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Jose Arguelles is the most popular of my growing idiot savant collection  (some of which stood at the birth of nations and transnational corpocracies, some actually have voluntary followers and critics like me, most of them suffer countersocial tendencies and still worse, their wallflowery mathematrixmadness often as not legitimates genocide by way of glorifying distractions).

I started the process of extracting bits of sitebitesize sighting from my surfnotes (logguage) in 2005 and updated that in the spring of 2007; the results so far:
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May 05

News on the new faiths front; those who favor the belief that sacred books are divinely and multiply encrypted take their licence to obsess over hidden messages and meanings endlessly from such a creed. The perniciousness of earthdestroying proportions this leads to can be seen upon closely examining the history of Judaism (Christianity and Islam by implication of course)

Souls Of Distortion Awakening --- Jan Wicherink (acknowledges to profess nor possess any originality whatever)
Now it is obvious that the authors of the book of Genesis possessed a thorough scientific understand that we are just starting the rediscover. But who were the authors of Genesis?

Archeologist Howard Middleton-Jones is convinced that the authors of the book of Genesis and the builders of the Great Pyramid are one and the same. He discovered that the authors of Genesis must have had a thorough understanding of the interior of the Great Pyramid. Howard Middleton-Jones discovered the significance of the persons mentioned in Genesis along with their ages. From these two facts he was able to draw a vector plot! The lineages of Adam, Seth, Enoch, Kenan, Mahalalel and Jared can be translated into a vector plot when their ages mentioned in Genesis are translated into angles!

Adam is the reference point of this vector plot. He is placed at zero degrees of a 360 degrees circle. Genesis verses 1-32 are about Adam who was 130 years old when he had a son named Seth. Adam lived another 800 years for a total of 930 years. The numbers 130, 800 and 930 are transposed into degrees. Each turn in degrees forms a new vector, the concatenated vectors create a vector plot.

They used a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program to draw these vector plots from the text of Genesis. For every lineage mentioned in Genesis Adam, Seth, Enoch, Kenan, Mahlalel and Jared a vector plot was created in this way. When finished they projected the completed vector wire frame over the Great Pyramid and surprise, surprise, the vector wire frame perfectly matched with the airshafts inside the Great Pyramid. The airshafts are very small pipes inside the Great Pyramid that originate from both the King’s and Queen’s chamber and run outwards to the outer surface of the pyramid. Official Egyptologist would explain that the airshafts are the ascending paths for the Pharaoh’s soul when the soul leaves the tomb on his voyage to the hereafter. 

Interesting new (to me) stars on the (de)coding firmament (getting 'crowdier' by the minute) are herbalist Dr. Joseph S. Puleo who was inspired to study the Book of Numbers for healing frequencies. and Daniel Gleason (I'd seen his Theomatics before but never 'marked' me his name, as the germans say; he says Gematria is really about sacred geometry that was secretly hidden in the Gospels but if so he is not the best artist to render these views in a way that comes across as anything but a magic square and lots of often impossibly stacked circles that seem to nevertheless mightily impress the author)

Dan's comment: largely really good work  .... owever one huge error needs to be mentioned: late in the book the author suggests it was Stan Tenen who discovered the Golden Mean Spiral is the origin of Alphabets. In the hundred thousand pages or so of Stan Tenen's Hebrew zealot free lawyer generated US Federal court unethical harassment of Dan Winter- which resulted in PI THE MOVIE (Dan's picture on their web site) - and US (Jewish biased) Federal court in shocking defiance of the first amendment making EVERYTHING WINTER WRITES illegal in America?! - Tenen clearly and repeatedly claims his only notion of alphabet origin is his cheap piece of jewelry - which he admits has NO EQUATION or mathematics- and he insists is DEFINITELY NOT BASED ON GOLDEN MEAN ! Here is the unpublished side of that court case which bankrupted Winter- in the usual justice goes to who can afford it - which Tenen tried desparately to prevent you from reading:  a linklist of sorts ANNALEMMA ----- you tapped into Dan Winter and vica versa; he posted an anim. giffie .. ..and some angel mummery (after vincent bridges).

(Anoniem) 2005-05-23 07:29 (link)  -- WOW! -- Implosion Group's Newsletter - after 5 years of requests now reaches almost 10,000 of the worlds greatest scientists and thinkers about science and consciousness- - With web site hits exceeding 1 million per month for almost 7 years!  ----- whoops, forgot link supplication or should I say submission (arguelles as good as mum on quran lately by the way):

all sorts of good stuff for you: an interesting tid bit on the movie stargate.. by Dan Winter "The letters of the Ophanim alphabet were arranged in a table "The Tablet of Nalvage" using the Greek alphabet GEMATRIA (letter to numeric values). Revealing the hypercube symmetry (key to stargates - CHEM - from the black-hole-ness) (below pics). Then reading down in the Ophanim alphabet tables like tic tac toe, we discovered the letters read: Ureil, Gabirel, Michael, Ophaniel, Exekiel, etc. (Pic below here) This suggests that our ANGEL NAMES were simply symmetry turn instructions for how to cookie cut biology's magnetics into black holes. Literally, the Angel Names are the symmetry turns for light bodies to squirt into time. These letters were the actual glyphs used to make the movie Stargate." --- so . ..what do you think of Stargate?

Dan Winter is still the e- rather than landscape artist we have come to know him to be:As explained at  - the symmetry set Ophanim (Enochian letters) provided the angular charge compression laws to inhabit non-destructively the breath of charge entering black hole - star birth - thus enabling angel birth and becoming part of the blood of what we call angels. Explaining pretty well why the physics of this (Ophanim / Enochian ) alphabet became the movie STARGATE. A physics obviously hopelessly lost on the H'UR-TAK who named his KEYS OF ENOCH - without even understanding the who or what the origins of ENOCHIAN was.
The same Hurtak who mutely joined the secrecy of the Egyptian government with a choking grip on the real truth of what the Giza plateau is about. Namely- the creation of a magnetic map to permit group bliss and DNA ignition to re-inhabit SUNS and stars- precisely as Thoth / Enki / RA and their Ophanic elders intended.
When the landscape is fractal it can serve as a lens to project the collected charge cocoon (KA, collective consciousness, dreamspell ) of group bliss in to the stars. Which is precisely the ONLY way out of here.

some more of Dan's fuming:
Their higher physics extended just far enough to let them drag here from Sirius - a square fractal capacitor (Ark of the Covenant) capable of generating the necessary spark from gravity - to keep their GOLD POWDER addiction in drug money. (Gardner did get that part of his SACRED ARK book right). Higher light physics is a bit of an overstatement here. If they had been any good- they would not have fractionated a whole genepool - and released us - their remnant into such a foolish quarantine from star cultures.

Enlil made it a crime punishable by death to learn the real alphabet - sounds familiar to the Dan Winter case. Enlil put to death anyone who allowed the ensouling SOLAR calendar - promoting a parasitic lunar calendar to accompany the parasitic draco infested hollow metal MOON his culture towed in here.

all this is spurred, triggered brought on and catalyzed by the writ of one mr white at a neighbour's page with a lovely menu and rainbowed links but confused childlike content:  these people (more like this person) link to meru which should be enough in itself to make Dan blow his top long count and dreamspell 2 wheels of 1 bicycle says Arguelles

may too new silliness and numeroid acrobatics; they squared the tzolkin so a circular rainbow coloured coil fits into it .. .. . how clever! That'll stop the war!!!!!

boy, can't get away from them hippies (people trying to cash in on wannabes by way of dried soups and such in this case)'s a moronic name if you ask me but. . go see for yourself; they do make an effort to inform, video onboard too) to see who all is chatting away on the forum there (nobody much sofar as it turns out); here's my first entry: boy ,I love to dive into this forum (not in the least due to its pretty make-up!)!

Here's a few more reasons:
Just found out Robert Grace has dignified his already (for 99% of readers) overly complex site with (to me mostly incomprehensible) facts and speculations around the much disputed 19 code in the Quran.  --- Dan Winter afficionado without admitting it; he can't seem to 'put iron in the fire' fast enough to burn his brains out quite yet; meanwhile his mental corpus is abloatin and abloat some more with no resolution in sight .. . but still, awfully stimulating stuff if you are into a blend of spirituality and physics liberally sprinkled and spiced with numeracy. - Robert copies  which is in turn an extract from (and translation of the german) "Worldformula 19" by Stefan Makowski(2.5 doc zipped down to 1 and coming to 400K as (flat) txt = 40 rather than the presented 180+ pages in my tried and tested prfr format - added twist here is that the 'fakir' explicitly states not being a Khalifite and Stefan explicitly states indebtedness to the latter)  as well as parts of  --- Here's part 1:  -- in this one (155quran) he copies a submission page, intersperses it with multiply remarks to have found nothing remarkable when trying to find Fibonacci correlations but at the end of is is captivated by the missing verses mystery. -- apropo the code: via the fakir podner I visit which he recommends as best in the field and boasts of a code book from Ramallah and one by a man deported from Israel on same. --- (site idle for a year now) ----- a pagan 19 year cycle: "A direct relationship between the solar and lunar cycles can be seen again in the 56 so-called "Aubrey Circle" post holes which form the outermost circle inside the embankment around Caer Manon. These represent a more exact reckoning of the lunar great year which is actually not 19 years, precisely, but 18.61 - three cycles of which become 56 years - seen as three cycles consisting of 19, 19 and 18 years. Even so, the difference is so minor that, although eclipses may not be accurately predicted, for the purpose of predicting full moons, the charts that follow will certainly be accurate in my lifetime and in those of my children future grandchildren. It may fail for future generations and I leave it to my successors to provide corrections so that its information may be of use to them." 
My personal take on this (and all other code) matter? A lousy and ineffective way to grieve for lost succulence and sumptiously lush surrounds as they once graced the region whence the big bad holy books hail, let alone a necessary and useful preliminary to restoring such.

although the groups inspired by McKenna/Arguelles et al (I access them through the message board command on are gowing (some into the 3 digit numbers already), I principally refuse to partake of Bill Gates traps if and when I have a choice (bad enough I operate as a guest one place or another and more often than not on windows).

If you rummage around to the 2003 files of my (b)loggage the entries I made to the now defunct tortuga boards can still be seen . .. . . . and anywhere else on my site proper earth stewardship is the focus, aim and raison d'etre so welcome (as I hope to be here) to my site. --- I suffer from addiction to that substitute for living called surfing and keep a record (see the blog). ---- wild seed scanning for a place to land root fruit and die. 

. .. .. so far my mateys here look really swell; Darlene Loyd hawks her book about Generation X (the one with lots of choices  . .. and if I may be so bold to add, thus far lousy results .. .but wait .. 130 sites in the webring) and she wants to start a herd of sixty sixers 3 message thread seen seven times so far) starting with this one: . . wow   .. ..maybe I can get the one I am living with interested .. . Rob Owen on Generation X

ps: code 19 in german
Online: 7 - Besucher: 109157 - Besucher heute: 177 - Seitenaufrufe: 438742 - Seitenaufrufe heute: 678
Datum: 28.05.2005 - Zeit: 19:17 - 1807ter runterladung  On Arguelles: Greetings Kin .. . . . ... - so lets all start with the agreement that what we are seeking is in fact further enlightenment and collective agreement in the end - that is, after all, the goal we have been trying to reach for thousands of years. ;) [/quote]

you mean like Chris King? He is someone I was lucky enough to 'surf into' before the turn of the century and he is going strong as ever (though completely gray now) .. . .lots and lots of illustrated pdf there.

Chris is one of the few people I know who holds his own and better against the likes of Arguelles in my opinion (sorry, but there's no way not to get personal and I think we won't get anywhere trying to not get personal .. .cause the political is a mere outflow of it and being polite just doesn't cut it in the face of crime. We can euphemize the latter as faulty logic or faint heartedness or haughty hooey but let's please not taboo the occasional scold unless they get chronically repetitive; the polite thing to do is to reserve judgment, the only sort of stuff religion was instituted for but alas, its spokesmen and standardbearers lose patience as much and often as us normal people).

. .. .where was I .. . oh yeah, Chris is certainly less pretentious which has the added advantage of not being tempted to go brag (set goals stake claims assert authority test the odds etcetera) and boast about a recognizable uniformed movement (not to mention doubling the ways one may get caught up in numbers: projective timeframe, segment and slot as well as pupil, proponent apostle and personell ones) which the dreamspellers are for all practical purposes, . .. matter of fact they are so obsessed with the subtle changes, stripes, cuts, titles and timeliness (fashionability) of their uniforms that it looks like perpetual carnival/mardi gras/festi whaddeva and that's the pool A recruits from .. . . Most of the baitbiters, members and adherents tend to hail from the more goofy celebrant and unmoored partyer type of revellers who's out of reach idealism is of course pipedreamtime permaculture cause their karmatic make-up usually has overly much air and fire, something they have in common with the rainbow family all of whom it gets harder and harder, at least for me, to think they are indeed (as I myself long fancied) the tribe the hopi prophecy and all that applies to.

Actually I feel I am almost slandering CK by comparing him to JA since though C often delves into myth I've never seen him do anything close to what A does in his (2001) letter to Farrakhan for instance, to wit: takes a few lines about defeating 1000 with a 100 fighters and 200 with 20, then turn the bloodshed and carnage into a mere metaphor for adding (the mentioned numbers to 1320), cleaving (not into 660 each ((although 66 plays a role in the next sleigh of mind)) but 13 and 20) and multiplying the pieces to come up with 260 put in a composite symbol pattern/diagram/table (that to most more sober thinking people I read, stands, in its simplest and most understandable form, for natural junctions and periodicities of time from the opposite end of the spectrum, to wit: the growing season for corn and the one also known as gestation time but for Arguelles has significance for very very far off places and times), all of which ignoring the plain and explicit violence that lies recorded and continues to affflict all who have to do with this third of the big bad holy book thrillogic .. . - there are other outrageously arbitrary decisions inspired by a seemingly modest handful of faves and fetishes (among numbers, let's not even get started on how he and Mohammed handled women) which in the field of numeracy are as cheap (and in reality costing everybody too dear) and . .. exactly, . . numerous as gratuitous violence, fueling and at least in part responsible for the, as the dutch say, 'high flight' of science (implying some sort of loftyness and nobility .. .in fact just today they are reporting ((in a big way)) on the success of enthusing young kids for the betas by way of play-acting astro(nauto)noia).

my objection to this sort of jugglery stems from my preference for physical over mental fracture, friction and fractionation. I'd make a handful of rockdust scattered across the compostpile a priority over checking where exactly the cleavage between seasons much less where exactly the battle lines are drawn MY PRIORITY. If you got that straight you got me straight.

in august 2003 aug.htm  I commented on that text (which I found showing up on the dutch  of Arguelles devotees just yesterday) as follows: 'that text' has been retracted for revision apparently; and well it should cause the nation of islam believes to have come from the moon and genetically manipulated the white race into being 6600 years ago if I am not mistaken.  .. . .I added a little pointer further up this file where I make a rather liberal amount of room for a libertarian christian with a heart and at the forum I go:  ... . .alritey, perhaps I was a little overeager .. ..the man is is a plain old christian fitinner from Soddern Cali and his graphics really suck too .. . but he IS lots like A, who pulls of stunts like this too:


long list of them involving zetas, primes etcetera somewhere along here comes a linked text: 'prime numbers and messianic delusions' leading to the next one here

  5 short and seriously negative reviews of Plichta books which as far as I can tell do not really comment on what I consider his strongest (but what is perceived as his weakest) suit (making me wonder if it's not plain jealousy and such speaking there): the periodic table connotations and the funny earth, moon, sun 'fits':  amidst a bunch of cooky number jugglery this quote is posted: “The third law of thermodynamics says that at the lowest possible temperature of -273.2°C, or absolute zero, no more movement of atoms takes place… The experiments of Gay-Lussac proved that gases expand and contract by 1/273.2 of their volume for every degree of heating or cooling… The time the Moon requires for its orbit of the Earth is one sidereal month or 27.32 days… The length of an Earth-year measures approximately 365.25 days. Because we count 365 days for 3 years, we have to count 366 days for 1 year. This natural 3 + 1 law is not affected by the fact that every 400 years a further day must be added… 1/27.32 = 0.03660… and 1/366 = 0.002732… The acceleration of the Moon in its path around the Earth is measured as 0.273 x cm/s² and the Moon radius measures 0.272 Earth radii… The acceleration of the Earth and the Moon behave reciprocally as the squares of the radii of the orbits of Earth and Moon… What is the relationship between the mass of the Moon and that of the Earth?… The ratio is 1:81.” 

Stefan Makowski, Institut fuer Sufi-Forschung und Sufi-Foerderung Raschbach 2, A- 4861 Aurach, Austria
admiring (student) review of Plichta's work ending: "If Dr. Plichta is correct in his insights, then the scientific world has an enormous amount of revision on their hands."---- found via a simple and short bare fact Khalifa page (consisting of sura 74 mostly) 3 page scan from an english translation of 'God's secret formula, the end of all dogma' cute Khalifaite graphics on a 'God alone, Quran alone' site condemning the Hadith for being bible-like and even plagiarism range of topics but not very busy yet file with lots of tables, a pleasant background, perfect letter shade but still impractical due to size; it won't scroll smoothly at my above average) speedlimit. time, leap year lenghts, absolute zero, stable chemical elements, sun, earth and moon -- fastened together with a fine fancy and frilly fetish thread flat view; 7 jokes in all so far --- edip yuksel has fine taste when it comes to choosing bulletinboards (

Edip distills his conversations a lot better than the previously mentioned bulletin board:,263,0,0,1,0Tested, Disturbed and Punished by Nineteen -- Ayman continues to fight against God's signs ---- It is a short teazer distilled from the long and endless 19autoparts dept. Here in its hairsplitter, time awaster, nitpicker but bomb builder beating glory: ... . 
it's always the skeptics who just dabble, play and poke (fun) at it who come up with the most devastating wieldings of opponents weapons just before they throw it away, Majnun goes: Salam, Oh i knew about 19 x 65 but the parson born on the day we named 1-1-1235 ah (the first day of the 1236th year ah) was Siyyid Ali Muhammad, the Bab. This opens the cycle of Baha (abjad: 9) and closes the cycle of Qur'an. 
You may remember that Dr Rashad connected the number 342 with that missing bismillah. in fact, 342 is 18 x 19. And 1819 ad = 1235 ah. 
Enjoy the day gentlemen.---------------
and a little later: 
Can we base our entire life, or what is left of it, inner and external, on these things (numbers and proofs) ? Even if we do not deny them ? I say : NO. And I dont see what more I can add to argue for nothing at all. The saddest thing is all those who open up a website, and parrot like a tape machine every things they saw on the Submission site,
Edip's answer: Please continue sharing your calculation with us about Bab and Bahaullah. Similarly, H.O., Keyhosrov Emami, Bahattin, and many other mathematically-challenged egomaniacs should continue their calculations. Your arbitrary jugglery of numbers framed with pure speculations EXPOSES the true nature of the the so-called "discoveries" of both parties. 


june 05 via the linklist - Arguelles will found a village in Baja;
            he'll be neighbours with the rainbow one announced over a year ago I bet.
                  Aaand Heeeeere's the one and only AAAAAreeeenaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Let's have another look at those that overstimulate their imagination (and/or came up/out with a permantently altered consciousness from having done so in the past waaaaay beyond what I did) shall we?

"The Ancient Arrow Project, while it may seem closer to science fiction than reality, is based on real events and people. Names and places have been modified, but the settings, events, personalities, technologies, motivations, conflicts, and, most importantly, the identity of the WingMakers, is quite authentic. The information is obtained through a process called Sensory Bi-Location (SBL) used by James. This is referred to in more detail within the Creator section of the website." ------

Do you like this sort of thing? Want the URL rather than my comments? Well, for once I'll turn that around and characterize this cabal as Carnivale crossed with science fiction flickery inspired by Dan Winter:  (pretty hilarious really, be sure to check out the luciferian rebel animus (an incarnation of icarus to boot). They are also quite Damanhurlike as far as art is concerned, check these gigantic paintings: habitatofsoul -xx- 2 -xx- 3

 The slideshows are funny too. masteroutline Sarah de Rosnay, assistant claims in slide 50 that the story is based on stuff that is but isn't in it's 'totality' real. It is myth as fact wrapped in fiction.- a diagram: 42

Right, now that we've gotten rid of all the gullibles let me lay into and butcher this pr stunt of space exploration plotters with the aid of a man claiming to be an angel: this is the devil shifting gears folks; whole multinationals are soon falling for the idea we can do the age of discovery and exploration over again if only to try forget about the aches, pains, wounds and disfigurements it has brought, such as pollution, colonialism, exploitation, mongrelization, multi-culturalism and erosion on a scale that rivals the astronomically caused ones .. .and so watch out, move over, multi-dimensions here we come!!!!!
apparantly a driving force in the glastonbury contingent of you know who's flavor they currycloneclown; he posts at the wingmaker forum so they have at least one dreamspell devotee there (and that's how I found this place, looking for comments on Arguelles new book). I'll post more of his links in a minute (they bear no suprises for me) but first let me present more about this forum and what I find behind it (all new to me at first but I soon find out it's but a mix of damanhur, tzolkin(w)hities and dan winter):

pretty busy but ugly forum and I don't care for the content either; it's another weird cult totally confusing the meaning levels of existence such as mineral and vegetable (sound and light at bottom, man on top) with hierarchy. The latter of course is most meaningfully used when talking about semi equivalents like mating candidates or cultural values which in fact they do: WingMakers' philosophy: Chamber Two ----- The Shifting Models of Existence  where it explains the SI's role in this paradox... "Each individual must know them self to be free of all forms of external reliance. This is not to imply that one should not trust others or band together in alliances of friendship and community. It is simply a warning that relative truth is constantly shifting in the hands of those who desire to control, and even though their motives may be of good will, it is still a form of control....... While the entity assumes its role of personal liberation, it does not mean that the hierarchy is to be shunned or avoided.
The hierarchy is a wondrous instrument. It is symbolic of the body of First Source, enabling IT to submerge within the time-space universes similar to how the human instrument allows the entity to function outside of Source Reality..." --------- 

They did manage a pretty mix of wrapped person and vagina though, on a page with fancy music: hakomic3flash.html  -- their featured link site has expensively dressed music as well, just not quite as fancy schmansy in the flash department. -- the linklist includes databases of important mystics; wonder how cross cultural they manage to be there. I tried a pdf and my first impression was: another factor in the conspiracy to turn all our woods into paper (you know, pdf's that don't allow copying in order to condense but only printing and are spaced to cost 20 times the paper I'd normally use .. .not that the texts are worth it), yuk new age religions are the worst.. . .oh wait, here's better perhaps: /aap-ch1.html  buzzword: sovereign integral .. .naaaah, . . still bullshit so a more flexible format is no use to me and their art (apart from the flash bits) really sucks too (or if you like the fact they sponsor and present beginners, you may find it great, it's too bad they found nothing better ready for the front page yet); it's about the parallels of some ancient arrow site architecture with cellstructure; they are totally in love with the word 'chamber'.

Rightyo, back to the crystaleagle:  cropcircles (16 of them including one of them jewish candleholders?) 
page6/puzzle poddlers trying to catch up with unfullfilled childhood chores: 2 medium pics --------- one of them larger interesting site via crystal eagle the dmt  trance circle dreamspell stuporifichead - if you want to get an eyeful quick go here:all galleries--- I guess these sorts of good people are as close as we got to present day remnants ofinspirationsprovided by troups of the Carnivale kind (see elsewhere in this issue). Shit, I think I might even be responsible for starting this rage, all you saw up until then were real kites and patio twirlers; the little thingy i (made on a borrowed small circus sowing machine) decorated the busker band stand with to earn me a ticket to the glastonbury festival (early nineties?) can be seen on what used to be the frontdoor for my first site in dutch. ------- One can really tell we're dealing with an advanced student of life here (having taken advantage of already mentioned sources in better than average fashion andfree and frank about them too).-- Here's the artist weaving his webbery.

Anyways.  .. .sad really but by the time you make enough money with cool imagery like this to roll back your transgression and graduate (gradually crawl back) from symbol to substance and buy some clean waters where weeds wave away in all states of animation, 99% of the earth's population will be deprived of that and you'll need an army to keep them from your gates. 

That last pick was by the site maker who has one of his own:

Looks like i have another link to be grateful about toward my crystal sibling (well if you substitute his penchant for mind alteration with my thirst for 'humusifiliation' through rockdust): APPARATUS FOR MEASURING BEAUTY AND DETERMINING HEALING OR HARMFUL PROPERTIES OF WORKS OF ART . .. . .nope, another hope dashed; lots of bandwidth wasted on infantile engineering; the diagrams fit in nicely with the wingmaker ones (ie simplisitc) .. .. ah, here's another clue as to the tie in and irrestible logic (applicable to the quick rise and quick death of the pope in matters of nationalism: Pim Fortuyn): So, wouldn't it be better to begin the process of mythologizing the heroes without procrastinating, since the people will do it anyway, only a little later. And isn't it more correct to mythologize the heroes during their lifetime? -----  they are waaayyy into freakytweaky portraiture and stay just barely this side of recognizable rather than messing with surface textures -- the have a clinic which reads: 

Due to the overwhelming amount of harmful energies neutralized during the healing sessions, the clinic is temporarily closed for purification, reconstruction and fortification.

Apropo Dan Winter's use of the term 'recursiveness', here's Tom Walker's employment of that concept (and to very good effect if you ask me): Mozart effect and hunger for the 'gist' of it-------Tommy often asks himself, like I do, why he bothers. Here's a nice blog of his own:

Environmental record of the Maya -- National Geographic episode seen last night (in Holland) makes clear that the Mayan rulers had subjected everything in their power to getting a nice white finish/glaze on their buildings and that meant a whole hell of lot of fresh wood to fire the limekiln used to obtain/refine a lime product the dutch call 'ongebluste kalk' (white chalky powder). Somewhat like the Easter Islanders (to whom Jared Diamond returns in his latest book. Don't miss Louis Proyect's reviews either) the maya went for such a vast clearcutting and building effort that the swamplands silted up due to eroding hillsides, this is what stopped the steepness of their hierarchy and started it all to crumbled and overgrown untill people with cameras, shovels buckets and brushes show up.

Along in this program (called 'Dawn of the Maya'):

the 19 code (of sorts) showed up, 

dramatic enactments of the catholics destroying the written records except for a book which was taken from the Berlin library by a Russian soldier while the battle for that city was raging, 

fruitless digs in a bunch of temples, 

calligraphy, art and mythology. 

Unfunny footnote: As with most NG programs and publications, I am reminded coming across a particularly sad looking river in the middle of New Hampshirean nowhere .. ..turned out they did some dumping of print- and paperbleaching fluids of their own, yes, some of that ame sort of pollution they, to their great merit, tend to focus on. And their peculiar way of focussing confirms the splinter/beam parable from the Bible which tells of how hard it is to tackle ones own bad habits; an attempt to bring them into focus often turns and deflects into preoccupation with some forms of them that at the same time magnified and projected, remote, owned and operated by friends, relatives or those excercising authority. In such transference the look at becomes a look away (a look but not really). It must be easier to target a scapegoat than mold an inner resolve in such a way that you give birth to a letting go, a banishment. It's not like government shows us the way to go either, they're always focusing on the worst rather than the easiest.

ps: just found some sort of arguelles clown/clone yesterday:  They don't have as low a threshold, simple entry level and non-commercial feel to them but are definitely inspired by and fishing in the same waters Arguelles, Winter et al are. It's all verbose crap that distracts from understanding the mineral mobility in soils ... Do you know  Alanna Moore is the ozzie girl running it, she's world touring now apparantly. Her book is available from

june 05 too Keyserlink virtue science, a pinch of
      arguelles and lots of jewish mysticism with an unacknowledged islam twist (the basic
      diagram model used is the cube) - stopped developing in 2003 Drugs and Post-Structuralism -- Exploring the Chaosmos - from the edge of Insomnia and Incoherence

The American Enterprise Online has current issue on Europe & America, with excellent editorial by Karl Zinsmeister and articles by Olaf Gersemann and Joel Kotkin accessible without subscription: --- fuck, I dislike all this arms racery that goes unmentioned but is implied as the decent valiant brave honourable and get this, humane thing to do YUK YUK YUK!!!!!!! - all these guys ought to be delivered to the worst bondage fiends and get a thorough milking  Cascade mountains 40 acres (no mule) wide and 25 years old springboard

slightly tweaked lines from LaZero <
I hear welcome home; I observe lores of the jungle, lures of the jingle, leesr of the lecher, so this must be the rainbow family of love light & lunacy, right ? --- this old timer's account of Bulgaria:But when I later assured the police chief no guns, no brawls, and that my daughters were all either virgins or mothers but nothing in between and that incidently we had 1000 dready warriors in the hills behind me so it was good if we all co-operated on the same team. And thus, speaking in his own languge, He too felt reassured
I was of course told talking guns & troop numbers was not the true rainbow way but I felt getting on with the local law & having a long peacful gathering was important too - everything was done relaxed & with good humour but you just cant always win .. .. .. ..Later an old local man ! came walking to site with his horse & asked if it was ok for the villagers to come and dance on the full moon for us ... .. Of course I immediately told him, our honor & delight ... . we need a concencuss I was then told by local zealot. So I took the old mans hand, smiled in his lovely twinkly eyes & walked him into the central circle & announced the event was going to happen  .. ..  cheers & waves from several people, and plans began ... was that brute force, well . . I guessed some people would have found reasons to disagree, theres always at least one its a lore of the jungle  .. .. .point is; I made my own decision that time, on behalf of the people
lightningboy ( QT req) posts at

/PRAY14.htm  this fella has been quietly working away well under my radar, here's the little ritual invocation/poem he wrote for the period in which my birth occured: PRAY14.htm
-- our current lunar year: PRAY19.htm

I believe in myself.
I am a golden pillar of cosmic conciousness.
I am an Earth Healer, pulsing with the planetary whole.
Walking the path of the spiritual warrior,
I transform myself into ever more complete a vessel
For life's mastery.
I channel the nurturance and support of the primordial Mother.
The breath of my spirit
Drifts endlessly through Dreamtime,
Carrying potent seeds to fertile ground.
Intimacy is my ally.
Death is my ally.
I fulfill the Great Work.

Saturday, June 25 2005
Re: The Hidden Agenda of The Dreamspell (great thread) 
Thank you Carl for your thoughts regarding the hidden agenda of the Dreamspell Calendar. I have been aware of the Dreampsell since the early days of its dissemination and although I was encouraged by Jose' and Lloydine to become a Dreamspell daykeeper, instinctively, I declined. My reason for doing so was because I was already deeply involved in my own novel application of the Tzolkin. 
I suspect from what you say that you will no doubt deny the validity of my approach as well because it is astronomically based. Nonetheless, I would like to share it here because it seems to me that Jose' is correct when he affirms that "spiritual-mental evolution depends on holding multiple views simultaneously, of seeing the inherent harmony in all forms of order whatsoever, and of experiencing non-dual unification of self and other." Perhaps in my sharing you will see that I am, after all, another yourself and that the way I am ascending this mountain of human aspiration toward unity is equally as valid as yours or anyone else's. I do not look to you or to anyone else for validation of my approach. My own direct experience suffices grandly.
My study of the Tzolkin is now 2o years in duration. It began with Arguelles' books Earth Ascending and The Mayan Factor. In Earth Ascending, Jose' revealed something very crucial in understanding the nature and purpose of the Tzolkin: it is a fractal tool applicable at whatever scale is desired. This means that it is a universal tool, a body of abstract principles as radically useful as electricity. 
In honor and respect for our Mesoamerican ancestors who have applied the Tzolkin's principles for eons and who have brought them to life through long-standing traditions of great depth and complexity, I continue to forge a heartful path of my own. In speaking about my own path, I am choosing to use the Arguelles' term "Harmonic Module" to refer to the Tzolkin in order to distinguish my use from that of the traditional Maya for my use is not at all grounded in any contemporary Mayan tradition.
I call my approach The Lightning Path, knowing that it is in direct resonance to the orbital dynamics of planet Uranus, long referred to by Western astrologers as The Great Awakener. The orbit of Uranus around the Sun is often said by astrologers to be the most appropriate celestial archetype to depict the duration of a completely transformed human life. Uranus has long been associated with all forms of revolution and social transformation and The Lightning Path is, itself, a thoroughly Uranian phenomenon. Not only does it invoke the Uranian spirit of transformation and renewal through its inherent use of the 13:20 timing ratio, its existence is based in the actual astronomy of the planet itself, as revealed through the following calculation summary: 
1 synodic Moon cycle (1 lunation cycle) = 29 days 12 hr. 44min = 29. 53 days
1 Harmonic Module round (13x20 = 260 lunation cycles) = 260 x 29.53 = 7677.8 days 
4 Harmonic Module rounds = 7677.8 x 4 = 30,711.2 days = 84.08 yr.
1 Orbital Period (Year) of Uranus = 84.01 Years* (30,685.4 Days)
* The approximation of 365.256 days per year is used.
Simply put, the 21 years it takes to pass through one Harmonic Module round represents one Uranian "season" --- one quarter of the time it takes for Uranus to orbit the Sun. Four Harmonic Module rounds = one Uranian year.
One way the central codes of transformation embedded in the Harmonic Module can become accessible to us is by simply being open to receiving a spiritual birthright astrologically coded into the structure of The Lightning Path . That birthright is a gift of spiritual symbolism which becomes activated the moment we determine our astrologically-based "temple-of-birth " from within what I call The Book of Electrum.
The Book of Electrum exists at the heart of The Lightning Path. Electrum is a naturally occurring married metal comprised of pure gold and pure silver. In The Book of Electrum, the Sun (gold) is wedded to the Moon (silver) in a multi-decade chart of Moon cycle dates revealing a person's temple-of-birth, an astrological portal of entry into the fractal structure of the Tzolkin-as-Harmonic-Module . In providing this entryway, The Book of Electrum makes the symbolism of the Sacred Calendar personally meaningful, accessible, understandable and useful on a day-today basis. It provides a "lightning path" of initiation for all who are prepared to align themselves with its 260 distinct cosmic directives.
You can find out more about The Lightning Path at  and on my website at


july 05

Here's the big man's new sermon; he's following the classic rules:

Empasize importance of your work by claiming it is parenthesized by solar flares 91 days apart (8 years ago)

Complain that this particular revelation has been taken for the artistic liberty rides which aren't faithful nor respectful enough of the original; hell, it ain't even been done produced in Europe (though it came out in Brazil and Japan), all due the downdumb of cellphone and internet.

End with a euphoric upbeat read out (you know, the feudal kind of royal/nobility title read-off; heck you can do it yourself, prick a pin in the middle of a round piece of paperstack; colour each sprocket with a different amount of number/teeth and set time a ticking; garanteed new read out for aeons!!!!! Hop, that's credit creation in action for ya. I laugh, but you already knew all this; wait till I tell

For a humanity trapped in its accelerating densification these magical mind expanding tools are of the utmost evolutionary necessity. But it seems that less and less people actually care. Their lower selves trapped in the quagmire of mass consciousness, on a daily basis they experience the shrinking of their will to transcend or to exert in something that is truly from beyond the matrix. This is a problem, the solution of which lies in the understanding and exercise of planet sorcery. 

2. Planet Sorcery and the AC-CA Plate ShiftWaking up Single Luminous White "A" by the Power of the Original 144,000 "

... It is important to set your motivation from the outset and to maintain a very strong motivation, while abandoning all self-interested and temporary motivation." Yangthang Tulku, Dzogchen, p. 4Indefatigably, we move onward! Planet sorcery, you say? Yes, planet sorcery - how else are we going to tame the demons of lower self that prevail over the affairs of Velatropa 24.3? The introduction of planet sorcery as a method allows us to get more profoundly to this matter of the Way of Conduct and the Way of Wielding Power. Sorcery is the method of taming lower energizes and converting them for higher purposes. We are talking about such an action on a planetary scale - hence planet sorcery, a basic principle for activating the templates of Cosmic History (See below, Section 4). a For more including comments on and sitings of the 19 code (in Imag from Ramallah) see recent post at


Comment at a northanger (livejournal) blog item: beware the sun/moon equivalencers, equivalencizers, equivaluators such as the stonehenge erectors (per whats his name), the rashid khalifa factions and those opposed, the ones opposing portions such as the author of
'The Miracle of Nineteen Between the Backwardness of Muslims and the Perversities of Impostors’

who also wrote:

The Decline of Israel 2022 AD
A Prophecy Or Numerical Coincidence

Bassam Nihad Jarrar

The Biqaa’ Library

somebody who does dare di numeri means idiot with the savant in italian

a friend
perfect splitter
kindest cutter
nonsubstitutional wildgrowther

whoopsy floopsy swoopsy made mistakey

with should be withOUT (the redeeming ((money rock and rolling)) savant part)

long live innumeracy and well situated to be assimilable dust

on second thought I'll pass on your baby picture if I can have the wet pre-bra t-shirt one instead

I just had an adventure wherewith I astounded myself even; a blue eyed black(k)inkhaired east german lady made me her husband (or did I make her make me?) and projected the real one into a role I could and probably was playing ('slightly too intrusive friend of the family'); instead of apologizingly distracting distraught hubby comin home late I let him bruise her . . . allowing a moment for that to sink in and disgust you. . . just so you don't get your hopes up, I deserve to be bought off + disenchanted with a minimum slice of reality and not a molecule of fibre more

-------2020 Visions? Some while back,  I suggested that Al-Qaida's strategic timeline might be responsive to a comment made by Sheikh Safar al-Hawali at the end of his book, <b>Day of Wrath</b>, to the effect that Jerusalem would likely return to Muslim hands in 2012. Al-Hawali drew this conclusion from his study of Biblical prophecies, and as bin Laden has been known to read al-Hawali's writings, the possibility exists that he might think in terms of the Sheikh's apocalyptic timeline. <p>This <b>DoublesQuotes</b> presents an even longer timeline, juxtaposing the strategic thinking of Makkawi (ie Sayf al-Adel) of al-Qaida with an apocalytpic date from Sheikh Bassam Jarrar, a Hamas leader whose prophetic predictions are to be found in his book <b>The Wonders of 19: Between the Inattentiveness of the Muslims and the Errors of the Falsifiers</b>. Hamas is not al-Qaida, and I am not claiming a direct connection between the two dates -- merely suggesting that these two quotes between them are suggestive of an even longer possible strategic overview than the one I proposed earlier.

I am grateful to Anne Marie Oliver and Paul Steinberg, whose brilliant, poetic book The Road to Martyrs' Square (Oxford, 2005) tipped me off to Jarrar's work. posted by Charles Cameron at  130K zippered pdf excerpts from Numerical Miracles of the Qur\'an

Eavesdropping on Radical Islam - Middle East Quarterly - March 1995
24 Bassam Jarrar, al-Quds wa-l-Aqsa. 25 Qattan, Afan Fanni, no.3.; `Azzam, Aqlam.
26 Nasir ad-Din al-Albani, al-Amr bi-l-Ma`ruf (4 cassettes); `Ali Belhadj, ...  - 51k - In cache -

Mobilizing Women for Nationalist Agendas: Palestinian Women, Civil ...
Bestandsformaat: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTML-versie
under severe criticism by Islamic clerics, including Bassam Jarrar, who argued that the ideas promoted. were “devilish” because in his view they do not ...   -   march 2005 has 2 Jarrar articles.

if I remember correctly it was leigh myers at lbo last week (his own site is who scolded the harryites as brainless idiots; I thought that was pretty harsh but haven't visited there for a long time now.

of interest to Reza et al:
Explaining Muslim Neofundamentalism
Exploding the Middle-East Myth
Jihad: Who is Culture?

Probably the fact of the location of beliefs and values in culture adds no additional barrier that the subject must escape to contact objectivity. Thus what marks the special nature of Islamic fundamentalism, is its modernism. Like E. P. Wijnants pointed out in early 2003 in his two part essay on various radical groups, the intellectual roots and historical precedents of today's Islamic revival can be traced back to Sayyid Jamâl al-Din (1833-97), called al-Afghani. And entail a closeted form of the Western modernism that it so publicly claims to oppose. This included also the Deoband movement that emerged from central India in the wake of the ill-fated revolt against the British in 1857. Founded by Mohammed Zasim Nanautawi (1833-77) and Rashid Ahmed Gangohi (1829-1905), it set up madrassas in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

All true but too conventional in focus; not quite long wave enough in the sense of showing how close the ME monotheisms are inextricably entangled, attempts at extraction by the likes of Hamas scholar Bassam Jarrar ( march 2005 has 2 Jarrar articles) for instance notwithstanding. His harangue about semitc sibling Israel's sins (not allowing enough fallowness ((sabbath)) in other words overgrazing, over demografixyfucksing) claims they will some time soon now lead to the third chase out as sure as the Quraniclockwork (which Jews ((who prefer bible code distraction and)) won't count with/by/on or countenance) ticks on even while going down toilets and such.

However, the abjabobinariouslessly abject way he casts his net (starting simple enough to lure the unawarare with the odds and even trick for instance ((serial order of suras, chapter two in the 'numerical miracles' pamphlet freely available from multiple websites))) betrays the shortcircuit absolutist pretence these people suffer which if we let'm cleaves whole worlds into famously and variously named cliffedges and destroys all synthesis, systemicism and synergy (counting beyond dualities, 2s, etcetera), a perversion of the true cleaveage leavesage  .. .. hey, I AM a leafsage come to think of it; dust into rain blowing archaonizer .. thought I'd be explicit about it for a new monumental moment since I despair about others taking such perfect notice. Quit substituting for multi-micro-cultural soil populant demographix with way too specifically singling out ID attempts and favoritisms of the digital abstract or even human kind; leave proliferation and abundance up to the subtly hoppering and size segratory ache shaking earthans: soil organisms; all we can do is feed life with death and that doesn't mean putting the former to the latter like trying to drag a horse to water either.

Chapter 2

The Miracle of the Serial Order of the Suras in the Holy Qur’an


Since the early centuries Muslims have paid attention to numbers in the Qur’an. Dr Ghanem Al-Hamad, the verifier of the book Al-Bayan fi Ad Ayel-Qur’an (‘The Inventory of the Qur’anic Verse Count’) by Abu Amru Al-Dani mentions 36 books on the science of Qur’anic numbers, from Kitab Al-‘Adad (‘The Book of Numbers’) by Ata’ Ibn Yasaar (103 AH) to Zahr Al-Ghurar fi ‘Adad Ayat Al-Suwar (‘The First Blossoms of Verse Count’) by the Andalusian scholar Ahmad A-Salami (747 AH). This interest has not flourished sufficiently through the ages to yield definitive results but as the Qur’an is the word of God Almighty who created and perfected the universe and counted everything, it is to be expected that the book will be different from conventional books written by fallible humans. However, with the ascent of human consciousness, people today are more capable of criticism and evaluation through modern sciences and other means.

Scholars have differed in their understanding of the order of Qur’anic Suras. The majority have maintained that the order of Suras is Tawqifi, that is by command of the Apostle (Peace be upon him) on the instruction of the Angel Jibreel. Sayuuti believed that the order was an act of revelation except Suras 8 (‘Anfal’) and 9 (‘Tauba’). Some believe that it was the independent judgement of the Prophet’s companions, though the evidence for this is insubstantial and this matter is not for elaboration in this context. We merely observe that the opinion that regards the order of the Suras as not being a revelation is based on implicit evidence, while belief in the order inspired by revelation rests on direct evidence. In any case, our intention is to present mathematical evidence to support the revelation viewpoint and, in fact, we may even go beyond that to assert that the order of verses is an act of revelation that is in itself evidence for Prophethood and an aspect of miracle.
There are many publications in contemporary intellectual scholarship related to Qur’anic miracles. These include the rhetorical, the scientific, the legal, etc. However, what we today call the “numerical miracle” is still controversial, which is why it has been out of favor with scholars and researchers. This is despite the fact that there have been partly successful attempts to study the subject, such as the one by Abdul Razaq Nawfal and the Jordanian researcher Abdullah Jalghoom in his book ‘The Secrets of the Order of the Qur’an: A Contemporary Reading’. Here we will acquaint the reader with the most important points made in his book and with what we have done by way of development and follow up.'numbonotioner Antony Burr

this is the group initiator's linklist (last mentioned site his own):

Another perpetual motor built in Russia
Vyacheslav Strushchenko decided to invent a magnetic motor in 1975.

Bear Cloud --Star Nation

Charles William Johnson --The Maya Long Count

Code of the Ancients --The Code of Carl Munck

Copyright © 1997 Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller --Fullers orignal GUTOE heirarchy

Harvey Heinz --Magic Squares  antonyburr

Jain Mathemagics --Vedic Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Magic Squares and the Golden Mean /

Joseph E. Mason --The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations

Joseph E. Mason and Dee Finney --Crop Circles - Their Meaning and Connections to Dreams

Knot movies --Richard Gray Projects  antonyburr

Lazarus and Awakening the Giant --Sacred Numbers to Resuscitate the Dead

Lucy Pringle --Magic Cube Crop Circles / antonyburr

Millennium Prophecies and Jubilee Visions --The Hidden Time


Richard Gray --New Cosmic Hierarchy

Stephen Phillips --subquarks  antonyburr

Steven J. Owen, Scott A. Canann and Sunil Saigal -- Pyramid Elements

The Mobius Strip Page --- Nice animations

Trefoil Knot -- Lynnclaire's knot pattern

Yang Hui -- Lived 1238 AD to 1298 AD

stargrail --My Quest Outlined.  -- 

decoding poetpiet with extreme prejudice: beware the fatwa engraved on the heart placed there
by Allah Himself.

Posted by: northanger at July 31, 2005 09:57 AM

don't ever stop carving curves into rock and blowsowing fresh dust into the next nearest 'shower'
or storm, that's the only type of religious action that can make wahlhalla happy, beleave me.

Posted by: poetpiet at August 2, 2005 08:39 AM

Northanger also added a few bits:

First Signs of Numerical Miracles In the Holy ‘Qura~n (Part 1) Issue III

First Signs of Numerical Miracles In the Holy ‘Qura~n (Part 2) Issue IV 

Miracles of Nineteen by CroMagnon (pbuh):
     gigantic amount of 2012
                                 related links

                                 looking for more on 'arguellan viewpoints' on quran
                                 I have argued more or less against his body of thought
                                 (more regards method and less concerning ultimate ends).

I don't know a single science fiction
     author that was inspired by say Winter, Arguelles, me and other bioneering bravura
     (always in need of 'discovering' more to prevent depression) of like stripe.
goro adachi is out of his gourd (no matter how much i admire people who love rivers, it's plain silly to make them mean everything possible and impossible); he's a bit like Szabo I am afraid, I caught the latter arguing with the man who's system you use (jacob's wheel) at his forum and saved it; quite hilarious and revealing I thought. (all these people are tied with literal fabulists like . .. . shit I don't even want to recall all them names yet again). Suffice it to say I think they are dead if not deadly ends. However I shall explore that composite site a little, if for nothing else, to find traces of Arguelles (should be in spain about now) and such.

ps: if you are anywhere near burlingame I can arrange for you to pick up the bag of sea minerals there by emailing my pal don weaver (it's about time for my once in 5 year respect payment anyway, which reminds me what a sorry frontfighterfigure I make ((the dutch call being ridiculous 'to beat a figure)). Don't gigantic summation of early warning signs in climate change is available in pdf at

Goro's site is top of the line as far as visual design (present version since may last year: but he is a scared little fish in the ecology of riverbending and river helping hand lending .. . he ain't helping establish a sensible way to worship the only true, namely earthy riches: bagger (aanbidding = worship; aanbod = supply; bied aan = offer; offer = sacrifice).

I appreciate the courage to start a passage with: "The ritualistic aspect of Arnold's Israel... .." but this man is no Hoffman (who's last ((free)) piece is called 'the sex life of Muhammed' by the way but of course that’s only a pretext to scold the torah rabbis some more); he is looking at the stars so much that he is bound to stumble or at least stub his toes (a good too few to call in anew or even) many times (chronicity is timeless except at the more or less contested edges) and his frequent ref to Nostradamus puts him squarely in the field of those poisened by writs blowing out of regions with long since past the pliability of the meme stage before demographic oppression turns chronic/permanent (comes down to terrorism institutionalized enough to displace gardening skills on a massive scale ((and aeons of ‘m in a flash; hence my attempt to here ridicule Goro’s attempt to tie such lumps of time to nanopincet pinpointable specks and mere moments of it, catastrophic ones at that; the crush that crashes a rock to ashes can be quite a definite end and yet a wind-up too but as long as it’s explicitly stated and demonstrated it will always slide into these derives and liminally related flipflopflap fabulation flying off the [[[EARTHLY]]]] handle)); zionism was a noble fight against this in it's dream stage but the reality is that it can't fight what it hoped to excorcise or at least outrun far enough for it, let alone stop it; on the contrary I am afraid, upping strife amongst races but hey what’s new .. . .).

more august 05  Introduction to the Minor Arcana and the Perpetual Tarot
        Calendar ------ juggles all sorts of possilbe season divisions and calender component cleavage, briefly mentions Arguelles but sticks to Poker and Tarot versions of playing cards (author claims the Cathars were prosecuted precisely cause they printed and spread these decks as calendaring aid) -- ---- (c) Douglass A. White,  A Thermodynamic Interpretation of History: Division Two -- --- An Archaeology of the American Feminist Intraworldly Messianism CHAPTER 8: A Genealogy of Feminism  8.2.: The Origin of Cultural Feminism Copyright © 2004 by Lawrence C. Chin. All rights reserved

-----very much looks like it will be worth my time hunting down his linklists; this man seems to share versatility characteristics I found in the likes of Winter, Arguelles. - 

note (piety'll like this one):

1+9 | 0+9 = 19
2+8 | 1+8 = 19
3+7 | 2+7 = 19
4+6 | 3+6 = 19
5+5 | 4+5 = 19
Posted by: northanger at August 11, 2005 06:27 AM


to me, besides the obvious association with retrogradience, this one arises:

During the second half of the day, Single Luminous White "A" will telepathically send the South team the number 144, but in the sequence of 24-32-40-48 (=144). These numbers are sent in accord with the positions of the Codons of the same numbers in the psi bank plates. Click to view 144 Code graphic.

piet: don't go hunt for the graphics, they are never there at this site

Single Luminous White "A" The Syllable "Ah"

During your half hour stand in a circle. Do not hold hands. Think that each of you is a channel for the Lord of the Ring. (Study the Galactic Medium Graphic) With eyes closed, concentrate on receiving the image of the UR runes appropriate to your hemispheric plate. Then, after 20 minutes, hold hands and send the image to the opposite team. At zenith - high noon - North Team concludes with Invocation of Single Luminous White "A" (See Section 6, below). This Invocation is how South team begins. South team then does the same - receive 20 minutes, send 10 minutes. Then both teams chant ahhh seven times.

Note that all eight of these numbers represent the final codons of each of the eight rune strands. Study the psi bank grid with the numbers in their positions. Also study the UR runes for these numbers as they appear in their respective Cube positions,(AC Cube 8, CA Cube 16). It is these whole sets of UR runes that will be telepathically sent, the North team receiving them as they appear in Cube 8, the South team as they appear in Cube 16. As you receive, meditate on the meanings of these UR runes:

Cube 8 - North: Tree of Time Turns Heaven, Conduct Unifies the Way. This is the Basis. Can I sustain it? Time Travel and Galactic Octave Unify the Dimensions. This is the power of the Original 144,000 aroused in the body of Single Luminous White "A" - Can I attain it?
Cube 16 - South: Way of Wielding Power Ascends to Heaven, Binary Order Defines Movement of Space, Cosmic Awareness Returns to Heart of Earth, Architectonics Releases Order of the Whole - These are the Powers of the 144,000 when the Cycle Closes - Will I have the discipline to comprehend and the skill to apply these powers?
As you do this practice, tune into the positions in the psi bank where the four numbers/UR runes occur; feel that you are activating those positions in the psi bank, and that the eight UR rune strands are receiving a telepathic boost. Note what you experience.

AC-CA Plate Shift in the Holy Qur'an:
One final note regarding the AC-CA plate shift. According to the 20 Tablets, Dreamspell Genesis code, the last Moon of the Crystal Storm year is Kin 104, Yellow Cosmic Seed Moon - followed by the Day Out Time, Kin 103. Then comes the first day of the New Year, Kin 104, again, the same kin as the last Moon of the year - Kin 104. This means the Day Out of Time, the moment of the plate shift, is like the fold of the two halves of a book - kin 104 are on either side of it - one as a Moon, the other as Ring bearer. Not only that, but the Day Out of Time is also the center between the AC and CA plates -the pivot of the plate shift. Considering that each circuit of the Planetary Manitou, AC and CA, has an identical mirror symmetry, only enhances the sense of a "book" being folded in two.

Looking at the Day Out of Time as the middle section of a book folded in two between two Kin 104 fractals, the following verse 104 of Sura 21, "The Prophets" is quite appropriate:

"On that day, we will fold the heaven, like the folding of a book. Just as we initiated the first creation, we will repeat it. This is our promise; we will certainly carry it out." Qur'an, 21:104

With regard to the plate shift, the AC represents the primary circuit of the original creation, while the repetition of the CA is the secondary circuit of the second creation. Hence "Just as we initiated the first creation, we will repeat it." This defines the sacred dimension and cosmological significance of the AC-CA plate shift, whether we are aware of it or not.

A final synchronic order note: 104 + 104 = 208 = Kin 208, which is the guide of Kin 104. 208 is also the number of steps to Merlin's tower (Green Castle), the number of weeks in a Seed-Storm ring bundle, and the number of moons in the Sixteen-year Cube of the Law.

ps: 2/3 of the way through  a couple of 'postulates' are quoted:

6.12. "The sum of the liberation of psychic energy formally integrated into the fourth dimensional patterns of time, manifests as PAN, Planet Art Network. As the integration of celestial harmonics of mind and social order, PAN replaces the civilizational order and social form governed solely by the 12:60 mechanized laws of space."
6.13. "PAN is the advent of the planetary art spore ... a noospherically unified field of planetary life, the sum of whose living interactions constitutes a planetary art spore: Timeship Earth 2013 transmuted into a stellar galactic unit for the exchange, transformation and communication of universal energy impulses."
Or 10.10. "The activity of PAN is an evolutionary possibility that increases with the application of the Law of Time. Galactic culture is the sum of the probabilities of increased or novel aesthetic norms induced by the harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order.
Or 10.11. "... PAN encompasses all and everything as a whole systems order elevating instinctual consciousness into the telepathic orders of continuing and super conscious."
10.9. Since "T(E) =Art defines all processes of harmonic rearrangement as activities of PAN (Planet Art Network ... Following the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge experiment, the resultant telepathy of the harmonic order of PAN consciously engages the Galactic Brain...." Yet other references are to be found in Postulates 14.7, and 14.13.
From the foregoing it is evident that PAN is woven into the evolutionary mechanism of the biosphere-noosphere transition. Since 2000, the role of the Foundation for the Law of Time has been merely to sponsor PAN, leaving it to its autonomous development, while providing it calendars, educational material and visionary documents to fulfill its programs. However, while there are many bioregional PANs, despite the Internet - and also because of it - the PAN has as yet no central world communicating or coordinating intelligence fully in place. And now we have the challenge of the AC-CA plate shift.

piet: these glimpses of deep space and time (260 in all, 13x20) are some of the most rigorously seductive and lucid writing / pleading / casemaking for Karmicoherence i have read; he remains a cut above and step ahead of the likes of Dan Winter when it comes to approaching formulation conventions of mainstream cosmology dominators although science is likely to retreat in the face of barbarous onslaught of extremisms aiming at but failing to, destratify class differences

ps:  a young french/swiss journalist who took the trouble of coming to the gathering to warn those willing to play along, be prospective recruit and participate in the peace-calendar movement's meditations (in a dark pyramid constructed with ((army surplus?))dark green canvas) against possible damage. The choice of cults was limited, Hare Krishnas and one more yoga camp came and set up; all the rest had to rely on the old group vs pair bonding triggernoumenonixmix

from the soulreclaimer site:

No more community! Posted on 03/08/2005 by Ermolai
The discussion forums have been removed from this website following the realization that this concept of "online community" was only nurturing Matrix ideals, as I have described on this new article. They have never been active anyway, since we have concentrated on human meetings in the past few months. So this website will be transformed from an "online community" to a simple database indexing rare and striking informations. Given the current situation, it probably wo...
piet | Homepage | 08.11.05 - 10:34 am | #

I went to answer the above but since it requires a login I'll pass:

oh come on, don't be so down on screen mediated revelry . ..
. .. windscreen travels cost the world in oil and blood; to get and transition back to mostly shade mediated adventure (at close quarters getting our heads straight using a bit of conversation in search of the fertile sorts of polarization, yes, they exist, see for instance) we could do worse than do a little screen time.
Lowering yourself to raising a little rock is right riteous .. .
So, have you followed up on some of our conversation's content yet; check here for a reminder (and plug): http://hyperstition.abstractdyna...ves/ 006130.html
piet | Homepage | 08.11.05 - 10:43 am | # for a Wijnants link addition don't yous tink?

how long before Wijnants starts to try slaughter Robert Graves?

He's already diminuted him (or well embedded him if you prefer to see it that way) by placement in metatag term list: Jane Goodall - Aharon David Gordon (1856-1922) - Goshalas (Home for aged cattle) - Robert von Ranke Graves (1895-1985) - The Great Monkey Jataka (Mahakapijataka)
P is for Peith, meaning Water-Elder, also called Whitten or Guelder-rose.
Peith is not the original letter [and besides, P is a borrowed sound in Irish though not to Welsh --K.]. The original letter was NG, but for some reason, Graves substituted P for NG, with no explanation other than that the original NG was "of no literary use to the Brythons." At any rate, Ngetal means Reed. In Egyptian and Mediterranean mythology, the reed symbolized royalty. A reed was pushed into Christ's hand when he was mockingly robed in purple.

for more see:

shallower but more comparative:
 has doodly gifd by (in)famous folk (dee, lull, etc)
comparative but not shallow:
 (excerpts follow)

sang real san greal |||| holy blood holy grail

sap real?????

Robert Graves, seeing the impossibility of the zodiac being a "perpetual calendar", erroneously thought that the Beth-Luis-Nion letter sequence could not reconciliate the equinoxes and solstices with the twelve zodiacal constellations. He believed that the zodiac emerged from the thirteen month lunar calendar and he suspected that the dual Gemini signs were fused into one in order to harmonise the lunar-solar cycles. His tree order starts on Christmas eve in December on the 24th; an impossibility since the Celtic lunar-solar year commenced mid-Fall around October-November. Also impossible are his fixed dates, we now know from archaeological data collected on the Coligny plates that the Druids had reconciled in a most ingenious way the discrepancies of the two cycles. Monthly dates followed the Moon phases with the Zodiacal months overlapping. Corrections were made by indexing the shorter lunar cycle with the longer solar cycle by adding an extra month every two and three years following a five years turn-around. Therefore, there were no fixed dates in the druidical scheme, just floating dates!
Graves criticism | Homepage | 08.11.05 - 11:26 am | #

To conclude
Lets face it, Druids, as were the other sages of Antiquity such as Mathematici, Rishis, Chaldeans and Magi, were certainly no 'space cadets'. That they would confuse the 13 months lunar cycles with the 12 months zodiacal cycles, tells more on the state of confusion of some of our contemporaries than on the state of astral-science in Antiquity. As fine observers of the skies, the Druids worked within the limits of 'naked eye' astronomy. In this light, they could only speculate on the possible number of planets. To give more than the five known planets (with perhaps Uranus) and two luminaries takes more than just an educated guess; more than speculation, one needs solid understanding!
conclusion | Homepage | 08.11.05 - 11:29 am | #

the abstract (leads into the quote before last): ABSTRACT
The following is a description and critical comment on the various models given or proposed by the various interpreters and reconstructionists for a working zodiac labelled as 'Celtic astrology'.
Many attempts have been made at restoring or reconstructing ancient Celtic Astrology, these models are for the most part, fabricated, when not, completely re-invented. Not surprisingly, these tree zodiacs bear very little resemblance to both Western and Eastern Astrology. This being that most of the reconstructionists have worked from false indications given by Robert Graves who seems to have confused Almanac with Zodiac. Certainly, the Almanac is lunar and the Zodiac, solar, but of course, these are two different systems, the first relying on the yearly lunar cycle (354.3 days) of approximately 12 lunations and the second, on the solar cycle (365.6 days). An important reminder is that the Moon visits the zodiacal constellations in but one month while the Sun takes a full year to complete the same course. Worse still, the authors often fail to give their sources, making it impossible to verify them. In short, we can only conjecture on who started it in the first place. And in this case, most evidently, all paths lead to Robert Graves.
abstract | Homepage | 08.11.05 - 11:31 am | #

17bouten.htmlat  (an institute concerned with astrology (large site)

Northanger will like this one: Why not stop space exploration? Why not teach the reach of pleach? ----- shark vs octopus via

twist.htm Twisted history, Flavin's corner dot com listing includes descriptions page with pagan art by formerly stunning beauty now living with ME

475 from  for arguelles Clock time is a fungible measure of sacrifice. Of all measurement instruments, the clock is the most valuable because so many of the things we sacrifice to create are not fungible. The massive clock towers of Europe, with their enormous loud and resonant bells, broadcasting time fairly across the town and even the countryside, rather than the last relics of the medieval, were the first building block of the wealthy modern world. The Europeans evolved their institutions and deployed two very different but complementary timekeeping devices, the sandglass and the mechanical clock, to partition the day into frequently rung and equal hours. Europe progressed in a virtuous circle where bells and clocks improved the productivity of relationships; the resulting wealthy institutions in turn funded more advances in timekeeping.

The rise of the cities and the merchant revolution was given a temporary setback by the Black Plague, the very century that the clock was introduced, but thereafter economic growth renewed with unprecedented vigor. The massive change on the farm, the dominant form of industry, in the 14th and successive centuries from serfdom and slavery to markets and wage labor, was caused not only by the temporary labor shortages of the Black Plague, but more fundamentally and permanently by the time-rate contract and the new ability to accurately and fairly verify its crucial measurement of sacrifice, time. Time rates also became the most common relationship for the mines, mills, factories, and other industries that rapidly grew after the advent of the clock.

he's your man nick, calling investment sacrifice and remaining mute on what technocapitalism does to lifetimes and -cycles OVERALL is right up your schmally.
Posted by: krickrockcrack at August 16, 2005 03:13 PM



     A comment in the spirit of the panopticon theme LBOer Dwayne Monroe likes to keep us up to date on:

     All our digital prowess amounts to the construction of the all-seeing benevolent eye of the fabled being nourished by people's hopes and religious . .. eh . .. aspirations . ..

     An ambitious undertaking what with all fear and phobia surrounding the history of being eyed predatorily.  Luckily, the masterfully monstrous money decided to use one eye suggesting herbivoredom so we need not fear for our flesh as much anymore. But the tools of that eye tend to be toxic and so instead of getting tore by sharp teeth and claws attached to that eye we are slowly infused with poisons.

     This leads highly eco aware guiding lights to glorify telepathy (when they are upbeat on having cornered the market of telepatherapy by means of colourful codefun and games; the art of sequencing with your bare hands - see Jose Arguelles:, but when depression and discouragement over slow and extremely fractional adoption rates of large scope, high hope fraction friction game/dope discipline* hits, he reverts to encouraging disciples and devotees to redouble their digital efforts once again).

     *No wonder if you flirt with the denudation induced as well as poverty and restriction sharpened
     authoritarianism of borderline militarism, Islam to the point of claiming to have inspired it nearly 1500 years ago

     Rather than this vascillation I'd like to simply see the right feed for that eye to flow and grow and the only place to massage that process off to betterbetter and moremore starts is to begin and keep at it where it feels good soon enough even though nothing quite yet (this is where the military comes in, bringing dead ((dust)) to the fore/exposure/life).

     go ahead, try personify and talk to lowly dust as if it is already a respected and indispensible ancestor of the inobtrusive panopticality care providers will need to learn and employ if they are going to entertain hopes of success, goodwill and an end to counterproductive vandalism. Encompass a duality and your counts will carry on past and beyond the flip split two to choo choo tango

     written on the day of Europe's Galileo sattelite system launch (from Khazagstan), an attempt to emancipate from and improve on the American system.

aug 05
Roads are 2 way eventually (the e- bounceback from reject, etc.), more and more multi the longer and older they get. To curve/roll around back in on itself is a very natural way of learning to steady and stand even in the very teeth of time. Let Dan Winter shine his sorta fluffy sorta sterile light on that if you are sympathetic to modeled physics.

So causes, whether they rumble-ramble down real causeways or seem caught up in  abstract momentae of progress are one way at most half the way/time but due to the great lapses and thorough reassemblages at and along sometimes literally out of sight elliptical ricochetage refitteries we don’t recognize ourselves in oncoming traffic.

Half the way as half of halfway sends our reckoning abilities into tailspin
Half the time as halfway to halftime wrecks our accountability antics and that goes for most of whichever fault-, demarcation-, dream- and/or powerlines of flight vision we try follow and/or keep in mind. ---- Personally, I am still very fond of John Hamaker’s long wave views regarding climate and soil fertility cycles meshing very closely with the spread of prime ice age product numero uno: fine and fresh dust.

Taking patience to hand an rewarding it, picking some rocks to crush is the vastly more honourable way to deal with deathgrip type inertia these tough customers seem to so persistently embody.

Others project such earthly in your face opportunity to the on/off switches constituted by various planetary or even galactic constellations.

As we speak the old rookie at lastmentioned ‘might as well close my eyes if this is the firing squad’ type game, Jose Arguelles, is due in Switserland ( found at   to teach any and all comers about tuning into the iron octahedron at the center of the earth and all them sorts of nifty newagey cageyness (bring 200 euri).

Lycos-europe opened its digital doors some years ago and the 2nd generation homepagebuilder tripod who’s mother they started out with halved its hospitality soon after which prompted to move half of my full 40Mb into a domain; however, last month this site proved a lo-choice environment for me rather abruptly ( though I didn’t try to tempt them into replying with promises to shell out nor reregister with another moniker, .. . perhaps I still will some day, once you know the backway onto the upload page nothing works quicker).

Redeem and/or re-esteem your self
On (promises, memos, any and all notes, notions, missives , messianysticisms and reputations

What’s your preference? Do you stubbornly stick to your guns and try make up a fall-off in scheduled, staked out, self-inflicted or hoped and worked for goals with a redoubling of effort .. . … .OR .. .. . .do you delegate it all to the greatest of redeemers you can find or those whose minions you can’t avoid getting beleaguered by (that would especially be those  (all the more aggressive to the exact degree they are) convinced they have the only real one to help you help yourself to/with. They stand ready to convince you that all variety of individual resistance, no matter how choice and choosable is/are futile.

… .. OR .. .. do you take the origin-of-memory-aid and motivational plan drawing and see if it holds up in the light of present day practical imperatives?

You issue you money, you attempt to pay with a believable voucher that you must expect and are preparing to see returning in demand of whatever promise/value it holds; such money is successfully solicited credit and advertising at once; it also comes to relieve you of stuff taking up space in your store room, that is if such supplies indeed made it from the moment where you pledged/projected and placed value/staked your reputation on the daring announcement that all will be well long before expiration date on said superpersonal money.

In light of the above you will know what I mean when I say that making jesus out to be a redeemer for no less than all sinners and disempowered schlemiels bereft of notions, tools and time for implication of scenario as just described, is preposterous not to say diabolic and I am not at all sure Jesus would enjoy the position he presently enjoys in the consciousness of various folk, simply bycause, of course, it contradicts redemption being possible but only by owner and only of what he owns up to – REDEEM YOUR OWN – as in ‘clean up your act’.

Consciousness weaves in and out of promising acts and states of being promising; touting some ball and chain removing Christ around the world bleeding whities found stow-away messzionysticisms hi-hopes for crowned glory slipstreaming in their wake.

Continued from

Talk about Class Clash and opportunistic(ally faked) opposition. Brace yourselves for the second sweep of clever semites, ready to flaunt and fling delusional grandesse of the universal and wrathful  head/main/chief(and all the other equally fucked up beglorificatory betitled)god variety.

Anspruch erheben is schon lange nicht mehr ansprechbar sein – I am sorry to be dependably there for those who wish it were otherwise.

Augury augury, a storm warning: Zionism sizzles greenery to dust and lions don’t live in jungles, much less sleep in them; the zionlion, king of creatures with his played out and tired features will soon stop eliminating jungle and the terminally, determinedly termitelike semites and siblings taken by the hand (a long time before they have a change of heart (battle of infectiousness is not a pretty sight but if you can choose between walls and dykes, which will it be?).

On the other hand if Zionism doesn’t dissolve and its formerly green spawning grounds don’t revive we won’t arrive at the glorious point in time and place where we can rejoice over the end of delusional respite and impunity.

Tripod, Lycos, Microsoft, AIPAC, Chrysler/Daimler Corp. the Treasury and all other rooms out of many in my father’s mansion must no longer grow at the expense of motha’s garden. Why not stop space exploration? Why not teach the reach of pleach?

sept05't get away from creative loafers cause/as long as I confine myself to the digital variety alongside them - they have a faceless and faithful section .. . .boyoboy, we are off to a good start to stop this time aren't we? Beats the Arguelles forum at a rate of 1:0 - soak the satanic salvationizers, that is, all the literally and/or figuratively canonizers; let canonotions be amateur affairs and stop short of going toxic, industrial, etcetera. --- nearly 8000 members and a 19 post (so far) thread on Nostradamus with a very naughty looking sex goddess born 27 July 1969 calling herself YuriNation partpissipainting, she likes Joseph Campbell -- anyway, this thread starts off with a translator complaining about convoluted (like mine) and longwinded sentence constructs used by the commentress he has taken on to translate. -- All around summary dismissal and then the 'emu's prophet' suggests N was having a laugh. He is trying to clear up the short circuit between equally sterile rich and fundamental thus: "It's perfectly simple," said The EmuMan. "By giving the poor all your money, you are making them rich. And as we all know, rich people end up in the Great Underworld Abbotoir, where there is much screaming and slashing of knives. So if you want your enemies to be tortured for all eternity, you must be nice to them!"  --
  Frank van Waardenburg (half east Indian; Calleman fan – he lists  (this part of the nostradamus inspired site down) as a fav) 
Tony Shearer 
José Argüelles
page=2 The dreamspell 'agenda' is not hidden as much as it distracts from and is COUNTerrproductive to a waaaay more down to earth . ... .let's call it something or other for now and let it stand for sustainably biodiversifying praxis . .. . than happy go easy, lucky and away again indiginality has come up with so far.
my attempts to engage your regular grain / bean / day / moon and/or taxpayer counters never mind increasers have been recorded on a number of website; links to all are here:
a collection of observations and queries made during the last few years (mostly posted at tortuga forum).
My standpoint can be summed up easily: 
The right rock in the right hand is a formidable weapon
a rock is one (unit)
A fist of powder is an informal dispersive, dissipative yet subtly benefactory amorphish unformative innumerable set of specks that may feed the chain of beings from the bottom on up, the right place to prove we ARE so smart after all, FREE to know and LOVE our limits at last.  his horoscope
Jose Arguelles Calendar Dream 
Arguelles dreamspell and 13 month calendar is not the Maya calendar.

This page tries to tell us Joseph Campbell was a diffusionist:
Teotihuacan. Mexico - Anahauc. 
We recognize you, José Argüelles as being that one who has brought that knowledge, the mathematical codes of the galactic Maya. This is the knowledge for ...  - 36k Forum Index -> Earth Wizard Discussion page 3 --- I (pp) quote&p=525  go: since you're all so wizardly on this thread I have a Q cause I need a clue.

in a thread on the ('regular')playing card deck used to build a calender one sees one suit covering an ascending number of dates, one suit with descending numbers of them while the other two (suits) cover a constant amount which remains at the highest level of 2 first mentioned suits (I've described it differently in my blog files when I first found the link probably about a month ago .. .. if this query sparks some conversation I will dig it up but as per orientation here is a link:

Now, my intuition wants to make me believe that this odd situation is due to the earth's tilt, in other words, this effect exists for the same reason we have poles and tropics. This being rather easy to visualize and prove, matter of fact it seems the first lesson in galactics and cosmism readily graspable from an early age on, I do wonder why the 20 glyphs keep sorta spreading around the year very evenly (though I realize the highlighting, intensity, back- and foregrounding etcetera changes drastically).

One possible answer is that the divinatory spreads have one of each so relations are bound to distribute evenly but that nevertheless leaves the discrepancy that statistically there will be way less of certain birth cards in the flesh so to speak, to wit, the K and Q of spades being rather rare and I just don't see this reflected in the maya system. Could someone help me out?

This is the umpteenth time in a few years I try pose this Q and no luck so far; for earlier attempts see

All those nice enough will end up in a file called kin-code 


september 05

Saturday, September 17 2005 Treefrog writes:
Re: long time Pietro... nice to see ya around

for those that see diversity in our forms of timekeeping as shameful, remember what Adam, our illustrious board administrator recently shared... Hunabku literally translates to 'Unity in the Heart of Diversity' (much thanks Adam!)... if we all focus on unity with the one great spirit what difference can it make what diverse paths we take on our journey? 
i submit that those who sense a dissonance between the PAN count and the traditional have never followed both in tandem with open heart and mind. Here is one of a miriad of possible demonstrations that the counts are in harmonic resonance:
The "Harmonic Concordance' of Nov. 9, 2003 fell on the last day of the PAN tzolkin (13-Ahau). The next day, Nov. 10 2003 was the first day (1-Imix) of a new PAN tzolkin cycle & this was 3-Chuen in the traditional count. The Venus Transit of June 8, 2004 fell on the day 3-Chuen of the PAN count. 
Between the occurence of these two events the counts shifted from a 50-day difference to a 49-day difference due to leap day. 3-Chuen is day 211 of the 260-day PAN tzolkin (which begins with 1-Imix). The difference between 260 & 211 is 49 (260 - 211 = 49). 
The PAN tzolkin cycle which began with Harmonic Concordance 2003 and encompassed the Venus Transit of 2004 ended on July 27, 2004. July 27, 2004 in the Traditional Count was 3-Chuen.
Why do some insist on seeing conflict where there is so much harmony?
the perpetrators of the mayan genocide do not follow the 13-moon PAN count, they follow the Gregorian Imperial Kalendar... Where have 13-moon fanatics ever used violent or anything other than peaceful methods? If you want to fight against an agenda why not begin with one that has done more to eradicate indigenous knowledge than any other? 

May Peace Prevail on Earth!  someone goes 'help'-- i go:
hey don't panic already!!1 this place couldn't work any better than it does. post your gooddeem weemale already if that's the problem .. .. what is the problem, somebody insaulted you?

find a fruit expert, follow his directions and try to express yourself again.

I got mad at the head honcho himself a while back and wrote: 'answer me already you bossturd' or something to that effect ( - he didn't give me any 'sjoege' either perhaps cause he's a little masjogge

Buitenhof -> Afleveringen -> Kan men zich beschermen tegen ...
De mesjogge messias. Dat was een term die Francis Fukuyama ongeveer tien jaar ... Ik geef toe: daarmee heeft de "mesjogge - messias" meer greep op mijn ... afleveringen/3979137/items/4113784/ - 26k

we'll see those bombeastarts turn our compost yet, just you wait a minnit
inspired by a testplot pattern with pvc pipe array I though it would be cool to do one. Is there a kin number / plant specie correlation chart yet?

by the way, has news
inspired by a testplot pattern with pvc pipe array I though it would be cool to do one. Is there a kin number / plant specie correlation chart yet?

by the way, has news

law of time org travel report quotes and comments
 Forum Index -> PAN World Council
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 Posted: Electric moon, Gamma 3
Thu Sep 22, 2005 12:34 am

"He said, 'This is mercy from my Lord. When the prophecy comes to pass, He will cause the dam to crumble. The prophecy of my Lord is truth.

"At that time we will let them invade with one another; then the horn will be blown and we will summon them all together." Quran, 18:98-99

according to the lawoftime(.org)r this applies to the levees in NO.

Gash, what a would be prophit wouldn't do for streetcred and credstreet.

I'm sick to death of absurdities like this.

Another quote:

The hurricane struck on White Galactic Mirror. The word "hurricane" is derived from a Mayan word Huyub Caan, which means "heart of heaven." The spiral galaxy itself is shaped like a hurricane, or rather a hurricane takes its shape from the galaxy. This means that on Galactic Mirror, the galactic heart of heaven was showing America a true reflection of itself. talk about volcanic blowout and talcum type grade finest in finitude; chopped ittybitty moments metered and measured mondjesmaat .. . o zo zuinigjes (refs to the art of non-wastefulness; once a dutch talent).

now, take a look at this sealzeal:

the read outs at the end of important communications are equally endless and emphasize the fact that nothing ever goes away, it just hangs away a ways for a while; . ... don't pay mind to me though, all the scolding I spread around so liberally applies to me more to anyone and do I take me own message seriously? Apparantly not. Still crawling into screens and gouching my eyes out with them.

As in gambling and all card n horse play, coin flippin, risk takin and other assorted applicable decision enforcing procedures you win at least half the time but if you pick your shots you beat the odds. Now, what can an ex wino wantin to win do? He goes into poker chip production, he dedicatedly dribbles out ammo to cover the game board as fully as possible before the dice roll.
Katrina hits and looks like a galaxy shaped free agent sawblade. Bingo, that was on a galactic so and so day, hence galactic significance of the calendar movement indubitably proven. Of course, had it been a storm day the claim would have been made no less fervently but perhaps restraining import to 'merely' terrestrial scale. Where does the warning prophet turn into the threatening terrorist I wonder? Where is the website maker sick of symbol shuffling and decide to switch priorities, from acting at some remove to living remotely and tend as large a garden as he can get away with?
Purportedly that last bit is the PANetwork's intention and goal, but on the way there it musters motivation that morphs into sidetracking distraction and deviation by way of a growing labyrinth of symbols occulting meaningful steps. And if autonomy and ecologically responsible diversity really was the aim and target why bicker over people following and falling out of party line (over this symbol management) as Arguelles does in his gripey account of what happened in Holland? Ain't it the industrialists and manipulative globalization that make folks dependent and try to make them act the same, with noses pointing one way, herding 'm into factories and such? Jose shows himself up to be fundamentalist sourpuss dicktator, intolerant of dissent, he yearns to be at the top of a smooth running hierarchy. Perhaps drop the agenda (means) and start with the ends (permaculture). If he can grow that as good as he pumps out symbol jungles we'll be happening.

Another quote:

Because things illegal in most of the rest of the world are legal in Amsterdam (drugs, prostitution), the city has an unreal air. Walking through the crowds and taking a boat ride in the harbor, teeming with fleets of sail boats of every kind, it felt as if we were reliving a scene from the end of Maldek or the last days of Atlantis. The high point of the cultural tour of this unique city was a very moving visit to the Anne Frank House Museum - a site, along with the Museum in Hiroshima, which should be visited by every citizen of the Earth to help us wake up from our slavery to war and aggression.

piet: Here's an even more schizy and petulant sounding passage:

The Director had not been planning to take a break in his speech which was quite extemporaneous, as he did not want to break the flow of his transmission. However, by simply acknowledging Felix, the break had already occurred. Reluctantly the Director agreed to a brief break. People filed out and before long a din of idle chatter filled the lecture hall. Exactly what the Director thought would happen. After ten minutes or so, the Director began to play his flute. He played a long solo. When he concluded, the lecture hall was still hardly half full. He began speaking anyway, in a highly impassioned manner about the need to get a hold of our minds so that the ego was not running our show.

This one shows the man lives in a make believe fairy tale: Many people in this movement revere and admire the Dalai Lama. Here is a man who advocates supreme, unconditional compassion based on the kind of love you can have even for those who do you harm. For this reason, the Dalai Lama never speaks harshly about the Chinese who are responsible for the genocide of at least 1.2 million Tibetans. Yet many of the 13:20 people who hear these words and see this example of the Dalai Lama, cannot come to peace with members in their own movement, who, for whatever reason, they cannot stand.

No such thing as artful exposure, laughter liberating and loving derision; sardonic satire; has anybody even seen the man appreciate a joke or is he just deadly serious all the time? nuttin there yet
 Posted: Electric moon, Silio 14
Mon Oct 03, 2005 4:46 pm
reasons for this comment:
1 = bump up the post
2 = confess guest and piet above (and me) one and same
3 still nada at the info site
 Posted: Self-Existing moon, Limi 13
Sun Oct 30, 2005 3:55 am    Post subject: Catch a FIRE

"If he can grow that as good as he pumps out symbol jungles we'll be happening."

Very well stated.
I hear you and feel you LOUD and CLEAR...
Brother Jose and the 2012 Club definitely have some letting go ahead...
as we all do.

Its so funny he talks about his ego, like he doesn't have one.
When I read that Rinri, I was cringing from the oscillation of my energy body slowed down to meet this mud dragging resonance of Pontification.
Its sickening and nauseating.
I am definitely venting here.

It truly represents a great reflection for me to be opening my heart to greater levels of compassion for ALL peoples process, it is just after having a story with something, so deeply emerged in Joses unconscious projection of process that is written off as meditation practices...
It has taken me awhile to shake that baggage and return to my own center. I feel that in some way, I created this for myself to realize that it is UP TO ME, not ANYONE ELSE, to create my world of YES from within.

I don't need a "MASTER", I needed to remember my SOURCE SELF.

I can see how this info is a stepping stone, I just choose to create that others don't get stuck in the "symbol jungle" like I did, and remember their TRUTH from within... Don't get lost in the Story!
If you do, may it be what your SELF has destined for your greater awakening and growth.

Maybe that is Joses roll after all to be the pinnacle of the OLD CYCLE PROCESS, so that it may be closed by those finally getting it, that they are the creators of their own WORLD.

Thanks Piet/Guest... whoever you are for being you.

I just hope others read what you have to say and can grasp it.

 Posted: Self-Existing moon, Silio 14
Mon Oct 31, 2005 2:13 am
Once the women understand it for what it is...
the new cycle will begin ________

 Posted: Self-Existing moon, Silio 14
Mon Oct 31, 2005 4:34 am    Post subject: all things have value to that which is receptive to it.
Take what you need and leave the rest...~*
Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own...~*

oct 05  schon erstaunlich wie beharrlich du dein system ausbaust; erinnert mich an andere und mit dir ausser buchstaben und verse zaehlerei nichts zu tun habenden wie Dolf Boek, Bassam Jarrar, Jose Arguelles, 'numogrammarians' at hyperstition and their practitioners like northanger (putting up ephemerides for all 
asteroids). Oder haben die doch was mit deine Arbeit aus zu stehen? Wie erklaerst du dass alle oben genannten Leute angeben exact zu arbeiten und es kommt einfach zu kein Vergleich un harmonierung?
---------109kind wrote: "Please Mr. Piet, can you elaborate more on the
reasons why this can end being transformed into a cult? thank you all"

--------- I go: it's not a matter of 'why this', and for that matter it is not a matter of 'why that' nor of 'why the other' either. 

Anything, as in a script or game, including their buzzword gloss can stop being playful, start resisting change and turn from forms of exuberance and sharing of abundance into routines and professions that active go out to recruit and after assimilable prey, hence turn into cult/culture (that's a matter of size not 

Everything that blends and all adaptations which typify immersion in and moving with masses (.. oh .. you call it synchronizing . . .. dontcha?), all tricks that up crowd density, create team spirit, all flashy and awesome excuses to play-act bonding and contractual contact can have this effect (giving up on keeping critical 
faculties sharp which is by many considered too burdensome plodding and puzzling comes with the illusion of voluntarization, is illusory voluntarization)

In general one can observe that the less a culticultural practice can be called sustainable the greater their willingness to commit violence and we all know the maya and islam (was and is respectively), plenny capable of that.

Jose Arguelles has gathered a cult around himself by indulging the need for furtive flighty and fabulous art and decoration an audience, mostly immersed in the money cult feels and wants filled in their free time.

Besides that is fishing in the rainbow family pool which makes him immediate competition for me cause I've had my own ideas of how rainbow can develop (and they are diametrically opposite his as far as his and that of those like him ((Dolf Boek, Andreas Szabo, Northanger, etcetera)) indulge in counting letters words and verses in holy book in search for astronomical cues and clues).

And who knows he will have another contender in Mel Gibson soon (article found via a subsidiary of the *The director gives details on his film ''Apocalypto," on the ancient civilization. -- Mel Gibson's latest passion: Maya culture ----- By Reed Johnson, Times Staff Writer
Homo Sapiens Ludditus, Homo Cyberneticus, Homo Hybridus, and Homo Machinus - a tachi post pointing to ~ian.pearson/web/future/evolution.rtf  which he claims follows and buys into the stupendously stupid and plain impossible sf scenarios like the accelerando book is hawking ---- tangents: billy your site don't work man .. .but thanks for that link; it's an exceptionally beautiful and valuable site ------ I have a feeling you are only pretending to be one of the pathological nurturance, motherhood and plain soil haters here

harking back to one of the last few items:  A Separate Peace
28th October 2005, 4:34 pm by Jason Godesky

Peggy Noonan's editorial in the Wall Street Journal is very 
disturbing, indeed; not because she reveals anything new, but the 
fact that this is Peggy Noonan, writing in the editorial pages of 
the Wall Street Journal. In the piece, we see Noonan trying 
desperately to grasp intuitively towards the very same point that 
Tainter drives home so precisely in The Collapse of Complex 
Societies. Noonan's seeing that investments in complexity simply 
aren't yielding the same results they used to, and that the world 
has become so complex it's unmanageable.

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collapse, complexity, elites, investment, peggy noonan
Posted in Collapse | 33 Comments »    "The inhabitants of the 
earth are of two sorts: Those with brains, but no religion, And 
those with religion, but no brains." ~ Abu'l-`Ala' al-Ma`arri, died 
1057, poet of Ma`arra, quoted in Amin Maalouf's book The Crusades 
Through Arab Eyes  56 comments
complexity/ 50 comments


lawoftime.orghas a new download - excercise book in pdf stripped flat here:  Arguelles-oct05.txt (153K comes to that if you set your margins wide and the font small enough)- I swear, he is trying to turn this place into Dune or involuntarily aiding the apocalypticisms of all those alcohooligans in the world, he fills the pages only half way and you can't copy to reformat. Check page 101 for a buzzword packed 2 triangle 3 square 4 cirlcle diagram, closest to 'UR' (universal recollection) center all the terminology coined by the grand master himself of course such as '4D social reorganization in time'; further down is a diagram of a dome's foundation, art and the blurb reads (in part): from the center of the dome pull down the invisible rope of prophecy and revelation, then drop it through the hidden well of hermetic lore at the center of the foundation floor, and there below foundations unearthed (I beg your pardon?), you will find the treasure you are looking for!  done by the london crowd but there ain't much there yet.

if the planet art network's plans (supposedly spurred on by the dutch architect (/ fresh 'recruit') Daniel Lipsschitz of a 52 pilot project in Baja pan out I'll make sure they get sent some bags of  solids but not as a way to thank them for being so responsive. Hah!! They love folks like Evert Jan Beverwijk loads better. 

at the http:// site I find this dutchman responsible for  . .seems to be the type that has to take medication and may even require care like my former neighbour (who has been institutionalized once again). Well, wait .. . EJ is an all round less discouraged fella than me but he seems equally scatter-chatter-prone: He makes an appearance at a host ofdutch non-sense sites, like here:  by stefaan van nuffel, a mate of his perhaps, who has adopted and rebaptized 'sonic bloom' into 'ecosonic'.
We share a love for swirly diagrams I suppose:  (they are slightly too fabulatious to my taste though).  some (consulting)time with hime is touted here as a prize.  a northern european effort; if this is him (on the front page) he is well more photogenic than i am --  quite the utopianist, one must say .. ..   architectural drawings
veldzicht.orgkortom, 12 ambachten 13 ongelukken .. . he ... DAAROM isie natuurlijk bij Arguelles terechtgekomen. TRANSLATION: a true beginner .. over and over .. .12 trades, 13 accidents and then there was Arguelles   Possible Error on the Self Study Pilot Program --- The moon slides through the 12 month but it damn well doesn't sit still or stay put in the 13 moon calendar either. full moon from month to month travels a day, or two. And then there are all the other sprocket numbered wheels to take and make their turn all at the same time, ratcheting up the basic 13-20 up ad infinitum with plenty of untold ones left. Calculation is hopelessly mechanical and centralistic. Period.

If you want to stay out of culticlutches (kultikklutsjis) there is (paradoxically enough) only one way to go about it: study a bunch at once* and you will find the bigger the collection the less they overlap and the easier you'll come to the conclusion that none of them are right, probably not even in their time and place (unless they are permaculture oriented rather than universal, global, cosmic galactic and all such hot air tripe)

*for you all I recommend trying to harmonize the 52 card calendar system such as via  after all a very ancient and still much better known system than/with your peace calendar or use it to show why you think/judge the latter a better horse to bet on.

To conclude, more errors of content noted and collected:

it is not 
(of very) much (immediate) use for me to keep posting here cause there seems to be a conspiracy of silence towards my input, I only hope posting my collection of this sort of sputtering on a website will warn folks about the sectarianism in these parts.

I am deeply grateful you allow my posts to remain here too at least. That's been different under older management.

ps: the latest pdf at book of 108 pages, last 20 or so taken up by diagrams) contains so much white space (even wholly empty pages) that stripping the format out (copy, save as txt) allows you to fit it on 15pages(179K as .doc comes to that if you set your margins wide and the font small enough --

Arguelles-oct05.txt153K with the <b>z still in (never a completely white line). Talk about waste. I thought you all against pulping trees? -- FUCK!!! I started reading it and the first 5 pages are the worst of bland new age meditation guidance tripe!!!!!! If this keeps up I am taking that shit down again. .. .. yup, it's crap throughout .. . There is a 4x13 matrix at the end but it is obvious he has taken no trouble to make it jive with tarot or other decks (see mr White ((dptech or something)) logged awhile ago) although elsewhere he recommends studying Tarot along with all the other shit the leisured class can indulge in to waste everybody's time. He even appeals to the Potter hyp for cries ache! the most recurrent word is sorcerer!!! has posted countercultish links and gets a few responses; I go: Democracy set out to defend the meek, weak, vote- and voiceless side of the sentience spectrum. In it's heyday (consensed, non-gold, contract and 'real bill' basics, clearing based) city/state/regional monies would succesfully complement the fast boy, risky, 'universal', gold (and luxury) based enterprises. These cultures were cut short to cults when such sorts of healthily gendered currencies started to compete that is to say, the latter form of economics lost the socio- prefix (told it to get lost and huddle up in citied masses). Needless to say, slow food, beauty, autonomy, vitality etcetera got lost at the same rate.

The aims here are high but lipservice mostly and to the extent y'all are hung up in the party scene (comes with the average age here I guess) instead of being and going about it pragmatically a cult you remain. Happens to the best of them.

Even those doing nothing but talking about permaculture permacultically fall short of the real thing.

However, if the 52 acres Baja thing pans out I will be sure to send a load of  sea solid fertilizer there. Could go a long way for remedying fabulation fever.