time, the Qur'an is also very specific to its time and culture while being precisely attuned to the overall spiritual condition of humanity at the approach of Judgement Day. Consisting of 114 Suras or chapters, the text of the Qur'an is radically non-linear. The Qur'an may be described as the dialogue between Allah and His Messenger Muhammad. Like a magnificent musical score, the Qur'an weaves and repeats different themes and stories, never exactly in the same way twice, each repetition being like the turning of a facet of a jewel or crystal. The one all-encompassing theme of the Qur'an is the inevitability of Judgement Day. From the perspective of the Universal Religion, Judgement Day is the moment of ultimate meaning, the test of humanity's ability to evolve into spiritual unification. Judgement Day is not a punishment or a reward imposed on humanity, but a fulfillment of the undeviating law of karma. According to the Qur'an, if one does wrong it is only to the detriment of one's own soul. If one does good, it is only to the benefit of one's own soul. Allah is "Master of the Day of Judgement," because He is the Author of all creation, and in the divine plan of the universal cycle, "all things tend toward Allah." As the denouement of human spiritual evolution, Judgement Day is actually one of five main motifs that distinguish the Qur'an. Thematically these five interwoven motifs may be constructed according to the principle of the five radial castles of time:
 1. The divine unity of all creation, Red Eastern Castle initiates
2. Universal spiritual precepts, White Northern Castle refines
3. Lives and history of the messengers, Blue Western Castle transforms
4. Judgement Day and karmic law, Yellow Southern Castle ripens
5. Triumph of the Religion of Truth, Green Central Castle synchronizes

All five of these themes are intricately interwoven by sets of metaphors and similitudes throughout the Suras.

april 05  Maya astronomy and calendrics was motivated by an effort to make all the cycles of time tracked by the scribes commensurate. The Maya approach to this task was fundamentally different than the methods adopted by Western calendar reformers from Caesar to Arguelles. Rather than attempting to make other cycles fit into the year, the Maya sought to discover common multiples of cycles. They did not, for example, try to adjust either the year or the lunar month to fit a whole number of lunar months into the year. Instead, they observed the moon long enough to discover that 405 lunations = 46 tzolk'ins (260 x 46 = 11,960 days). If new moon occurs on (for example) the tzolk'in date 1 Imix, it will occur on the same date exactly 46 tzolk'in cycles later. There is nothing similar to this approach in Old World calendar theory, or in Arguelles' 13 Moon Calendar.

Mr Barton's 'pure' prose really sucks .. .well, it's just average lessay. .. .but when he meditates on diagrams his brilliance moggles the bind

suprising vigesimals:  types of numbers (there appear to be more kinds than I knew); the previously posted link is about chemical element related numbers
another chemistry one:  you decide how much fiction has been allowed to drive out faction; I don't expect these guys to get back to topical application of innumerable particles .. .etc (as discussed above) iow: the simple virtues of fractionfrictionaction any time soon
p | Homepage | 04.09.05 - 5:31 pm | #

another chemistry one:  you decide how much fiction has been allowed to drive out faction; I don't expect these guys to get back to topical application of innumerable particles .. .etc (as discussed above) iow: the simple virtues of fractionfrictionaction any time soon

this fella has some follow the grain type talent that stands the equivalent faultline finder finesse of say a woodchopperchappie in good stead to save him a hew or tew; I wish he would go talk to Arguelles

hypersthetical universiality
p | Homepage | 04.09.05 - 6:13 pm | #

whoops, links there don't work yet

oopsietoo, it says hyperthetical (without s) .. . .this guy is quite the versatile omnivore (vegan most likely ((with leanings to breatharianism even)) actually), hosts 1008 aphorisms by sai baba; foreword to an 8 volume on Lull, etcetera.
-=----  dribbly drabs by Dan Eden the potsmoker
.. .seems to be some sort of adventure with Hurtak

To quote Dr LaViolette from his book, (about the astrophysics etc. of the Galactic SuperWave - compression?) --- "Earth Under Fire";

"According to a legend told by the Hopi Indians, the present world civilization is not the first to populate the earth. Before this one, there were three other "worlds", each terminated by a global catastrophe. They call the present world cycle the "Fourth World", and claim that it too like the others before it, will one day come to an end. They say that this ending will be heralded by the appearance of Saquasohuh, the Blue Star spirit.
Since the cores of distant exploding galaxies are observed to have a bright blue star-like appearance, it is reasonable to expect that the core of our own Galaxy would have a similar appearance during its explosive phase. So the legendary appearance of the Blue Star could be referring to an explosion of our Galaxy's core.... Several hundred years after the first appearance of the Blue Star, earth observers would have become aware of lighting effects resulting from the Superwave's passage through the galaxy's central buldge. Sychrotron radiation emitted by the Superwave's cosmic rays, would have illuminated the dense gas clouds in the Galaxy's nucleus to create an oval luminous form around the Blue Star...Dense clouds of dust obscure visible light coming from this region. However, during its bright active phase, some light would have penetrated. This frightening spectacle may have appeared to ancient inhabitants as a gigantic punishing "Eye" in the sky, the entire form occupying about a 16 degree field of view, or about 32 solar diameters. The "iris", would have a diameter of about, 4 degrees with a brilliant light emanating from its central pupil--the Blue Star."

---Paul LaViolette author of Galactic Superwave - also writes: 4/17/05 (in response to my note) from Dan: "it seems to me - that the concept of self similar or fractal arrangement for dialectric charge centers (capacitors in a cone optimized by phi - making gravity) may be essential principle? >>"

to which Paul responds: "I don't know exactly what you mean by the above. My concept is simple: positive charge (protons) produce positive mass (G potential wells), negative charge (electrons) produce negative mass (G potential hills). Contrary to general relativity, there are two polarities for gravity and these are correlated with electric charge. These are predictions from a theory I have developed called subquantum kinetics. Thus far subquantum kinetics has had 10 of its a priori predictions verified by observation so this sets it appart from most other theories on electrogravitics.

If you want to learn more about my work in this area I suggest you read my book Subquantum Kinetics and my paper on the B-2 which is in the book Electrogravitics Systems edited by T. Valone. They can be ordered from or at  website.,Best regards, Paul LaViolette" 

kristalverlosser sjeesas | Homepage | 04.22.05 - 9:17 am | #

all maverick cosmologist make much of the 90 degrees of seperation between magn and electr (Walter Russell, Schauberger, Gabi Mueller .. . the correlations with female and male, proneness and prowess is again, 'striking'

A lady travel agent down unda (the anticipation business is biggest branch on the flight or fight tree) about some oddball wizards concerned with how the world holds up and transposing their support by way of burying a brass staff upright here and there: "I am also helping to arrange a group going to visit the Q'ero elders in Peru in Oct./Nov.this year (Earth Changes permitting of course), and then escorting them to my 'country' near Byron Bay in Australia, as a cultural 'exchange' of knowledge and 'Earth Business' with the Bunjalung Nation. . ... .. My bit of pontificating is that it is way beyond time that we came out of denial, and started planning and supporting one another in these 'End Times' (as the S. American Peruvian Q'ero call them As someone who is working with, studying and researching the stories of our Ancestors; studying Planetary Science at post-grad. level; and is part of a large global community of sustainability seekers; I feel that I am well placed to be sharing understanding from many different disciplines and sources of wisdom." ------ she posts another episode in the great immanent upheaval saga sucked out of the thumbs owned by fabulishow speculant pools who pitch their stuff via ECTV (earth changes TV); I am always amazed at my indifference concerning all such aspects of the apocalyptic .. .. .. Hamaker has so fully satisfied me that all I hunger not for alternate explanations; his story, though I started digesting it decades ago, still 'holds up'.
piet pinupwheel | Homepage | 04.22.05 - 9:41 am | #


Reza,  about Stan Tenen vs Dan Winter, that plagiarism thing is really a case of robbing someone of a name (luckily it proves to be completely irrelevant to what and how the once owner made it); that's my call and I've made it many times since I was more or less a very close witness to the case; I wasn't asked to take the stand for it and had already said farewell to the US when this went down) while keeping up appearances and facades of being o so decent legal proper diligent, modest but firmly defending what is theirs; you know, these folk are as utterly respectable anstaendig en fatsoenlijk as anybody could possibly wish for.
piet pinupwheel | Homepage | 04.22.05 - 9:53 am | #

KA by H. Crosthwaite

A Handbook of Mythology, Sacred Practices, Electrical Phenomena,
and their Linguistic Connections in the Ancient Mediterranean World