Surfskill, correspondence and reflections upon 20 wide ranging categories; major ones:

philosophy,indiginality, relations of (understanding) mineral powders to photosynthesis, economics and violence.

A later intro:
PRecap: more highlights and picks of the posts according to printereddyin (and peculiarly petroidisms riddled texts posting) Piet (zeurpiet; unless on wheels when the z becomes sch; tryin' to work some K's in there somewow) Welcome to some more wordwovenwasdim samples, these revealing (P)Revolitionary contributions to a (and attempts to mix in (('n' instill)) some uprighteous mobilization concepts at an inter-activist)news  and opinion piece posting service  with branches ((predominately white))worldwide): (IMC)  where most posts other than new items are reactionarily ((dangerously so even)) flavored; samples from the latter variety will only be found here if I decided to reconstruct them

excerpts from my first 'indy' files, quoting the best bits i came up with in response to posts at this mother of all blogs.

first intro:

 I lug a bunch of briefed logs along linklines of long term longing; this is a special issue on the new upsurge in mostly reactionary but well intentioned protest
:: Go see my oldest files to convince yourself that I need loads of drafts before :: coming up with some polish
(and near incomprehensible but voluntarizing and hilarious convolution)

compiled by Piet 'bukpluk smakkrak tikmik rotsstof' B or pensieve printerpret piet; my new (meanwhile old) e-mailadress: :::::: new is

After a few years of service from hotbot I have had to move (they're quiting); where's_myicropactpiet@? gonna be? or the paramintpietplace@?

The opportunistic, usurious, expansive Jewish nature the whole world suffers as well as (let's not forget) benefits from must be curbed using (and especially, cleaning up the very tools they have been so adept at 'fighting' with: money as the personification of devils and temptations no less than legitimacy, earned freedom and identity). :: Seems civilizations rise at the cost and to the detriment of nature's fall(s). This pendular perpetuate must be mobilized against. :: :: :

Nutshell: Nato (half of which forthwith to be devoted to eco-repair) must be subordinated to a UN in turn rearranged as more or less federated tribal factions whose clout varies according to geographic expanse. :: :: :: Power and pollution, in other words politics and economy can be dissolved through a diversification of monies resulting in reflection of the tribal/ communal/ socialist/ antecedents to status, legitimacy and identity. Emissions (credit, hope and thanks giving) must be resource, skill, time and bottom up based only. Politic(ian)s and the monopolies they represent can thus be shoved out the window (or into passively automated and purely registering ones rather). :: Value standards taken out of the speculative emoto-hype sphere can and must be fed and fadled into regionally measured photsynthesis rates (soil banking-bulk x diversities).

"Up Sand Creek Without a Paddle" Critique of Ward Churchill by Bob Black (part 1); i go: I do think it unsuprising somebody like Ojima would end up in this outfit of backlookers and blackblockees caught in their selfmade harnass of frust and rage. This part of the family cannot come to grips with a less, even far from tainted type of provisionary militancy (mostly cause nobody isn't doing any show and rolemodel infectiousness effectively enough I know... shame on me, hell i barely have an us deserving of and earning such intimacy) and that goes for the Wackos the Freemen as well as the Oshies and all others who will arm themselves and compete with the most blatantly monopoly (of violence in this case) condoning, encouraging, lauding and even implementing nation on earth. Such difference with Switserland where fights were so much fairer and smaller scale. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: some days later (12955): :: Ojima appears to be Eddie McGary and perpetrator of :: the man went absolutely manic in the next few days after this and posted ripostes to his own posts ad infinitum (to the tune of 27 'comments')

Put jews to death (last line in previous comment)? No, put death to life! :: :: :: :: Well, holocast deniers (and hollowcash commemobpredators)are only at a loss as to what the accurate data might be which explain their sense of justice; namely their feeling that anti-semitism is only a reaction to the insuperably stronger philosemitism (most strongly to be found among semites themselves. Compare raucous sparrows who seem to quibble amongst themselves yet manage to draw upon a steady supply of external expansion-derived ammo all the same; a hint as to why the left' gunfun discard is only half the storybook necessary on the defense front can be found below). :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: How all the money, arms, migration and conscripiption moves of recorded yet ignored history, a so manyeth episode in mankind's sorry attempt at learning about pulses (im-, ex-, etc) came to lay waste to Europe and how they then started bringing the blunting and bleeding blessings of desperately speculative 'ventures' to their 'fellow' men is nothing but a silly question with a silly answer: the persistence of and in folly. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: More to the point would be to try defuse the danger of reactionary battle cries and wonder what it is we need to and can do to turn things around; are there ways in which death can benefit life; can things be put(and/or called)to life rather than death?; I don't mean yet living but tired of life forms for which the next higher and only stage left is the compost heap but real tangible common and simple 'death' such as reigns in rocks impervious to all but a little heat and it lacks feminine flow, to complement, round out and ready that rigidity for life which in turn takes a very male (glacier and volcano)miming show for the pleasure and appreciation of more advanced femininity (women). :: Succes in numbers in not yet succes in principle and to delegate it to a more and more diluted and mutant Messiah is to be(come) a stooge for one horror hour after another, such as we experience on this news service more profusely than most places. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Once pressure crosses a critical threshold and deadlock stalemate strain of resistence breaks to turn into suction and expansion at the same time it. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: I just stuck this up as a response to some 'real judaism' exegesis: :: I guess I shan't add an email adress this time cause it's seems to be wrecked or kinked and held up somewhere or something. :: :: :: Funny word that: noahide; I thought his was one of them typical imposter stories of exposure (trees gone to build boats floods wash away land and finally even flushes itself out. One needs to mirror inverse this and similar stories (turn land 'promised' into land seized, etc) as well as start cycling and feeding the bravour of 'once and for all', linear, decisive, heroic antics and rolemodeling with a countless number of generations personifying (in this case rotten) principles; the abstract (wereldvreemd = foreign to the world and reality) bullshit you spout with a pretence of solid reference(from a book that was force fed to me and so I know to be filled with abuse and enforcements as well as lyrical solo performance on :: singularly solar and stellar stage performance; it is truly a bibliography with disparately, irreconcilably polar and beyond that even less related elements); and speaking of countless generations: your awareness of cannibalism seems a little stingy. You say a few (self(s)elected) folks have been that but I and OKMaerth (or I with him rather) feel that all humans have been thus for millions of years; it is what partly accounts for us eing :: so both screwy and succesful paradoxically enough. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: The likes of you make me puke cause you stuff yourself with unwholesome rancid waste whereas and while a seductive and healing clean break is begged for right in your face. :: :: :: OK, the bible does perhaps represent sentimental value as a little something to hold on; a last straw that became a first cause it carried viable seed; even now I have a cheery interpretation of Jesus's cross for you: it was all a meticulously planned parable/passion play: he was miming a ride in/on a rockgrinder, taking it into/through hell and transforming it's hoard into a sharable something soaking up heaven; Hannah Arendt's book 'thought' poses man as a fighter to broaden the field of the present which when and while he is winning broadens and widens the rift between past and future; I propose the opposite (and hope she does too further on in the book; dunno yet): tying past and future together, helping what holds us up and pushes us forward (chtonic, gravity; solidity, traditions) absorb and open up to :: the future, iow: tie a sunbeam down in mudpools made with opened and moistened motherrock supersupsouprock and never mind your obsession with 'sippe' bloodlines and money heaps; aint no land holy until it is made so in this sense; see maybe dan winter for the minimal tricks and mine (poetpiet) for the more difficult route: convert armament into rockgrinders. :: :: poetpiet procoinlet :: :: :: :: This is a plug for the physical concommitants of micro-credit, micro-finance and the like: 
minting coin of the realm;
it is beyond me how folks persistently confuse, obfuscate, misassociate and badmouth production of fresh and fertile mud with slinging politically and figuratively diertied, accusatory interps of it.

Block Breaks out of (B)lack :: :: by punchline pioneer 11:01am Thu Nov 30 '00 :: Where in the world is any Block most Black? Underfoot. In rocky ground. Act out a deblockage thus: follow the no longer much revered nor massively ubiquitous but still relevant and remusterable organic meridian: a vertical one. :: The sun meets and turns gravity on (off? .. well organizes it right quick is what I mean) all the better when it (heavy rock) is lightened and fluffered a bite, gnaw, pound and (sm)ash or two no? Give me a jaw breaker over the sound f breaking window (not to mention ensuing repression) anyday. Give or take a little waterwettage (and enough of it will protect your lungs) as you pummpel(spl)ashattersplattersh-it. No shit. Good combo for it though. And that is an insigh(t)raid err tiptop condition lacking all over a daily in Holland (yester- for yall). Turns out a green quarter of town where they use compost toilets had to be defused (in antinuke white suits and gasmasks) cause the composting process had aborted due to overtasking the capacity resulting in a 'hardpan' "in danger of exploding" :-D :: :: Aaaahrrggrh, failed to shtick to the theme again; sorry about the white stuff there busters and bebusteds :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Sound and fury signifies...? :: by huh? 12:26pm Thu Nov 30 '00 :: :: :: Not to dis on an artistic endeavour, pietpoet, but can you be a little less obfuscatory? what you're saying seems of interest but us mere mortals cannot read it without eyes glazing over and headache beginning. :: For creative solidarity! :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Sort of a follow up:

stuck this set of observations about money (and monies) up at indy also: :: We all know that in the present 'unspread out' mode of clusterclump - stack - stumperish(stumper means loser in Dutch) living, money (representing and promoting past sins) follows attention in order to hollow it out, haunt and discredit it with an as inflationary appreciation as they may get away with. :: :: Here at the world's first grippy site however attention follows that sort of money without losing focus. A word of warming, if you care to come along, you might get a grip that refreshes preconceptions, crushes rock and allows the tension in 'm to replenish and generate a whole new range of ... . . monies. :: :: :: :: :: :: Indy post on the 30th: For the first time on a large scale, economic polices of the World Bank, the WTO, the International Monetary Fund, and the rest of the institutions which make up the international economy are being directly questioned, post: you link to the elegantly 'frugal' (I am affront) IMF front(page) but...... :: :: :: :: :: QUESTION 'M ??????? :: :: :: FOR FUCK SAKE FEELLAHS, CATCH UP TO THE FRONT ( WHICH IS OF COURSE, PARADOXICAL ENOUGH, ALSO THE BOTTOM) LINE. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Scuse me but the problems of top down policies became apparent to a slew of people as soon as conceived (making your use of the word 'first' problematic) and some of them had answers far more anciently lifelike and as viable; check this collection with some pamphlets from the thirties out for instance: guest_appearances/intro_to_currency_issues.htm, especially: ../kicking_IMF_addictions.htm (original title: 'a way out of the monetary chaos' by Walter Zander (who seems to have abandoned this topic while living in .. ... the 'promised' land after WWII regrettably enough) for instance. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Ps: Searching at (why do you guys link to the front page??) for micro-finance matched 13 of 12798 documents. :: :: The shows 300 matches. disturbing images alright; are you an endorser of Hollywood (jewish?) violence enacting tactics: pretend innoculation has a deterrent effect? :: :: :: Vaccination is about as double edged as armament; beware!!!!! :: :: I guess you just mean to record reality; right on, wish Hollywood could be in that sense realistic praps it will be. (a 5 comment thread about getting protest permits; :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Rocks give per(forma)mission but people don't :: by PIETJE P(L)UK 6:16am Sun Dec 3 '00 :: Rocks give per(forma)mission but people don't .... see the point. .. .. in size reducing them. :: :: A homeopathic dose of humanity understands the use and sees the urgency for turning supposed proofs of valour (really just reactionary ((immature)) militancy fighting over scarcities, even as temporary as being somewhere briefly)into their obversions: not rock hurled through space in nicely heavability and momentum balanced denominations but hauled throught time (sent into the for organi(cali)zation purposes peculiarly suited timespans known as growing seasons in the minute, dispersalbe, effusively distributable and very modest sizes responsible for the type of exponentially benefical population explosions we higher organisms depend upon: those in soils and waters). :: IN OTHER WORDS: Imagine miming the radically-radial-vertical axes dependent health and wealth with volcano- and fountainlike well-n-gro-w-up of locally mined/liberated substrates(delicious paradox coming alive in polishing rocks up and off. . :: . .. from nearby quarry, beach, river field or cobblestreet) for all green borders and parks along contested streets for starters. Glacier and flood like aspects to be expressed in appropriate long and short span progressive planning and extensions. WE'RE GONNA GROW!!!!!! :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: A rock can praps not say aye or nay, even if it wanted to. Perhaps it couldn't care less (at least little about their own but apparantly too remote bastards: Ieuuuwmeans), trusting their defense mechanisms to be pretty failsafe against them (us); thresholded out of our reach and reserved for the really exciting more cosmic events she don't mind being woken up for. :: :: Then there is the (anthroposophist) conception/supposition of rock's ego/volition status: Tight ass, froze, hopelessly lost and dependent on active saviouraging; the native american rock spirit is called paquatshie and one may very well obtain a :: permission to transform from them ((I did; although I mistrusted my shaman seeing he must have been Drum tobacco's best customer ever; his sessions invariably ended up in densest mists but perhaps that is a good omen when it comes to obscuring vision briefly for the benevolent aftermath of a lucky volcano dose (Future (B)Lacklustre blockbreakouts embodying this unbudgably terrestrial principle(not even a poleshift by crust creep from comet or continent collision will buck this one) can be rendered innocuous with moisture))); perhaps they are the most pliable of spirits and will only be too happy to unite with their now remote material counterpart. :: :: Such implications have arisen for my conception of militancy since I became disenchanted with the regimented, patriarchal, explosive telltale signs of its budding presence (indy circles have their share). I no longer look at rock as infantile missile (hurled to eliminate bully(competitors?), promoted from that good feeling one once had making as big a splash as possible) but seek for ways to promote the more provisionary proof of manhood:HURL WATER INTO ROCK AND THE MIX ACROSS A KINDOM DYING FOR IT. EMIT$TIMEIS ROCK (wound up too tight); Loose(n) it! :: :: :: :: Ps: klukkluk was the indian (accompanying a clown who lived in a gypsy wagon with wife and kid) dutch kids in the 60ties blessed with tele got a gogle in at. He was a highpitched fussy sissy; a femme, talk about homeopathy! after mine came a more to the point response: :: :: Get yer facts straight! I was one of the peace keepers for the main march, and I can guarantee we did NOT get a permit for the march. I think the only group that got a permit was the Tibetans. The cops followed us all over trying to listen to our peacekeepers meeting where the route was explained, so the Rad Dyke Plumber took us inside SCCC because she did not think the police had a right to hear what we had to say.

In an n30 critique thread (12498) I mentioned homeopathy as a more useful scale when it comes to visualizing how the spectra of(dip, dope, touch, tad)awareness are stacked (sorry but I doubt little they will other(quality)wise be just as hyrarchically as those for wealth, blame, etc); question is: are they even more polarized due the stretch, breath, and 'addinfinitisimalness' of its dimensions? Well, no, the multiplication of fractures and faultlines marginalizes importance of any one and/or makes up for the sligtness of in other words graduates the cracks. :: (eyeball morphology anybody?) That one percent of ultrawealthy people is perceived to be just about as legitimate as say, the lotteries (providing a level of motivation of seminally prominent, important, punprone and promising purtenance), the wheel of fortune buckling all riders under, over and everywhich way; these primitive polarizations account for a herd from which the lucky exceptional specimen flashes free for that fleeting moment :: (polarization itself is primal and helpful and we should recognize and settle into the niches where we may help feed the ones feeding us and evrthgnelse: that of blandy blend blind dust administration (mineral metabolization; helping it see the light and wash it down (wasdom <'washdom'> is growth in classic Dutch) to rapidly optimizing growing conditions once started; see 12498 also). :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: To even start realizing that the most unpalatable polarizations (race, wealth) can only be defused by willingness no less than ability to argue both sides convincingly I offer you this penitant example: :: :: What if the white race was one of gentler escapees, allowing themselves to be pushed out from (turning their back on or praps chased out by) the more massive, opressively intimate caprice, violence, impulsive, superstitious bloodshed and warfare of more 'lively' regions(initially anyways or at least during its best stage). :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Bleachies may have put up (with) space in between themselves gladly (and consciously; reverbs in the US homestead movement abound), cause it makes allowance for plenty of symbiont species and equally wonderful contemplation time. A few of those knowledgable people going bad however is of great consequences for the rest. I need not add this is a recurrent theme in any 'growing' movement (wether of apples or young rebels).

via (via indy) :: :: :: :: a comment at (12671) DaimlerChrysler Workers of the World Unite! :: :: :: :: :: by solidier: keep the arms dealing rotters in biasnice?? :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Keep these fuckers pumping out their stockpiles of armament parts (or isn't chrysler up there with monsanto toyota, etc anymore?) and innocent people paying taxes poured into the tools of oppression. :: :: :: We couldn't have 'm switch trade and earn a right to clean living by thinning trees or building compost piles could we? No good food has ever been grown that way. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Apropo toyota: I saw the admen of Holland reaching new hights of hypocracy, professional blindness and lying treachery this week: a girl with a perfectly fitting dustcap made of a shiny crisp treeleaf occupies most of the green page, the text reads: before you buy a new car take a deep breath. An explanation of the hybridity (electricity n gasoline combining) 'edge' (first time they actually talk about better ways to get through car congestions (seeing the usual image of the lone car ((harking back to the man in nature homesteading phase of the american dream)) abandoned must count as a daring admission of real life to the worldaffecting strategies of the machine-builders); as to the degree of confidence investible? Dunno about yall, but it don't :: comfort me much :: when it comes to trusting a car company's courage to face reality. :

13233 <8th of dec> about the torching of a rich man's house in Colorado (12 comments); mine: :: So, a house feels no pain? Burning it warms the atmosphere not? Try to reason with a little more inclusive feeling will you? :: Everything a rich man touches is thereafter tainted is it? Justifies pyromania does it? Take all the violence in the French Revolution for instance. Was that violent enough for you? And do you know the modest and far from violent impulses which led up to it were failures to allocate, entitle, account for and legitimate simple people's time, skill, tools and resources; Aah, you say, a bookkeeper's, a legislator's, an economist's trade is just too boring to me, I want spectacle; the thoughtless shall inherit and not just impatiently await a scorched earth; we wanna DO soma thing. Hormone imbalance is a cause of mayhem, capital destruction and the feverish rate of humanity's resource metabolism much prior and more important than the above mentioned ones which are only obvious to the one in a billion clearheaded ones amongst us and they have about as much effect as all ideologically motivated toxic fume with a message mongerers. :: :: :: :: :: :: If you are gonna keep running after the facts with ever sharper and still fiercer 'heroically macho' regimentation (which conjures up more and more authoritarian suppression; a fact some of yall seem to not be able to face due to a 'professional' blindness (beroepsblindheid) and bias of 'calling'). :: :: :: :: :: PS: for those willing to sniff at what I meant with tracing causes for revolutionary violence to the dull ledgers of monopolistically operated mints and community disrupting sanctification of an all to exclusive legality of national currencies (meanwhile this fight has notched itself up into an even bigger league) I suggest checking some files at my site; in particular: ../intro_to_currency_issues.htm (scroll down to the red-white-blue).

13654:elections, budgets and monies :: :: there used to be a direct, daily adjustment tide and integration among these factors. :: :: :: That is the theme of a paper sparing pensievepiet printversion (85K) for a special issue from the recent past containing 7 excerpts quoting Georg Friedrich Knapp who is a big name in state theory still. Public choice allocated Taxbased and -backed money emissions are truly common, since feedback based goods; consensus validated and derivable. :: :: This process forms and constitutes one of the many monies necessary to make it a happy medium of :: (monetarist?) monitorizing!US elections today though show perfect polarization. No, I don't mean gender balanced nor balance of power symbolized nor any other irreconcilable yet deadlocked and 'extremismed' costliness. :: :: :: US government: lots of election related links; I go: so real yet so remote; kudo's for facing reality but how do you suppose people (wether politicians ((of this or that orientation don't much matter either)) or not) can tell any difference between public and private affairs (and monies; :: let alone politicians for that matter, if the ways and means to implement what opposing parties stand for look exactly the same and far from keep each other in check and healthy like predator and prey, instead cover for each other and do an all purposes served (meaning worse ones ((which coerce)) win out) shapeshifting? This one type of uniform money has had untold and harmful ramifications: look at the supermarket fruit racket for instance; it happens to go against all known laws of nature for stuff to mature and ripen at the same time, etc) :: :: Apropo the 85K compilation: Consider this wormhole through time . . . . :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: the rest got added to a thread on encryption citing and (13606): anonymity is double(trouble)edged too: :: I want to try paint a picture of that former dynamism through credit backing and churn over. . . ... :: :: Long ago, when all available goods would find meet, match and fuel the demand of those willing to stake, risk and most of all certifiably commit at the very least (in case of near destitution; if left with little else presently but that simplest of needs: hunger) some of their future energized lifetime slots, politics and economics were a happy couple; voting was done everyday through scanning and choosing from amongst relevant info about potential suppliers. Economics showed no loose, reckless and dangerously asocial guns 'flitskapitaal' prowling about and pouncing on what they thought qualified as a kill; and why not? Bycause costant consultation, instant consensus and immediate feedback to unite need with supply were in place presentlably obviating obscurative ads and laughing hollywood antics out of court; anonymity was at a minimum. I refer of course to inter-human relations and not to simpler life in the sense referred to near the end; that sort of sweetly burgeoning buoyancy was of course in great but now forgotton evidence due to the great . . . ., much worse than anonymizer: the chemicals killer industry. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: It is not for nothing I have a long standing feud with one of the only female fellow countrywimmin-netheads (mixes E +D annoyingly and I am certainly not going to give her higher praise than remarking her homepage linklist had some interesting sites I hadn't yet visited) about this who adamently refuses me (re-)entrance into a public forum; she owes me a humble apology if not a visit to people who can persuasively help her face her severe schizoitis; she views reputation as the flag her dark hobbelyhorseanonymity may hide, sail and prevail under safely.Sounds (at best) like Beckerath's 'dumblindness'to :: the polluting effects of gold mining (perhaps in his mostly mechanical mining days indeed merely peripheral) in his advocacy for a return to valuable days of its (due to great confidence, mostly backdrop type) standard, all over again, but I am afraid it is much worse, :: she sounds deaf (and blind) for what Bth was (to the contrary in fact, definitely) not insensible of; the exclusivity danger. Bth made a point of avoiding this best known evil (of evils: status, symbol and token of untouchability; paradoxically 'represented' by something heavy requiring heavy grips defences and worse: a poisonous, killing, avaricious and sterilizing touch to even get :: at it)by (p)reserving ample stipulation powers and rights (especially for poor negotiators) to allow for and resort to clearing which can, does and did diminish the tendency for gold to be in short supply (from hoarding and naturally). Dunno about yall but I am ready for a time when inflated notions of sanctity no longer turn value to deadly disservices <<die-surfaces??>>. Speaking about surface to die on: anonymity :: belongs to lascivious festivals, single celler soups, compost piles but certainly not in a prominent periodical of the 'free' world? :: :: :: Not so free and all anymore either. :: (See the item about G F Knapp above) :: :: PPs: how about planting trees over dead crazy cows? I don't think it would make the trees mad. :: :: :: :: :: :: This might be as good a moment as any to broach the mudslinging subject. What could this (if done rite) have to do with badmouthing, namecalling, culprit n goatscaping for heaven's sake?? :: :: :: Referenced (all over my site) action is of course the perfect antidote for the latter childishness. And this time it is indeed the wild card interchangeable, anonymous all-inclusiveness, the sheer ubiquitous benefit enjoyed by all bottom rung sentience that makes for the niche a top one must needs feed into if it is going to be worth it's salt (and pay respect to inertia).

A good new (green) link: // :: :: :: :: indigene land rite righting right writs

23213 (calls the following place racist: :: (discusses immigration) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Amirikkkin == Europeeon?????? greatness in the mix. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: I am infamous for mixing the ingredients of a great meal in to a mush afore eating; groces some people out. I am also a proponent of mixing minerals big time. :: :: :: :: But when it comes to blood the loss of reference, stability and wealth of culture isn't worth the trade off in power which turns the more brutish the less exactly this kind of embeddiment is missing in the hybrid, the brand new and the unencumbered. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Hey, I have spent half of the eighties on either side of this equal sign, intermittently, sliced 5 ways to be exact (working off all that jet fuel with attempts to get help mustering some fresh oxygen from rock so I make up for it); and my most lasting impressions are the following: mixing races throws mixees back to earlier cruder more innocent ones (and I am afraid more naive and exploitable types) as well as 'forward' to more vigorous ones (though it is largely the American soils, well stocked with up until the white visitation unexploited potential that needs to be given the honours for that). :: :: :: :: :: :: :: All this is not to say I believe in degeneration instead of evolution, nor do I recommend bloodmixing like Scheele (author of 'degeneration') does, matter of fact the disorientation a 'shallowage' evokes is a :: further subvertable unhinging american abuse has fed massively upon to grow into the present scourge of the earth; greatness???? Going to the moon and eros is so great???? :: The fact that these rocky places have come here with right and regularity a lot longer is a damn site greater me thinks......
how much does the arms lobby pay you now?? (english) :: by piet 2:52am Sat Feb 17 '01 You wrote: Merely to communicate with members of these groups would be considered treason in dozens of countries, by dozens of governments. 200+K :: :: :: I dunno but I consider it irresponsible (not to say treacherous) to advertize ways and means to feed a reactionary agression, a macho manhood and a very sad way to give 'meaning' to use of resources. I don't care if every able bodied man gets to own a rifle, might even be the beginning to end mass destruction industries and in that sense some of the small fry in this list is usefull but what is more horrible than a mercenary?? Can't they start a bunch of spectacular(ly lucrative) one on one bare hand competitions between rivalling factions or something??? Where is the beauty in war for women, I mean war's beauty for women; ever wonder about that. I once read that women got tired of feeling sperm duke and taillash it out inside themselves so they instituted a postponement of fighting spirit maturity; now the cost picture has changed.

24056 :: :: :: Chomsky advocates increasing Federal power As there are more axes along which to site stuff, confusion amongst debaters of this subject so slippery is bound to abound.  :: (Never thought I would find a chance to disagree with IA so soon already too). ::  Are we tossing up collective vs private with or without the complicating layers of questions implying exterritoriality vs hidebound and at handedness? :: :: :: :: :: I have come to feel that the state can and should in principle fight with an open visor in a slow and yet inexorably deliberate and elaborate way to contrast with the lyin cheatin quick fixers going under cover of night, sleight and subterfuge. :: :: :: :: :: :: If a company attains and or approaches monopoly position due to direct hit on better mousetrapjackpot it should have the maturity to become more statelike (assume posture of stature as it wur) as a qualifier for a part in the public insurance holding company we call a state. There is a danger of swelling the management thus and as I point out in my description of Rainbow poltics one often finds the ego swelling mouth run armed with digital bloataids as the most olympic event in the gliboldvillainage. :: . . . .
Enough said.

My two cents on an already 11 comment thread (13621) about censoring on indymedia: Now, think, what could be simpler than adding a category like: 'frequent contributors' or something; it would obviate the ansy frequency of repeat posters who hope to catch new bee's as soon as they surf ace. Once you make it into the top 100, have a catchy name and a set of interesting titles it should be smooth sailing all the way to happy interaction with likeminded idiotelects without the desire for visibility driven repeats. The desire to tighten yet broaden your argument (dis)serves repetition purpose well enough by itself alone, quite adequate, thank you; either way though it is likely to become boring soon enough already. (Emoto-)Pyromaniacs are too busy to embellish vocabularies; the only tongues they are likely to like-lick are the poor man's and male version of primitive wealth: fat, the barbarian's power trick: fiery fire-flick (Gosh we see no more sun in Northern Europe in this sort of season; don't really wonder why though what with all fires raging round this hell of a hole sale silliness). :: :: :: :: :: :: :: 22nd comment: equitable judgment meridians :: :: If chuckO is for property destruction and a pro-semite, does that make me who is an outspoken ownership transfiner and deferer anti-semitic??? :: :: :: :: There is a place for linearectality in adjustments or rather a very specific unmistakable orientation of/for it: vertical and hop green I go; leaving nasty monitors that don't even monitor much of any import for unbias business. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: 13727 the right to criticize israel (6th comment): tangential perspectives: I agree with the two previous posters (and so, with Majdur as well). For a fresh look at the problems around anti- and semi-semitisms I should like to invite you to my page peppered with deepdelving probes into the history of them. Allow me to cryptically recount the case of Silvio Gesell here for instance, who pioneered (or revived if you will) community currency ideas and practice. He considered 'eternal life' of money (as long as you bet on a horse that stays in the race), hoarding and interest as the major obstacles to an equitable economy. He tried to 'clock-work-life-spanner' it. He tried to even eleminate small amounts of interest, those far from the overcompensation of risk known as usury. In fact, he went as far as arguing for a negative interestrate: pay a fine for the keeping money out of circulating and parking it; have it go on strike to raise the ante a bit (similar to capital destruction in war which hinders workers paying off loans). :: :: His mistake of course was not unlike those many made in those days when the total amount of (gold) backing was fairly rigid and fixed with slow incrementation. The 'clearing' :: or 'compensation' thought <<verrechnung>> (available from the oldtime USA anarclassico WBGreene for one) has as yet never had the attention and extent it deserves and must urgently be given asap. :: :: :: BEHOLD THE CRUX OF ALL CRAZINESS :: Easy enough to switch a flip in the realms of hotting air no?????? :: :: :: :: :: Damn stubborn 'em stumblestoney calloused hearts though; just takes the best of squeases afore 'ey fealleaved. on CocaCola Coup: yo there inspirulinukes ('real' name: pyrolisis) by aspirant podnear :: :: :: :: :: hey neighbour, nice name! Tad threatening nonetheless; I therefore give due warning about my conceptions surrounding such substance as ash, smoke, mirrors and stored fire known as fuel but not for flames; it lives here (in another sense again as of now): /libido_magnetism_charisma_identity.htm

14144 :: :: Rainbow Family "organizers" sentenced to three months in jail. by Michael Evans 4:03pm Thu Dec 14 '00 :: :: :: :: :: It's unclear how the forest service picked the three individuals out of the 20,000 people who attended the 1999 gathering in Pennsylvania. The government has also filed charges against people who attended the 2000 gathering in Montana. It is sooooo goodd to overcrowd the forests!! :: by Who cares 9:57pm Thu Dec 14 '00 :: :: Like the animals in our forests need thousands of people trampling them at a time. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ok, some stuff indeed gets trampled on, like the main mating stompin-leg-pumpin, bang drumming and circling circuitry. But they way a gathering inspires people to take care of and appreciate nature without harmfull and insulatory trappings more than make up for that and as I've said before (in a file called: :: rainbow_fabul_n_ation) specifically that forests are full of same age spindly matchstick-like sorry excuses for trees in need of thinning; rocks are full of minerals in need of spacing and the same goes for folks in cities don't you think? :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: As for permits: I would like to see places which comply with laws (not without working on improvement from the inside out right along at the same time no matter how hard to gain ligit control of watersheds since waco and oregon osho, etc); cause we need 'm to rest up, clean out and gainfully employ traumatized activists, gatherers, refugees, restless hobo's, etc. :: :: :: :: :: :: As for picking people out; one has an eye for alpha dominant behaviour or one closes it (which doesn't banish nor' innocuate' it).

or try this one: Money talks!! :: :: :: by Harel Barzilai 1:11pm Thu Dec 14 '00 :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: An idea has been circulating over the internet as a protest :: against the stolen election and our democracy being subverted and stolen from us by the Supreme Court (along with Jeb, Harris et al) :: * Someone on the RHETORIC list suggested that we all print: "Gore won :: :: * the vote" on our currency. This will mushroom if everyone on the :: * left does it. It will be a reminder that Bush is an illegitimate :: :: * president. It is something anyone and everyone can do (but don't :: :: * opening suggest it, because defacing currency is against the law [g]) :: But it has been pointed out that there are several problems with the "Gore won" message. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::
Yes, we need at least 2 kinds of money!!!! :: :: :: How about allowing each contender half of the budget? We could install a table with a stamp and pad in every city hall, one with a greenish colour and the other with a drying blood one or something; all Dollars must be brought in between a given noon and the next to be stamped; those thereafter presented without will be invalid; with any luck we will end up with an equitable distribution. In the White House and Congress each party will have to make do with a budget that reflects voter subs for which internet machines are placed in all local libraries. :: :: I just got done adding yet another file to my pile: deep_e_muckcrazy.htm PROgrams COunter INTELligence (73K) see pertinent comments therein.

14579 :: :: Poll: Public Hopeful About Bush :: :: :: My bit is second of 5: Polling is the wrong rite. :: :: by poetpiet 7:34am Sun Dec 17 '00 Polling, even worse (more disconnected from participation) than voting makes for copy (and deforestation), not much else. What the voting and polling rackets are displacing and preempting is (and this is the subject of many of my recent efforts here and elswhere) the harmonization of politics with nothing less than the entire gamut of economies (from gift through black market and monopolized ones), no less than an anchoring to and true reflection of peoples evolving states of personabilities and commitments reflected in the popularity (here simply meaning the literal extent, the geographic spread and range of acceptance --not neccesarily contiguous of course--) of their particular monies (specific about and invariable returning to them to be redeemed by them). :: Fluctiations on stock markets are a reflection of the delusory, inflationary and what have you sort of rifts caused by to violently pendel-potion-motion-moodswinging; the emotions of expectations wether fear- or hopeful tend to veer away from reality by shear charm of evolutionarily speaking unbeatable fireside fabulation (now displaced by carefully dosed and minutely choreographed mixture of chaos and kaleidoscopy on the tempting tubes wether or not manipulable). :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: The value of Schumpeterian enthusiasm is unhinged from the moorings it needs to constitute a co-opetition of truthfulnesses :: (creative destruction lost its commitments to cleanliness and compost heaps; unfortunately industriousness evokes and is associated with adverbs such as 'cottage' as much as if not more easily than 'creepily poisonous' and that is where unrealism and the eternal scourge erosion rears it's ever more potent invincibility). :: :: :: The socalled 'value of voting' :: conveyed by yet more copy and counter copy (to cater to the concept of charisma and piety with a pretense of solid accuracy though a mere cardhouse and weatherlike one is all they should allow hope for) is instead covering over and for this reality: people's disempowerment for the 'sake' of decisiveness resting with one person who has to demonstrate a measure of impulsiveness, arrogance and haughtiness to qualify convincingly for a position of leadership and then the word is: people 'trust' ....(?) such and such such as in this case. :: This atavism harks back to battle orders long past. Instead of one on one heroism we have schizophrenics with frighteningly far reaching powers .. . .. . like Chirac killing some reefs on the other side of the world a few years ago and announcing a strengthening of policing forces to look for criminals in almost the same breath. Obviously unskilled with inner mirrors that dangerous man.

Unfortunately deadly confrontations with the law: Just yesterday Holland enjoyed the almost verbatim enactment of a recent book about Byzantian times(with their horse races and political intrigue resembling today's sporting events) which is written by Guy Gavriel Kay who has legal as well as 'Tolkienesque' training (making for a couple of breathtaking trilogies so far). :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: A supporter of a local sports club caused a call for cops upon himself by disturbing the neighbourhood peace; in the chaos ensuing a second round he was mortally wounded by a threatened and panicking copper (unrealistic reputes may have played a role here too). Hereupon the mayor forbids that night's game. . . and .. .all hell breaks loose led by hooliganic vandals and the oppportunistic reactionary or two; public buildings, brandnew schools and a couple of cars at hand gutted and torched; 200 riot police and firedepts. are doing overtime. At night around 9 the mayor is on TV and :: recounts the sordid events, after rambling for a few minutes he says: "...terrible cause the supporters didn't understand this had nothing to do with the game". ?!?!?!?!!?? In other words he (conveniently forgets and denies his own decisive involvements in actions of just hours ago (cause if he stood for and by them then though not anymore now he might instead admit his mistake and resign, but no), schizophrenia oozing into the camera he blames the supporters for what he himself is first and foremost guilty of. . . Classic proof of the widespread disease. . . What I don't get is the fact that the whole police corps could have foreseen this as easily as I can understand the unfolding of events even though it is mere hindsight. I am supposing one of the following reasons may have played a part: :: :: :: :: 1) :: To them it apparently didn't make any difference wether they were going to fight around the stadium or in the part of town where the trouble initially started nor that many more supporters than strictly necessary would have plenty of energy left to show some frust. :: :: :: :: 2) Perhaps they liked a change of scenery for the usual supporter wrangles. :: :: But away from the game it seems to have attracted all Dutch arabs waiting for a chance to play Palestinian martyr without the risks bycause the turn of events has upended the for Dutch conditions normal course of events. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: 3) Maybe they had a clue but also knew it was hopeless to budge the authority vested in people like mayors and presidents, :: mere puppets and decoys of covertly geno- and ecocidal policies yet placed above small fry shepherds, the monopoly of violence maintainers in democratic countries (again, this case turns things on their heads though). :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: A few days later polling is once more a 5 comment post and I :: (repiet) :: :: repost the above (pea tree peat) meanwhile slightly amended and smoothed version of what I tacked on as last addition there (as it probably will be here at this also 5 comment one): :: :: :: PS: that riot turned into a 3 day one so far and the burial of the killed supporter (2 chest shots; sort of a dumb place to aim if you ask me) isn't even till friday. His brother has called upon the rioters to desist but they love to target practice on passive and for the moment guilt ridden police; and get some of their own back in for all the destroyed dope plantations perhaps (news item right after the riot one) and what have you they might have built up some resentment about. Youth here is spoilt rotten and police are (apart from this sad case) like nannies compared to those in the states but if they keep this up that 'll all soon change for the worse too, like so many aspects of life. :: :: I then added the latter part of this story to a (little later) post about police brutality during an anti police brutality ralley in Cincinatti (14917); 'sports related riots continue' :: :: :: starting thus: Freak occurence (I mean in these parts of the GreatWideWorld a truly exceptional incident) of excess police brutality which paradoxically sparks an orgy of riots since the police became quite passive and restrained, not to say bashful (give or take a few teargas charges) as a reaction to this disastrous course of events, one which we usually characterize as :: 'american circumstances'. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: The latest has it the man shot through a door so that throws a worse light on his action than even a bad (as in mortal) could. i'm trying to get a discussion going in several fora. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: I just went through a pile of newspapers from the past days and it seems that the copper did aim low but the victim fell after the first or second and therefore caught a third (??? neigbour across the street heard 3) in the chest; unless it turns out he was a convicted murderer and though I now tend to attribute the riots more to police passivity on the one and frustration with them on the other hand than to the match cancellation (with a recent announcement of an imminent whole neigbourhood teardown and rebuilding perhaps playing a role too) the coppers will have a lot of explaining to do.

14864 :: I am 10th on this thread discussing (Dutch) squatting: Holland is losing it's peculiar characteristics to hypes hopes and heinousnesses taken over from the UK and the states more and more (least able to escape the ((real estate)) price uppushery of 'share' marketed greed). Using derelict property is one way to 'show greedy ones up' for what they are: accumulators with more stashes, hoards, titles and fortpolio's out their ears than they have social skills to ensure efficient use of 'm. I do think 'agreed' and 'greement' should harmonize a little better; my hunch is that in a thoroughly voluntarized world (differences in) wealth will be bigger(since no bowerbirdlike sabotage and capital destruction will be found time for while pickings remain too rich to waste time bothering with the risk of retribution, etc) but not necessarily distributed much more equitably; my guess is the workers will choose modesty amongst crowds they really and thoroughly go for above better pay for dirty work; contributors will be so enamored of the pinnacle and focus of the pile they call their very own that heaping the wealth on an openly sharing and far from private sort of life one could call a homemade spectacle will replace the squalor of compartmentalized moronic nontransparancy.

15115 :: :: :: :: 16th comment on a string resulting from an Indymedia censorship repeat offender named angry white male post concerning Mugabe's racism: :: Trolls are rock breakers right? :: :: hey, lively dis cuss here!!!!! :: :: :: I go over this ground often and the only thing that has significantly changed in my thinking lately is that I now consider the thought and ideal of making the UN (with a subordinate Nato) truely multiclutural (oops), I mean a refuge with a mission for those displaced by cultural clashes and therefore hopefully understanding of and willing to be trained to serve the need to protect older, more traditional and relatively speaking more original and ancient cultures (dare I use the word pure?). :: :: Truth is, I see(and read about*) more and more evidence speaking for the fact that the results of those clashes (halfbreeds as it were) are (as and even) more (it seems, unfortunately,) likely to turn on either or both sides of their heritage rather than protect it. :: :: Their goes my rainbow dream; no more hope (i). :: :: :: :: :: * Klaus Theweleit on Pocahontas and "Dutch and Iroquois" linked to recently. :: :: :: :: Angry White Male posted this as a reaction to (and pointing to) a condoned (antiwhite) sort of antithetical yet related racism :: while his was censored a couple of times. :: :: I will read an intriguing sounding title :: THE NEO-INDIANIZATION OF NORTH AMERICA :: :: OR: :: WILL THE REAL INDIANS PLEASE STAND UP?

14864 :: :: :: :: capitalism is OK, coercion is not by poetpiet 3:39am Wed Dec 20 '00 ninth comment on a thread about a squat in A'dam: Holland is losing it's peculiar characteristics to hypes hopes and heinousnesses taken over from the UK and the states more and more (least able to escape the ((real estate)) price uppushery of 'share' marketed greed). Using derelict property is one way to 'show greedy ones up' for what they are: accumulators with more stashes, :: hoards, titles and fortpolio's out their ears than they have social skills to ensure efficient use of 'm. I do think 'agreed' and 'greement' should harmonize a little better; my hunch is that in a thoroughly voluntarized world (differences in) wealth will be bigger (since no bowerbirdlike sabotage and capital destruction will be found time for while pickings remain too rich to waste time bothering with the risk of retribution, etc) but not necessarily distributed much more equitably; my guess is the workers will choose modesty amongst crowds they really and thoroughly go for above better pay for dirty work; contributors will be so enamored of the pinnacle and focus of the pile they call their very own that heaping the wealth on an openly sharing and far from private sort of life one could call a homemade spectacle will replace the squalor of compartmentalized moronic nontransparancy.

15175 on Nietzsche: death aint no thing; can't annihilate 'it' by Lawrends Rickels 2:01am Thu Dec 21 '00 :: How's that for an enigmatic statement? :: You would love to be in Amsterdam now; THE most prestigious bookstore has Nietzche editions (plus pics) galore all over the shop window front store

My response to the somanyeth stereotypical calls for revolution (15297) and to one more along the lines of my response (15261): Militant monsters cost the rest of us, the uniformed kinds get to rape women and your kind ups the tax monies to up the police forces ('s far as you 'll get bro, your "let's finish it" is one of the most unrealistically millenial motto's I have heard in a while). I have no illusion about dissuading hottotrot macho's from brash 'actions' but why can't it be someplace cheap, inspicuous with a chance to have it become continuous? This is what happened in Northern Spain where a rainbow gathering turned into a meanwhile even legalized village settlement where a range of alternatives can be embodied. But no, you have to prove your bravery by running into marble walls downtown. Go ahead, just don't count on me to back or follow you. :: :: :: Foregoing tacked on as a third crosscomment to the following 12 comment on the same day (15233; yes there is a rash of this sortof wrangletangle going on): :: Anarchism does not mean no government, merely minimally coercive (only coercing the coercive), it means the self imposed restrictions and voluntarily contracted commitments that respect limits, bounds and thresholds. :: :: In short it means being grown up and sensible, not to mention sensitive. BUT, it also means being severe and if someone is going to threaten a stop to the growth of (a movement) hunger(ing) for a voice or reason with pledges for impulsive and hotheaded idiocy like the item poster does, I would suggest that he can only be tolerated in peaceful protests dressed in a straightjacket; we peaceful changers must co-ordinate to restrain the free-riders and saboteurs who spread chaos and give us a bad name. :: :: :: :: third crosscomment today: (the above)

15226 :: :: Jesus rode a cross into hell (traditionally believed to be beneath the earth's surface right?). :: :: :: :: :: :: He went there to conquer, free and get something right? :: :: :: :: :: :: He might have been served with a musical rockgrinder instead of the cross he got no? :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Nietzsche saw very well that Jesus was an indymedia freak but he couldn't get down to dig a lowgo far enough to grasp the more fundamental layers of his motivation and understanding. He was alienated unto his nihilistic 'wild cardness'.

:: :: :: 15412 (where I contributed as 18th commentposter) gets into the following rating related topical diversions, extensions and associated 'fields': race, riches and relevance. This is understandle. :: :: :: :: :: :: To rate is to choose, favor and elect; pick a ripe item from a vast supply of not quite there (yet). :: :: :: :: :: To allow each dollar a vote is problematic bycause the standard of value has (gone from gold which had (has) as many good as bad aspects) sunk even deeper into the treacherously (ex)changeable 'field' of emotionswept and swampy (greed) growthranges. :: Question(able) is: what grows? Realistic expectations of greedrate 'risage' and 'raisement' (let's call it hype for now, such as the ratrace running for and after monopolistic ownership of distribution channels without the decency to make them a matter of equitable policies rather than the immature hunger for ever more sterile and absolute profit)? :: :: :: :: Or just any old biomass as long as it is as much as possible? How sustainable could this monocultivated volume be? :: :: :: :: :: Is a money thinkable that derives it's clout from the amount of people (and other beings) it serves with clean sober fare succesfully (a goozillion micro-organisms served . :: . freshest of fine dusts dosage). :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Is a way to deal with races possible without some imposing on others? :: :: :: :: Question of modesty always and those favoring multiculturalism (the anything goes crowd) are unwilling to grant borders, limits, safetyvalve settings and simple natural defenses such as accents and taboo on touching, exploiting and commodifying resource, backdrop and riches, let alone that they want to acknowledge a hyrarchy that ties time and place together in a way real life does. :: :: :: :: :: :: Imagine two territorial tribes or neighbouring villages, towns regions doing the hopefully ritualized pinning down and specifying their own limits (at least just barely short of those they 'oppose', better would be a no-man's land extent to honour the occasional magic, respite, recovery and mystery nature holds in store therein). :: :: :: Now picture them mixing, we then have a third contender most likely to take a chunk of the noman's land or from either side of their heritage and unlike the rosy rainbow view, I no longer believe the mutant mix and hue broad hibreed will have restoring tradition as a hi priority; reality is that they start fending for themselves in a more shallow individualized and dumbered down sort of way. :: :: :: :: Hybridizing multiplies contenders in cultures but it paradoxically also monocultivates the means of payment which becomes omnivorous as well as vigorous in metabolism. :: :: :: The defense of old (but wise?) culture escapees and survivors has been a hobbyhorse of the left; understandable expressions of solidarity since many of them felt like outcasts in amongst their very own heritage even. :: :: :: :: :: But making mistakes resulting in ravaged conditions as reason to need a move on is at least as often as 'natural disaster' (in itself quite often hominid caused) the deciding factor for it. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Hospitality is thus a most important point of honour precisely for those who have left themselves with the least resources to fullfill this (wether due to too indiscriminate hospitality in the past is besides the point now). These are some related but hard to dedread, extricate and harmonically choreograph aspects of the problems one tackles under the heading of censorship; good luck!!!!! 

I meant to add this to the beefy 15632 thread but somethin musta went wrong. :: :: :: :: :: Jay :: :: ( . :: . .recommends: :: Hi Piet, Thanks for your message. :: This has been a pretty frustrating period, as you can imagine. :: A bunch of us who have been working so hard to make Indymedia as effective as possible have been trying to figure out the best way to do so. :: Most of the comments on the ratings system are helping, but some people just keep sending expletives and threats and that's not fun. :: I'm not 100% in favor of ratings, but I'm definitely not in favor of people writing in all day and night to call hard-working activists "neo-nazis" and "fascists" because they're trying to decentralize the work for and editorial control of Indymedia. :: Indymedia will make its way through though, and I hope we all make the right decisions about what to do. :: I appreciate your message and I'll forward it to some of the people who are more involved in taking comments on the rating system than I am.

. ever wonder why jonkie (means young one)spells so much like junkie? Latter wants to stay the former.

f17361 ELF atrocity (34 comments) :: :: 17411 :: :: :: another ELF atrocity :: :: :: :: :: :: 26th reaction: Those I blame will feel my flame????????? :: :: :: What I have said about firewalking in the first files linked below applies to all :: power hunger tortured torchers; I read: ".. . .warms my heart. . . " as a comment and conclude that firecontainment and storage such as all life is good at is just too humble a thing to bother about when one wants to flower in flame, the primitive equivalent of obesity and social stratification; I can use you to feed my flame; you guys make me wanna pu.. pour ashes all over you, fresh and made the hard way. ------------ reedumb fighter wrote something as 27th on this thread and I get to be his neighbour on both sides: freedoom fitter says:SACRIFICE IS The Most NOBELEST of DEATHS :: :: :: :: :: Well I will be damned with neigbours like this. I just got through doing a lot of research on Nazi motivation (Botho Strauss's wild essay called swelling goatsong,etc) and am sad to see living proof it is not dead yet. :: :: :: :: :: I put it down to and write it off as a perversion of 'the little death' also known as orgasm. :: :: :: :: :: Hope you get layed soon, failing that, travel to the snake or a similar river and stick your dick into that part of the claybanks you find to have an agreeable .. .. :: oh well, agreeable means. . . :: :: :: :: temperature and giving that is also taking consistency, now attempt some gentle movement and try forget your aches and pains. :: :: :: :: :: :: the next contributor goes: :: Pacifists: you are not nearly informed enough to contribute to this discussion. PLEASE for your own good, as well as for the rest of the people and other inhabitants of the earth, read Ward Churchill's _Pacificism as Pathology_. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: My (33rd) comment: pacifism is not passivity buster :: :: :: see how much rockdust you can make and spread across where it matters without sweat, synapse action or adrenalin for that matter my friend; the world has a sorry conception of manly acts and that includes you lazy match striker lot; if you love ashes so much be a man and make it the hard (ECO) way.

 18082 :: by iepenpiet 3:12am Sat Jan 13 '01 :: :: :: hope for america yet (english) (full story and 9 comments) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: The folks who brought you: "Hungry and out of work? Eat a spotted owl" have folded. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: from (my fav env. news wire): :: :: :: :: :: :: 4. :: PEOPLE FOR CHAPTER 11 :: :: :: :: People for the USA!, the national nonprofit wise-use group, is closing shop later this month, due to a lack of funding and a decline in membership. The group began with a different name in 1988 as a mouthpiece for "rural Americans" who were up in arms over enviros' efforts to stop old-growth logging in the Northwest, growing its base with such memorable bumper stickers as "Hungry? Out of Work? Eat a Spotted Owl." Over the next decade, the PFUSA! sought to weaken the Endangered Species Act, block reform of the 1872 Mining Act, and :: otherwise fight the good fight for property rights advocates and :: extractive industries. But things have been pretty much downhill for the group since President Clinton took office. Executive Director :: Jeff Harris wrote in a recent newsletter, "It's quite a challenge to bring together a large group when you are essentially opposing something that is wildly popular. Americans have embraced the environmental ethic." :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: : 9th: The way your forestry service reckons (english) by piet 2:49am Tue Jan 16 '01 :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: I recently read a web doc about forestry which was put in my rinkydink 6 year old laptop a half a year ago; it makes clear that there is something awfully screwy about the way the forestry service balances its books; it starts of taxing old growth at zero; now that is a sell out and sittinglimb sawery if ever I heard one. If anybody cares I will check for the source. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: native forest council says: 'zero cut' (that's the name of the doc I was referring to.

18318 :: :: :: 60 minutes on ELF draws 20+ responses; somewhere in the middle I go: violence begets same so who cares who started (english) by piet 8:16am Mon Jan 15 '01 :: :: :: In a perfectly voluntarized (and -ing) world elfers would be out of your kick excuse and most likely put under permanent surveillance and forced labour or something; that doesn't make 'm hero's in this one which is so far from fine. Go ahead, give Anarchy a bad name again; it will tick of thoughtful people and remind everybody of the reactionary bombthrowing phase (still so cutely iconized nowadays but if you care to learn about what is dark tense full of potential I would recommend starting to study mineral cycles); we need to become a force in sheer numbers, so vast it don't matter most folks can't even scare up pitchforks or anything with a long handle on it these days.

18043 :: :: Types Of Non-Leftist Anarchy (article from Eugene's 'green anarchist') :: Emile's (fourth) comment: "The goal will be to raise up and bring forward that which was primitive, into the contemporary landscape, without losing that which is valuable in technology and modern culture. :: In these senses, I would conclude, the currents you mention are essentially progressive and leftist, though I admit there are a few exceptions." :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: fifth reply: yea emile, like this for example: (english) by iepenpiet 2:48am Sat Jan 13 '01 :: :: :: :: :: :: ". . . ... ..well placed fires all become political acts." :: That is no longer tenable after you get a little load of what polite poly tickle tricks (check my 'orange' chapters) really are (certainly not the male equivalent of the feminine accumulation syndrom/status known as obesity, to wit, the equally lazy power grab with a (no matter how you turn it) destructive set a fire. Hyrarchy or terror, what's your gender? If this world allowed for and allocated spacious consensual experimentations (such as permanent rainbow gatherings which lean toward primitivisms more than most) and communitarianisms people like you arson 'artists' would be put away for life. Why don't you tackle some weapons of mass destruction manufacturers (so that you would gain support) instead of being cheap shots and taking out any old new and not even really owned shack or other?

 18563 on the imf :: :: :: Killing King abacus (a frontline reactionary, wrong kind of trouble making bunch of thyroid problem sufferers) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: The Continuing Appeal of Anarchism among Anarchists :: :: :: :: :: A review of Hakim Bey’s Millenium :: :: :: I haven't read this yet but from an older piece stemming from austria I concluded as follows: Hakim Bey writes on the virtuality, lifelessness, hot air like insularity, etc of symbols and language taking money (as it shouldn't be, but he seems to have no clue as to how it could and would be if only . . . .) as his cue.

18711 :: :: :: Non-Violent Secessionist Strategies :: :: :: :: Large article from// :: :: got the following lame response: :: Peace Cops Suck Ass (english) by Makhnorulez 11:58am Wed Jan 17 '01It should come as no surprise that the cop lovers over at Boston-Cambridge Greens would be posting this essay by infamous peace cop, Carol Moore. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: I go: You just jealous she won't suck yours I won't either :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: also check: :: where she links to: Anti-Authoritarian-Polycentric Systems of Law <<about 5 links>> :: and to 26 secession oriented sites like a global ideas bank article by Leopold Kohr called: How to tame the stock markets: ((11K));also check: ::