the raw material from which selection are made for indexterity (dexterity of/at indexation)
folkmusic search engine:
folkdirections at ckutfolk (Montreal) =weekly 2 hours, last 4 months dwnldbl,  - i have all 5 july and 4 august files plus sept 9th have all july files
BGH 10 and 19th of july, all of aug

BobDylanRHour (mp3"3pm): 1, 37, 43, 115, 216, 225, 301, 304, 307
Edge of Americana - Josh Bearman (annoyingly arrogant jew but knowledgeable nearly 300 half hour shows with old time bluegrass faves
bowed radio - have 5, 7, 41, 38, 69, 75, 76)

dutch disc jockey (peter v Bruggen):

music stream
i listen to bluegrass (American hillbilly (=rural) music) a lot, longest and still very regularly via: folkalley, i have to use asx for now (Grrrr)
(much prefer Real Player or the linux thingie downloadhelper):
all genres: .  . .. sample some of the latter's bluegrass
bluegrass (gospel) streams (from jew nerdsey - the troubled pools for rabid rabbis to fish in):
/profile/14 :::::
/20040702.rm ETCETERA
7,8, 14, 15, 28th and 29th of july. 4th and 5th of aug
Used to be on wdnsds and thrsds, links bear upload dates (showtimedate +1) and are from the second streamable month available onwards .. recording the stream is blocked. This  program that ended late 09 cause the 'samensteller' croaked in Marocco during a holiday. The links are for shows of the last june day and 1st of july respectively (heard the first, nice work at 2.30, 2.39 the Coopes, etc a capella group comes on)

Periodical (but irregular) reading material harvesting notes ..
not exactly old style JB style (who's doing for the rabble now):
In practice i visit only a fraction of these sites regularly (more frequency breakdown below):
USAian occupyterZ cultshearmix: JB ,.. DL, .. oa, .. nmt, .. MEly, .. AI, .. BW
econ: gang8 (int), ... DHwp (US), .. a-list (int)... abw.(man from india)
cultshuremox by tortugislers: . LI(+nftz),.... Tr, ... , .Ql, . . .
occupyterA semitose: pls, .. X, .. JM, .. mw, .. MjH, .. not just about but in IZ: IS .. .
NftW (caution, anti-blackites) .. there are loads of these nutters, now tea-partying
UK: nn, .. 350, .. CM, .. ds, .. Potl, .. CC, .. UD
preconfiged catch up quick links (should i need them due to surftime rationing as per boonie living and regressing to the maternal skirt despotizmtazm): NN /2/ - /3/ - /4/ - /5/ -
singularly socioscientific: .. AL.(hiatus due to aneurysm ((behind left eye)) operation). . .
tecscapeaz: SD .. SW, .. . .
Solzhenitsyn's important '200 years together' slowly being translated

oddest ballbear parader: FE,=dead, now . he did a few google knols also. perhaps time to visit this one again pieptoet of toetpiep .. i forget myself as easily as everybody else does, ... i mean, who kneads HIM right?
Next time i resequence these, it will be in descending order of duh posting frequency .
Rowan, Drew .. etcetera, ...... or download convenience (multiples of 30 posts for the yahoo groups, finished monthly files for A-list, etcetera)

candidate/new arrivals:
'eats shoots 'n leaves' months worth per page .. .TDH reading Rickels reading the headthickening original .. i mean Total Dick this is the nicest place to do quick prewritten blogspotposts for various reasons, like no hassle with line returns in the usual config (worth an account)

last past (regular) harvest (daily, weekly, monthly in descending order):
NN (last copped a load the 27th) - Drew -

JB -- DemLeft - up to 29058

pls -  august 12th

- Xymphora - (commentunity is painfully dead compared to haloscan days but the posting steady and linkrich staccato)
JM seriously slowed down blogging speed in 2010
roge - i have up to sept 17th (natural order and seven ages...) collected the 5th of a
newsfromthezona up to early july (missed the 2 april posts)

gang8 . got up to #15217,  - gang8plus to 156 (march 18)
A-list - got most of july
diggers350 up to 2844 (26th)
neoteny ([hopefully not very] last post was april 4 .. on hiatus, went under the knife)
MiHo (rev-rev or OtC), commenting picked up in june (arcane eschatology) - up to the 6th of july
IShamir 7th of july
NftW oct 28 2009 ... hiatus ... may 2010 ...
potlatch up to end of june (missing between 10th to 18th of may if anything, comment numbers remain very low)

------------ /speech/ ---------------
Doug Henwood in NYC with guests - got last of march and first of may, before that 4th and 18th of march and last 3 from januari
Ian Masters (kpfk bbriefing) in LA with guests - he hasn't updated his personal page since late 09 . have the first july file ... got first of aug sermonish bad boy musician w popular blog
visible: 1st and last of aug (1st and 29th), sept 12th sorta eurocentric
max keiser, most always w Stacy Herbert (funniest goldbugs around) besides guests ... lost my taste for all that lately .. links to it found at ABW as well as the ones to new aud by Michael Hudson (regular at the kpfk 'Guns and Butter' shows), Cath Fitts, ...
Grinning Planet - a whole month's worth on the front page, most of those just mentioned noted and linked there
zerzan, 22 of june, 13th of july, none from may

--------------------- PICS--------------------- ... 60.000 tagged 'treehouse' or try this french a(climate) ctivist (just back from africa by his lonesome):

mailing lists I receive Inboxwise (cut back to a single ((good)) one): Peter Myers (Oz*) -- I sent PM my thoughts on race and he quotes Windschuttle: "Bringing Them Home is probably the most unreliable and deceptive publi document ever produced in this country." ---- i can agree wholeheartedly ... since it is not about bringing whitey home, who, as can be plausibly argued, allowed desertmeme haunted and possesed factions to order him around the world to order the people at home there around, like the moron he remains in intersocial respects.

rainbow family in northern Europe
UK -
B - group/rainbow_belgium/messages -- semi-RB: plukrijp
D - /rainbowfamily_germany/messages - 4405

D last visit sept 23