Jose Arguelles is the most popular of my growing idiot savant collection  (some of which stood at the birth of nations and transnational corpocracies, some actually have voluntary followers and critics like me, most of them suffer countersocial tendencies and still worse, their wallflowery mathematrixmadness often as not legitimates genocide by way of glorifying distractions).

I started the process of extracting bits of sitebitesize sighting from my surfnotes (logguage) in 2005 and updated that in the spring of 2007; the results so far:
Arguelles-in-het-hollands.html - 182k

Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2003-A.html - 170k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2003-B.html - 178k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2004-A.html - 192k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2004-B.html - 102k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2005-A.html - 185k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2005-B.html - 188k
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2006.html - 166k -
Arguelles-kin-con-becommented-2007.html - 72k
Arguelles-Topper-Winter.html - nov99 - 53k
symbol-n-symbiosis.html - nov99 - 50k

 arguelles and herman brood fan (or friend even) with dark background blog another psychedelic mental field traverser with 100 piccies in his gallery ... adam apollo walsh is certainly right up there with other systemic rainbow ideologues. he schemes as follows:
physicality = 1
emotionality = 2
3 = rationality
4 = reality (tetra)
5 = communicability - torus
6 = spirituality - elongated torus (washing machine drum shape with the curved arrow of 5 crossed by vertical axis
7 = singularity - dodeca with vertical and loop lateralizing after coming up from below
7 sp treefrog posts here some ungodly 3 digit (close to 3000) amount of babblers only 146 though (seen it before) via mystic family circus dress up in finery artist 2 mayans, one a sculptor in front of a large circular piece. the other one asks 'so how come it ends in 2012?', the one with the mallet says 'i ran out of space on the rock'

yesterday's quest for intelligent assimilation of arguelles' well hidden grains of truth continued was noticeable through his very Keyserling systemic philosopherlike diagram adn exploring i pass: sites

some wheres on this page .. .here in fact: ... one is briefly shown a sphere with some array of objects floating in the top layers of the atmoshpere and spiraling down in dead center plain sight .. . this site:
is a gallery of atomic and molecular orbitals which might have some relevance.

some other links: Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights 'second creation' pdf mag at this site too, which features art by Angela Veliz (red self-existing moon) to go with words by eve-n dawnsong (red crystal serpent). Angela goes deadheadon straight to the essence of my tone alrite. Headbutting a rock ties to the quintessentialization as performed by that brand died and gone craft Cernunnos depictions symbolize, encrypt, indictate, promise, remember .. .etcetera.
(page 14)

I am still stubbornly resistant to assimilating/automating = devoting memory space to these terms, so assininely repetitive, illogical, uprooted, heighholy .. . . but would love to be around people who have nevertheless.

tie your head in knots and you too will see that the trigrams are cube science here:

Quotes: Regarding the meaning of 2012, the recently released film, “2012, The Odyssey,” comprehensively reviews the significance of this date. For more information see:

   4. Omega North Pole of Psychic Convergence. Here the journey returns to Source. Consciousness merges into light and light ascends, light upon light, into other universes.

In 1944 Vernadsky wrote, “Statesmen should be aware of the present elemental process of transition of the Biosphere into the Noosphere. The fundamental property of biogeochemical energy is clearly revealed in the growth of the free energy of the biosphere with geological time, especially in relation to the transition into the noosphere … only man transgresses the established order … upsets the equilibrium, though whether he materially cripples the transforming mechanism or merely redistributes it, we cannot at the moment be sure.”

his gaming shop in Asheville NC
the multicultural/rainbow dream .. .appropriately not a single link behind the facade of racially diverse faces and upper torsos, actually only one out of the 12 has his legs showing and he is kicking a foot up as high as his face.
Does Proximamente mean a bientot or to be continued?

east south center west    north
scaled winged naked furred shelled
spring summer between autumn winter
rain     heat    wind    clear   cold

metal applied to earth judiciously produces(? secures rather!) a sane, safe and sound water'house'hold, that is, the oriental element 'anordnung' is to be thought geodesically perhaps (do a google image search for Kenneth Snelson and find beauty, joy ((tensility) and wonderment. What is urban about that nimmt mich wunder) as far as relative numbers involved goes (i am all for stratified hierarchy in this case); metal to be used only by aforementioned peacewise very accomplished

ps: these are just shots before the bough so maybe off topic; i riffed off of the mentioned titles and did you the courtesy of printcueing (printpreliminary reformatting) your entire blog so far.
 Out of the Dust

Provo, Utah: Maxwell Institute, 2000. P. N/A

Out of the Dust

Names of the Three Nephites?

Late in his life, Oliver Huntington, an early LDS pioneer, wrote or dictated a shelf full of reminiscences, including those concerning his youthful association with Joseph Smith.


1. See "Prophecy among the Maya," in Reexploring the Book of Mormon, ed. John W. Welch (Provo, Utah: FARMS, 1992), 263–65.

2. Stephen Houston and David Stuart, "Of Gods, Glyphs and Kings: Divinity and Rulership among the Classic Maya," Antiquity 70 (1996): 289–312.

3. See Berthold Riese, "La inscripción del Monumento 6 de Tortuguero," Estudios de Cultura Maya 11 (1978): 187–98.

4. Linda Schele and Peter Mathews, The Code of Kings: The Language of Seven Sacred Maya Temples and Tombs (New York: Scribner, 1998), 341 n. 8.

5. Marc K. Stengel, "The Diffusionists Have Landed," Atlantic Monthly (January 2000): 35–39, 42–44, 46–48.

6. Romeo Hristov and Santiago Genovés T., "Mesoamerican Evidence of Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Contacts," Ancient Mesoamerica 10 (1999): 207–13.

7. David Mattingly, "Making the Desert Bloom: The Garamantian Capital and Its Underground Water System," Archaeology Odyssey 3/2 (March–April 2000): 31–37.
 Was There A Link with Asia and other places?

articles by Yuri Kuchinsky posted and discussed in sci.archaeology lotsa links

The Diffusionists Have Landed : You've Probably Heard of Those Crackpot Theories about Ancient Phoenicians or Chinese in the New World. Maybe It's Time to Start Paying Attention.

by Marc K. Stengel

It is arguably the biggest discovery never to have elicited any reaction whatsoever. In November of 1994 a small monthly newspaper called Y Drych (The Mirror), which serves as an expatriate journal for North America's Welsh diaspora, published the following curious item among a batch of breezy tidbits:

According to [Alan] Wilson and [Baram] Blackett . . . the court of Camelot is more likely to be found in Kentucky! They claim that [King] Arthur was killed in North America by Indians after emigrating there ca. 579 A.D.

With telegraphic brevity the Y Drych contributor, Don John, ran through the few salient points: There were two Arthurs, who lived centuries apart. "It was King Arthur II who died in America. He was embalmed and taken back to Wales to be buried at Mynydd-y-Gaer, near Bridgend." Oddly, John failed to mention the discovery a few years earlier, by a man antiquing in Pennsylvania, of a two-edged sword of the Norse spatha type. That finding had recently been discussed in the pages of another obscure journal, The Ancient American, which quoted the same Alan Wilson. The sword was inscribed with seven letters of a script that Wilson identified as Coelbren y Beirdd, presumed to have been used by ancient Welsh divines in casting lots (coelbren = "lots, sortilege"; y beirdd = "of the bards"). Wilson proposed a rough translation ("The Lord ruler well beloved, the duty of the army mutually together to you") and posited a connection between this sword and Arthurian immigrants in North America circa A.D. 570.

John's scoop has apparently remained an exclusive for Y Drych: the big dailies and newsweeklies have run no follow-ups; no national television crews have combed Kentucky for relics of the Once and Future King. The silence, in the United States, at least, has extended even to a book on the subject, The Holy Kingdom, in which the popular paranormalist Adrian Gilbert elaborates on the Wilson-Blackett proposition in exhaustive textual, photographic, and genealogical detail. The book, brought out in England in 1998, has yet to find an American publisher.

It was ever thus, judging by the sentiments of those attending a recent annual conference of the Institute for the Study of American Cultures, held in...

... ahhh, found it on the 5th google page at an honourable place but the execution leaves much to be desired (code riddled mess):
   The Diffusionists Have Landed

       _You've probably heard of those crackpot theories about ancient
     Phoenicians or Chinese in the New World. Maybe it's time to start
                             paying attention _

                           by [6]Marc K. Stengel
  (reg req) pretty crazily large numbers dividable by 7

baman19 has made one video so far, about moon wobble (completing a cycle in 24 hrs, 41 min) adding a minute a day fo 20 and subtacting it again
he subs to 20 channels (a young one among them has 139 videos online and 22198 subbers)

Yes. In a 19 Code, 1 out of 19 is significant. In a 7 code, 1 out of 7 certainly is significant. In a 7 and 19 code, roughly 1 out of 5 is significant. Now, for example in Code 7, if I only present the "1" that is significant and do not present the other "6" failed trials that are not significant, it will seem like we have a "miracle". This is why all those "miracle" hunters will go away for a while and then come back with those "miracles". They only present the "miracles" and they do not tell you of all the time that they spent at failed trials.

Why am I not surprised that you are finding more amazing miracles of codes divisible by 7 than divisible by 19?
Because while 1 out of every 19 numbers is divisible by 19 anyway, 1 out of 7 numbers is divisible by seven. So 7-based numerology will certainly produce more impressive results.
What is even better for you is if you combine 7 and 19 and pick and choose the numbers divisible by 7 or 19 or both. The probability then becomes roughly 1 in 5.




Dear Ayman Peace.

 By now you should know definition of ”numerology”. You are insisting using this term to degrade anything related to Miracle hence we do not see any numbers in my findings or miracle 19 relating to date or n birth of person.  Using such definition is only loosing trust by readers to you as a phd holder in mathematic.

You do not have to argue and write pages in denouncing my work or any thing links to Code 19. Simpler way to show such things are man made is to produce an example and show it to us.  I would be the first one  believe in your claim.

You study Code 19 and my finding with reference to rules and law of mathematics. I have stated many times that code 19 and now 7 and then merging number 666 do not have any formula and equation according to human knowledge other way we could produce those.

I do not argue about your claim for possibility of finding 1 of 7, 1 of 19 or I of 5  which I understand if w have 1234567 and rearrange in 7 forms then we would have one time multiple of 7 and so on for 19 too.

So if you know how it works why you do not produce  a simple one like these .

Tell us honestly, how many trials did you do until you found a pattern? For any 7 divisible calculation you do, if you try it 7 different ways, 1 will succeed (1 in 7) and you will hit the jackpot. But of course, you are not telling us about your failed trials or other 19ers failed trials. You present only the successes so it looks like a "miracle" to the ignorant.

Dear Ayman

I have explained it for you that those numbers are already exist in the text and I can not change those to it  make multiple of 7 or 19 or any other number. It is there and has been for over 14 centuries.
If you are talking to find the pattern in 7 numbers like :
change it to

Then you are totally wrong.
If the verse number is for example 1234567 then I can not change that  but try to see if multiple of code just simply using calculator for large figures (designed by dear Momo by my request for dividing large figures)

The cases I have worked on are those parts of Quran which have been pondered on this screen. I do not try whole book to find pattern as it is impossible.
Our life is destined and finding such pattern is part of my destiny.  You are destined to be here too. ?
I do not try 7 times or 19 times or 666 times to find the seal or lock for messages.
 For example :
Here simply I got into discussion for 666  which took me to Dear As’ad  findings in chapter 36
Importance of message challenged me to check it out like other cases that you see in this file
Now let us ponder it:

First verse
Ya Sin  could be done without calculator

Total 70=7x10
11060 =7x1580

Second verse:
 Simply used my own designed  digital keyboard  using MS keyboard creator...
Took few seconds to see letters in digits
2-And the Quran that is full of wisdom

cynthia wolf (blue eagle) posts
One of the most wishywashy guidelines ever made
  a brazilian points to Rhudyar on octaves - article before that on Jack Parsons (with a link to doomsday lament)
 .. gerald de Jong - and 2 hours worth of video by him etcetera. Drew Hempel with seine holperige fixiertheit in sachen musik could perhaps enjoy this:

via northanger's place i find another intriguing sounding teutonic name:

 Bertold Zugelder

google shows a site in turn pointing to his: as his .. where you learn how to walk in circles:

I post this:

hey, this place is one of the best hyperstition debunking sites i have come across:

Sepp Rothwangl via elcappuccino (dot ch . ..where calendric verse and letter counting in torah and bible are main fare)

beats Bertold Zugelder by a circular kintree male. thanks but no thanks for lessons in how to walk in circles.
Drew: "Ok according to Traditional Chinese Medicine "yellow" is kidney energy as intention and also as fear. Yellow as intention is consciousness -- it starts in the left-brain as PHILOSOPHY focused on the "lower tan tien" or field of energy surrounding the kidney-liver-pancreas.

Pancreas energy is violet and the pancreas or spleen is the message switchboard for the whole body.

The reverse of yellow kidney energy is black which is the will-power -- this transforms the liver energy into GREEN which is wisdom which then transforms the heart energy into RED which is LOVE which then opens up the third-eye back into consciousness as intention -- yellow is the first level of consciousness as spirit light but then it goes through to green and red (not sure the order) -- the final color is GOLD.

Gold means the whole body can be turned into light and then vanish into FORMLESS AWARENESS (which is beyond light and dark, beyond movement and stillness, etc.)"

easy to hit addlebrained territory here; it's never long before someone comes up with Dan Winter like stuff like

Think you're Bright? Rise and Shine at (since may 05, unsuprisingly links here: heh!)

Zappa and Fuller as Rortian Ironists

Drew recommendation

Why parapsychology and UFOs are shunned by establishment science.
How anthropology and literary criticism apply to the paranormal.
Why psychic phenomena are associated with mystical practices.
Why tabloids often put paranormal features on their front pages.

deliciously steeperstitious: "ascendancy of the Sirius time engineering mission on Earth"
 piet | 01.23.07 - 2:54 pm

'see my tree' he exults, after moving half way around the world. WTFractal diffusianism? head(/board) games and art calendars galore but i have yet to see the first permaculture plantation let alone seeing it as an implimentation of implicating 'serious' time (siriusly close readers will know i mean the stuff implemented in 'rocks for crops' by guelph U).
Another ongoing endeavor sponsored by the GRI is the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Project, the goal of which is to telepathically connect the two auroras of Earth’s poles by 2012.

20th feb:

Joni Mitchell on the Medicine Wheel, Apple Mind, Koyaanisqatsi [04-22-05]
# Complete [58:34]
ram stream:

in de 37ste minuut praat ze over haar verhuizing naar een afgelegen plek . .. .

long thread (28 pages while most don't even make it past one!!), pointed to (in a general way) by Drew (who is proud to be noticed at this forum), strange too (kindalike in the Mark Seely tradition but without the giffies):

"Yes this is how an ongoing ' 1111 awakenings' pattern works:

eventsday - 555 days - eventsday - 555 days - eventsday - etc.

this part of the sequence describes a timewindow of 1113 days

more here:

Saddam was captured on december 13, 2003 and hanged on december 30, 2006:

1113 days"

Hempel painting arguelles, jenkins, "Andrija Puharich co-authored the World Institute manifesto with Dr. Oliver L. Reiser" etcetera, etcetera with the same brush; that is accusing them all of having intentions of conducting a giant eugenic experiment through radioactivity (?!?!?!? waddanut!!!),

"Laszlo was the EDITOR of the manifesto for the World Institute!!

As I’ve stated previously the below work is currently “promoted” by John Casti’s recnet book “One True Platonic Heaven” and George Johnson’s “Fire in the Mind”—both writers are in Santa Fe and attached to the top military-science thinktanks: Los Alamos, Santa Fe Institute and Sandia Labs. drew hempel, M.A."


"FreeMasons—a destructive pursuit of nondualism through unbalanced dualism."


....strange echos of Julius Hensel (but Hempel, not familiar with old jules prolly, likens it all to the Matrix):

"Under the vision of the WORLD INSTITUTE’s Cosmecology, “Planet Earth” is seen as an EGG that is developing an embryo which will give birth to a WORLD BRAIN or the WORLD SENSORIUM—a paranormal existence beyond space-time integrated with the Unified Energy Field of the universe.

Dr. C. Hilton Rice first proposed this vision of Planet Earth, again back in the 1930s:

“The world-mother nourishes its embryo from the materials of the earth-egg. He [Dr. Rice] saw the plant and animal divisions of the earth-organism as being in functional complementarity, precisely like the two layers of gastrula.” (p. 48, Cosmic Humanism and World Unity, 1975)"


"Jenkins does indeed focus on Reiser's work and when I told Jenkins about Reiser's background Jenkins response was that Jenkins was only interested in the "ancient civilization" research -- not the CIA disinformation stuff.

haha. I wish I could only go down "aisle 8" while avoiding "aisle 1" and "aisle 7" of the CIA MegaMall."
25841&postcount=31 Drew's fantastic plug of the 'full lotus'

hi praise for 'Yan Xin Life Science Technology' too (treated GWB 8 times)

. .. at this point in the sequence i backtracked to add the gerald de jong google videos to the sandoria sitelog if it wasn't plain enough already, this is poristive proof our man in brazil proves to be seriously into fiddle sticks too; he mentions Fuller and Arguelles here.
points to which leads me here again:

thanks for leading me to revisit GdJ (and RH too).

We are a long way away from the headspace we would like to see folks share as widely, much and ‘freely’ as nowadays, say the Wapo, NYT, Fox and other Communism era echoing ragtag brags and slag are being shared.

I am talking about so far off from, as just the other as we are this here side of Armageddon that good old time has healed a few of the wounds about to be inflicted.

I consider myself one of the very few good prophets (drowning in big bad bibles and other bibliographies for which great 'all of a piece' pretense is made, Arguelles on Quran comes to mind) like your self to connect some vital aspects of a brighter future .. which has the effect of making us the out of place people of which they will when the time of our shared as desired headspace comes, say this: untimely. The down time due to having to turn corners and round bends may make it a stretch between here and there but i'll pull a few of my strands from recent past related thought, vision  together and see if your item here won’t grant them safe passage.

Sacred geometry, hippy domes and Fuller have been a recurring theme for me since the mid eighties and during 04 or 05 I was shown a 3D version of the Kaballah tree at the same time I had devoted a lot of thought to Wessel di Wesseli’s ideas about how best to construct an energy harvester.

At the time I was conversing at hyperstition and calling the contraption ‘dompelpomp’ briefly.

Anyway, take 3 of those 3D Kaba Allah trees and see what you get when running the  bellow bubble harmonica sets down closed in the central spine and up/open through each of the 3 outlier ones; seems like a fun little model we could build there. No Dutchman would ‘daar geen zware dobber aan hebben’ (finding something objectionable difficult).

So there you go, here ends the lesson in how dumb and numb cults can all work together and out for the better in the end.

piet the mudspray-spigot warchestration pilot

Batch of spiritual geometrization related stuff and 19 code links 
(probably surfed across on the 21st of feb)

only one hit
"3 dimensional kabbalah"
some quaint artist
david calder hardy

Figure 5  In his book 'The Quranic Art of Calligraphy and Illumination', Martin Lings notes in reference to an illustration of part of the frontispiece to a Royally commissioned Quran that 'the manuscript should be used as a model for copying' (Plate 54, page 119). Examination of this plate (see the extract at Figure 5) reveals that the draughtsman has drawn 14 points at the centre of the design which is otherwise based on a 12 sided polygon. There is even evidence that he has recognised the mistake and attempted to cover it up but in the end he has incorporated the 14 points into a floral motif of some complexity, thereby largely concealing the incongruity. Whilst this would almost certainly pass without notice in general, anyone attempting to use this illustration as a model will quickly recognise the lack of symmetry.

Ali R Fazely archives go back into the 90s submitters and ilk (Bahman presents Ali R Fazely. Phd (silent, 21 minutes leaving you loads of time to ponder some rhetoric number tricks to instill certainty, severity and fanaticism).
Topic: "Ayman" and all those who reject code-19, PLEASE present ur proof for the Quran  (Read 2060 times)
one of the 21 channells he watches (this one does have music and is a Khalifa defense)

ha haaa!

this belies Craig's affinity with Arguelles:

more hubley in feb bloggage F


Rolling Stone’s Hit-Piece on Pinchbeck

    daniel pinchbeck PhotoTempest in a teapot, perhaps, but Rolling Stone’s attack on their one-time writer is now online. Pinchbeck responds, irately. Reviews of the book, 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl have been pretty mixed, with thumbs down from Village Voice, What Is Enlightenment, and New York Times (no surprise there!). Positive reviews at LA Weekly, DailyGrail, NC News & Observer. . .

Daniel was scheduled to speak on the playa again this year, at Entheon Village-MP3 will probably be up at Matrixmasters soon; lots of other MP3s from past Palenque Nortes talks there too.
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powered by by the way, so no suprise they link to xymphie but the focus here is determinedly an emphatic full on positive.

book with mighty pretty cover:
world changing (gore)
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the type of site i rush by in order to find more of same without even taking the time to prioritize my notes properly (busy eliminating doublure ((due to asystematic sloppiness)) of everything i wrote, saw and saved in 2006 right now which is a frust cause i have no lay-out tables and printers at my disposal; just that blasted screen which i no longer consider as a perfect way to commit suicide through/with) so that i find myself with lots of continued hitchhiker fate, 'lost and erring.

At least i managed to stop being in a rush to present stuff (cause i lost hope of being taken/invited places in the short short wake of at[ablogo]tention) for a year but it only made me more eager and free to hold my thumb up/into the digital winds.

Would Jeroen Mettes agree i have not much more to offer despite my atprotestations and full array which ain't just foolery?

I'll blame you for losing that chance to know you know, how's that?

ps: i lied, eblips isn't entirely focused on the contructive side of things, their most recent item is about the BBC and CCN at the wayback machine. a non-sensical item in itself cause if stuff disappears quickly the wayback machine hasn't a ghost of chance (a robot rather, theirs takes either about half a year to swing through or they want stuff to be up at least half a year before they bother but this article raps about newsvideos a half and whole hour before 9/11 respectively. But perhaps their rules for video are not the same as for text).

ps2: Mmm, the search function on my usb stick (with all the bloggage i ever did) tells me i aint been to eblips before and since i didn't tag the similar buggers i mentioned it would take some serious printing or pagedownage to find out
rainbow warriorz

go have a look for all your kablahblah and whatknot kneeds

i guess bycause of the lady and her five kids, absentee dad, the mutual lack of friends in general that leads to 4 suicides every day in holland (report just out) and the fact that i discovered jeroen after he was dead and that i liked his work and that the networking of most folks that matter to me sucks (my own the worst; famous for losing adress books from day one; i just ran up and down the driveways; the 'erf' ((turf as in inheritance as in demographic temperance and wholism blah blah blah di blah)) delivering a few ounces of breadfixins -'beleg'- twice a week but was spared all the packaging and paperwork).

I didn't even remember where i had read about Jeroen by the time i got back to the note noting him and taking a closer look. BitSchlepp let me know it was you who knew him after i accused her of neglecting to introduce us.

I am still meaning to find out what sort of reception he 'enjoyed' ('genoot' (genot = pleasure; german: genuss - the word can also mean comrad = genosse) but i am no great frequenter of poetry sites (yet) despite my main moniker.

ps: annoying case of lacking piccredit

LSDNA: Eleusinian Chromosomal Visions?

 Le Colonel Chabert said...
I couldn't read his blog, knowing no Dutch.

mars 01, 2007 11:36 AM

unposted portion Boom festival Portugal permaculture efforts gallery

speaking of mobile currriculae:
Delvin does too
next to appear in CA
not busy (yet) but pretty .. .i noticed early on that efforts such as these (what's that early adopter's name again?) display a conspicuous lack of participation; their blog stuff evokes no comments either).

Must be that forbidding irre- and unapproachability complex.

164 members at this beautifully made place - most recent post in the 'verbose babble' section, one of 10 cats. in total, points to a discussion though - and ontopically enough to

..... posted from here on down ........

'quietly (or cheerfully) exit the earth as it nears ecological demise.':

like i said about big top down type marshallplans mentioned at xymph recently: 'fuck that noise' .. .mmmm, noize would be an even stronger expression, indicating what i said there next good too. I do however enjoy drew hempel's 'verhaspelingen' at likeminded outfit breakingopenthehead forums (drew, being very proud of minnesota, decided to withdraw from his guerrillanews blog and posts his transy sublimistimi ululations there now).

I may be depressed but i am still best qualified crisis manager i have had the pleasure of getting to know.

be of good cheer when attending the registry of newborn syllabiling anywho. 4 thead pages already, heave ho! don't honk after legginess; sue for hippies; nab gates, soros and all the other smartasses the minute they steal these terms or even solicit them under the guise of offering employment.


wait, here's a sample:

the mystical art of evolving our relationship with language

by celestial steward (oops, does that mean she is making eyes at the big boys?): pinchback flavor apocalypticism critiqued


The Fish God and the New Age
The below rant I wrote, I think on, got reposted by Mr. X on 
illuminatiwebconfessions -- the site of a former Italian Freemason, gone public....

New Age manipulation and the Matrix (2/12/2007)

I'm here to expose the secret CIA-Freemason ties to
the work of Drunvalo Melchizadek and his colleages,
James Hurtak and Jose Arguelles -- all leaders of the
New Age scene.

The Flower of Life book states very explicitly that
Nature uses natural numbers but the New Age must
contain Nature by using the logarithmic-based
irrational number Golden Ratio.

In fact it's exactly because of the irrational-based
golden ratio that there is an ecological crisis
Matrix_Plan_Update_The_Auger_Effect_and_the_Attosecond live music throughout the years (2000 - 2006)

amazing cello
2006_CO_rainbow_gathering_CD2/cello2_64kb.mp3 stream 1.5Mb
download twice the size

along the trail witin earshot of main circle drumming a guitarplayer sings 'buffalo road'
dreamy pickin

Robbie plays on this one:
bastard grass from tulsa

Arguelles slideshow rap sortathing WOW! i saw this intro to the galactic federation community in the middle of OZ right after having taken the opp to rob their latest weather report (downpours in this place they just moved to but pretend to know all about already) of its virginity.

forums.tortuga is idiotic; the 666 thread is up to 3 pages now but they can't seem to get aroun making sense like Sepp Rothwangl does.


april notes after perusing a copy of 
"cosmic history chronicles" volume 2
owned by a swiss alpan member

points made earlier:
Arguelles is a mind over matter perpetuator `approvalizer` (gutheisser),of colonialism (lots of life throughout the galaxy with powers that r and b not only vying for and fighting over our favors but he is fan and most of his followers are fan of strutless time travel. Conventional media are evil cause they, bunch a `hooas` (whores) don`t know  how to weight and/or are unwilling to weigh news according to importance and truth content). In a rare and weak moment he contends we are not the dump and last chance recycling station everything from great swaths of christianity to large chunks of the new age has come to view earthly existance as. On the contrary, graduates stay, the rest `falls` (=get`s taken) away as the following quote will show:

 "The mass of humans that cannot understand this will be dismissed -- or the "ships" will come and take them to places where they can carry on their soul evolution on other planets in other places of the universe, or maybe even in other universes." ---- from `Cosmic History Chronicles, volume 2,  chapter 4, Cosmic Science -- Modes and methods of higher consciousness`, page 257 -- 2006, printed in Hong Kong, all rights reserved by the Galactic Masters

By the way, the crystal meditation in this volume (concerning how the mind works plus a practically identical prepeat of a work from 1970 by Rincon in full) would have confirmed Drew Hempel in his belief that Arguelles in his hidden function as CIA illuminati, freemason foreman is speeding the transition from Carbon to Silica based intelligence, in other words, the very sort of technocrat he claims to oppose ... but then, poor Drew isn`t free of contradictions either is he?

Although in light of cited passage it is perhaps not fair to say Arguelles just scorns, scolds and projects away from the type of mere and myopic parochialism earthlingclingers like atheists and materialists seem to share in his eyes, i say it nevertheless cause those lines are exceptional, from many more other passages it becomes clear that he is a true rainbow weighting light (angel walks) considerably higher than darkness (and devil`s crawls) when it comes to identifying the destiny of every last speck of density and dust capable of spending shame and shade: GOD, a to me hypothetical unity, touted as the basic underlying structure that holds both apart and together which flies in the face of experiences not just i but most of us make on earth .. .. but .. . hark, .... satiric funpokery mode on .. .. .  fear not, the galactic federation is ready to come redeem the troubled emotionality of our historical materialism and perfectly times parachuting down through the extremely narrow windows for such opps and descending to rescue and extract us from it. I don`t see how that doesn`t contradict the diction, not to mention dignity of quoted passage wherein all paradise on earth obstructors, upfuckers and fakers, the low and not grade makers are taken and filtered off and out for good riddance.

I for one not only like it down here and don`t care to be taken away for either promotion of punishment, i also don`t have emotional problems with divisions, faultlines and fractures, nor does a compulsion to count them in, over and over and/or out prevent me from having any time left to make connections in more accurately accountable ways, and what`s more, i make the real connects not in spite of divides, but rather thanks to and through them.

The alinea partially quoted begins with calling `the thinking mass ... incapable of grasping` ... how in 1970 `superhuman` was conceived to remain `embryonal` for 42 years.

A recurring theme in new age lit is to pick and choose historical figures one has affinity with and/or even remembers being. A lady listed as a link at the blog of Konstantin Kirsch (naturbauten) takes this asset/feature into overdrive and lists so many incarnations one wonders if she ever had time to be dead in between (the laglaws of which are expounded for 13 pages in CHC starting on p. 229); the austrian popularizer of Arguelles material Kössner has a long list of these among his (donations optional) downloads.

Take the make believe world of you are, were and will be your very and very own favorites to its logical limits et presto, god, we are one (you another i/me, etcetera), tolerance in extremis and by the way, this is your chance to show your approval for that most comfortable of comforts, the philosophy of temple cuntwomen and conmen, whores, escort services, bankers, beggers, borrowers and all other solidarity soliciting leftyisms and bullshitartists.

Divine intervention and tricky intercarnational commando stage prop calculations all (made necessary) bycause we need to be saved from our "lower emotions" (page 256)?

In the Shirley McLaine interview Arguelles laughs about his own joke (his lower emotional self havin a laugh over the highrise designs of laughable objectivity on it`s less presumptiary swamps?) introducing VV as a really wonderful guy fully in line with jesus, buddha and muhammed. In a 1943 book called "Thousand year conspiracy" Frederick Barbarossa is depicted as a big time sponsor of arts and sciences deviluting to a great big avatar of terror culminating in world war well within a millenium. Compare that to accounts of Muhammed`s life from the quarters of those less than charmed with the performance of his particular brand of monotheism than Arguelles and one wonders with Drew Hempel what indeed the blagging bugger is hiding from us.


I am not only critical of Arguelles for obvious reasons --- like why he doesn`t mix some playing card divination (, astrology and the like as a lead in/up and mounting ramp to facilitate approach of his hobby horse and why he hasn`t even tried to answer his best critics like Sepp Rothwangl ( --- but also bycause though i too am a mind over matter peace or death preacher and for peace pusher, the irreconcilable differences, i like to emphasize, are noteworthy and more than just a matter of `workaroundable` (dis)taste though his type of hands free spiritual space exploration is easier to stomach than the techological kind as his repeated emphasis on internet being but a mockery and amputated, stunted form of true telepathy suggests.

I poured the latter years of the nineties into messing with hurried, jumbled, garbled, illegible, undated and generally chaotic notes taken in the 10 years previously, travelling in different parts of the western world.

Since, cause and as long as i use mind over matter means to point at the dangers of that very `thing` (i was a sandwich board man in the streets of Aspen attempting to distribute mostly meal discount voucher for pay but a danger sign for nothing and possibly nobody, google rank four may have been all spambot generated, they certainly didn`t come up with intelligence criticism let alone invitations salvaging me and my books).


Am i any less presumptuous than Jose, not by searching for but also claiming to deserve and merit support for construction of the means wherewith mind through rather than over matter will establish a reign of modest abermenschen (butpeople) soon to be famous for splitting rock not thin, remotest and rarest of airs or presuming to know solar systems always sprout 2.340 planetoids?

Just found something rather interesting in my files.
Eric Wijnants ( wrote something i saved in the second half of 2004 which i had overlooked in my search for stuff to add to my compilation so far.


Although some earth changes exponents posit physical causes susceptible to scientific investigation, most claim knowledge derived from paranormal sources. Among the earliest was Kentucky psychic Edgar Cayce , who produced predictions of earth changes while in trance states. More recently, Gordon-Michael Scallion claims to receive such forecasts in dreams, while J. Z. Knight does so as a channeler for a Lemurian named Ramtha. Since the 1970s, these and similar claims have spread widely in New Age circles. As a conspicuous element in the domain of stigmatized knowledge, they would inevitably come to the attention of UFO believers. 

      For many, earth changes have consequently become the functional equivalent of the dispensationalist Tribulation-the time of chaos and calamity that will help bring mundane history to an end. They also serve as the justification for the secular equivalent of the Rapture-the partial evacuation of the planet by benign extraterrestrials. In the more secular scenario, however, the calamities require the knowing and powerful few to exit the earth on their own, leaving the majority to an unkind fate. This is the Alternative 3 script. It sometimes includes alien allies, but sometimes expects that there will be a manufactured
      alien invasion in order to justify the dictatorship required to organize space colonization. 

      Not all improvisational millennialists considered here rely on Christian motifs. Just as improvisationalists can combine dispensationalism with earth changes, so too they can appropriate non-Christian end-time ideas. This has increasingly been the case for David Icke, who claims to have little use for conventional religion. 

      Icke believes the momentous time of change lies ahead-more specifically, 2012. For him, the year 2000 was only a "manufactured Millennium," manipulated by the hidden conspirators to mislead the masses. 

      The immediate advantages of the date are clear. First, it offered insurance against disappointments in the year 2000, since the latter was not the "real" millennial date. Second, it pushed the actual date forward. As the Millerites found in the 1840s, date setting has its pitfalls. But the greater the emphasis on imminent changes, the greater the internal pressure for specificity. In addition, the more specific the prediction, the more temporarily authoritative is the claim to privileged knowledge. 

      Icke almost certainly got the date from the writings of Jose Arguelles, who more than anyone else has popularized Mayan calendrical speculation in New Age circles. Arguelles became briefly famous in August 1987 for having predicted the "harmonic convergence." Arguelles's fusion of the Mayan calendar (or at least his representation of it) saved of Revelation epitomizes the hybridizing tendencies of improvisational millennialism. 

      In the years after the harmonic convergence phenomenon, Arguelles has emphasized the greater importance of 2012. The millennial consummation on that date will expose the true nature of UFOs "as interdimensional, Earth-generated, galactically programmed electromagnetic cells, available to us for our own educational purposes, and as the meeting grounds of intelligence from different sectors of the galaxy." In the meantime, he fears that the New World Order has at least temporarily "sealed the fate of the planet in an evil dumb-show in which the only option is enforced enslavement to an out-of-control machine." 

      Icke's absorption of Arguelles's neo-Mayan millennialism again suggests the omnivorous character of the improvisational style. Truth is deemed to be everywhere, particularly in those niches of rejected knowledge marked with the stigma applied by mainstream institutions. 

      UFO conspiracists are sometimes surprisingly hostile to prevalent millenarian ideas, which they see as part of the apparatus of deception constructed by their adversaries. As the year 2000 approached, Icke came to regard commemorative activities as worse than irrelevant. Not only did the year 2000 signify nothing of genuine importance; the efforts to mark it, especially in Britain, were part of a larger plan to keep humanity in servitude to the secret ruling elite. 

      The specific object of Icke's scorn was the Millennium Dome, the massive exhibition facility constructed in Greenwich.

... That last sentence particularly funny for those who know Mark the art calendar outputter from Glastonbury. Illusions of grandeur is rite. 

.... next up: the conclusion of Wijnants' piece (who by the way likes to write on occult leaders like Blavatsky, Crowley, Hubbard and the folks around him like Parsons, etcetera, hence the 'eso' part in his site url.

As New World Order ideas and attendant elements of the improvisational milieu break out of their traditional confinement, a new and disconcerting array of possibilities opens up, because those who espouse such ideas represent dissent of a particularly radical sort, rooted in divergent ideas about reality and knowing. While The X-Files motto, "Trust no one," may appear innocuous in an escapist drama, its literal application implies a culture war far more extreme than anything seen previously.

      If no one can be trusted (except, presumably, others in the truth­ seeking cadre), a society becomes divided between believers in received ideas about what counts as knowledge and a no-longer-hidden minority of challengers. The likely outcome of such a polarization is not pleasant to contemplate, for the challengers do not believe their opponents are merely misguided. Rather, the supporters of the status quo are thought to be at best the conspirators' dupes and at worst their accomplices. Hence the alternative reality sees itself as a fighting faith that must obliterate its adversaries.

      This is, to be sure, a worst-case scenario, and most worst-case scenarios melt away with time. One hopes that will be the case here. But the fact that the beliefs described the lectures today are bizarre ought not to imply that they
      are necessarily innocuous or unworthy of careful scrutiny. Bizarre beliefs have broken into the open before. Indeed, new orthodoxies can emerge out of just such ideological undergrowth, sometimes with devastating effects.

In my web pages I have often pointed to the work of Arnold Keyserling (died at a ripe old age a few years ago) who had a (rather loose and playful) way with diagram and iconographic ways to stimulate and yet temper the imagination so that it would, even if not quite help stimulate (rather than simulate), at least conform and/or not offend nature. He is another good example for the matter of course these types of idiot savants are bound to follow and it invariably leads them to believe they know very well who as they were here before (the tibetan Kesar Ling in this case).

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1 : : : : : Healing : : : : : : : : Grasp : : : : : : : : : :  : : : Confidence : Trust : : : :: : : : : : : East, Revelation
2 : : : : : Creating : : : : : : : : : Conceive : : : : : : :: : Adaption : : : : : : : : : : : : West, Mineral, Affirmation, Letting Go
3 : : : : : Knowing : : : : : : : : Understand : : : : : : : : : Archetype : : : : : : : :  : : : : : South : : : : Plant, Growth
4 : : : : : Wish, Desire : : : : Imagine, Mental Rep. : : : : :: : : Strategies : : : :  : : : : : : North, Animal, : : Find Medicine
5 : : : : : Discern : : : : :: : : Qualify, Analyze : : : : : : : : : : : : : Norm : : : : : : : : : : : : Become Human : : : Center- Earth
6 : : : : Communicate : : : Statement, Discuss : : : : : : : : : Value : : Priorities : : : : :: : : : Ancestors S.E.
7 : : : : Fight, Initiate : : : : Assertion, Question : : : : : : Individuation : : : : : : : : :: : : : : : : Nature-Spirits S.W.
8 : : : : Responsibility : : : Explain : : : : : : : : : :: : : : : Mantic, Structure : : : : : : : : : : : Angels N.W.
9 : : : : Invent : : : : : : : : : : : Plan : : : : : : : : : : : : : Vision : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Inspirers-Muses, N.E.
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