Jose Arguelles is the most popular of my growing idiot savant collection  (some of which stood at the birth of nations and transnational corpocracies, some actually have voluntary followers and critics like me, most of them suffer countersocial tendencies and still worse, their wallflowery mathematrixmadness often as not legitimates genocide by way of glorifying distractions).

I started the process of extracting bits of sitebitesize sighting from my surfnotes (logguage) in 2005 and updated that in the spring of 2007; the results so far:
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2006 -- 06 latewinterbloggin febmar
otan) ?!?!Cosmic Self-Existing Principle!?!?

Do people reply to responses here?

turtle: Hi Guest,
Seems sometimes that our topics get so complex and can go in so many directions that it's easier to let folks pick up the info through their dreams and life experiences than to push things through here.


ps: hey turtly, you can do better than being smug I hope? Electrosmog may be a very bad thing, instumental in pumping around anonymized funds that are dispossesed if even allocated right in the first place. It may be a tool of Bush's puppetmasters and his the preferred one of his alterego's disciples too but I think my efforts deserve a fair answer, haven't you read Jose's latest? He has once again spurred his pupils on to redouble digital efforts, so begin with effectively refuting mine, if you will be my guest.

Tue Jan 03, 2006 8:56 am

Hi Poet,

I have been into playing cards lately - you might know the game - Spider Solitare - it came with my new computer. I haven't done any study on the statistics of oracle cards, so I don't have anything to say about that.

My kid brought home a geography lesson last semester that said "Family, Clan, and Tribe are political units." Political seems too close to pole to be ignored. So I agree with your intuition: Quote:
Now, my intuition wants to make me believe that this odd situation is due to the earth's tilt, in other words, this effect exists for the same reason we have poles and tropics.
Since we work with Family, Clan, and Tribe with the 20 glyphs, are we actually working with a political system based on the workings of the planet we live upon? YES!

So what's the first lesson in galactics and cosmism?



Posted: Rhythmic moon, Seli 23
Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:11 am Post subject:

ummmm.... would that be 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts'?

20 Tablets of the Law of Time -- stef is on about making 10 cubes with hexagrams on it (if this isn't an example of confusion inspiring more of it ((simbull infection)) I don't know what is? 64 hexagrams into 10 cubes?)
that's all very well but you are gonna have to beat this for direct appeal to average audience if you ever want to start making tiny early collective steps on the way to 1000 year old family trees pleached well enough to keep our feet off the ground so it can breathe:

if this isn't an example of confusion inspiring more of it (simbull infection) I don't know what is? 64 hexagrams into 10 cubes? Who cares. It's all Go(o)od(d) right? Just like mass media, a fucking medieval freak show fought tooth and nail by best intention/worst practice factions with global yet granular reach. talk about a choosing least harmful from amongst rocks and hard places, ships and shores, etc.

. .. . and .. .. uhm, .. . ..your chop link doesn't chop nuttin' either

 Tablet of the slaves (mesoweb page)

there's chat page (at a site) that rules (aesthetically) in my opinion: not in the least place for having done such a wonderful thing with the tzolkin (turned it into wall paper) about which a namesake of the maker has a new Arguelles defending overview out at On the 19 code and prophecy score, a Hamas ideologue named Bassam Jarrar (was published in the fancy Muslim rag online non-profit but fancy)) early last year) has been in Zionist custody since last september -- right around the time I thought up my idiot savant blogroll section as a way to show no profession is as uncolleagial (24 results on google; yes the dutch use such a conjugation of that root in this grammaticategorical version) as the prophetic one (well, maybe top-dollar profitmarging sporting ones excepted) yet make them keep each other company – for lack of media managers taking me up on offers of doing more elaborate versions alas . .. could have something to do with my poor targeting, much of it goes no further than comment sections of blogs, for such purposes entirely tangential to boot

The 19 code is a horrible idea, and completely anti-Islamic, IMHO as a non-Muslim.
Rowan Berkeley

yeah, well, have it your way,  .. . .have at it then, straight bloodshed - no varnish, no polish, no distraction, no whitewash, no window dress no chaser no racer no tracer focus on the literal meaning of the text and pay extra special attention when the word blood comes around. The famous 'red thread' as the dutch have proverbicized, and the amis misread into threat. Good luck colouring islam green . . .and where are you commenting these days anyway, besides @Xymphoriac?

ps: your semitic code sprout n spoutery aversion is as partial as it's race equivalent

I fail to see a great diff between -- perhaps oppression induced fever dreams of being powerful and numerous (as 'sandgrains on the beach', at the time the phrase and impious hope arose there may quite possibly have been more of the stuff on beaches than, as a consequence of exactly this uncarefully chosen longing, in deserts, manmade and unremediated to this very day, zionism taking aim and going horribly wrong as we taptype a way) -- being very hairsplit precise and nitty grittily specific vs just rough and tumble mega innumerability loving and even though the emphases and fields of application are reversed there still is no difference when it comes to guages who's more off target, the left- or righthanded semite .. . .. a thought strikes me about your way of thinking Rowan, you and Myers make such a big deal about strategizing both ways around simultaneously but always apply this analysis to Jews exclusively whereas I say Arabs show themselves true siblings in that their stuff is as Chessboard polarized, middle missing and besides missing colours missing out on a whole lot more (permacultural medians mediations etcetera; by embracing the Arab immigrants the green(left)ies have betrayed that part of their initial aim for which we can blame the confusion surrounding the initial strength of Nazism).

 This trouble is far from over. As I wrote (elsewhere) earlier today (hyperstition item quote snipped).

 10.800 results for uncollegial - whoopsie

false: Jewish skitskid value ruled whitey west

Jewish and arab = semitic skitskid value ruled whitey west

 treefrog posts a long work by Aaron Woolrich, kin 081 an article critical of Arguelles clicked 1580 times (i'd not call it 'read' since a quick copy is indistinquishable from a disregard)


f 06 latewinterbloggin febmar

Wow!! meruman gets google results for Dan Winter removed but also shown up for it at chillingeffects
meru video: big unsorted links page (with meru, Collins, Winter and much more; Collins is really the antithesis of the ever striving after exclusivity Tenen, let me post a quote to illustrate, AC: "It is an influence that came to be personified in the heavens as a cosmic bird of creation, variously seen as a swan, vulture, hawk, dove, heron, magpie, eagle or bird of paradise. It was the basis behind concepts of the Supreme Being, such as God, Yahweh, Allah, the One, etc, as well as Cosmic Mothers, such as Nut (or Nu-it), Hathor, Saraswati, Allat, al-Uzza, Venus, and Bride-Bridget.") (2000, disappeared) via QT the bauval craze is over, orion is tired and cyngus wired pictorial version .. .keeeeeep going till you find the willy well and wellwillingly suck it dry. Burp..oopsq use me. september interview .... whoops, .. .this place really fucking cranks., make that cranks squared!!! a long file with (anchors obviously and) piccies
By Andrew Collins

woooouw, around noon on today i land in a strudelswirl of keymakers (dan Winter in a very dantesque 'hell's mouth), van potd rukkers (Hannah according to the styleless ones), la kaakklem (sealed lips) vol op de tochtklep nemen (again the stylish styleturners).

an instructive review of a recent dialog between Dan Winter and William Alek's - "FREE" Energy Affficionado's - one of a growing plague of confusion.

After months of William Alek bragging he was the hero to bring free lunch to everyone (the same way as did Adam Trombley, Neuman, Pod Mod, Dennis Lee, David Hudson, and a thousand bright but ultimately stupid inventors before him) -- - Dan Winter sent a short note to William Alek's group], Sept 26,, 
To: William Alek, Re: Gravitational voltage - is free???? think again.- (letter) May I gently urge you to reconsider the immaturity of calling the voltage recursion extracts from the 'vacuum' as 'free'. It encourages long term environmental irresponsibility and it is actually disempowering (does not allow understanding how biology must fabricate the fractal coherence to stabilize gravity)- as described at -, and also - , signed, dan winter"

relatively new kid on the tortuga block is the dutchman reinnietoud (who claims to age well in his sig), treefrog serves him with this:

(THE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LINE) 

Cutting Edge Orgone Technology

FIRST MEMORABLE ONE OF THE LOT: positive news, youth views (5 languages, ambition for many more, lots of sections under construction)

Seminario Noosferico - Magos de la Tierra
Added: 6 days ago   in Category: Science & Technology
Views: 552 --- noosfera is the webmaster of and  10 minutes worth of black and white pics of native americans set to some weirdo music; lyrics: weeeuwie uwiewee .. .antuyemai . . mapuches in chile  this one to but only half as long and more in the brown tones we know from Curtiss . .. . oh wait, this is Curtiss' work.

more videolinks in the side bar there and here:

Ive just published an article on my website which talks about unity in time especially related to the Aboriginal Australian and Mayan Connection...

its here:
bhopal magically spelled to right (QT) and other shocking semi-humorous stuff


New York Pervert said...
piet--the only monikers I've ever used are my name 'Patrick J. Mullins,' 'new york pervert,' 'new york mullins,' 'puff adder' (at northanger's behest), 'metro mambo,' and recently 'metropolitan airhead,' which I derived directly from one of Nick's jibes. I never changed monikers at all except during that period at Hyperstition, where I do not intend to return because Nick's neoconnism became uninteresting, despite the occasional beauty of his writing. I still read you over there, but I just do not the fuck care to hear any more about how wonderful WWIV is and Rummy's wonderfully singular contribution to it.

I just wrote this in in case you had thought I'd posted anywhere in this long thread. I have not. l-m is lustmolch and many other monikers, is a very clever and slightly confusing fellow whom I know well (in internet terms, I'm still very much the offline type, so 'hooked on keyboards' is no longer accurate for me, except in the sense that I now go to wood and steel pianos for the first time in a year and a half, and do computer keyboards about 10% as much as I was doing a month ago.

'Faulty dosage tuning' by 'a charming lady' is a perfect diagnosis, but it gives more character to the character, you see.

chabert--in case you aren't familiar with piet, he is truly one of the most charming and peculiar writer-goblins I've encountered in the cyberworld.

3:19 AM 


Just found this flingertliptlap of yours chabert: "I really prefer eating in restaurants. I love restaurants. Especially in France because you can smoke. I'm sure people benefit when they leave their homes and gather in smoky, noisy places to eat next to new people and go hmmmm! hmmm! ain't life grand."
Instantly cured me of the infatu-t-ation blooming in my lood .. .. which will be dead unless you start raving about resties with homegrown stuff, quite succesfully taking wanderers and wayfarers in off the road to teach them the down and dirty end of fitting bene (exception granted the more purposeful needies to whom must be imparted sufficiently infactpul propellation onto the source of trouble with all available expedition the sooner to shatter and scatter it.

 . . .speaking of which (in connection to roads, resties and less permanently beguided and gawked at wonders). Crumbling a few of those bastard bashfaults (or at least the edges, a wiiiiiide margin) into dust to benefit compost heaps, shithouses and the less accomoderiverage nearby aint such a bad . . . .eh .. . 'seizure' I imagine.


While a substantial portion of holland's mobilized and employed citizens are choking on each other's being in the (SAME BLAMEGAME) welcome outwearing way day after day I chose 2 within 7 weeks to drive to and fro switchyland  managing to be the only (admittedly stinky) car (dad put his foot down 200plusthou in it) in sight for at least 65% of the time/distance.

I find it hard to say for sure as yet, if the verdict on what i do is in, to stray away from (and thus betray*) decency / duty / dutch doctrine or run to go get help return/stick to strictly enforced foodforall footpath handtec versions of it better -- derivative of that famous "wide and narrow road" panoramas (<a href="
aardig-bezielezeilbaar-sprookjesland.html">mostly in dutch but plenny links to the images</a> -  form of iconism that penetrated the protestant world just fine, the church annex my father helped tear down and upgrade during his typical 'old age respectfully religious hometown focus phase' has proof of that, a copy is one of the few decorations there), instead of the ideal and narrow caught between pathless wilderness on one side and ways wide enough for all to fall (and collectively stall) on the other -- proximity to none too endless phases/stages and stretches of the definitely different and essential complementation is to be imp'ed at all scales. If it seems that the more of them we reach the fewer in/along them we manage to teach it is bycause we are easily distracted by shiny skin, exquisite eyeballs and the like, while we should at all times pay attention to and focus on lowly dusts and soils, the microlevels at each stage/phase of the scale and vice versa, the only majesture that counts for keeps and manages to keep count (exactly by losing it - see my polemics against kincounter Arguelles for explanations of that .. .soon as someone cares to help me get it online again . (speaking of sorry figures, haven't even gotten my stuff out of storage for 7 years now) . .I am sleeping in my goddamn car at the mo)

*couldn't do (that) without (benefit((ting)) from) it

ps: caffeine this morn from a coinop (a bigun by douwe egberts), some of the oldest dutch taliban.



eintopf recipe of 'redemptive movements,
for which Judaism serves as the basic model' by i don't know who but pretty sure it is a dyou who quotes: I didn't need a guru -- I needed my grandmother By Tzivia Emmer
.... wait, found a copy online: - 32K - searching with "Baal Shem Tov, of Levi Yitzchak of " occuring in the line: The generation of Bob Dylan may have
rejected the Hebrew school teachers of their youth, but they could see
themselves as the spiritual heirs of the Baal Shem Tov, of Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev. [...] It took a generation groomed to the idea of revolution to show the way back to tradition.  .. .. ..whoops, nope, yet another quote. In this case from Reflections On The Baal Tshuvah Movement 

The Counterculture, And A White Goblet On A Black Field.

by Tzivia Emmer 

also see
(up in this file) and a file called 'offline eintopf blackballing - not brownshirting - eco thinking'

here the item continued:

I'd rather torture my prose than have it leave me cold:

par example: old shit i see cloggin the pipeupplers doesn't compost well without added atttention:

Rowan: My point is that "democracy" is delusory. Always. The pursuit of "democracy" is an ideological wild goose chase. No one who pursues it should be listened to, and no one truly knowledgeable who claims to be pursuing it should be trusted. 

All politics is oligarchic. All popular movements are controlled by small groups. The idea of a popular dictatorship is a contradiction in terms, and all popular consent is extorted by oligarchies. The notion that "the people" 

have some sort of sacred access to "the truth" or "the future" is just opulist moonshine.

Rowan Berkeley | 02.15.06 - 6:26 am | #

componentpiet: yeah, but waidaminit, common folk their 'sacred access to "the truth"' is surely a politicization of simple self respect that can be earned and kept, in other words attained through subsistence securing access to, and meaningful contact with soil, that which in turn guards and nurtures it.

. ..really  a pity (not to say a crime) that the english have lost touch with 

the weightier and graver sides of affairs and matters. They (and the french) are subverting the parts of europe that have some instinctive vestage of shyness about multiculture left. They give it a bad name too with their supremacy foibles (favoring administrive tasks over grunt and sweat equity, degenerating by the freightening pace of whole neighbourhoods at a time). The Lords farmed out the roading and harbouring to the dutch, those bulky ellnourished, big blunt boersy bores. In dutch the word for truth lacks but the letter z to make it translate to heavy and adding a d at the other end instead gives you value (both at the same time gets you a sword and that shows that words, weights, worths, swords and wars are inextricably and it's a miracle I find so few people who have their heads straight about it).

Perhaps it's all my fault. Such a slacker. However .... 

With my penchant for depression and the past-prime lack of attention from delusional girls who see father material everywhere, even me, the only way to get some serious sex (as above, takes acres too, a spell and and oath or two ((zweren en bezweren, meaning can swarm around more intensely still, adding (((an m for example))) and subtracting (((the z))))), that being the only effective remedy, I might have to start aiming for fame a long time before rather than after my death if i want to shift gears on the attrBactionOproXmise ((up to presenting it (((sort been banking on way more than i managed to so far))) and down to the low degree of realization (((rather than checking out and hoping to be born into better circumstance))) since i am convinced personhood (((and the punishment linklifechainshekeling brings)) is much more meaningful this side of death)))))).



Pan Celtica is based in Kerry, Republic of Ireland.We run the website and have bought a farmhouse with two acres with the view to starting a community.We've been here a year now and have made the house habitable, dug a well etc. This summer we are ready for our first visitors.We are looking for people to join us who have the same vision of 2012 as we do.We plan to hold workshops and retreats.So if you are interested in coming to see us please email: mayantimes@hotmail

to opening shot of a battle so far, 1-0 in favour the right wing hardass type scoffers - no discussion page history here yet. A more informative page is: my kin day and I was in Glast. at the time in fact (by accident - though I'd already read Arcturus rising in Dan Winter's former NY home and walked up the evergreen st. coll. lib. staircase). I wasn't feeling very well that day, dealing with longstanding overeating/underturding issues, what it says at the disc. page there is this:  removed a recent amusing insert, but reproduce it here in (what I hope was intended to be) its sarcastic entirety, for the entertainment of future readers:

After two minutes, various sites of racial disharmony and overt political oppression across the globe suddenly became encapsulated in a shimmering gossamer glow. Widespread accounts of "phantom chanting" were reported by bewildered citizens the world over. Ultimately, war, disharmony, and bad moods were eliminated forever. In the years since, the planet Earth has become a place of peace and discovery, a veritable utopia.

Northy on Bushbabe: 'his problem is a program predicated on an exclusive cult of personality' - but a fertile one, like a woulddbeequeen should bee .. .are there any astronomical prices offered for his sperm by wealthy women yet?????

... you mean the light of night? Confinement induced dreams?

Hermitopsy revealed that johnny appleseed had the potential of monuments raised in his honour far outshining, -weighing and wowing those of any imperiumheads in traceable history.
So Nick, you're all for armies and yet against all states??? About that staircase (190 reads) .. ..oh shucks .. . ..

Evergroove trivia, pt. 80
Submitted by stevenl on Tue, 12/27/2005 - 7:24pm.
One of the great interior landmarks of TESC were the dragons in the main library building stairwell connecting the sub-basement and the top floor. Back in 1972 when the dragons were painted, the top floor of the building served as the cafeteria, so the stairs were busier in those days. By 1974 the food service had moved into the CAB.

An Evergreen coordinated studies called Man and Art supplied the labor. The idea came from faculty member Jose Arguelles. The end result was an amazing winding mural that effectively combatted TESC's 70's concrete blahness. But instead of Evergreen being in the belly of the beast, the beasts were in the belly of Evergreen. Whenever I showed newcomers around the College, I always made sure they saw this artwork.

Even though I knew they were there, I usually reacted as if they were unexpected when I used those stairs. And I saw something new every time.

Arguelles went on to become a controversial New Age author and co-founder, with his wife Lloydine, of the Planet Art Network. I understand the dragons have since vanished, but I'm not sure if that is true and if so, when it happened. Did they fly away, or were they just painted over? I like to think the former is more likely than the mundane explanation of the latter.

Astronomers are currently tracking 19 fragments; Schwassmann-Wachmann (Orbital Elements) @ 14AQ47 on 11-May-2006
northanger | 04.20.06 - 2:48 pm | #


piet. "Bushbabe ... are there any astronomical prices offered for his sperm by wealthy women yet?????"

nope, but nobody's offering astronomical prices for nick's sperm either & he's our most valuable player. guess there's just no accounting for taste.
northanger | 04.20.06 - 2:53 pm | #


required or acquired taste?
by the way I meant to refer to my underdrinking/overeating malady sort of peaking at the time, well compensated for since then. Godda ride them hard.
Piet | Homepage | 04.20.06 - 4:02 pm | #

may comprehensive set of I-Ching related links (no Arguelles though); fascinating reportage like: The Watkins Objection – Matthew Watkins is a British mathematician who wrote an objection to Terence McKenna's theory of 'Time Wave', a convoluted theory of cyclical history based on a fractal generated from the King Wen sequence of hexagrams. McKenna had the idea on a psilocybin mushroom trip, see 'The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching' by Terence and Dennis McKenna. Terence McKenna came to agree with the objection made by Watkins. Email addresses are given for both McKenna and Watkins, but this webpage was last updated in 1996 and McKenna is dead now and the last I heard of Watkins he was wandering around Ireland with a donkey and a mule, planting trees. [UPDATE: I had an email from Matthew Watkins in February 2006, pointing out that he is now at the mathematics department of Exeter University, where he has a website. He tells me he is happy to discuss 'Time Wave Zero' with anyone who wants to get in touch.]

no thing standardizes like a stupidity

Quoting Jose Arguelles (who thinks he is a reincarnated Maya king) from his latest book (Chronicles):

"Without the lubrication of the knowledge of the suffering of all beings there could not be the universal solvent that makes the whole order of Cosmic History. The whole order is dependent on there being a lake of dissolution of all beings through suffering and creating a universal solvent with the template of cosmic history."

"The 5th dimension no longer has reincarnation (biogenic migration)."

Then he comes up with the 'finite amount of biomass' bullshit again:

Rebirth of spirit essence 'co-occurs with death, raccoon dies here, another born there.

No mention of transmigration until the next alinea, just an abrupt closing remark on extinction.

"Dissolution of the cloud covering of the materialist belief system is the purpose of Cosmic History – only then can the clear mental field of the human shine through as the planetary mental field."

And this is the inhouse strategist/shaman leader/divine messenger of the rainbow family (to whom he appeals and amongst which he moves)? He wants to use clouds in a metaphor only to 'transform, transmute and dissolve' them with his noospheric armament? That has to be the most offensive distraction from permaculture principles (sun and rain as equals and equally necessary) I can imagine, given that the implementation of them is his repeatedly stated goal (when he is not too busy with his mind over matter sleighs of hand that is). In a work about the Quran, no longer online, he says every presentation has to include the gist of it but he has backed down from that promise to himself pretty obviously too. Speaking of which, here's his definition of terror = "most alien subconstruct of materialist domination, an idealized rejection embracing practice."

I have hundreds of K worth of similar argumentation (not online at the mo) similar to the following:
The more highfaluting the consequence determinations and divinatory ausgekluegeltheit of yea or nay done decisions 'grow', the more such lead ups/ins can set up as permanent let downs and distractions. Why feed monsters? Why not start (the soildeepening soary up((grade))story) the rightway round?

Pause and take a moment to direct your attention to the bottom of the mobility/organization spectrum, rather than carry on displacing these with one tall order of farflung and dizzying faultline frequency and fractality fetishization of lots and lots of little fundamental factor formulas and cerebral acrobatics after another.

A decision to do dust spells rock unravelment and into-life-giving (via compost heap and all as yet ((hurry, offer lasts only while supplies last)) photosynthesis active locales) begun as humble as that (most primary of priming acts) has best chances to reach great heights while retaining some consistency, remaining in touch and maintaining good relations with their more and more unsuprisingly most effective causation as the ladders of life lenghten, dance, twist, spin, mix, mingle, and whirl along growth's manifacetted pathways and flowforms.

To reiterate: largest most lasting common and common denominator and only with good conscience actionable cause (celebre) is tickling rock out of its 3rd dimension to ad-/emit into 4th. Help it from being stuck up, in reserve version of time to become less ponderously shut off from and aloof about it. Turn the tables and devalue the whole devilishly suffocating symbolic system complex.

following a link to your bardonwhatshameIkilledit I note:
all this 2d bull is craptotheNth! Just recently I had an insider diligent dreamspell telektonon player explain that the lines connecting the 13 stages within one crooked castle (4 of which make a swastika like cycle of 52 weeks or years, etcetera) are really tetrahedron, which would create quite a bit of overlap and correlation with Dan Winter (who happened to be near Zuerich right when I was), enough to connect his flame letter spiral anu section to this and yet with all the artistic fire and scrier power at arguelles disposal nobody has come up with and/or put this sorta stuff up (online).

Not that I wouldn't prefer to see 'genesis continuous' animated though but that's old news to you of course.

Of course heroic protests against free trade agreements stop a leak or open a secret at the same time the sideroadshow is finding and digging news ways (corp)govz keep the wages down and the work dirty, deadly and dumb. Illegal immigrants must be on their toes and come stacked with stamina to run the humiliating cat and mouse gauntlet; oxymoron of the minute: capital wants to be free wheeeeeeee!!! ain’t it just like a hardass version of the dreamy hippy?

fuck, can't even post a comment to my own satisfaction anymore, I wiped out an intro taking linebreaks/doublespacings out of the rewrite  .. .it went something like this:

the above is a 3rd draft; the impression I wish to convey of holding multiple loose ends together miraculously doesn't survive the first moments of a second look. My work is much like people around me in that respect. Since this is often the case I only begin to lastingly approve of my work upwards of drafts 8, 9, and beyond. Few people allow me to tinker with them though .  or if they do I turn away. See my old work (poetpiet 7yearsinthemaking.htm)

To northanger: Riddle me this: 
what do these folks have in common: 
Dt. Mark Einführung Ereignistage 18 6 1948 
Eichendorff Joseph von Literatur, Schauspieler 10 3 1788 
Feuerbach Ludwig Philosophen, Querdenker 28 7 1804 
Honegger Arthur Musik, Malerei 10 3 1892 
Hörbiger Paul Literatur, Schauspieler 29 4 1894 
Levine James Musik, Malerei 23 6 1943 
Mandela Nelson 

Mark Twain Literatur, Schauspieler 30 11 1835 
Mauriac Francois Literatur, Schauspieler 11 10 1885 
Millöcker Karl Musik, Malerei 29 4 1842 

whoops, those are all 9s but you and daniel (got a beautiful logo for crest, lots of available land, etcetera) for instance are 10s

kin 161
percy sledge 
chuck norris 

Bowie David Film, moderne Musik 8 1 1947 Adler 3 55
Goodyear Charles Wirtschaft 29 12 1800 Adler 3 55
Hiroshima-Bombe Ereignistage 6 8 1945 Adler 3 55
Hochwälder Fritz Literatur, Schauspieler 28 5 1911 Adler 3 55
Kolb Annette Literatur, Schauspieler 2 2 1870 Adler 3 55
Margaret Prinzessin Politiker, Könige Diktatoren 21 8 1930 Adler 3 55
Nostradamus Eso-Szene 14 12 1503 Adler 3 55
Salazar Antonio de Oliveira Politiker, Könige Diktatoren 28 4 1889 Adler 3 55
Straßmann Fritz Chemiker, KernspaNaturwissenschaften 22 2 1902


vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Invitation to a fest at an intentional community early june ---

makes me think of that nearly transparant rag arguelles brought with him to hang up behind him in the squat he came to adress 40ish people in (now flattened, just as well, all the unsettling pill spikedboom boom boring beat parties in that nasty nasty office building architecture would have eroded the gene pool further). erich von Daeniken (responsible for the alien hype to no small degree (his mystery park in Interlaken grazed bankrupcy I hear) had in on the cover of his 50s book (way before the second and last stage before the wave that will breakthrough to mainstream. Be patient, uglification is picking up 'pace' and deepening footprint quick. Ontsluiten is a word used in childbearing as well as roadmaking and you wonder Holland is full of contradictions (that which ((those who)) feeds the roads at their beginning is entirely incompatible with and transmogrified by it? Dieclectic enough for ya Snicky?


Saul Paul Sirag debunks an Arguelles debunker
#107115890091682091 december 2003 -- A reality check for Dick Farley by Saul-Paul Sirag posted by Jack Sarfatti  .. . .funny file that (huge for one, and quaint for its mix of quantum mechanics and hyperspace ((make up the bulk of all and are acclaimed topics, with lots of formulas to munch on)) with Arguelles, zen as well as the dirt on Serbs and neocons thrown in) written by Jack .. . . Sarfatti.  . .. Mmmmm, too hyper stitious for me.

Original Message-----
From: Jack Sarfatti [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 5:57 PM
Subject: Re: The Ballyhooed 1953 Telephone Call

My mentor Walter Breen was in the Eugenics crowd working with
Professor William Sheldon of Columbia University Psych Dept
financed by Eugene Mc Dermott (a founder of Texas Instruments)
friend of Arthur Young and Charles Lindburgh if I am not mistaken.
Ayn Rand also involved and I wonder if Leo Strauss is connected
to all this? Just a hunch. I did not meet Breen until AFTER the
phone contact. The Army contact was much before that of course.

On Wednesday, December 3, 2003, at 05:31 PM, h... wrote:

"Jack's 1950's telephone calls could have been carried out by use of
primitive signal processing. Jack was a mathematically brilliant
child with military connections through his grandfather, and Jack
displayed his characteristic eccentric flamboyance and interest in
rockets, science fiction and comic books: A perfect subject for the
eugenics crowd of New York during that time period. The metallic
voices were likely reminiscent of the computer-based Hal messages the
phone freaks of the late 60's/70's heard referring to aliens and the

The 20 years later statement can easily be seen as the approximate
time period where Jack would be coming into his own as a Physics
Ph.D. According to Destiny Matrix he was steered along the way. It
would not take that clever a manipulator to pull this off.

In addition, this 1950's cold war environment spurred on various mind
control works, as we sought to understand how the Nazis and Soviets
could enforce such influence on the masses. Covert work exposing
unsuspecting recipients to LSD became messy and it is entirely
possible that early 1960's drug culture was an engineered experiment
where LSD was provided to college kids, cheered on by the Tim
Learies. Some of who would be target groups like Jack's crowd, in an
attempt to unleash the creative juices. Others who became casualties
would filter into the psychiatric centers, and some of these centers
may have been government labs where the effects could be further
studied. 382 photos (via via jorn who is going crazy with close ups on his livejournal blog of mirrorlifted flicker photos

4000 pics in one of clutterbuck's many groups which is called: "green green green -- grgrgr"
check the clickertricked out snail:

more tricked substance, a leaf this time: nature55 has a small collection so far .. . I relate a Jungian synchronicity. I was attending a meeting of the AAAS at the Hilton Hotel in 1980. A man walked up to me noticed my name tag "Sarfatti" and said "Are you related to Margherita Sarfatti?" [12] "Yes, distantly.", I replied. "I have traced your family tree back a thousand years to Rashi de Troyes.

HaHa!! Northanger finds juicy donkey related old testament quote discussion:

earlier that day she posted the

I've reminded you of the fate of Hamasian Jarrar Bassar before (custody since sept last; his Quran work contrasts mightily with tacks like Nick cited and the Chaturvedi lines at swordsoftruth); I wouldn't be suprised if Bassar meant 'spirit' in palestinian (same way ra is good in egyptian and bad in hebrew). cool and just the sort of growinghome stuff I tried to plead with a compostcourse offering belgian company (includes a library already) my library will (additionally) facilitate and lead up to: pleachplexity

cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=8;t=000138 via
Most commendable, in this reviewer's opinion, is Pinchbeck's refusal to get enamored by the various personages he interacts with. As an example, he resists the calendrical charisma of Jose Arguelles and provides us with a thoroughly rational appraisal of the shortcomings of his 13 moon agenda which the purveyor of Harmonic Convergence day claims is the only thing that will save our planet. Pinchbeck also makes a sobering assessment of the Burning Man festival, quick to see the darkness and dysfunction within such a 'celebratory' venue, especially by participants who have no interest whatsoever in respecting indigenous spirituality. Anyone who can survive crop circle hopping in England without getting programmed, sit in on conferences where the likes of disinformants like Dolores Cannon, author of The Custodians speak, obviously has a kind of urbane, post modern toughness which is most attractive considering the otherwise wayward and seductive fields the author has chosen to explore.

A little further down (earlier on march) I nevertheless and the above notwithstanding an indulgence in deadserious psychoanalytic descriptions of 'the reptilians' .. ..Oh, well, it was interesting while it lasted.

Jaye C. Beldo writes for Paranoia Magazine, the Konformist, Disinfo.Com, Rain Taxi, The Parisian, and other zines on and off line. He has discussed his work on WGN Radio Chicago, BBC London and the Howard Stern show. He can be reached at:

need to search arguelles with breakingopenthehead, they have a 500 post thread about Quetzalcoatl

sarfatti and arguelles show up together at .. . .frontpagemag of all places. . .. Nick save me some offense and deliver a summary will ya?

never mind it's that 2003 stuff from his blog (still going by the way) posted by james woolsey under the title 'we are all jews' -- obviously the wrong bait for the trollthralldom there (despite title)






xxArguelles is rallying forces to tempt extraterrestrials (coming ‘green day’) into ‘signing’ (or and/or something) as they did wave and whatever .. waddle perhaps, wisp, waft and whirl no doubt ..  .while Woodstock and Hendrix in Hawaai was ‘taking place’, or so he claims. Look, assimilation is indeed as futile and fabulatory as all hot n holy hell but just as unreal(ized). When colonialists insist on staying rather than organizing an orderly and peaceful repatriation we must continue to endure brave expect and suffer an onslaught of these cargo cultic anticipations eruptions evocations, pangs of conscience, fearful reckoningday expectations, infliction ricochet, bad carma bounce, etcetera, cause imperialists thus justify growing, then staying put before carrying on with their culture destroying interpryzschinscenery of stuffed n stacked styzone some more. Even Arguelles(’ ES) does not realize he is emitting mixed and mangled messages here.

Don Weaver rawfood and remineralizing brother:

This morning I had an opportunity to revisit the archives and other articles that have been recently posted on the web page here. It is heartening to think that we are picking up the baton of remineralizing the earth from the articles that were written about 10 years ago.

Piet: yeah rite, nearly zip happened in 10 years time.

 The need was critical then but is so much more critical now. One article was: "Where Do We Go From Here?"

I want to articulate the energy of being an advocate for the environment and what we are all trying to do through this Forum and web site. I have recently participated and been initiated into the Mankind Project. The web site is: I was introduced into this by David Yarrow and would like to offer an article about putting it in the context of our becoming "new warriors".

Piet: nah .. .don't worry bout me, too old by now. Besides, you are a little outdated yourself. What is a 'food as medicine' man to do in the 'feed frankenstein' frenzy?

tortuga forum

teleustelling – tesleurstelling this person has 13 pages up and I found them all interesting (thanks to lots of spiders and birds).
Dan Winter eat your heart out:

All those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand..

anti-schiziofreenick | 06.16.06 - 7:04 am | #


anti-schiziofronickfreesetter | 06.16.06 - 7:08 am | #


 Nick - what is (and why) There's always a way in China to access the web: try this:

Let me know how you get on.
tachi | 06.16.06 - 7:08 am | #


 cut the hippy shit FFS.
tachi | 06.16.06 - 7:09 am | #


had an amazing dream cause I slept in a lone shack and a curious crow came to pitterpatter on the roof and peek.
1234 gotta go
suck blow fuck show
- public - private don't you know
earth fire water air flow and grow
piet | 06.16.06 - 7:12 am | #


 [piet - you're being deliberately annoying (trollish), aren't you?]
Nick | 06.16.06 - 7:21 am | #


sccru u 2 part4.htm
piet | 06.16.06 - 7:25 am | #

Dr John Kirk Robertson

compare to

apples oranges and africans too

totally tangential:

dutch newsitems this morn: a wikimeet and greet reported right before an air(fighter)show with fancy bird names but insanely disrespectful and unanimalistic as only humans can be. I'd rather take scalding and icey showers for contrast, healthier for my permacultural planning on looks that thrill. Nick, deadserious man. I am surrounded by chinapeople too you know.

I've heard of the 12 tribes modeled after the zodiac, and the 11 city ice skate marathon (fucked to all hell thanks to agression inDUSTrees LTD INC GMBH BV) on them and mapping on their cities in turn but i hadn't encountered one mapped to prague before:
what I called point 3 earlier is here scorpio:
The Night gets longer. Put symbolically, the Sun leaves "our world" for the underground for five months and also takes the vegetation with it, which will once again rise from below in the spring. The growth and development becomes subconscious, collective.

Another example – and a truly allegorical abbreviation of the whole sector of Prague Pisces - is the mysterious statue of the Black Madonna wired into a cage on the corner of Celetná and Ovocný Trh Streets. It was moved here from its original building to this new house named "At the Sign of the Black Mother of God" – the first distinctive example of Czech architectural Cubism. The Black Mother of God is no one else than the Night, the infinite Ocean of collectivity and Eternity. The Christian example of the Virgin Mary bears witness too. The name Mary hints at the ocean ("mare" in many languages). Its basic form - the Hebrew Miriyam (probably derived from Egyptian merit-am) is interpreted as "the ocean of bitterness". It's the ocean between the shores of Virgo and Pisces. Not by chance "God is born of a Virgin".

With the Black Madonna we touch the mystery of Templars and with that something more of an undercurrent. As it was shown during the trial with the Templars in 1310, they secretly called their order "the Church of Our Lady, the Mother of God". Some researchers see mysterious connections among the Gothic style, the Holy Grail story and Our Lady or Black Madonna. Templars are thought to have been the authors of a highly mysterious system of early gothic cathedrals in France consecrated to the Virgin ("Notre Damme") that geometrically copies the Virgo stellar constellation. The Prague Black Madonna very clearly points to another Black Madonna situated in the underground of the mysterious cathedral of Chartres in France, which is supposed to have been constructed by Templars.

Conversations with
my Great-Great-Grandfather,
a Grandfather of
the "New Age" Movement
by Dr. Alesha Sivartha & Don Ross

The Book of Life:
Solar Chart of Man:

another dip n flip hippy delivers lip and slip
but though some spiel is ok and even required
few are good enough to accompany the divine krackact
and none are any use without it

this one look way to goofy to get my hopes up; his mug reminds me of and in fact most fit the gurdjeff student far travelling guru shaman cult mold like late Keyserling did and through his school of hard and artificial knock(err)s (fell for 'm plumripe...soft landing though).

... actually he might be the unmentioned nunearthed preincarnation of Daniel Winter come to think of it. Watch for a Tom Robbins novel starring all of us soon. Gardens of the mind.

MMmm .. ., somewhere near the frontal lobe of this twelve tribe model for all cities (salema) poster my eye falls on gemini (naphtali): culture solstice, reforms, manners, receptions. 62 sites in the judeo-christian ring -- "This ring is open to any Jewish or Christian website of whatever stripe, but particularly Messianic sites are most welcome. Sivartha d'Mashicha is early Aramaic for "Good News of Messiah." The ring logo is Alesha Sivartha's Cross of Life."

sample (commercial) site:

somebody wrote (engraved) 'blessings' on a pebble and holds it cupped near the surface of a stream . . . (washing the dust away, feeding ocean life? blessing a river delta whose inhabitants don't know how to appreciate small wonder and export arms aggression overgrazing and . .. .hup holland hup in fiery virgo colours?) .. ... Reminds me of a fave Zappa song: 'there's a ship arrivin too late, to save a drowning witch' . .. . red power is the enema!!!!

I promise I am trying to rack up the courage to read your item nick, be patient with me.

Meanwhile. . .care to tell us what  you give Northanger for her birthday?

A calligroovy picture of harriet tubman in a solid gold frame freighted by froogle express?


loads of webrings topped by one called 'peace in the middle east' (33 active sites) .. . (world capital for arrogance right?)

my arrogance mitigated by commitophobia .. . which helps making me feel i wore out my welcome but if you'd be serious about your desires to perfect (per)functionary accountability I'd read some Beckerath, he'll tickle your formality knackeytachki.

what's wrong with making promises, it used to be quite adaptive and off the hook keeping around here. Anything else you care to furnish complaints and/or request formal compliance about?

Respectfooly, your toetickletackler

on the heels of yesterday's preposterous impersonator pretending to be forgiven and hosted thief of his own handle skeptico we now have the webmaster of the androgynous Maiden Nostra Damus was surely on about . .. yup . ..must be what must be .. He/she: "The Maiden believes that the next wave of music in America will come from Europe in the form of symphonic progressive metal. The Maiden listens to all genres of music except for Hip-Hop and Country." may 4 -- updates14.html
prefreepiet | 06.16.06 - 9:57 am | #
Fairytales have an infinite quality that resonates through generations. Midnattsol has captured this essence in a bottle and has used its intoxicating fumes to fashion an aural equivalent in Where Twilight Dwells. Meeting between the harshness of the 'troll metal' of Finntroll and the power metal based folk of Korpiklaani stands Midnattsol, whose spirit lies more with the smaller, gentler folk. Where Twilight Dwells does not crush or pound the heart, it soothes it.

 Midnattsol  stable looking sixsome .. .but i don't care for this music .. .you can see if you do here: samples same but a second quiet album there too

'is een gebied een spanningsgebied, ja of nee'
is an area/region a theatre of tension, yes or no .. arms traders are allowing politicians to pretend to have a conscience on dutch radio. .. .. meanwhile my patience is wearing thin (though my hair isn't) waiting for hardware to tackle the 'doodgewone' soorten spanning (op spanning brengen = (a)tune) (is that legal?) ... jokes, get it? specializes in short ones it seems: Pun #19 …
Hangin's too good for a man who makes puns… He should be drawn and quoted. .. . .sort of a robotwisdom type random collection with mouse over captions and all sizes over a meg specified) worker filled bus at Nato airport in Afghanistans blown to pieces yesterday, killing 10

the more we comment here the more effort nick puts into putting posts up right?
prefreepiet | 06.16.06 - 10:33 am | #


that dutch phrase (caught on talk radio today) . .. . reminds me of poetpiet's lost writings .. . and I'd blame all sorts of stuff if i didn't know that I didn't know any better back then than clear out that first pile of patient, twisted notes .. .talking about hair for instance, a big lass with the thickest load I ever saw was sorta kinda responsible for all that work comparing the tensi(ON)lity of dildos erections, arms and rocks.

piet you are wasting your time because you fail to connect to anyone and anything. like the person at a party people want to get away from. just get the messsage.
tachi | 06.16.06 - 11:00 am | # archives_a...TackyToilet.htm let me s(h)it on you(r bowl for a bit).
prefreepiet | 06.16.06 - 11:03 am | #

hi tachi long time no heart to heart. you ignore northanger? fine, do me the same favor.

Blind and wild guess that this is relevant (still haven't picked up enough courage (arrrogannce???) to read the post I am so (p)ungratefully furnishing.

June 14, 2006: The invitation to Iran's president reflects Moscow's and Beijing's attempts to raise the profile of the SCO as an international body, while sending a signal to Washington. Confirming this, we also explained in" shrinking U.S."why, we currently also follow what is happening with Iraq:

love u 2 tachi
rocksolutely shootsouvereignic | 06.16.06 - 11:35 am

rick "Rage and Transformation in Early European Gender Rituals" - forthcoming

ok, i've read all above now and can make this short:

1: commiserate with your feelings about me polluting this, yet another tangent box.

why don't you post an item called rocksolutely shootsouvereignic and I'll confine myself to it (at least till it reaches 80 comments mark)?

2: substitute western fire power prowess for media attention and the equation still holds (shows you how objective and non-agression oriented 'the'(/most) media are molestating the alphabet). Legal cause respectable cause intractable cause clever crime is still crime.

legalize drugs or ban allegations of holiness .. i'll go along either way.
rocksolutely shootsouvereignic | 06.16.06 - 12:34 pm | #
Waiting for. Foucault, Still. Marshall Sahlins. PRICKLY PARADIGM PRESS. Social Analysis, Spring 2002) -

I tried to get rid of the white bits (to save paper, in this case factor 6!) the usual way (copy/paste into txt format and save it as .htm) but that causes the sequence to screw up so just in case you do the same (worth having on paper) watch out.

As the externalization of the noosphere into an
electronic network, the cybersphere is the virtual
nervous system of the planet.

It is not so much that the biosphere is in crisis, as
it is the noosphere having a nervous breakdown - a
good sign that it is about to grow up.

:::::::There'd be those who consider nb's a sure sign of
permanent damage. Since I can see and thus manage to
somewhat isolate and circumvent those parts and
prevent triggering repetition my message, insight and
attempts at directing are more lifelike and valuable
than those by a guy who sets himself up as the
uebercolonialist continuing a long line of bloody
inertia pilers. Wether monument builders of the maya
kingdom or board (bored) game designer in the 21st
century were or can come closer to the trace mineral
and soil depth saga I can't say. I'd like to think my
betters run around having better things to do than
woo/recruit me. The noosphere breaks and mixes
everything down and up, I know that. And wether pollen
and scents or bullets and evil gases get transported
through it depends on how well we understand that the
way to feed the highest goals requires finding the
smallest, unlike- and lowliest mouths, even the mere
precursors thereof.

As the consolidation of human mentation and
communication into a single planetary, technologically
driven field, the cybersphere is the final artificial
stage prior to the emergence of the noosphere as the
actual governing structure of the next stage of
evolution. But as it is now, the cybersphere, and the
Internet in particular, is the chief purveyor of
noospheric pollution. As the final cacophonous blast
of the Tower of Babel, the Internet makes everything
available from the most esoteric teachings to the most
blatant forms of pornography - the ultimate
democratization of values and global marketplace. The
result is the final loss of meaning altogether, if
only because everybody is talking at once and no one
can tell what is the point of the conversation.

The cybersphere produced by the Internet, cell phone, and fax is a skeletal noosphere, a wildly random self-organizing slice of human consciousness talking to itself in an anarchic diversity of voices. But for evolution to occur in consciousness on a scale equal to the breadth of the planet, it requires far more intentionality than the laissez faire gigaplex of the Internet. Psychotechnical unification of a sort has been achieved that abolishes all national boundaries, but a yet higher state of mind must be attained.

:::::::Notice how he too tries to steals the pow(d)er of 'my' massive M:A:S:S-massage-message, what else but plain fresh, large watershed derived and suitable dustmixtures (the stuff that so obviously makes big waterdeltas so fertile and a precondition for all the shortsighted stratifictation in the first place) inform and form the cardinal aspects of our lives we call skeletal (bone, component of a mutually arising systemic featuring muscle blood, nerve and vapors).

These guys can't even decide wether it's night or wether it's day and settle for contradictory messages in the hopes of mystifying the masses into followership.

This noospheric structure is actually already in place, invisibly, and has been moderating the evolutionary and geological cycles since the emergence or appearance of life on this planet. It has been awaiting the maturation of the human consciousness to be properly fitted into the next evolutionary line - the superhuman, homo noosphericus, now waiting in the wings of the world stage ready to make its debut.

::::::::just grand innit? the colonizers/aliens/arguelleszoids were waiting very politely for permission to exterminate the natives. They had to bide their time till the red carpet was rolled out across which they went in and a river of red blood went out.

hey, he's ready to compromise and reschedule endlessly. How about 'psychotechnical'? I'd buy psychotec.imp wouldn't you? That's higher imperialism for you.


Everywhere that CHARGE radiates, water is soon to follow.
Presenting:Solutions to ADDICTION / A.D.D.-with self-empowered neurofeedback +Scientific understanding of BLISS-with Dan Winter- introduced by Dr.CorneliusVanDorp at New Zealand Maori holistic health center..(2004) mt shasta fairy gets you to all the songs stuck in the cube here the keyword thing all sites at a glance songs at a glance

Be amongst the first 20 to see the u tube version of a short video at the man's homepage. (slightly different (8 minutes) large article about the WTC (2003 in the magazine by that name), it goes into Gaudi, astrology and islam.
--- quote: Both the beginning and the end of Post-Modernism involved the destruction of buildings that had been designed by Minoru Yamasaki: the Pruitt-Igoe Housing Project and the World Trade Center.

Antonio Gaudi expressed Barcelona's Islamic and Gothic heritage through riotously polychrome biomorphic forms. This makes Gaudi the last authentic practitioner of the Baroque in the 20th Century.

ps: the guyt doesn't want to take his possessions and beloved paintings into his grave with him, .. ..he wants his whole studio to be detached from the building, filled with a fluid, then frozen and shot into outer space . .. cause that's how he feels painting!!!!!! index.html Directed by Roger (and elizabeth) Bourdeau. 5 minutes rush overview of a windowlessly living waterhead's chimerical ocean motion, singing the praises of physical immobility (how else would he come up with compensatory schemes?).

Is his motto: 'got to stay to get out'?
anti-everythingelse-simian | Homepage | 06.25.06 - 8:47 pm | #

love to get a look at this stuff life size, GEOCHRONMECHANE: THE TIME MACHINE FROM THE EARTH it mentions a few names I am not familiar with:  J.W.Dunne, F.J.Tipler, George van Tassel -- - can somebody please persuade him to begin a museum? He could merge with the calendar crowd perhaps?
anti-everythingelse-simian | Homepage | 06.25.06 - 8:50 pm | # motherlode but still all frustratingly diminutive repros of whole works rather than readable segments
anti-everythingelse-simian | Homepage | 06.25.06 - 9:10 pm | #

Oh cool!

The Paul Laffoley Internet Archive Project!

Our Goals:
1. To transfer many of Paul Laffoley's works onto the web in full-resolution digital format, so that all of the text is readable. 1523 friends
anti-everythingelse-simian | Homepage | 06.25.06 - 9:58 pm | #

Gravatar Entropiet
Nick | 06.26.06 - 6:41 am | #
fairly large versions

july Jose Arguelles shows up .. .along with just about everybody else who Drempel suspects of having to do with some sort of mystical musical energy law. He claims to see the snake in action here: .. .but . .eh, scuse myster Hempelman sir, this is about Geronimo. +15comments -- Zizek sent me a postcard in 1996 saying he found my work fascinating and would get back to me when he finished my essay.

No response except his next book incorporated my work “half-ass” without naming me—it was really specific stuff ranting against any eco-feminist take on the ecological crisis and a total slam on New Age stuff.

Fine Zizek close you mind off to the Two Thirds World—just as Doug Henwood has done in his latest book slamming Vandana Shiva and Helena Norberge-Hodge. only the titles of his latest

he mixes stuff up with very different differentiation and correlation criteria than i do; rotten stuff about aliens is followed by: As far as matrifocal evidence I have done the research—for the last five years. It’s just like “evolution vs. I.D.”—there will be endless bickering over details but the fact is human cultures were originally matrilineal—that’s well documented. The question is whether they were matrifocal or not—well there’s this deep patriarchal assumption that somehow it was liberating for women to become prostitutes so they could earn enough Solar dynasty, standardized gold and silver money to buy their “freedom.”

In fact that “liberation” via prostitution first occurred back about 500 B.C. (see professor Jack Weatherford’s recent book “The History of Money”) but the matrifocal cultures of Anatolia gave much greater freedom to women—this is a well-documented difference between Sparta and the Athenian Empire.

Matrifocal means whether the culture has a symbol that is identified as containing infinity. This is traced, again, to the “symbolic revolution” of plow-based agriculture that then spread across Africa. A good contrast is the matrifocal analysis “Women Weilding the Hoe” (1995)—an academic book tracing pre-Iron Plow cultures extending into current-day Africa.

Another example structural matrifocal analysis from the oldest human culture—the Koi-San, pre-Bantu, is the recent book “Women Like Meat” which documents that men could not go into Samadhi (i.e. let their spirit travel to heaven) because they would stop using their natural resonance powers for healing. The women made sure that the men used their natural resonance powers for healing. Samadhi is based on light while healing is based on electro-magnetic powers and I speak from experience—but this is also a well-documented difference in magic.

Another matrifocal structural example is one I just came across:

“As the old man drummed, his lips moved, silently pronouncing the words that his drum sticks were saying on the ‘female’ and ‘male’ drums. Because our language is a tonal one, it is easy to imitate words on drums; the drums must, of course, be tuned to a special pitch to reproduce our tones of speech, and one must know how to lengthen or shorten a vowel. An ingenious contraption on the top of one of the drums—a round disc of iron with jingling edges—enables consonants to be heard.” (p. 199 in “The Gab Boys” by Cameron Duodu, 1967)

This same matrifocal system of open, complimentary opposite natural resonance music as magical language is found world-wide. Why is it open—for further details read my excerpts from John Chernoff—another University of Chicago professor—in my masters thesis online as “Epicenters of Justice.”

drew hempel, M.A on Tolkien

the next article down is about the Mantak Chia daoist sexual tantra techniques he seems to derive much pleasure and energy from; it does attract 38 comments
  county Cork " So we are looking for Galacticly minded folk to come visit us in beautiful Kerry and help us with gardening.We can a supply accomodation in the form of a 16ft has hot shower and heating.Suitable for a couple or couple with one child.Or you can bring your own truck/caravan/bus/tepee/bender/yurt.

We are looking for permanent (well to 2012!) and temporary visitors.
email us at"

september 2006 (I found it in september and corresponded with her about Larry)
Post-Modern Prophecy: Urgent Myths for Urgent Times?

Wit loves an outre theory, a new religion, a Freud basher (especially Deleuze) or a wiggy idea, but we have become increasingly wary of the chaos magicians, Crowleyites, Buddhists, Bonesmen, Scientologists, acid casualties, CIA spooks, Luciferians, vampires, Bavarian Illuminati, airhead exiled aristocrats, potheads, mystic momma's boys, slutty seekers, Yogargoyles, Rand Corporation Strangeloves, Lawrence Livermore MK Ultra madmen, and others of their a-little-knowledge-is-a-dangerous-thing Los Angeles ilk.

All this doesn't seem open minded and charmingly L.A. vernacular anymore. It seems like constant earthquake weather with spooky protofascist mental malleability in the extended forecast. (Read Lawrence Rickels' excellent The Case Of California for an uncannily accurate prediction of the current Cali status quo.)

The Modernist project is starting to look pretty good compared to all the equally vain and increasingly certain mysticism from where we sit. So it is with pleasure that we recommend the following event with cultural critic Douglas Rushkoff and "mystical guru" Daniel Pinchbeck tonight in New York City. Together these fine men may help sort things out a bit.


Mmmm, hunting for that nice quote about solidarity being like the unconscious (and solid subsoil i may add).. . .not here .. .give me a while ... .. homoerotic overloaded two wheelers mostly

nice template! (Beckett)

beautiful collection of images; the globules prompt me to post this (spiritual purge altert):

The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time

18.12. For any parallel universe, the evolution of time as consciousness proceeds in the same order as for the primary universe or galactic brain. Holonomic order of God does not distinguish between parallel universes, yet keeps a record of every type that exists, as well as which phase of time it is manifesting for any point of synchronic order. The Galactic Brain, of which our Earth and sun are a planetary stellar order, may be a parallel universe for one or any number of other galactic brains.

©13 Seed Year (2006) Victory Flows Mystery of the Stone
Galactic Research Institute of the Foundation for the Law of Time Mt Cook NZ is the currently targeted site for a galactic embassy type base (order your passport now).

Arguelles quotes Alice Bailey at length, about 'seperative attitudes' but he's (even still) not about to engage me on the relation between his and my stagings of separation, i guess that splitting rock is something for underlings to do all their life to make one big huge bed for him to sleep a few millenia in and all ecology gets from him is lipservice and disastrous distraction.

New Zealand indy 71873

'ridikill' art colonies that threaten to colonize art

hi, here's an old hand at this game (see and on and on).

I've come to warn the hippy rainbow type faction amongst you (true be)leaf relenting left leaners here.

A guru/charismatic cult meister has targetting the mt cook area to try once again start his glorious permaculture academy. .. .except it is a trap cause he ties everybody up with/in symbol profusion and not a single dreamspell timeisart or lawoftime garden has resulted from any of his socalled but sham biosphere championing.

He recruits amongst musos and artists tempts them into administration type conjecturing and then complains they don't manage to invoke a flock of saviours with galactic magnitude and instead abuse his impeccable manuel for fortunetelling.

Many files were up about my attempts to engage him and his followers in a discussion of the fundamental principles involved (hinted at below) to no avail and the files are gone until my precarious living  situation improves. Mt Cook NZ is the currently targeted site for a galactic embassy type base (order your passport now).

Arguelles quotes Alice Bailey at length, about 'seperative attitudes' but he's (even still) not about to engage me on the relation between his and my stagings of separation, i guess that splitting rock is something for underlings to do all their life to make one big huge bed for him to sleep a few millenia in and all ecology gets from him is lipservice and disastrous distraction.

I too failed to turn hippies into grippies and could even see some use in bundling forces and balancing the symbol juggling with the more honest and immediate dust as a grounding practice with vital backyard benefits (never mind the gigantitude of the galaxy, we have delegated and removed and remoted ourselves a disastrous distance without even leaving the planet already.

It's all relative with any constellation of (dis)proportionality sliding into a whole different set so fetishizing some sort of pretense at exactitude is worse than useless. comment url i guess . .. when i saw the images here i posted the quote above as well.

 Arguelles seems to think he has a 'how to climb the stairway to heaven' market cornered.

Of course i go for the far less pretentious slide rule model like mr Hardy's (a NZer by the way; look up 'genesis continuous')
 Monday, September 25 2006
Jose Argüelles and craziness

yo hi all; i posted a similar warning yesterday (triggered by 'separative', Arguelles quoting Alice Bailey to characterize this thoroughly rotten world his very followers even, assail that poor paragon of purity and exactitude with). He moved, like fraudulent (well, strike that, he don't force nobody, means well and don't know any better ((since he refuses to engage with folks like me, even though i personally handed him a piece of my mind; same for Gore by the way; hi hopes for him haven't really materialized yet either)) so let's call it naughty) cults often do, to NZ; for somebody with claims to be covered by fractal whorls of galaxy withing galaxy not so odd to go see the other side of our globbedigloop heh?
Treading in the footsteps of colonizers and preaching solidarity with indigenes while morphin n hybridizin away has never resulting in anything but turf fights and spilling in- and onto the neighbours their sacred spaces.
That said, i think the permaculture crowd could use a tiny touch of spirituality but rockdust fullfills that role splendidly for me.
That said, i think Arguelles has the right hunch about the upshot of 'it' all (internale, telepathize and otherwise automate the sensibilities that matter) and we can end up with an improved permaculture, the best of the ancients, not multi- but opticulture (i mean a better mix of minerals trees and people instead of crowding each other out seperately and altogether, the sanctioning of paths walked in, around and for life by all involved and affected, the long haul realization of treethinning, branchpleaching and then treehousing as an inspired craft has to be dug up and recruited from a realm of endless possibilities not even any fairy tales extant in presently active memory have formulated and mindmapped. A voluntarization that reaches down into the rocks roots may reach and up into the crowns). by the looks of it, inveterately travelling revellers yet seriously studying traditional maya while 'at all in Arguelles, Dreamspell or any other new age interpretations of the Maya or the Mayan Calendar.'

The administrator to this site presents:
East- Red - Fire - Balam Quitze
West - Black - Earth - Balam Aq'ab
North - White - Air - Majakutaj Balam
South - Yellow - Water - Iq'i Balam
whereas treefrog says:
I've read that the Quiche relate colors to the four directions as follows:
christina acke says 'We have
East, fire -
West, water -
North, Air and
South, Earth.
short intro on 20 and 13

glyphman asks about colours here:
- I go: it's easy to find out about the colours assigned to the tzolkin by arguelles from any of the many sites in all sorts of languages. He was a great painter before becoming a bad poet and mathematrix fiddler, it'll be all for the better in the end i am sure.
 One to ponder: bunch of his links (so why can't he find out how arguelles thinks about colours?). 25th of august another white buffalo was born
kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey
I Dissolve in order to Play
Releasing Illusion
I seal the Process of Magic
With the Spectral tone of Liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled

Arguelles is a monkey man i believe.
in related mystery news
there are some good 19 code threads i found ayman alive and well on the 21st of oct but not willing to respond still. GGRRrrrrr. And no, your post is not 'helpful' ayman! tell him to respond nice images day out of time celebration (arguellean cultic fervor alert), similar collections from around the world:
chili (where they made very fancy websites) sent in one of those typically useless .wmv footages with darkness lit up by bonfire rainbow crowd ideas of selfesteem boostage. Try find them awake in the morning thoug is harder. . .. oh wait, one third into the 15 minutes the (static this time) shots are made in the day time. The music is irritating as fuck, it evinceds the sort of hypevibe that goes for functionality in a forefather fuel world
Colombians made themselves one of those flying wombs .. or is that supposed to be a sombrero?

Bible basics for muslims .. does the calculations 19ers make and comes to quite different sums male and female spirits -- a quick(er) and dirty(er) look at what and who goes there (the freelovefront or is that a dead end already?)

another impresssion:
willow scar clan wrote:
> well, I tried to go home today. I was met at the beginning of FS 505
> by a Feddie road block. There were (as of 7 am today,6/20) about
> thirty 'rainbow vehicles' and at least 50 hippies on the outside of
> the roadblock. I was told there are either a 'couple hundred' or a
> 'few hundred' or 'several hundred' folks who are inside the site,
> depending on who I asked, The people on site obviously got there
> before the feds. The FS ICT will not allow anybody in or out (people
> can leave but they may not return). Also, they are writing tickets. I
> spoke to one person who was ticketed for walking past the imaginary
> line that the Feddies have drawn in the sand. Court date for the
> tickets is on 6/23. The folks at the road block said that the folks
> who are behind the roadblock are being hassled and ticketed, although
> I could not speak to any of them.
> It was rather grim.

Same thing happened here with the 20 years old "Festa della Luna" (Moon
Party) in Colere (BG - Italy): always more LEO's, always more harassment
from them, always more blokades, so that people is always less prone to go
and last year there were only 200 people partying and more than 500 LEO's
Don't let them win as it has sadly happened here.

> ill update this, i was just there
> around noon todday, teus. the roadblock was broken. the folks who were
> 'locked' out simply began rushing through. the FS took off so fast
> they left their lights and genorator behind, and all the folks who
> arrived monday night made it in.

This is what should happen this year af Festa della Luna. Let's see, it's
just a week from now.
Think pink, drink rose'

 ronald davis 'gave van dislexie' Name:
Robert Neuwirth
I'm a writer who spent two years living in squatter communities in four continents. These neighborhoods--which dominate most of the cities of the developing world--are vibrant and energetic, but horribly misunderstood. My new book, Shadow Cities, is an attempt to humanize these maligned settlements.
 be my B(.)(.)BY and i'll be yours barbaric, medieval, desert religions?
--- I go:
well, you could study a fella blogger for starters. . .
try this one first: seeing you like pictures.
ps: a request, please archive stuff and leave only a handful of items on your front page. It comes across less rude and wasteful*. A rainbow wants more peace and politeness (to slower bitsuckers) no?
You are a man of extremes i take it, living in NYC (can't be less sustainable than that) and yet a rainbow.



Arguelles-Valum Votan
Brasilia, Brazil, 12 Human, Electric Moon 8

18 days ago:
Blog from Votan
??  This morning we are sitting at yet another Latin American Internet Cafe. This one is in the town of La Serena on the North Central Pacific Coast of Chile. We are facing the ocean. As with most mornings here, the sky is overcast, but the waves roll softly up on to the beach, which is mostly vacant except an occasional horse and rider and some joggers. We've ended up here, trying to catch up with ourselves, after what no appears was a whirlwind tour of Brazil, Argentina and Chile. I hadn't been to Brazil and Argentina for five years, and it was seven years since I had been to Chile. For the Red Queen, it was her first visit.

While the Biospheric Congress was the main focus in Brazil, a secondary event was the visit to Alto Paraiso, north of Brasislia where we went to inaugurate the CREST coordinating center with a small Brazilian team to be headed by Vandir Natal Casagrande. The CREST center will be near by in a vast land that is reminiscent of the steppes of Asia or the African Savanna. A truly beautiful land. Buenos Aires, two days later was a great contrast to the rural tranquillity of Alto Paraiso. While the town of Alto Paraiso is a quaint Brazilian rural community, distinguished as the "New Age" capitol of Brazil, Buenos Aires is truly one of the great cities of the world - the Paris of Latin America. The Argentine tour arranged by Claudia Gomez, was very well arranged, with standing room only audiences at the Astral Theater in Buenos Aires and the Hall of the King in Cordoba, Argentina's second largest city. We were impressed by the great numbers of people, many interviews and growing popularity of the Thirteen Moon calendar in Argentina. Before heading for Chile, we spent a few days at Capilla del Monte, the Alto Paraiso of Argentina, nearby to which will be another CREST center, as well as Epuyen, the 13:20 community in the spectacular mountain country of Patagonia.

Chile had changed tremendously in the seven years since I had last visited. Santiago, the national capitol, appeared to have many new freeways and many new skyscraper bank buildings - very strong G-7 influence - like Los Angeles. We learned that Chile is the laboratory for new technologies and marketing concepts, accounting fro teh almost science fiction quality of the business atmosphere. In contrast, I presented at three universities on the theme of the biosphere-noosphere transition, again to overflowing audiences, which included many key people fom Chilean meda and intellectual circles. But the conclusion to all of this was the three day seminar, "Preparing for the Noosphere," held in the Elqui valley in the foothills of the Andes of North Central Chile. While the valley is beautiful it is dominated by industrial agribusiness. The seminar itself was the opportunity to present the natural mind meditation, and much new information on the noosphere based on a new comprehensive graphic I created, entitled "The Place of the Noosphere in the Cosmos." But for me, after so many years, this was the last seminar. More effective ways of communicating need to be discovered. And we still need to settle in New Zealand. So we shall see what happens next ....

no comment function .. ..

And for interpreting your Dreamspell day of birth, I recommend the following page:


This is what shamanism is always been about, a shaman is someone who has been to the end, it's someone who knows how the world really works, and knowing how the world really works means to have risen outside, above, beyond the dimensions of ordinary space, time, and casuistry, and actually seen the wiring under the board, stepped outside the confines of learned culture and learned and embedded language, into the domain of what Wittgenstein called the unspeakable, the transcendental presense of the other, which can be abstracted, in various ways, to yield systems of knowledge which can be brought back into ordinary social space for the good of the community.

quoted by Chipko, Birstall, Yorkshire,

relatively new kid on the tortuga block is the dutchman reinnietoud (who claims to age well in his sig), treefrog serves him with this:

most definite knowledge of the 9 lords of the night (the Bolontiku or 'Nine of God' as they are called) is lost or hidden

however, based on the ancient heiroglypic record, it is rather easy to correlate each of the Bolontiku to the 9-day cycle. There are websites that allow you to calculate the ruling Bolontiku for any given day:

so today, in the long count; 13 Cimi on the tzolkin (or Zero-Cimi as the first link above gives Zero rather than 13), 19 Ceh on the Haab, is ruled by G9, the 9th of the 9 lords of the night

so tomorrow it will be back to G1 and so on every 9 days forever

More cosmological information regarding the Bolontiku and their relation to the Oxlahuntiku (the Thirteen of God) is given in the colonial-era Mayan texts of Chilam Balam

Mmmm, Aaron = treefrog = chaozation coder???????

howdy y'zalls

a friendly reminder that PAN and this message board are dedicated to the promotion of the New Dispensation 13-Moon Synchronometer. The 13-Moon Synchronometer (which includes the Dreamspell, Telektonon, 20 Tablets, 7777, etc.) represents entry into post-history, and is therefore distinct from any historical models from the past such as the long-count.

there are very important reasons why the Dreamspell operates in discrepancy to the linear long-count. these reasons have been elaborated on in sundry threads on this board & i encourage the participants in this thread to dig a little deeper here to gain more full understanding of the Dreamspell and its purpose.

to my knowledge the living indigenous day-keepers do not suggest that you advertise your traditional day-sign. according to Adam Rubel of Saq Be Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies, indigenous practitioners are just as likely to utilize 'black magic' as 'white magic' and for this reason it is advised that one's day-sign remain private, as frivolous advertisement of it could result in exposing oneself to negative forces.

now this all may be native superstition, but i for one choose to recognize and respect native beliefs and in turn leave the traditional count in its context as a personal reflection and oracle with its deep roots in an ancient high-culture.

so there may be greater reason behind the fact that we identify ourselves by our Dreamspell signature and not our traditional sign, as the participants in this thread have been doing.

see, i also on my own discovered Jose's traditional sign and equated lahun chicchan with lahun chan, but i certainly wasn't going to post that as a topic on the tortuga forum because, imho, that would simply be an exercise in exploring an historical and culture-bound oracular reading, which however interesting, has nothing to do with the objectives of this forum, which have to do with creating new post-historical and meta-cultural (UR) models.

i would suggest that the participants of this thread move the discussion to the Saq Be forum, except like i said, open oracular readings of personal day-signs is not exactly encouraged there either...

anyway, i've got more thoughts on the issue but i gotta go


Aaron Electric Dragon

I Activate in order to Nurture

PAN Austin (TX)

Jarle - Red Crystal Dragon
Bryan - Red Solar Skywalker
Collin - Blue Rhythmic Eagle
Shag - Red Resonant Moon

'fatdove' (=susan)
Alex...we just keep going and thank you very much for perceiving the thought worlds spiking with emotion . For I too, and sow it goes. Clearly a house of many mansions can use a good plumber. but we it seems are on the self sufficiency trip, and attempting to fix a function that has no structure, is frustrating beyond words.

A BIT OF FUN THAT STARTED YESTERDAY (WITH THE FIRST FEW LINKS): too white (and basically a dumb ufo site --  We've had
12,737,987 page views since January 2004 is that the andrew collins I know????

. . .no waiddaminnit, that was Rodney Collin .. .

posted this: on long washed out river thames rituals .....

"HTTP:EN.WIKIPED.." -- ????

I am browsing entertaining stuff crustalustered around the old Jose at the mo . . .

less frustrating to have far away kin to gripe over than bemoaning a bunch of just as unresponsive dutch morons ..
piet | 12.06.06 - 10:11 am | #
via (^^)

piet | 12.06.06 - 11:57 am | #

blinclusivity* according to Rodney Collin was quite good,

* he projected what enormous distance as well as the most gigantically long timelapse photography possible would make our solar system look like. A snail (which Dan Winter (in his typically cracked kundalini cauldron callousness borrowed, spun (which he does literal and quite elegant versions of really) promptly likened to a (((logo))sperm((atikos))) in space.

Andrew Collins is really the antithesis of the ever striving after exclusivity Tenen, let me post a quote to illustrate, AC: "It is an influence that came to be personified in the heavens as a cosmic bird of creation, variously seen as a swan, vulture, hawk, dove, heron, magpie, eagle or bird of paradise. It was the basis behind concepts of the Supreme Being, such as God, Yahweh, Allah, the One, etc, as well as Cosmic Mothers, such as Nut (or Nu-it), Hathor, Saraswati, Allat, al-Uzza, Venus, and Bride-Bridget.")

Goldner cautions leftists about midwifing a reactionary movement by way of sympathy and support for the likes of the Taliban.  .. .. Anybody read that prophetic nineties Tom Robbins book with 'cripple' in the title???

Is this the serving of exemplary hysteric lefty muslim defense you ordered Pelznickill?


wow, even just searching for piccies under 'rodney collin' turnachurns up the meru instigated restraint order (against dan winter): -- that's twice today
piet | Homepage | 12.06.06 - 7:36 pm

The Theory of Celestial Influence: Man, the Universe, and Cosmic Mystery. London: Vincent Stuart, 1954, 392p., index; New York: Weiser, 1971, 393p.; Boston: Shambhala, 1984, 392p.; London & New York: Arkana, 1993, 392p.
a piece of his art work and a bunch of links

RC is favorite teacher:
Emily Richards is best known as the most popular artist on with 10 self-released albums and over 3 million unique downloads. Emily is currently recording her 11th album.

His sister in law was well spiral obs.. eh .. .. .taken with spirals as well nice page
.rar files (which Universities don't seem to like), 3.3Mb locked pdf files
all 6 books of the 3.3Mb seperately (also at but erased due to lack of traffic
it's a 12 page thread and someone quite recently c(onp)laims the all went.
piet | Homepage | 12.06.06 - 8:38 pm

for northy:

Aries Kali phosphate
Taurus Natrium sulfate
Gemini Kali muriaticum
Cancer Calcium fluoide
Leo Magnesium phosphate
Virgo Kali sulphate
Libra Natrium phosphate
Scorpio Calcium sulphate
Sagittarius Silicae
Capricorn Calcium phosphate
Aquarius Natrium muriaticum
Pisces Ferrum phosphate

Disease does not occur if cell metabolism is normal

Cell metabolism is normal if cell nutrition is adequate.

Nutritional substances are either organic or inorganic as far as the body is concerned.

The ability of the body's cells to assimilate, utilize and excrete nutrients is impaired if there is a deficiency of tissue salts.

Adequate cell nutrition and cellular metabolism restored if the proper cell salt is supplied in a form the can be used by the body.

Suggested readings: The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by George Washington Carey and Inez Eudora Perry

Dr. Schuessler's Biochemistry by JB Chapman

Julius Hensel's big book was up on ebay for 5$ and remaindered unsold!!!! what's even more absurd is that the link was removed from the (dead as a doornail in any case) remineralize forum.

Some aeons you just can't win.

Emily is good therapy for you Nick, wisdomweed glory sung and mr gorey cameos in her songs too.
piet | Homepage | 12.06.06 - 8:45 pm | # a short comment (2002)

northy, a very suethingable sinterklaas cadeau: 198k
by Judy Kennedy
© 2005

It is unfortunate that Winter felt (as a result of coercion or not) that he had to give up his First Amendment freedoms and flee the country in exile.  Little does he know that he did not need to do that, that there were remedies, that an admission of copyright infringement does not require giving up all one’s First Amendment rights to self-expression, study, and research and the right to publish the results of exercising those rights.  Yet that’s what Tenen and company sold him.  What a lemon, indeed.  And now they’re trying to sell this truly rotten  “poisoned fruit” to me.  But I’m not buying it.

lots about the substance too, and this:

While researching for my book, Beyond the Rainbow: Renewing the Cosmic Connection Regarding Spirituality, Extraterrestrials, and Occult Conspiracy, I came across an interesting and highly relevant article by Stan Tenen in The Noetic Journal entitled “How to Talk To An Extra-terrestrial” published on the Internet. I printed out a copy and decided to quote the abstract in Chapter 8 of my book entitled “Awakening the Dragon: The Physiology of Awareness” under the subheading about DNA. Tenen’s article discussed his research regarding the possible biological and geometric components of the impact of Hebrew letters as one of the original mystical alphabets. While doing research online, I came across many other researchers in this same field, among them, Dan Winter. I decided to use Tenen as a reference instead of Winter, however, because of the legal controversy between the two over an issue of copyright infringement that resulted in an injunction against Winter.

My publisher sent Tenen a courtesy copy of the final proof of my book. Even though we had completely complied with his request, he was not satisfied. He informed us that the text that I had substituted created “a more serious problem” than what was there previously. Therefore he demanded that I delete it including a reference to another author’s work (Paul White) that was similar to his own. He had not previously mentioned his objection to my referencing White’s work to my publisher, therefore that paragraph remained untouched in the revised edition. Tenen is now threatening litigation in the event that we do not comply with these new demands based on an allegation that I am subject to the same injunction he obtained against Winter.
piet | Homepage | 12.06.06 - 9:11 pm
Aliens, Vampires, and The Da Vinci Code

by Judy Kennedy

Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2006 - 05:50 PM 4198 Reads

meru tenen winter google 166 hits
To cap what was an already intense melange of weirdness, I learned that Vincent Bridges was also a collaborator with Dan Winter, a person concerning whom I had heard quite a bit. Mr. Winter, now apparently an international fugitive from a copyright infringement suit, was the role model for the central figure in Darren Aronofsky’s PI. In fact, the inside buzz was that the entire movie was modelled on Dan Winter’s dispute with Stanley Tenen of the Meru Foundation. And Vincent Bridges had apparently been Dan Winter’s publisher at the time. From the remaining articles of Mr. Winter’s on the web, it appears that he had appropriated as much from Vincent Bridges’ work as he had from Stanley Tenen’s.

this particular episod fulminates against V Bridges but a handful of them later the latter writes ' When is a Spade a Spade, and not a Garden Implement?'

-- and under this deceptive title he enumerates all sorts of pathologies.

So Northanger, which nhearthgonian GON or AQ do i use to prove this:
Stan Tenen = Judaism = GWBush
Dan Winter = folklore = SHussein
on Christian splits (Wallis on Lerner via Pugliese)

one raises ass in order to be, upon rising, clad with the powerrrrrighteousness and divine guidance such regular acts of ostensible humility -- submission as they like to call it, but really an eastern way of rigorous gratification postponing, ritualized homosexuality -- is perceived to grant.

AQ 467 = Stan Tenen-Judaism-GWBush = SIXTY-ONE THE JEWS CALL IT (Liber AL I:46).


that Collin was quite a numonoid too, 18 point circles, 15 point triangles and 24 point enneagram (drawn squigled in 'the christian mystery') all sharing intermittent calculus (periodic 'raakpunten')

mr calendar cobbler has finished another rinri thing and a rinkydinkthink it is. he goes through the whole spiel again (including indubitably dubious reflections on similarly predicable Koran, a new Turkish channeler who managed to do something as thick as Pynchon, but he omits the 13 day jubilee slippage for some reason, which seems to

Concerning the Source of the Sirius Code information.
The source of the information regarding the 52-year cycle of Sirius is The Knowledge Book. This unprecedented and unique transmission – 1111 pages in the English edition (also translated into Russian, German, French, and most recently into Spanish) – is the result of the persevering dedication of V. Bulent Onsu Corak. A Turkish woman born in 1923, Bulent Corak first came into contact with higher consciousness channels in 1966. S

Bulent Corak is also called mevlana +23 comments
Our Friends,

During this Period, Mankind is in such a Progress that it is on the eve of the steps it will take forward in every way. The steps it will take forward will stimulate the Code of Logic of its Consciousness, then it will comprehend the cause of its Existence.

Every Servant has been the Servant bound to obey Orders of his/her God until today. However, the essence of the Knowledge of the Books has changed in time and servant became the Slave of a servant. In fact, Mankind has caused itself to become a slave in its own Medium, due to its passions and weaknesses and has become a Slave of its Own Self.

During this Period of Awakening, each Awakened Consciousness is guided by various means through this Knowledge Book. There is nothing but Purification and Purity in Your Essence. Consciousness of the Universe reaches Consciousness of the God in proportion with its Purity.

A Baby is a pure Spring. When it grows up, Social Consciousness makes it turbid. The damage the conditioned Brain codes can give to Society, can even destroy a Universe. And You are going through such a Period now. For this reason, We are endeavoring with all Our Power to return You to Yourselves. And, by opening the paths of Science and Learning, We try to destroy Fanaticism and Taboo.

The Actual path of all the Religious Books is to advance on the path of Learning which will be opened beyond Evolvement. Your Essence-Substance is God-Consciousness. For Us, a Genuine Saint who has discovered his/her Essence is a Scientist who has reached the Power of God.

Islamic Mysticism is Purification and attaining God. And to discover One's Self is to attain God. Only afterwards can You shed Light on Your Society through the gates of Learning. You possess everything on behalf of the Almighty. Do not ever forget this Our Friends. Our Love is for all the Universes.

109- For example, if We say:

"If You know this, You are a Sea

If You say it, You are an Ocean

The Divine Light of the years is with You

The Fire of Your Heart is in You."

Some Messages are written as Codes and solved as Riddles.

Those who know the Secrets are Seas.

Those who talk about them are Oceans.

They have been Illuminated through the Evolvement of the Years and they themselves have become Divine Lights. But, despite everything, their hearts are on fire with humility. This is what We call the Genuine Human Being.

(numbers total 151) squigles and angularity plus text .. .. i can see why Arguelles is attracted to ´original´ ´thinkers´ such as this person, she has all sorts of fetishes, 6 being a(n of course) manifold one of them, she calls this page a "crystal gürz thought ocean of the pre-eminent power, its supervisor almighty" ... and of course she doesn´t have a chip on her shoulder either, BUT A FAKING CHOPPING BLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!
  pretty crazily large numbers dividable by 7

baman19 has made one video so far, about moon wobble (completing a cycle in 24 hrs, 41 min) adding a minute a day fo 20 and subtacting it again
he subs to 20 channels (a young one among them has 139 videos online and 22198 subbers)