100632 Islamania -- as if this thread isn't heavy enough yet by piet 10:44am Wed Dec 5 '01 how many of you believe .. .. ? thus starts the first 54K file (3 in the thread so far, beaten only by the anthrax one and those are like, well, like twin towerings above the others) thread at the anarchy bulletin board (the pretty one but reg req :( which I visited upon hitting 'enter' for a 'saharasia 9/11' query, first term is the name of a book about sexual mores of moors (and lemme tell ya, they're less . .. .) and so is the thread (which starts off citing FrontPageMagazine.com The Sexual Rage Behind Islamic Terror October 4, 2001) which cites the book but briefly; well, go read, so will I, catch ya on the rebound. -------- worth considering and debating - www.ezboard.com ... The Saharasia book looks interesting. Thanks for the tip, unleash This is ... joke to place any of the blame for 9-11 on sex repression because it is obvious to ...pub5.ezboard.com  /ftheanarchyboardanarchy  .showMessage?topicID=272.topic - 51k  --------- The Universal Way (caution, a fairly blindered sorta right wing site) - We Are ALL One! ... some sort of terrible passing fancy? Saharasia - "The 4000 BCE Origins of Child ... auspicious of the Crescent International 9/11 WTC Disaster - Could all this ... Description: Conspiracy links. Category: Society > Issues > Conspiracy universalway.org/ - 101k  ---------  google gives you 122 hits for 'saharasia' alone I've reviewed in my pages a while back. Stimulating read but ass backwards .. or not???? this entry by memebeing.com (by a blogster who posts here often: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/quant-psych/messages = list related to Robert Anton Wilson): Subject: a Reichian perspective From: EWagner382@a... Date: Sun Sep 16, 2001 12:34 pm Subject: a Reichian perspective As author of the book "Saharasia", which focuses upon the characterological differences between freedom-loving nations, and the fascism of modern Islamic fundamentalism, I've got quite a few emails asking for my opinions about the present disaster. Here are a few of them, not well organized, but simply a listing of facts that very few persons speak about, even after such a disaster. 1. As discussed in Saharasia, the major motivation for fundamentalist hatred of non-fundamentalists (of any religious background) is the absence of the latter group's adherence to strict "moral codes" regarding sexuality and female reproductive functions. A fundamentalist who is raised with heavy obedience training, who suffered through severe genital mutilations, severe abstinence demands, segregation of the sexes at an early age, and ruthlessly-enforced virginity taboos (girls murdered for violations), when such a person grows to be an older teenager, they react with extreme rage and anxiety when confronted with the physical presence of another person who is more emotionally alive and fluid in character structure. And from that extreme rage and anxiety, comes new belief-systems and social institutions which organize the emotional outbursts into "religious demands" for attacking such a person. Translated into entire social structures, this is ? >>do see the rest in the 6-12 prfr>> -----woopszsidaisy by piet 10:59am Wed Dec 5 '01 hahpweb.org/pub/perspective/saharasia.html Reviewed by Paul Von Ward at some humanitarian site first lines (to make up for the double comment with only one line more in the second)------  in- contro- and reverse seem-seam as new-sew (english) by piet 11:15am Wed Dec 5 '01 Read the post after commenting; now it's time to comment after reading the post: "Muslims as a whole were never at the receiving end of the corruption and cruelty inherent in a church-state alliance." aahaa, mm mm, thats on it's head alright. not a nailhit but a standing mind you. and what the screw is a 'totalitarian voluntarism'? . . 'new' brand of contagion I take it, invented for the occasion perhaps? yall know what I meant with my first series of ???? above don't ya? What comes first a bad mood or a bad climate; a roving band of males due to food gathering/hunting diffs (see a great book called 'demonic males') or a desert? a permissive culture building 100+ symbolsshuffling symbols of spermpump supreme virilities or a repressive one unsuccesfully trying to stop blood creeping where it mustn't go in order to adapt to worsening conditions and increasing scarcities. Gees, why don't all people have more of this crystal clarity than they know what to do with? -------  Post script penned in the dead of night and added the following day: The article mentions the killing of a prison guard, granted, pretty bad but it's way worse to deal such fate to an unwary bicycle shop keeper cause you are frustrated about not succeeding in mounting the tire he sold you a little while ago and he is keeping you waiting for your turn while the wrath of culture clash is coming to a head in you.   --- Today is the 5th of december, Dutch traditional celebration of gifts dispenser Santa Claus (who rides a steed, wears a bishop's miter and has a black helper). The US Santa Claus is a conflation of those fundamentally opposed characters, see 'When santa was a shaman', pitting the folksy / rural leader against the army backed urban prelate, priest pope, hiero- and or sycophant and showing the subdued, subjected, enslaved and made servile indigenes translated to invaluable loyalist. By the way, the swarthy helpmate wears a multilayered and neatly slitted suit which sent my imagination wild with pipedream magnitude toward designing embedded and nested windmills (see the Blabsab file for starters). -- An outspoken and theatrical columnist peptalker, culture critic is in the process of going populist politician by way of voicing the latest craze in sentiments (stop ((if not reverse, but it's not long since even advocating a slowing got one branded by the left as fascist, today they that would be tantamount to pol. euthenasia)) the rate at which our open door policy is making us into a mini good ol hospitable USA myth replica) that hold the Dutch captive so succesfully that the brandnew party he figure heads is shooting up the polls as fast as his parliamentary ambitions are coming out. He had been working up to this status for a while adopting the chauffeur driven lifestyle of the Dutch politician with the little extra 'een vrije jongen' a fast kid can afford (a Bentley instead of the Audi a nothern town female used for instance ((but she did USE it; went home to the south for 2 years !!!! cause she 'couldn't find a home'; needless to say the city government is blown to smithereens and she resigned)); lemme tell you one more ugly thing now that I am on this theme; all Amsterdam city government e-mails have prohibitions about being made public stuck on 'm!!!!!!! I went to protest the severe pruning in the park which I had endured for months already without 'meddling', pompous and completely macho machinery is used wherever possible but that does not make it appropriate, and thus became the receiver of my first bureaucratic e-mail after living here unlegally unarchistic for 10 years); he is a gay person (with shaved head) who prides himself for having taking Arabs to bed yet a cartoon this week shows him as the Santa with his helper toting a Giant sack filled to overflowing with Arabs; you see, the bag all presents are brought in gets filled with the bad kids as return cargo. I once sent him a heavy package full of all the pamphlets you find at http://poetpiet.tripod.com/guest_appearances concerned with monies (emission callibrations thereof) upon hearing him complain he never got any feedback; well, need I tell you I never got any from him???  ----- Jsjeesoeszzz, all this trouble and it evokes no more than religious dogmama from the last (second after me) commenter: thetruereligion.org/ salafipublications.com/
Here be a mention of Demeo (see 6-12-reads.htm) by the 'dam old crank' (RAW at a group racking up almost a 1000 post in his honour):
           Alternatives: 1. Follow the Afghani idea. Most Americans, like Scott, wd not accept an Islamic verdict.  2. Put 'im on trial in US or some other Western nation. Most Moslems, and most of the third world, wd not  believe such a verdict.  3. Take it to the World Court. They sometimes act independently and even fairly.....?  Anybody for that? 4. To hell with trials and verdicts. Let's bomb anybody who looks like Bin Laden, or his sisters or his cousins or his aunts, or somebody who might have smoked "psychotic" hash with him in the last 20 years. Dr DeMeo seems to like that approach to jurisprudence, and the Tsar wd approve. 5. Investigate openly and carefully. 3/4 of the world feels exploited by Wall Street and the Pentagon [its Company Cop]. Bin Laden is only one of about 4,000,000,000 suspects... Nah, no loyal American will consider that.. --Damned Old Crank ---- I think you should know people like this: http://web.telecom.cz/Gnostradamus/ the church of syn - hang out at that list ------ also related: http://members.aye.net/~hippie/real.htm very seriously comprehensive site about peaceful inspiration and other evolvements of the old sunwarshop.

103147 Gliballease zis for me zen wontszzja does this remind anybody of my new index page? Any comments? Oh, by the way, I am doing some serious moving over the next few months so don't worry if my site appears to stop growing.  first half of CHAPTER 8: GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS off of chanceandchoice.com The Unique Potentials of the Earth and the Ten Directions. By Arnold Keyserling

Here is my tweak of Keyserling's do re mi:

8. Scorpio - Body Feeling - Middle America including Florida, Mexico, Central America. Death, effort, the wonder of existence is the starting point. Dreams and visions are accepted as a gate, like the Mexican Quetzo- cotal, the feathered serpent, or the Native American tradition of opening a new and unexpec- ted reality, as shown by Casten- ada's Don Juan.
9. Sagittarius - Body Willing - Eastern America, most of South America. The common aim is freedom of choice, following your own dream; conscious in the north, dreamlike in the south. The ideal is using education for human potential and progress.
10. Capricorn - Soul Sensing - Iceland, Brazil. In the north the "Eddas" are formulated in Iceland. In Brazil the Candomble, Umbanda, and Quimbanda create a religious syncretism where the Catholic religion is an integrated part. The ideal is multinational. Brazil accepts all ways as equally valid, from dream to spiritual reality.
||||||||||||||| 11. Aquarius - Body Thinking - Western Europe, West Africa. The birthplace of techno- logy and humanism, it expanded through colonization to unify the globe by 1962 with a techno-
logical information society. The ideal is mastery and individuality as with the French Revolution: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.
12. Pisces - Spirit Feeling: the greatest land mass from Northern Europe over Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and central Africa. The common faith is the starting point. The ideal is a society serving God and others, from Christianity to Socialism.
 1. Aries zone - Soul Willing - Persia, Arabia. They look for a prophet, or a leading hero, a sacred law: Abraham, Zara- thustra, Hammu- rabi, Moham- med. The ram is the sacred animal.
 2. Taurus - Body Sensations - Kazakh- stan, Tibet, India, Ceylon. The richest and most physical sub- continent seeing the spiritual way to overcome death, through hatha yoga, meditation and renun- ciation.
3. Gemini - Spirit Thinking - China, Indonesia. Born out of polarity (Fu Shi, Yang and Yin), they strive for an edu- cational commu- nity based on a common spiritual will.
4. Cancer - Soul Feeling - Japan and Australia. In this sector accept- ance of beauty, quality and socialness, and artistic and technol- ogical perfection are funda- mental. The ideal is a thoroughly organized society. In Australia the animistic knowledge of commun- ion with animals still persists.
   5. Leo - Body Willing - New Zealand, Poly- nesian. The basic mentality is courage, as with the Maoris, and the ideal is social welfare like in New Zealand.
6. Virgo - Spirit Sensing - Tahiti, Hawaii, Oceania. One common language unites the Spirits and Man in Hawaii. The Huna tradition demon- strates a simple way to merge Ego, Self and Being: the speaking self, the magical child and the wise old man. Through song and healing, the commu- nion with the beyond is attained.
7. Libra - Soul Thinking - California, Western United States and Canada. The relation man/ woman is in the foreground and so here the New Age and Human Potential movement s started. The ideal is the myth of the western, the heroes journey.
first comment: never use long url's without breaking them up  nor tables . ..now why didn't I . . . AAAhh, fucked that up royally didn't I; far too wide a bunch of flatter ease here; tell you what: here is that text on an easy to print format (along with some other items:
Ps1: pic is of the author. ---

Ps2: Blurb and table of content for chanceandchoice by Professor Arnold Keyserling and R. C. L., J.D.

 This book connects the latest scientific theories with the oldest spiritual insights. The whole spectrum of human knowledge is synthesized to reveal the spiritual significance of the dominant belief system of modern times, the Myth of Science. Myth is not used in a derogatory sense, but in its original meaning as a true belief system which gives meaning to life, and links with the great belief systems of the past. This volume of the School of Wisdom's English Language Publication Series is its advanced text. All of  the basic ideas and curriculum of the School are presented in a concise form with hundreds of charts,  photographs and full color illustrations. It was co-written by Austrian Philosopher and Professor, Arnold Keyserling -- a student of George Gurdjieff and Ramana Maharishi -- and by Keyserling's student and long time friend, R.C.L., now an attorney in the U.S.   The entire book is here in hyper-text.  You can print it out and give copies away, but you can't sell it or make changes.  A full printed and bound version with color cover, and autographed, can be purchased directly from the author for $50.00 (includes shipping). Just send him an email at ralph@schoolofwisdom.com.   Other publications of the School of Wisdom, including PrimaSounds music CDs, are available at a separate website at SunAngel. -----  CHANCE AND CHOICE  a Compendium of Ancient and Modern Wisdom Revealing the Meaning and Significance of the Myth of Science.

 Introduction         WISDOM AND THE WHEEL.
Chapter One       SEMIOTICS: language and the basic criteria of coherence.
Chapter Two       NUMBER: dimensions, Mandelbrot, chaos, the four attractors, music and  olor.
Chapter Three    COSMOGONY: 3 worlds, big bang, evolution and natural symmetry.
Chapter Four      BRAIN AND MIND: the many brains and rebirthing.
Chapter Five      YIN - YANG: the I Ching and the 5 stages of creative time.
Chapter Six        TIME CYCLES: the meaning of time, potentials, and history.
Chapter Seven   ENERGY: chemistry, crises and the chakras.
 Chapter Eight   GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS: unique potentials of the earth and the sacred dimension of the ten directions.
 Chapter Nine    THE HUMAN COMPUTER: a fractal game of wisdom cards.

 Messages To World Peace Conference     A teaching application of the Wheel.   Recommended Reading    The short, short list.  Math Appendix   More on the Mathematics of the Mandelbrot Formula and the Workings of
 Numbers and Vectors in the Complex Plane. Math experts are invitied to add to this supplement.

104444 The one and only piet's picks and prods medley post  Half of the latest and probably last file (losing my cheap sub to fast (T1) access along with some other 'externals' here at the UVA but I was getting literally sick of these american flavor air conditioned buildings anyways) ------- 104120 BIN LADEN SUCCESSORS (showing kids with toy missiles) Massive Bin Laden breeding program will keep the 'defense' industry in plush and bubbly beverage --  first comment: what calibur is your jewseefire??? --- Hard nut juice anybody? Just wrote this note and knew there would be occasion to post it soon enough.  I guess I found out (at) last {night} that all the rumours about Freud were true (an incling about his closet skeletons was eloquently delivered by Lawrence Rickels a very close reader and the first one I found charming enough to read about up till then to me distasteful enough psychology) and far worse than I suspected. Guess I am just way behind with discovering all this but now Gloria Steinem is helping me, did you know his curator Ernest Jones was arrested many times on different continents for improper behaviour with minors?  --  I might as well extend this note with a premark about how certain Germans resulted from, fell for, faul of, became, were overcome and got infected by Jewish culture apparatus the very minute they tried to make a fist (stooping to a leverage and/or defense serving level lower, earlier and long since past) and shake the bug but the irono-tragedy is they fell into reactionary measure taking due to unreflected resistance and distaste (none of this need happen anymore since we now have Gloria Steinem - on Freud) used methods of THE Jew par excellence (due to his incestuous origination, condemnation by father and worship by mother leaving him a king of idiots) for this, namely the theories of mass psychology.  --- I know you know it takes one to know another --- 104061 Jewish Tax You All Pay   (see prfr 12-12) -I haven't read it yet but you know what I think should be inthere somewhere (among the 17 commenters): the role of taxation in urbabylonizing europe and thus the world. ---- also related: http://radiofreenation.net/  Zmerican Zsychiatric Azzoziation.

104061 on jews and taxation (I was hoping this would show the influence of tax levying on the literally sickening speed and process of urbanization (monoculture/mechanization)  and see some well reffed research confirming the dueman's role here, but all they are on about is Kosher food schemes and/or scam).

104201 have faith,  true mono-money-ism will travel "Islam . . . is the predominant faith in 57 countries; it is close to indestructible." ----- And people will never learn what causes deserts and will never turn their ant- and termite like behaviour around along with them? All mono whatever isms are unstable and counter productive (production of counters and ledgers seems unstabilizable itself or at least as hard as stopping the spread of deserts and start a mimic/take on of some bee characteristics.

103689  Pawns in the Game book fragment  (just an alinea, copied into 12-12-reads.htm) by William Guy Carr (introduced with a citation of his birth date which got my attention since it's mine also -- kadnipped by Carrma for another challenge to change????) ----- The poster's wrong spelling ((Car)) got me two citations here: http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/  anti-masonry/carr.html pretty extensive but vague site, the file (not on the one level up page yet; where they do link him they think his "spiritual theories go back" to these fellas:  Barruel and Robison(after a boring text the Conclusion starts thusly: " fail to provide any conclusive link between the Bavarian Illuminati and French Freemasonry, much less find a cause of the Revolution in Paris Lodges".) cites Chip Berlet on Car's loony theories to the tune of claiming radio control in service of the Zionide protocolian .. . in the fifties!!!!! (Gosh, as if I needed confirmation that day is apt to spawn convulvaluted imaginations; I'll be checking a little closer; remember the native american authoress that turned out to be rewarding with?) <><<>><> It's becoming more obvious why Carr is worthy of Berlet's attention, the former is a regular hit with the conspibuffs AND he even shows up in a csf longwave post: csf.colorado.edu/forums/longwaves/feb00/msg00801.html <><<>><> Oops, the site unseen credit Carr gained just now is gone a handful of seconds later when I find him mentioned in the same breath as William Cooper whom I definitely don't like; it occurs in a file called 'pondering the protocols .etc'  <><<>><> of course he show up at vho.org too <><<>><> home.talkcity.com/  inspirationav/jforjesus/ww3.html - 10k  -- Here is a straight quote (about satanism) at a huge jesus prophecy site. ----  And now to conclude, I stuck some of all this in 14-12-reads.htm (82K) (26 of them Carr related so far; I might leave it at that; after all, have you seen me render Sade very much yet? And the lady hybrid native american what's her name again? Did she write more than one book??? ---- aaaah, not half a minute later my google reinforced memory is getting back to her: Loree Boyd ==>> nativeweb.org/bookcenter/  37 listings with links to amazon ----- I show up 33rd on her (Google) list: recent_links  ... pages (I've enjoyed her books; she's a rainbow and so is a 'sibling' (Loree Boyd, authoress of Spirit Moves) of hers who is born on my birthday) ...  /recent_links.htm - 101k )----  Illuminati, History, Revolution ... given by Commander William Guy Carr in ... at home ... while on car trips ... or by ... AMERICA by Cmdr. Guy Carr $10.00. ... the psycho-political pawns who masquerade as ... midnight-emissary.com/illum.htm - 63k -

After sniffing around about Car a little more (in indy20) I go:  ------ All in all I would say I have more bad carrma to transmute than just a Sade and sickly one; well, dazzly delphinian innit? By the way all religions are nuttin but conspiracies and that's the long and short of it.  ------

103928 +10 Black block complemented and opposed by a white one??? Better find an appropriate venue  suitable reflecting this polarization proposal (apparantly printed in anarchy magazine) like the north or south pole, . .. naaah, nuttin to 'pro'test(Icall) out there and besides that would put the white bout at too unfair an advantage but then again that could make up for the approval of violence amongst the US populace toted as a 'defence' for the BB, how much more twisted do things have to get?????

http://cannabisculture.com/  cgi/wwwthreads/wwwthreads.pl (extreme aestheticism and pretty buzzy too; just don't feel like reading there .. .no longer a hippy and not quite a grippy yet).


106964: Hey porky have you read Benjamin Barber 106225 slightly corrected: B B: "Osama did democracy a favor .. . .. . " (english) 9:40am Sat Dec 15 '01  ......so says Benjamin Barber in Dutch weekly 'de Groene' this week.  One bit of proof offered: US pays it's backlogged UN contribution one week after the crown got knocked down. In the front of the magazine the article is announced with the line: "Jihad AND Mcworld are undemocratic", and indeed he gives a new twist to his 92 book 'jihad vs mcworld' which shot up to number 1 during post babylonian protuberance 'removal' period; it makes both those extremes into examples of non- and counter democracy (not as in true counters but contra of course). Googlies: Jihad vs. McWorld - 92.03  .. by Benjamin R. Barber. Just beyond the horizon of current events lie two possible  political futures -- both bleak, neither democratic. The first is a ..theatlantic.com/politics/foreign/barberf.htm - 40k - ---------  The Politics of Education An Interview with Benjamin Barber By Scott London. Afternoon Insights WYSO-FM December 14, 1992. ...scottlondon.com/interviews/barber.html - 63k ---------- Benjamin Barber is a noted political scientist and writer. geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/3975/barber.html - 15k -

106357 about natvan.com (supposedly a hate site but their proposed measures for the Middle East are indistinguishable from those of the left; the suspicious say that natvanners dont tolerate Jews anyplace, period).

 106357 Nazi Infiltration of Indymedia  by Adam 4:13pm Sat Dec 15 '01

this is mr Pierce speaking: So let's punish Osama bin Laden for killing all of those innocent Americans, but then let's go after the real criminals -- the traitors in Washington -- who really are the ones responsible for the September 11 attack. And then let's send all of the Middle Easterners, including those now controlling Hollywood and Madison Avenue and our television networks and the rest of our news and entertainment media, back to the Middle East for good. --------- Me: rite, and when are yall gonna pack up and vacate the turtle island or subject yourself to help start one or some of the various native led schemes to restore the Turtle Island to be kept up during the next number of centuries mr Pierce???????????

we al owe more than a few kinds of monkeys more than a few bunch-clump-n-stretches of trees.  personhood.org/  Great ape standing and personhood = grasp?  Gasp!   It's down to behind barriers and gates for us poor scrapes.  ----- more links mentioned in that item: honestreporting.com/ (spanish, italian and russian too; an israeli effort -to demonize arafat- All I can say is that it takes (a reformed and self-checking) one to know (a practicing) one)  wikipedia.com/wiki/Palestine

Biblical days revisited: 40 years of toughening up and squeezin out the woozies over yet? Are we gonna let'm go in for the kill now?

107513 Anybody else have trouble contacting the lbo-talk list?  .......  Cumbersome subjects get brought up at this list ---  though not exactly in my sense of the term's meaning; they are not on about any of my chimaerical thrillmilldrills just yet

Me: Don't wanna get to get too emphatic about it but what does the fact that the US has low saving rates really signify? It means borrowing is high as lending is (from) abroad; people always have been in line to take their monies to the sachverstaendige Juden, nicht? Nothing new there --- Now, isn't a debt/due interest payment problem akin to encryption pandemoniae? To afford no hackpack any slack your lock must be large and fast (which don't necessarily make it too cumbersome these days). And to service a debt in the sense of simply keeping it on the books in vaster and vaster magnitudes (core capitalistic concept of mass production, narrow margins melding nicely with trendily low interest rates dripdropping usuryfiend jaws all around the place).  Thus old monies save 'mselves from new. (Reverse assertion substituting continents).
I will repost this till I get some answers.
Did so the next day:
108049 with the added bonus of
1): samples from the list just mentioned
Leopold Kohr introduced thusly:
Gem on proper scale and query (again)
Leopold Kohr on the solution to big wars: tiny ones!!!! And I would still like to know why one of my favorite lists (lbo-talk; check via panix.com/~dhenwood) went south without a word. Quote: The great number of proud, democratic and almost sovereign cantons, and the small number of the individual cantonal populations eliminates all possible imperialist ambition on the part of any one canton, because it would always be outnumbered by even a very small combination of the others. for a print-resource-friendly-version see:18-12-reads.htm  If it aint there no more just splice /200/ into the URL ---- Keeler note: I noticed people (responsible for) colouring in Bush presentations are resorting to this colour which, as I just discovered were used by fashion advertizers in glossies reportinging on sex in Hollywood during the late nineties but I claim some credit for popularizing it. Anyways we'll swich contrast for a very special gem of an article by Leopold Kohr: Disunion Now: A Plea for a Society based upon Small Autonomous Units (1941); source: http://www.panarchy.org/kohr/1941.eng.html
Excerps: The great number of proud, democratic and almost sovereign cantons, and the small number of the individual cantonal populations eliminates all possible imperialist ambition on the part of any one canton, because it would always be outnumbered by even a very small combination of the others.<<snip>> The Duke of Tyrol declared war on the Margrave of Bavaria for a stolen horse. The war lasted two weeks. There was one dead and six wounded. A village was captured and all the wine drunk which was in the cellar of the inn. Peace was made and $35 paid for reparations. The adjoining Duchy of Liechtenstein and the Archbishopric of Salzburg never learned that there had been a war on at all. There was war on some corner of Europe almost every day, but they were wars with little effects. Today we have relatively few wars, and they are for no better reason than a stolen horse. But the effects are tremendous. Also economically the advantages of the coexistence of many little states were enormous, although the modern synchronizers and economists will not agree with this since they have got accustomed to see the world standing on their heads. Instead of one administration we had twenty, instead of two hundred parliamentarians we had two thousand, and, thus, instead of the ambitions of only a few the ambitions of many could be satisfied. There were no unemployed because there were too many identical professions which competed less because they were exercised in more countries. There was no necessity for socialism (another totalitarian notion), because the economic life of a small country could be supervised from any church tower without the interpretations (brilliant though they be) of a Marx or Schacht. There was the development of the arts in the many capitals which excelled in the creation of universities, theater and in the production of poets, philosophers and architects. And there were no more taxes than we have now, in the age of rationalization, where people and enterprises have been "economized" for economic reasons and the phenomenon of unemployment has come into existence. We have done away done away with what we thought was the waste of courts and kings and have created thereby the splendor of the dictators' marching millions. We have ridiculed the many little states; now we are terrorized by their few successors. Not only history but also our own experience has taught us that true democracy in Europe can only be achieved in little states. Only there the individual can retain his place and dignity. And if democracy is a worthwhile idea, we have to create again the conditions for its development, the small state, and give the glory of sovereignty (instead of curtailing an institution from which no one wants to depart) to the smallest community and to as many people as possible. It will be easy to unite small states under one continental federal system and thus also satisfy, secondarily, those who want to live on universal terms. Such a Europe is like a fertile inspiration and a grandiose picture, although not a modern one which you paint in one dull line. It will be like a mosaic with fascinating variations and diversity, but also with the harmony of the organic and living whole. This is a ridiculous scheme, conceived for man as a witty, vivacious and individualistic reality. Unionism, on the other hand, is a deadly serious scheme without humor, meant for men as a collectivity and as social animals of lower order; and it reminds me constantly, in all its earnest elaborateness of the German professor who submitted to Satan a new plan for organizing Hell. Whereupon Satan answered with rock-shaking laughter: "Organize Hell? My dear Professor, organization, that is Hell."  -------- Note: Originally published in The Commonweal (September 26, 1941) under the pseudonym Hans Kohr. Republished in German in Die Zeit no. 43 (October 25, 1991), p. 19 

<><<>><> John Zerzan on numb number numbest (large excerpt in indy21)
....... my response to a related article in 15-12-reads.htm (119K)  (back up a ways) which is on the same subject (symbolization) and lives at memes.org (hippy intellectual -- I almost said ineffectuals but fear we are heading to becoming convictuals unless Benjamin Barber is right; see the next item): on the whole yeah, it failed alright but i prize myself lucky to have glimpsed what symbols can mean and have done or should I say mediated, during a short period in however, relatively recent past. Hundreds of years worth in fact of not waiving substance but waving and vouching for it; simple as 2 and 2 four make and just bycause Bin laden with sorrow says it don't make it a terrorist statement made (got this little gem from Galtung the peacemaker). Anyways, here is my account of all that: http://poetpiet.tripod.com/guest_appearances