Consensual and customary community co-opetitions
 take time span, talent, and task based emissions
to mime dat meme and master dis skill:
 reap good air so homely hearth gods reappear and havens thrill
   ||   |||||| Lets let inquisitivity loose to chase the f(r)act ||||||  ||
 that founds diver(t)satile wealth of'n'at in-mos-timate range
 the provisionarily pollightest of policy: perpendicular impact
 for now, healing is but a pollution solution which
 we teach and are taught (reversing) technical tricks for
till "lay waste all but rich pickin's beyond thy borders and blinders"
is no longer such a sorry code of conduct.
give women, idealism and intuition status to once again
feed and blend into transgenerational metaphysics

 93477 Nonviolence Controversy Eternal  by Ministry of Culture and Bicycle Transit 9:32am Wed Nov 21 '01  We will always be debating this question of when is force justified and how much force is justified to procure justice in what time frame.  ------ 'zout in de pap' (english) by piet 11:19am Wed Nov 21 '01-- "A BLACK BLOC is a tactic!!! It's not a group." --------- Everybody knows THAT by now but it is a meaningless front and ineffective nonculpabilization; are you gonna tell a too late peacekeeper/cop/in-the-act-catcher: "Hey, I did not kick this windee in, the tactic made me do it!"? Back to the missing link . .. . between the smartest and the dumbest, simplest yet most numerous and important constituents of the chains of beings, rattling which can be done in a sorta gauntlet running spectacle where violence can have its reward; the atavistic pussies will flock to the misted dusters and dusted misters who can rock. Ps about the title: = the salt in the stew . . .is what I am missing in these sorts of volleys still .. but happy to (jumpstart the) supply .. if only I could meet the demand better .. .can't even seem to make people realize their embeddiment has one .. . .the cravin' I mean .. . not the over excitation and frenzy of violence of course, nor the virulent pillkill one neither but the full spectrum feed, the trace mineral catalyst choir, the death witch can witness and give way(side zest) to life. may be purse hued in a thicket of conprofusion of shades in my work.

93424 4th out of 6 comments (including a repro of a Dutch mag cover with Koran on it)  to: What multiculturalism hath wrought by piet 9:57am Wed Nov 21 '01 - Head of Dutch Muslim council blamed the most internationally known Dutch daily for placing a picture on  the cover of their supplemental monthly magazine (some of the Muslim paperboys ((only in A'dam and especially from the touted to be most colourfully multicult neighbourhood 'de Pijp')) decided not to deliver them since 'pictures of the Koran are never allowed to be thrown away' ... what became of these copies has not been in the paper as far as I know. 150 official complaints were made for 4-5000 undelivered copies). - The link contains dutch text. - Ps: the semi-nudity of Vegas strippers and alcohol ads under the cover you see were also used as argument.  Excerpt from one of the 6 little blurbs on this: Wil je op de een of andere manier van een koran af, dan moet hij volgens de islamitische wet worden verbrand, begraven of in snel stromend water worden gegooid. Maar een einde op de grond, onbeschermd tegen ongelovige voeten, of in een vuilnisbak, dat kan echt niet. - - Translation: Do you want to get rid of the Koran in a different way, it must be burned says the islam law, buried, or thrown in rapid waters (fat chance in most desert countries). But thrown on the ground, unprotected against infidel feet or in a trash can, that cannot be done (rich irony here, trash can burning has been the fuse lighting veritable riots in A'dam more than once).   Lest yee all too whities feel gleeful about this comment I urge you to check-n-temper that with my most recent prfr: 148K on Columbus (recently posted here) and another one on thanksgiving (recently linked here).

"Janus Iapetus" <> wrote: WTF are you on? =|+|= Coffee and tobacco are the strongest stimulants I use; apples my favorite, definitely. =|+|= Is this some kind of newspeak thing? =|+|=  My brain shuts down whenever I try to read your site. Are you fucking retarded? Your site has no structure of might have just as well mixed up pages of the phone book and scanned them in. =|+|=  If you can't write in coherant english, don't fucking try to. =|+|= Can you give an example of what you call coo he rant? I might be able to parody it. Or do you mean this sort of unproductive complaining to stand in for what you seem to consider universally acknowledged 'coheRANT' english????  (Ps: nice fuck up there son).

93996 Bin Laden learned from the left (indicting Heidegger, Frantz Fanon, Foucault and Hardt Negri as postmodern waypavers for terror); I go (5th comment):  sumtin gotta give no? Saturn opposite pluto for months at a time? You either come up with  hi-tec automimizin rockmisters for big boys to break their balls showin off with (a little education  for the we cur sex on the side usefull purhips? Pregreenin' prime termite behaviour induced deserts any one? anytime soon?).  Heidegger with his 'sein' (being) happened to drop the crossroad letter T in all his similes (stein means stone). -------- 8th comment: Read Spinoza (english)  by freed_is_good 2:54pm Thu Nov 22 '01  The work of Negri and Hardt stems for the most part from Spinoza's philosophy, not from the twentieth century French thinkers named in the above article.  The prescriptions of contemporary liberals for progress and freedom also owe a great deal to Spinoza.  So the two descendants of Spinoza are fighting it out.  There's one thing I like about Negri, which the other side lacks. Negri doesn't pretend he has the high moral ground. Truth is, in power struggles, there is no high moral ground. Let's expose the empty pretence of the self-appointed champions of 'modernity'. Their concept of modernity is a pacifier I spat out long ago. On with the struggle.

about the pro-, semi- and anti sumbodites

94329  defuse anti-any- into an ante-everything  =|+|= summary:  In the key of thee oh mighty rock chewzer; fandom after any fashion of fanaticism (A mean post-) welcome. =|+|= First: 3 comments from an item that inspired me to write this item  94067 The chosen people (quoting Benjamin Franklin on jews)  3rd, 4th and 5th comment: Quit Reposting This Bullshit (english) by sick of you 12:16pm Thu Nov 22 '01 Why do you keep posting the same stupid article, over and over and over? Once was more than enough... -------- definitely not a repeat (english) by piet 12:26pm Thu Nov 22 '01 I agree things should not be posted again and again (try a search first and use the item numbers as referrals; whatever else we can moan about Bobby for he has that down pretty good). Speaking of searches, just to try to redeem the spirit of the poster somewhat I shall now add a few links which a search has told me have not appeared here yet. It is the first page of hits at google: Kevin MacDonald. For course material for PSY 3461, PSY 361HD, and PSY 463 , click here: Professor ... Description: Course information and information on books about Judaism from an Evolutionary Perspective and papers... Category: Science > Biology > Sociobiology > Evolutionary Psychology > Academic Programs - 11k ------------- If all else fails check on  for the more up to date troubles in paradise  =|+|= some (80) goooooooogelies later (english) by piet 1:59pm Thu Nov 22 '01 make sure you choose carefully when selecting which constellation to lend your cloud, impersonate, represent and allow to sway-a-waft you onward. this is a post from the sacredlandscapelist group at yahoo: Hi, Mark - I'm sending this to you and to the SL list, to give them a flavor for what's going on in the magic squares research. I've finished part 1 of cammann on Islamic and Indian magic squares.

 Come along you anti- and semi(-sem)s, lemme get on your good side (I wanna call it mine and turn it's bad into a dab); you clinch-clash classes and clutterbugs. Time to close an opening deal here. ---xxx--- WTO = World Termite Order ---xxx--- Eb and Flow = gone Global / globally Gone ---xxx--- No chance without choice ---xxx--- Our God says 'this is the way' Frank Zappa---xxx--- You ain't humble till you crumble some cumbersome  ---xxx--- Rock of ages unpent pensievese ---xxx--- Our pissing post prodicalls mercurio-morphs (check the ape-index below); we were driven from our homes and mad as hell but on our way back there we caught a wander bug and by the time we did we could hardly find it, so great were its changes. We have reason to be jealously zealous about our women (allow only some very select ((extremely rich)) to have any) for they are beautiful. We keep 'm happy with children early and plentiful too. A yearning for learning is forgone and projected on their brood. However, when it comes down to their well deserved supremacy we find it is still co-opted by the effete guys who can keep themselves sharp and on their toes once the sexual urge is out of the way as soon as possible (don't fight it, don't indulge it chronically but drain it effectively). No the string pulling position is for us homeless arms monies boys, our money toy boys. As long as the Orthodox core is in control, hybrids will decoy, financial innovation can be milked. We stimulate multicult-cull-c-alteriorities not from the fondness for others and willingness to share exile or any goodness of hearts but to cover and camouflage our initiative and stand outing: stir up trouble with strangerness (just pay the mercenaries at levels above those of inflicted miseries et voila assurance of recruits and selfperpetuation; if you can't fight 'm, buy 'm). The blend in effect is an eyewash for the gullible, political ammo;a mere ostensible one in our case (our fructifying results in wholly new needs, deeds and greeds, in reality it only serves to exacerbate the contrast). In absence of an ultra-orthodox core with world wide ambitions, the mix disorients, unmoors and throws cultures, customs and heritage into a turbulent shallows of confusions wherein the gauntlet chops a lot closer around you and leaves little line-ups affording glimpses, openings, trust, confidence and hearteningly familiar vistas out. We Babel's masterminders are a termite's wet dream and still around,  still pledgin' allegiance to an anchor which keeps pace with the ephemeralization of our own identity since the abortion of Babblin' Brook evaporating Bigdick has dispersed us. This has payed off in spades to the point of being the motor of innovation,  the long foretold leaven in human life (some genes are gonna be more dominant than others, can't be all be the sparrows among birds can we?).  The formula: sit in on all the hottest flash TAXING target practisin' and related rapid fires.    ---xxx--- Educate? addjewcatering!  ---xxx--- Liberate? Liebe Leben, Lob u Leib ratering ---xxx--- Interlude: 94292 wherein someone objects to daveduke posts; I go: I'll be the first to respect (and even dig) space for you to 'do' in but this is not ideal. On the contrary Angie, you are the one taking up the wrong space; this should have been a comment to the dukey post don't you think? Watch for a post starting in the duke vein to ever so gradually dissolve in an all-n-cross-creation implication of the shem-shaun / jew - palestine / peacenik-soldier sew-a-seeing the place goes to hell in a bandhacksit. Tentative title: What a jew has to be thankful and held responsible for. Clue: Hybrids like me-n-you of course.  PS: 'fix it, now' (your words)  is sooooooo juvenile protest impatient yellish, immature 'activist'. Ps2: there seems to be some confusion about Jewish time and place (check the review of 'it's about time' an award winning documentary, further indy18.htm)     ---------- resumption: The wander wounds bleed and lead to exploitative trade (environmental devastation =Gold), spices, silk, precious stone, wood, hey, coal, oil, gas, nukes, chips (but not chops, too lowly, sensual and common), a sense of superiority (God for short), zap-cap and finally apocalyptic (=ecological) breakdown. ------ Perhaps the mechanically low tolerance, tight, hi-metabolism transmogrification of power (puer suit) pursuit is truly  without peer or pedigree and the absurdly disfunctional (the IDFA here in A'dam now shows a documentary of 2 old jewish ladies fighting until an outsider 'meddles' which turns 'm into a united front) is perhaps merely blamed for it to strengthen the effect and bycause of the greatest possible gradient sorts of contrast associations one makes to emphatically anyhow if not guarding against it all all times.  The only fault-finding left with any hopes for sorting effect are those that do so with oneself most fearlessly enough to instill-stall admirations and pedestal on puttery of most compromised (crum pil-pul) event-chains, inventions, most voluntarily ones foremost and on down the volitionless but tenacious volubility of this rock in space's revalidating, prevail-o-slating revolutions. Remember, by now, all of us are schizophrenic; the desert does it even from a distance.

--Ape-index-- Barry Rene DeCicco wrote: That reminds me - anybody got a derogatory nickname for the Review? On another forum, somebody came up with Wall Street Urinal, for the WSJ. -----Doug wrote: That's not fair! The news pages are among the best in U.S. journalism. The front page is a daily masterpiece. Doug  ---- Yeah, but (IMHO) the sheer damage done to our country and world by the editorial page counters the rest of the paper. I really have a problem with them - I'd love to talk with a real reporter from that paper, and ask them what it's like to work there. Barry 

the only comment: correctibles core acted: <<I incorporated the mistakes>> and added: If there are any of you who would prefer to quote me out of context, kindly choose the following line for best effect nad pith: As long as the Orthodox core is in control, hybrids will decoy, financial innovation can be milked. your comp trollore tendererer rarrar wooof waf blaf blief

95642 (all text in this black table posted at this item; no comments): What can I say, ama runnin' some rap hits: Steiner, giants, jewish burial grounds and roots, documentaries about music, recent posts .. . .. what was the number of that genetic comparison of Palestinians and Jews?????  94329follow up "spinoza 'israeli time', genocide, etc -----  first, some related items and links which came by in the meantime: 44256 - on the single jewish WTC victim (out of a potential 4000)  ------ (glorifying some abstract shit staight from the holehellhitself) ------ 94737 about jewish roots in the middle east (probing palestine for them in a shallow sorta way) (refers to Uri Avnery so can't be all bad) --------

95214 on jews in media ---- last item ((remained unbecommented)) was by a frequent poster this third nov week .... and so is somebody who likes or makes this site: from where a looooong rant was copy/pasted ; I go: take it easy buster (english) by piet 7:47am Sun Nov 25 '01 are you afraid your website is going under or something? Indy don't have to become a mirror for every file that won't draw viewers in its own right does it? Just a gist and a URL will do pal, thanks! That is a handful from you in a few days. Don't hog it or clog it OK? ----------- We didn't post this (english) by jj 8:14am Sun Nov 25 '01 We here at jewishtribalreview. org DID NOT post this. Our policy is merely to post short articles or small collections of facts and let people decide if they wish to investigate further to our link. We agree with the former complaint. This INDY forum shouldn't be clogged with large postings. People are interested in visiting us or not. ------ Jews on our side, even mostly anti-zionist (english) by Russ Feingold fan 8:16am Sun Nov 25 '01 You're postin' on the wrong site pal. Jews almost always vote liberal-secularist, and provide a needed leverage against all the christian fundie kooks out there. -------  "Our side" (english) by jj 8:29am Sun Nov 25 '01 Mr. Feingold, your observations are debateable. Suffice it to say that the Democratic Party, especially, has been coopted by the Zionist movement. When Larry Grossman, the head of AIPAC, became chairman of the Democratic National Party in 1997 you find American Democratic activism and support for Israel the same thing. (The above excerpt, by the way, is only part of the piece. It's much bigger). ------- jj's dark side (english) by Feingold supporter 8:42am Sun Nov 25 '01 jj, I assume *your side* are federal cointelpro hacks or neonazi kooks (the two groups often overlap). I can tell by your post that your gripe is with Jews in general, and not Zionism in particular, since most Jews are not zionists. --------- That's why the Libs... (english) by LearnNewScience! 8:51am Sun Nov 25 '01 ...have turned into Fascist Hawks Russ! - Having "committed" to BANKRUPT science viewpoints like BioTech; most REFUSE to face the new situation - being historically grounded in TRADE - whether pro OR con! - We need Fuel-Less "Fuel-Cell" Hybrids - or this planet is headed towards quick total death: city, "alienated from nature" types, have such hardened "defenses", they continue to "pooh-poo" this long after emergency signs have manifested! "Country" types, don't know enough science to be aware of the possibilities - all they can do is build simple mechanics windmills to generate PURELY PERSONAL electrical power! - BioTech has LIED: it is a SELF-DEFEATING weapon system! WORSE YIELDS: LYING ABOUT "SUBSIDIES"; LYING ABOUT "It's just the same as high-breeding"; LYING ABOUT DANGERS - its' worse than mass-murder - its' mass-suicide! Jewish opinion-leaders are treating this young public like fools - by injecting false claims and non-facts into their brains! BASIC CHANGES ARE NECESSARY - and comfortable corporate-types just don't want to make the effort! Disasters are upon us all - and the ignorant political community, and their corrupt AND ignorant corporate "scientific" advisors, are stuck in LAST YEARS SCIENCE! NO neo-colonial trade system has anything to offer foreign people now: EXCEPT MASS-DEATH! - Unless they wake up PRONTO; the "leaders" (Princely-Jewish "Babylonian" faction???), of this generation - will be "leading" their people into the WORST PERSECUTION in Jewish history! - No more "Business as usual" - this is the time to take giant steps to a new fuel-less, ORGANIC, world society!!! 100% cut in emissions by 2012! ------- I beg to differ (english) by jj 9:37am Sun Nov 25 '01 Mr. Feingold, What is your evidence that we are "neo-Nazi kooks?" You're spewing garbage. The Jewish community made be sacred to you, and spared from much-merited criticism, but they're not sacred to us. Any power elite merits criticism. We are stuck in all this war/terrorism business because this country has been commandeered by a Zionist fanaticism that is dangerous to everyone. MOST Jews are Zionists, not just in America, but throughout the world, and we have bibliographic citations about that fact. You may quibble about whether they are "card-carrying" Zionists or not (most are not "card carrying"), but Jewish American support for Israel is overwhelming. (The citations about this are at our site). ----- Forget anything? (english) by Macadamnut 11:53am Sun Nov 25 '01 Dear jj: Don't forget all the kidnappings of Gentile children to get blood for Jewish Black Mass. Oi vey.

94929 (+7), the poster goes: "Israel is not for sale". That's rich, one of the innovative claims in the OT is the fact that Abraham did the unheard of thing (no not putting a stop to human sacrifice, something Graves admired them for but he would with his fixation on the life and death of animate matter as opposed to more passive kinds) of buying a burial ground. An innovation.  ---- 

94899 be more jewish, believe in jesus --- the old testesmint refers to the race (english)  by purantpiet 4:41am Sun Nov 25 '01  would you trade one person for a whole race?  yeah sure if he was god hisself (in which fiction they manage to maintain pertinent disbelief) but the jews are never fooled to busy fooling to face. . .. ..  You can personify for fun or for serious, flippantly or emphatically; I say jews are an attitude not a people, or a race, nor a habit or even a disease. a switchflip sets things rite. Stances will change circum cummin in cummin in cummin in to the fold. . ..  Ps: check the quote of Nietzsche on the diff between old and new testament here: Ps lots more in the indymediasamples.htm file. I am checking out some documentaries at a festival and wrote you a review but used the wrong adress and I didn't lget a copy; the site is pretty flakey 

95185 (+ 11, mine in the middle):  by piet 7:32am Sun Nov 25 '01  a documentary at the idfa (a documentary festival with a constant stream of them from all over the world for a week in about 15 locations) called "it's about time" shows a bunch of Israeli's (they aimed for a mix but, as one perspicuous watcher was to ask reasons for from the makestess after the screening, did not include any Arab Israeli's; reason given: 'couldn't find any', but they did spend 13 months on editing what they did 'find').   Anyway I can't really say more cause I was too late to really watch it but will catch it's next screening.  It seems to have carried of the highest prize at a jeruzalem festival (people seem to have a taste for and reward stuff with arabs blocked and blacked out, they at best don't penalize such elements in movie, perhaps it won in part due to it's attempt to be Joycean, screw with time and location 'experimentally'. 

 .'Israeli time' reflections picks up further down in this lightgreen colour >>>

The IDFA (international documentary festival Amsterdam: magazine (by VN) referred to a site I had not visited yet: slash sibling; click the pic) which seems to be a good one and this pic is gripping enough I should think -------- The IDFA festival has a leg called: (curiously enough, the latter don't even link to their host but fill a big room with a treasure hunt like walk-through installation); their site is original but rather a pain in some ways, not least of which is the wide selection of links they allow you to peruse (only onsite links work and only a small percentage of which have much to do with documentaries and many don't work yet nor did I manage to get to see any clips and sound only with difficulty). These links are crammed into a totally unreadable (small) font point untill you answer a lot of questions which enlarges some but pushes most out thus narrowing your selection(,,, and seem to be the sorta puzzling sites they prefer)(talk about shooting your self in the foot as soon as you open your mouth; getting limbs cut off seems to be sorta the spirit of the infodambreak reaction but is that their point and painful way to show it????). (don't be startled when they start off eviscerating ((hiding)) your browser control). ------- year zero (

I went to see 'soldiers of music' about a somewhat pompous but honest pair of formerly celebrated public figures of Russian concert halls; they got exiled for daring to defend solszenitsjin (sorry about that spelling) and admiring sachorov(I got the distinct feeling slava the hero admires the latter partly due to a resemblance and not only for inventing deadly stuff and then repenting);the theatre's air circulation was stalled and I came away with a headache. There were some impressive moments in the movie watching the man conduct what appears to have been Grieg (he admires shostakovich and prokovief most he says). It's funny how the biggest opera diva of the times married this unassuming cello player after a three day acquaintance.  A little later I saw 'Freedom Highway' by Philip King who himself sang a song afterwards and showed me my first sight ever of a very alive Pete Seeger (whom I know best from listening to, a still very fit man in his eighties along with the famous Robeson (the riots in Peekeskill NY woven into the ((especially for a Dutchman, gripping)) story 'World's End' by T Coraghesan Boyle). King's point is that music may be the best munition of all in political struggles and booklover though I am, he may be right. Crowd-appeal will carry the day over well stocked libraries unless. . .. .(my ideas on libraries' true function and ((political)) potential is written up elsewhere around here). King shows some fine people from Emmilou Harris, Country Joe (and a one two three what are we fightin' for), Tom Waits, U2 AnidiFranco and many more artists, Irish and especially South Africans ones like Hugh Masekela and a pioneer black classical music intructor.

Spinoza's statism

The maker of 'Israeli time' showing (well claiming to anyway) "It's about time" says that the Intifadah busted this process (of pretending Arabs do not exist apparently). Her point would seem to imply also that there must be such a thing as Israeli place to go with the time piece process.  95185 + 11, mine in the middle:  by piet 7:32am Sun Nov 25 '01  a documentary at the idfa (a documentary festival with a constant stream of them from all over the world for a week in about 15 locations) called "it's about time" shows a bunch of Israeli's (they aimed for a mix but, as one perspicuous watcher was to ask reasons for from the makestess after the screening, did not include any Arab Israeli's; reason given: 'couldn't find any', but they did spend 13 months on editing what they did 'find').   Anyway I can't really say more cause I was too late to really watch it but will catch it's next screening.  It seems to have carried of the highest prize at a jeruzalem festival (people seem to have a taste for and reward stuff with arabs blocked and blacked out, they at best don't penalize such elements in movie, perhaps it won in part due to it's attempt to be Joycean, screw with time and location 'experimentally'. --------  I arrived too late to see the screening but the comments out of the makers mouth might be the best warning and waryness arousing preparation to catch the next one in this week long barrage of a handful to choose from every few hours, so watch this space for more news.  --------- As it was I had just seen in the very same theater about pbc (palestine broadcast corp), an intimate look at and along with the directors and some reporters as they rush from one emergency and roadblock to another. By rare change the director's very neighbourhood got bombed to the point of leaving him with a view where there was none but no windows left in one piece. He remains pretty stoic throughout. By the way, the F-16 with which this, as they all are, barbaric bombardment was carried out is in all probability paid at least in part by the government and people of yours truly who overlook the faults of God's very own people as much as this latter litter letters laws like the ones pronouncing the holocaust they suffered an unsurpassable, unequaled, indisputably untouchable epitomy of genocide. Amen. Sela, etcetera (most used word in the UN's writs concerning foods, hence is changing to etc-group). But did they suffer it to the extent they claim they did? I think they have seen many of 'm coming, even positively provoked (not to mention perpetrated) them (leaving the weak and unfit behind as an alibi offering sacrifice to find and free 'israeli time' I expect), thinking that throwing up and taking hurdles is a way to keep fit, filter them from the un; cause they are not racists on this score in the way they were once said to be in the money field; it's every clan a match for the next and each for their selves as it was. They seem to actually enjoy the invigorating rapids, gauntlets, wilderness wander years (much like an appetite sharpener stretching the measure of succes, the feast can be flaunted afresh; note the jewish sanatoria upstate NY where the big 'wait out your jade' has been a traditional money spinner; I expect 'the road to welville' was inspired on this part of catholic health fads). So the winnowing, trim and cull serves the vigor of the race and that goes as much without saying as the New Testament, a graft that never took in the Jewish Mind, nor in Palast Wind for that matter. Jews are no longer unique users of this tactic but they had an unfair headstart in taking to wandering as a means to renewal and a test for their ambition which proved so highly infectious that it has provided them with the best cover but hardly any competition cause. . .. lemme illustrate with a story: Native Americans of the asiatic type beat back and downed a race of giants (according to the makers of has greatly expanded since I last visited here is a quote: Modern man, the world eater, respects no space and no thing green or furred as sacred. The march of the machines has entered his blood.  Loren Elseley, anthropologist, The Invisible Pyramid))a site we do not find till 45th googlie when using 'serpent mounds'; semi interesting find on the way there:, they went close to all the way down and out themselves due to those giving heed, feed and filling need of the pompous, clumsy and vain attempts at catching up to jewish cunning even while relying on the latter who figured it was all theirs by nature. By NATURE? Yes, a jew is as statist by nature as was Spinoza. -------- For those of you who expressed doubt there is sufficient reason for dwelling on Israeli, Jews and related attitudes I implore you to listen to OBL who voices what is important in terms of undesirably global reaches without even implying his own provocations could possibly cause him to take any blaim(thus proving the kettle-pot dichotomy is still as watertight and oblivious to the truths in unstably dynamic consequences as ever).  And now to conclude: a word about censorship, plagiarism, will to pledge secrecy to power, patents and encryption ---- How truly Shimmy-Shiny the Tenen vs Winter case is can and must by the same token be placed beyond doubt. Both concern themselves with ancient mysteries, even compete over them unto death and or exile it seems..... ---- at the moment Dan's site is wiped out; his masterlinklist<<<SACRED GEOMETRY - Master Host KeyLinks Directory - World ... ... Google is not affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its content. These search terms have been highlighted: dan, winter, masterlinks. ... - 42k >>><<<??? ???? ???? WTF ???? Did you see that line????? Do they know something I don't. Who's orders are those ???? ????>>>was rescued from the temporary google cache and give refuge here .. . .within the hour of finishing this lightblue parentthesis content I find the citation in purple ??? Hey look I can do better than that I allow sun water and veggies to throw themselves at me and am not to be held responsible for the state they find themselves in bycause of it. Got that? OK . .. . .Oh wait a minute it is just athe cache text ppfui, had a paranoid minute there ---- matter how much he may have inspired Tenen to get one going. While Dan on the other hand also inspired Ufologoids, detective thrill seekers, science and poetry blend lovers tremendously, the true import and pity of his tennant lies, I feel, in his sell out to technology, which seems to be a funny thing to say since he denounces it repeatedly and emphatically (such as his denunciation of using certain forms of gold as a mechanical immortality pill rather than trying for hands free spiritual means; the point being that he posits the possibility as real, first lending credence to it only to denounce it). You can't at the same time profess to disapprove of (being behind Bush on starting) star shipper shoppers on the basis of a purport(ion?) to posses proof of its failure (that's a position not a deposition).  By the way Dan, I won't forgive you for coming to Holland and not 'share' . ..  but nobodies need me to defend / expose / soulwrench them though I better not start at random, that's a top-Nazi mistake (Hitler and who else? Who cares? Unfortunately some of this disgusting lot isn't even dead yet), they should have started a lot lower than the lowly straggle jews ((haggly waggly ones being too quick for them)), that belied their own Blut and Boden profession making them just as unlovely as all post tribal peoples). ------ still links to his old site and some psychedelic stuff ---- does updates but hasn't been to dan's for a while apparantly (they point to some wild visuals ----- another guy with all the stocks and troubles of the trade with some online booklength stuff: the heart of soul healing ----- possibly one of the biggest files by Dan out on the net now  ------ 2 seconds later: Oh fuck, they have it all on again; Dan ain't been sitting still!!!!!!!!  ---- at discussion someone goes: Mcarthyism is back -- I go: so is Dan's site: I dunno if I should 'share,' after all, Dan don't 'share' with me so much these days and he can damn well be his own town cryer of course.Anyway I am happy it's back and pretty too. maybe I will tell you. Make the effort worth my while. The next portion of this post was cut off but can be found in its entirety below (a repost of the one at the dutch indy). - Psychedelic instructions <<posted the soulinvitation event hap'nin' taday the 27th wherein mention of Lawrence Edwards' assistent co-presenting with Dan Winter is an anthroposoph>>:  I stuck the announcement for Dan's 35 guilder costin presentation in Baarn the 27th up at the Dutch indy (not on the same server ((but/ and so they sure as hell should be on all the indy linklists no???)) luckily)  and got this answer: Anthroposophy and "racial" "science" by squirrel   Unfortunately, the "Anthroposophy" of Rudolf Steiner is rather questionable from both a scientific, and an anti-racist view. See  --------   thereupon I go: Steiner is neither racist nor scientific. . . . . in any conventional sense of the term . .. . .psychedelicosis can lay rightful claim to his heritage, metaphors mostly  (well hidden in dull circumspect prose) is all he gave and oh yeah, a stir here and there, still causing those and if you go buy any stuff in health food shops around holland, chances are very high you support BD, a derivative of Anthroposophy, much higher than buying similar stuff from Swiss, Austrian or German hfs. I personally much prefer bio-organisch (they use rockdust and not just homeopathically but quid pro quo). ---- Steiner's fairy tales about people being amorphously afloat/adrift refer to primordial times (comparable to womb like, relatively weightless conditions) when there were hardly any lumps in the soup yet let alone stirring ones; the swirls of procreative juices are nevertheless and always distinctly racial and racially distinct if you insist on raising the issue (like palestinians and jews are not according to recently censored research) but in this case it goes further than that, namely into species and specialisms (is that a suspect and nono too?); I should think not, using a computer is pretty damn special not to say privileged. For a fresh treatment of Steiner see William Irwin Thompson's latest; he compares a number of people and ancient writs in his usual way.  Pages/witbktoc.htm#cb tables of content for all his books; here the one referred to: Coming into Being: Artifacts and Texts in the Evolution of Consciousness (1996)   1. Our Contemporary Predicament and Our Present Evolution of Consciousness   2. The Past Evolution of Consciousness: From Spirochete to Spinal Chord   3. Science and the Construction of Mythic Narratives about Human Origins   4. Weird Myths about Human Origins as Expressive of the Evolution of Consciousness from the Territorial Nation-State to Global Noetic Polities:The Strange Cases of Zecharia Sitchin and Rudolf Steiner   5. Prehistoric Sculptures: The Body as the Story of Time  6. From Prehistoric Sculpture to Folktale to Civilized Literature  7. The Hero versus the Initiate in the Masculine Encounter with Death: A Comparison of Osiris and Gilgamesh   8. The Patriarchal Construction of Culture and the  Reimagination of the Female Body: A Comparison of the Enuma Elish and the Rig Veda   9. The Shift from the Arithmetic to the Geometric Mentality: Another Look at the Biblical Story of Samson and Delilah  10. The Alliance of the Animal and the Human in the Expulsion of the Demonic from the Physical World: A Consideration of the Ramayana  11. The Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita: The Emergence and Articulation of the Higher Self   12.The Road Not Taken: Chaos Dynamics and the Cosmic Feminine in the Tao Te Ching  ----- Essays diagrams and more at the same site. ---------- 26.11.2001 18:34   I am not a vehement defender of Steiner at all; besides the  organic ag issue, I base my opinion on a short account of Theodor Lessing (someone I DO admire lots and safely since hardly anyone wants to remember him) meeting him and being made an unfavorable impression upon by Steiner vascillation if I remember correctly; as for genocide and such, I am just writing about that at greater length (than here) and can give you an example: claims giants once lived all over the east side of the states but were wiped out by a smaller man .. . . I <oops> this item cut off here in the black box contained item at indy-main above (by mistake), there was a little more to it: I mean by definition we all have blood on our hands with ancestors who went through stages with rages against those who thought they were food or in the way thereof; being alive belabours the point that you are  holding the long end of a stick on an iceberg filled with just as countless, unknown and irretrievably large a number of ruthless and ravenous but in turn gobbled up or knocked off species.   I am aware of the offending passages in Steiner´s work and that´s why I thought to add this, just so you know I know what you refer to. - I just wonder........ 27.11.2001 00:42 what an article about all this is doing on this site anyway. I don´t understand what it is about, Vortexes, projective and sacred geometry, and psychedellic instructions?  Sorry, but you have to explain what this is all about, what you want to communicate, give some personal explanation why you post this or write some language everybody can understand.  Otherwise you might as well post in on a medical site, or a new-age-site, or on a site where people understand what you write. justareader  Homepage: ----------- Me  27.11.2001 11:14 - people don´t take the trouble to figure my musings anywhere (give or take a rare exception or two) so it doesn´t matter where I post.  I will say this: it took me loooong time to digest the first little snatches of  sustenance from Dan Winter´s writings (I have known his work since 86 but there were always snippets that stuck took, did a rootshoot and are part of my frame of permanent reference.  That this does not mean I am not severely critical of the what I think are flaws and dark sides in his ´system´ and method, as you can see from my last indy file: /Indymediasamples.htm) -----    ------- Post script: this illustrates the reason why I don't like the simpos site, they throw the baby away with the bath water and to be safe they do it consistently I will give them that, but this is one within that small percentage where they do so unwarranted. By the way, this outfit seems siblinked to:


96300 tsjee-p-rint-h-ready reads, heavy content  by piet 10:03am Tue Nov 27 '01 -  to cut down on eyesorry and meterrrrrrunny, come get the margin to margin to margin serious selection (the fresh and ephemeral covering for and hopefully luring to) the more permanently valid and money's worth issues. The latest: /27-11-reads.htm = 213K; comes to 20 pages (with the Uva UB printer settings; euro A4)

97351  Guardian: 'Justice in the dust'; I go: Care to choose less gruesome connotations dust and just can carry???  music, mud and ministry; innovative instewmentality     ... walk this trail quite just, our monstrations fall below ... dance of lustfully busted dust made from utterly unclutteranced ... see what else poetpiet can puzzle you ...  /mimed_glacier_milk_music_and_ministry.htm - 83k     The thrill and tittilation of horror appeals to off balance consumerism but if rock is a very dense and passive sumthing which loses compression when made into dust we couldashould take a care this is done in trade compression gain where not a surfeit but a lack registers. ---- I'll leave you with one clue, the comparatively small Dutch team won the solar car race in Oz this year. Yip!

Lemme get back to the documentary festival I was on about in the last issue. I can now present a report on the one that took high accolades and prizes on 'home turf': Jerusalem. I finally saw it after a hurried intro by the makestress on her way to the airport, 'palestinians are depicted as humans and not as israeli', whatever that means; it was a harangue, breathless, takings of the latter edited out along with Arab Israeli (none have citizenship??? 'Couldn't find any' was the makestress her excuse who chose to spend over year editing instead); they show decadent living and the talk vascillates from the pettily personal and minimally subjective to the tastelessly abstract; some examples: at first there is a stress on uniqueness seeming all the more chronic for being strung together from all participant's words (don't they agree nicely about setting themselves apart? How wonderful for them). Then the suddenness of statehood comes in for very special mention on top of that (weren't jews famous for their talent to make themselves usefull to governments for centuries? None of them made it to Israel?). Next the A'dam disease of opening and closing roadways in rapid succesion to install utilities one at a time. The next section makes me believe they all impersonate flash capital, the mechanism of which seems to have gone to their heads. Now it is a smooth development to mention the flash booms, give a voice to the excluded, time flattened in no time flat.  The only word I understood was motivatie for which there must not be a Hebrew one.

Lemme tell you about another documentary, the maker of which was impressed with the Moscow Subway (Metro) and indeed it is palacial and museum like on the first floor down but if you go down the 6, 7 and more tunnel stories, a more and more oppresive faith in hell easily grows apace. Built with the Stalinist forces of solidarity but they are gone and now money talks (djingle the djenge or else). The spiderlegs of this megalomania, malodorous metro network flattens into a neat rainbow coloured sprawl on a map but if you read Gravity's rainbow and never could get much of a picture of the subterranean Penemuende rocket factories, you should go see 'Under Moscow' by  Leo de Boer (49 minutes, includes lots of old footage. A former functionary bemourns the death of the collective spirit and relates that you would be put away for 10 years if you so much as cracked a joke about the deified top alpha anal perv ((Stalin who had a private line and ways to blow up parts of the city by way of the 'network')) back then).

The IDFA festival magazine (by VN) referred to a site I had not visited yet: (a slash sibling; click the pic) which seems to be a good one and this pic is gripping enough I should think (more reviews of docs I have seen in indy19.htm).

95424  HEY!!!! Somebody mentions Theodor Lessing in a comment on a partial (but plenny long) list of publicly known personalities accused of anti-semitism (by +6; 95881 + 12)

the webmaster is prone to going off on a formulaic logic boosted, extrapolatory excursion splurge with his own certain fact derived rhetoric and undeniable truth extracted premises, as I have been able to determine from finally reading the prfr with some epilogue or other I chose from his site at random. I do have to and herewith thank him for mentioning Julius Carlebach book 'Karl Marx and the radical critique of judaism', from the reading of whose work flows the following: Have also read jj's comment on T Lessing ((the item that begins this secton; I studied the man in depth)) meanwhile (did not really render a picture of the man in any way similar to my efforts). A day later I find out jj was quoting from mentioned volume, wherein a further quote from Lessing: 'call people dogs long enough and they will start acting like 'm'. Halfway to this quote from the last third of the book is another amusing anecdote involving dogs and jews: 1843, Ruge (who called Marx an 'insolent jew') in a letter to Bernay (who was, like Marx in favor of emancipation, the latter reasoned this was the solution since everybody had gone jewish (('anti-social')) anyway): ' .. . In Dresden there was park called Bruehl garden which was surrounded by a high wall with only one guarded entrance. . . . .Jews and dogs were never admitted. One day a general's wife arrived with a dog in her arms, but the sentry would not let her enter. Furiously, she complained to her husband, woh issued an order lifting the restrictions on dogs. Thereupon the Jews complained and asked for equal rights with dogs. The general was greatly embarrassed. To rescind his instructions admitting dogs would incur the wrath of his wife and his friends, while the jews would create a great rumpus if the equality with dogs which they had enjoyed throughout the middle ages were to be denied them in the nineteenth century. The general on his own responsibility decided to allow admission to jews as well as dogs. ----  This whole book is worth a look but takes a little getting used to with all its multipolar and reversible projections, catch-uppals, inversions and what nots but enough fact is strewn throughout to make for spicy reading. --- I find jj's posts a welcome relief, though attaching his (?) provocative gif (A jewish women site (NCJW) article about prostitution gets it too) inevitably draws many an angry comment. I guess though too that lots of people do agree that nazism SOMETIMES (under certain conditions) WAS/IS a mirror inversion of Zionism and vica versa. (When will people post about the nazionists????? tell-yell you what, that'll be my next sig!!!!!!) --- Here we go at an appropriate, but as it turns out volatile location: 99409 by jj complaining of censorship; I go my go: peertopeerpostage by nazionistapjotrBLOODY BLOODY, my 20 line comment was hidden in the few minutes between a succesful upload and realizing I hadn't copied it yet. .. . Oh but I already had the number (still don't know how to get to hidden articles quick), here is my text: You claim censorship and allege/assert"Because these articles state bluntly the facts of Jewish/Zionist influence, and the usual pressures have been applied to make even this "open" public forum shrivel to the Thought Police." -------I think I have good news for you: Indy is unshrivably shrivel resistant    .. and some bad news too: people probably perceive your posting frequency as registering in the spam/ overzealous/ allergy arousing range; one must guard against becoming what one loves to hate and fearing what one is to the point of blindness. It's easy, everybody gets too close to fire at least once (fire walkers may be a special case of dark magic but I don't want to get into that now), this is supposed to be an international wire and pretty damn busy as it is with 'mere' americanae. ---  Just too sooth your raw soul I will paste me latest (to be gawked at in live technique olor at the link of course): <<<all of the above in this section (before the <b>) went here and then somebody else called monkey got a lick in too before the post disappeared (or maybe after that come to think of it) with some prattle about overextension and being guilty of collectivizing guiltrips>>>

97980 (similar to 98098 ((where both extremes and the excluded besides timid middle all make an appearance)) and quite a few more lately), sports a sensible take on the barrage of posts(all ((similarly)) extreme responses generating) by (amongst others) jj

99963 jj posts editorial by the Sun; my go: by piet 9:01am Tue Dec 4 '01 As a base line and ground tone this sentiment is sound but let us now try see where the fractures in this (af)front are (after some preliminary remarks): A review of all posts that have made various kinds of distinctions along racial lines and atttempts thereat have been, on the whole, I think it is fair to say, unfavorably received. But though dutch elm is a tree like any other has it received treatment and regard equal to fellow way farers in it's genus? ------ Jews are especiall problematic to nominate and/or denominate as a race bycause their blood ranges from the most no longer recognizable as traditional, and so, new mixtures to the most hardcore, petrified yet smell em' from a mile away, suffer from them halfway around the world sort a specimenaces. OK, that said, I want to try gain a little few footholds beyond this argument where Marx got stuck. ------ What many admittedly sound admonishmental aims turn out an attempt at conveying is: please don't make all to blunt, blendyblindbland generalizations where unwarranted and to the exclusion of deviations; this is a generic and soundly bordercrossably applicable qualification to be employed wherever all too broad a brush stroke is made. ---- Now back to the post-digest; as I said my impression these cautions have sounded overabundantly when it came to denounce the passage of judgment on the supposedly crux and culprit covering concept 'jew' but not once, by my knowledge has there been much of an attempt to rescue (not just the dew trodding jew) but say . .. . .the salvagable and precious components subsumed under the word . .. .CAPITALISM!!!!

jj links to the site, which is one of those 'shut down' (instead of engage in dialogue) dis, dat or dee odder (a tory meet in this case). Well, how blatantly out in the open split does one need to get before people realize consistency is monopolized by hard rock????????

98996 some resolutions up for adoption ---  my comment: eat the cabbage and spare the goat? Can't have it both ways on the big stage boy. If you hope for widespread adoptation you must either stick out your neck along with all the trappings and identities attached and brace for inevitable post fame demise and defamation (listing undeserved praise and abuses you couldn't prevent) or settle for post-humous versions.  It strikes me as odd to go by a trendy 'anonymous' but the solution summation (very good by the way but sober in the way pipe dreams are not, usually) has a plain and straight forward sig at the bottom. What gives? is a Canadian site in whose forums I ran into my first evidence of Craig Hubley's activity after his 'silent drum departure' and pulling down his website earlier this year:

99417 Europeans Save the World  -- Jonah Goldberg 8:38am Mon Dec 3 '01 Symbolism over substance. Guilt and propaganda over self-confidence and moral reasoning. ---- I go: blabsabs to the risk you run ruinously anybody like to get familiarized with that acronym? click da link. - I cite: "Of course, it doesn't matter. Facts are mere speed bumps on the road to lefty moral outrage, especially among Europeans desperate to find a Third World enabler for their own psychosis." --- Paucity of fact noted ("what you say is what you are"; early lesson put into the mouth of my mongoloid sister as a defense against my perpetrations/accusations), ergo, you are aiming to outrage moralefties at unimpededly warp speeds past sound barriers, not to mention unsound ones. ----- I mean, let's take our most famous specimen Chomsky and see if he registers soundly enough to back up his reputation of being such a citee and championed one. He must be cited in the sort of put downs like yours or in extremely low figure circulation rags to have become the most cited person alive. We hear precious little of outrage; outage and sanitation was the rule untill more and more folk start realizing Jews are not only exporting Carmel veg and an enthusiasm for mobile phones (quite averse to but they spread the return of the repressed ever since their return to their (well documented enough but also, repressed) repressed (that of their selves as well as hosts) even more effectively than when they were footloose. ------ You don't know the first thing about differences let alone desirable harmonies between sym and sub or you would have let on a little better about the histories of monopoly money emissions, etc. I cordially invite yall to wend yarsolves thisaway: /guest_appearances for a mere glimpse.

100004 (repeat of 99927 where a commenter posts // "In the present day we have in the Islamic world a mystical revolution" and goes on to plea for secularization ----- pffjjjjiiiiuuuwwww - by piet 9:38am Tue Dec 4 '01  that is some serious confusion you present there boyo, read your de-idefix pill prescription again I'd say; compensating with an oso american giant squarehead gif weighin and slowin us down even more doesn't help any either.  Besides you already said the same thing a little while ago; GO TO BED!!!!!!!!! --------- Piet.... The close minded fool - by Awakening 10:03am Tue Dec 4 '01 I guess this subject matter is a little too much for you to chew on Piet... I think its time you go to bed. Religion has been at the forefront of manipulating the masses since the dawn of the so-called civilized world. ---------- ingredients - by piet 10:29am Tue Dec 4 '01  OK, ingredients are thrown in in a non contradictory fashion (which I thought upon first, too hurried reading and that's unforgivable till amends are made); still fail to see what the gif (a giant Mondrian repro) does to enhance your story though. ------- not seeing it appear after the usual lapse I reposted: ingredients correctly used? - by piet 11:17am Tue Dec 4 '01 - OK, I'll grant you pitchin them into your stew at the right time; first hard ones, etc (due to all too hurried reading I thought I noted a contradiction but my impulse was triggered by the image more than anything and though all in favor of sobriety, paucity is pushing the envelope); a recommendation for and reason as to why Islam should secularize has been given before, nothing new, neither will it now be effective and I still don't see what that godawful gif contributes to your story.

99862 Solution to america (about reparations, and chris wonders if then some of the middle east belongs to jews and: "on't it be great when African-Americans are forced to return to countries that can't even care for the population they have?"): hey chris!!! bone up on some permaculture docterin my man, can you man age? And what won't a little regreening task force (tinker with hi-tec rainbow gathering/ nursereplant like action) be able to accomplish once the tide turns from scarcity perpetuating wranglin' to more sensible man agement. will cheer you for starters.

100187 with this link: Multiculturalism (the link itself looks promising ((each lettter coloured differently)) but, unfortunately, Netscape Composer is not capable of cracking the way it is constructed although source view makes it look quite simple)-- this item will make an appearance in the  prfr presently under construction, wether a permanent one I know not. --------  that reminds me of a wordplay one can make in Dutch with the words verongelijken (= do wrong to, slight, scorn however it is not done (often) to use the active verb form), and onvergelijken (niet tot een vergelijk komen = fail to come to an agreement), a merely possible verb, not in current use at all except (conjugated) as the also passively (proverbially so even!) qualifying by( the wayside )word onvergelijkbaar (= incomparable), related to the 'look away' = wegkijk (tactic) in holland which has worsened to 'don't show' in the US) but that doesn't stop me from helpin' it slip into a shift even further removed from general usage following a log(ist)ic of proximation which is currently taboo plain and simple it seems (what with all the subsidizing and exploitative versions of 'aufwendige Arten von' = involved forms ofinterdependancing), to give the meaning of the word an extra dimension, a local one to wit: onver = unfar, gelijken = appear similar, not far though not current as opposed to the transpositional unweit in German; howbout that????

ps (may 2007):